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A Change Will Do You Good

Chapter 2

The sun was beginning to dip behind the mountains, and as had become tradition, it was time for Casey and Daniel to have their dance. Before he could get to the stereo, however, she called for everyone's attention.

"Every year Daniel finds a beautiful song for us to dance to, one that's always perfect. This year I decided it was my turn," she said. She held out her hand, and with a smile, Daniel took it, and pulled her into his arms. Carly turned on the music, and Phil Collins began to sing about a "Groovy Kind of Love". She sang along, her lips beside his ear, her soft voice filling his earshis mindhis hearthis very soul.


"When I'm feeling blue
all I have to do
is take a look at you,
then I'm not so blue.
When you're close to me
I can feel your heartbeat,
I can hear your breathing in my ear.
Wouldn't you agree,
baby you and me got a groovy kind of love.
Anytime you want to
you can turn me on to
anything you want to,
anytime at all.
When I kiss your lips
oh I start to shiver
can't control the quivering inside.
Wouldn't you agree,
baby you and me got a groovy kind of love.
When I'm feeling blue
all I have to do
is take a look at you,
then I'm not so blue.
When I'm in your arms
nothing seems to matter
my whole world could shatter: I don't care.
Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love


"I love you, Stud Muffin," she whispered, her arms locked tightly around his neck.

"I love you, Angel," he whispered in return. "And for the record, yeah, we do have a groovy kind of love."

She giggled. "I think so, too. I'm just so grateful that it was your arms I fell into…your heart that called to mine."

"I thought it was your heart calling to mine," he said with a smile.

"I guess our hearts were calling to each other. It was-" she broke off, looked at the collar of his shirt, her fingers toying with the points.

"Was what, babe?"

"It was as if I…knew you," she said softly.

"As if we'd been looking for each other all of our lives," he said.

She looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. "Searching for each other. I'm so glad you found me," she whispered.

He smiled, then lowered his head and kissed her.

She sighed, pressed against him, let his kiss take her where only he was able to take her. Nine years. Nine incredible, unbelievable years. She still had her memories of forty-three wonderful years, although they technically had never happened. She had always felt as if her heart, her soul, had found home when she met Daniel. Only in his arms was she safe. Only by his side was she happy. Only with him could she find contentment. Anthony and Cleopatra could only wish for a love this strong. Romeo and Juliet could only dream of a love this deep. The gods in the heavens could only stand by and watch in awe at the love that filled them, flowed from one heart into the other and back again. Nothing in the universe could compare with the love that they shared.

So right, his mind told him. She felt so right…tasted so right…smelled so right, so sweet. She filled his senseshis hearthis mind, until there wasn't room for anything else, only her. He existed only for her, because of her. He pulled slowly away, looked down into green eyes filled with love and desire, happiness and a bit of Fire. He smiled again. She always made him smile. "Happy anniversary, Angel."

"Happy Anniversary, My Heart."

The sound of a throat being cleared beside them pulled them back into the world with the rest of their family and friends. Wade was standing beside them, a beautifully wrapped box in his hands. "I wanted to get something…special…I hope you like it," he said shyly.

Casey smiled and hugged him, Daniel grinned and squeezed his shoulder with one hand. The box was heavy, and she put it on the picnic table to unwrap it. Everyone gathered near to see what the gift could be.

Her breath caught in her throat when she lifted the large, square, beveled-edge crystal from the box. Inside the crystal, or at least it looked like as if it were inside, in 3-D, was a knight astride a horse, his arms around a maiden with long flowing hair who sat in front of him. Her face was turned toward the knight's, and if one looked very carefully, it was possible to see the smile on her delicate face. It had been carefully 'carved' by laser into the perfect crystal. "Oh, Wade, it's…it's so beautiful!"

Daniel cleared his throat, put his arm around his brother's shoulders. "It's perfect. Thank you."

She raised up and kissed his cheek. "How did you know that he's my knight in shining armor?"

Wade smiled, his cheeks flushed slightly. "Just sort of goes without saying," he said softly.

"Thank you," she whispered. "It's just perfect, absolutely perfect!"

"I'm glad you both like it," Wade said.

"Like it? Wade, I love it!" Casey exclaimed. "Isn't this just beautiful?" she asked the gathered crowd, holding the crystal up for all to see.

The man stood quietly, pleased as the friends and 'family' of his brother examined and exclaimed over the gift, all of them telling him it was absolutely 'perfect'. When Casey took his hand and led him to where several women sat, he was still too overwhelmed by the response to his gift to think about what she might be up to.

"Wade, this is one of the new archaeologists at the Center, Stephanie Miller. Stephanie, this is my brother-in-law, Wade Michaels."

Wade looked down into light green eyes wide with surprise, and full of laughter. "Hello," he said, feeling suddenly awkward and shy.

"Hello," Stephanie replied. His eyes were every bit as blue as Dr. Jackson's.

"Well, I'll just let you two get acquainted. Sam, Tessa, Carly, let's go see if there's any of that wine left," Casey said, leading her friends away. She glanced over her shoulder. They were staring at each other, but she knew that Wade would soon be charming the young grad student. Whether or not anything would come of this introduction, she didn't know. If nothing else, they would each have a new friend.


A  A  A  A  A  A


She was sitting cross-legged on the bed, brushing her hair when he came in from the bathroom. Her eyes were closed, and she had a tiny smile at the corner of her lips. Daniel watched her for just a minute, his heart racing at the sight of her sitting there, so beautiful, so sensual. Did she have any idea what she did to him, how she filled his heart, his mind, his soul?

Her smile widened when she felt his weight settle onto the bed behind her. His hand took the hairbrush from hers, began to gently work it through the length of her hair. His touch was gentle, soothing…welcome, desired. Only his hands, her mind sighed happily. When his lips touched the bare skin of her shoulder, she shivered slightly. Flames began to race up and down her spine. His mouth was moving toward her neck, she tilted her head sideways to give him access to that sensitive skin. "Mmm…I've always loved the way you do that," she sighed softly, another shiver moving over her.

He smiled against her, nipped playfully at the muscle that connected her shoulder to her graceful, elegant neck. "Do tell," he whispered in reply.

"Your touch always arouses me, sets me on fire, pleases me," she said, still whispering.

"So you like it when I do this," he whispered, slipping one hand forward to cup her breast, running his thumb back and forth over the already hard nipple.


"What about this?" His hand moved down her flat belly to caress the tender flesh between her thighs.

She gasped slightly at the touch. "Mmmhmm, I like that, too."

"Need to hold you, Angel," he whispered, in between the gentle kisses he was placing on her soft skin. He was pushing the straps of the teddy off  her shoulders, his lips following the fall of those satin ribbons. He was aching with need for her, his body hard with desire.

"Need to hold you, too, Sweetheart," she replied, just before she shivered yet again. Only one man in the universe could fill that need. Her body would accept only one man, craved only one man. Her soul soared for only one man, her heart beat for only one man. "Only you, Daniel. Only your touch, only your hands, your mouth, your body…only you; I want, need, desire only you," she sighed. Her heart was hammering her need against her ribs, echoed in the pulse in her throat, just beneath his lips now.

"I'm glad, Angel." His heart soared to know that he, and he alone, held her heart. "Only you, Casey. Only you, forever." He could feel how quickly her heart was beating, knew that the Fire was raging as hot in her as it was in him, rejoiced that she burned for him, and him alone. His hand gently pushed against her until she was lying on her back. He pulled the teddy from her hips, tossed his boxers aside, stretched out beside her. "Only you, always you."

She reached for him, pulled him toward her, his lips descending and claiming hers triumphantly. His tongue traced her lips, tenderly demanding entrance to her mouth. When she gasped from the touch, he pushed forward, tasting her, feeling her, his tongue dancing with hers. Her arms were around his shoulders, holding him closely, one hand in his hair, her fingers moving through the short, dark blonde locks. His heart was beating against hers, the rhythm wild and primal. His body was warm and strong against hers. Her pulse was racing now, her body on fire, the flames leaping around her, through her. Her breasts pined for his attention, that center of her being an exquisite ache between her thighs. His hand moved slowly over her, his fingertips scorching her with each gentle caress. She arched beneath him when he moved his palm against one breast, then the other, pushing against him, a silent plea for more.

So sweet, was the thought that echoed in his head. Always so sweet. Her lips were like the finest wine, the sweetest nectar, Ambrosia of the Gods. Whenever he kissed her, she made him beg, plead, demand entrance…he knew well the combination that opened that sweet mouth. He ran his tongue lightly over her lips, then with more pressure, then just the tip against her bottom lip… like magic…Open Sesame! She gasped against him, opening to him. Once inside her mouth it became a dance, their tongues moving in her mouth, into his, where she stroked and caressed and tasted him, then back again. Back and forth, carefully choreographed movements that left them both panting; wanting, needing more. His hand moved over the satin of her skin, the touch sending bolts of electricity, flames of fire up his arm, down his spine and straight into his aching cock. He gently molded her breast against the palm of his hand, then slid to its twin, the hard nipples pushing against his skin, turning him on, making him needier.

His mouth was on her jaw now, moving toward her throat. She moaned softly when he marked her again and again, his fingers massaging, squeezing, teasing, tormenting, exciting her as he moved his hand from one breast to the other. She smiled when he settled himself on her. He was going to use both hands. Which meant he had every intention of driving her out of her mind making love to her. He would take his time, he always did. She wouldn't complain. He was orchestrating this overture, building up to a grand finale that was always worth waiting for. Her fingers moved through his hair, tugging gently when his teeth grazed against hard nipples. She could feel his arousal against her thigh; so hardso hotthe wetness of his precum on her skin making her ache for him, her mouth water to taste him. Not yet. He would offer nothing to her until he was ready. She could wait…would wait…each passing minute excruciating delight.

God how he loved her breasts! These beautiful, perfect, tantalizing breasts. He could never get enough of themthe taste of them, the feel of her nipples against his tongue, the way they felt in his hands. He loved making love to them, loved the way she sighed and moaned and arched toward him when he took his time. He moved his mouth from one to the other and back again, his ministrations not only arousing her, but making his body scream at him, demanding more, always more. He could feel her hips moving with each gentle tug of her nipples, her breath was coming in soft gasps. Time to move on, time to drive them both a little more insane before they finally took flight together. He could feel her navel ring against his chest as he slid down her body. The flat of his tongue moved around that hypersensitive navel, her belly heaved in response, the fingers in his hair tugged gently. He smiled against her skin. He loved every reaction her body gave to his ministrations. The heat from her sweet pussy against his chest was enough to make him crazy. He could wait no longer. He had to taste her. Had to have a taste of the sweet honey to which he was so addicted. He moved down again, took her slender thighs in his hands, pushed them apart and shoved his face between them. No doubt about it, this was his favorite of all places. Once again the thought of her sweetness echoed in his mind.

She gave another soft moan when she felt his tongue move over that aching flesh between her legs. Oh, is his tongue talented! He licked her honey straight from the well, moving up inside her as far as he could go, the sensation almost enough to make her come. Around and around each fold, licking, kissing, tasting every inch of her. When at last the tip of his tongue danced against her aching, swollen clitty, her hips came off the bed, seeking the mouth that offered such ecstasy. Her own mouth watered, the thought of tasting him, the need to worship him competing with the sensations that were echoing through her body. She licked her lips in anticipation. His warm, strong, long fingers had joined the assault on her senses, stroking her toward that sweet release. Her hips were in constant motion now as he took her ever higher. "Oh…oh goddess," she whispered - as the feeling, hot and sweet and good - moved from her belly to that place between her thighs.

He pulled his mouth away from her long enough to speak. "Give it to me, Angel. Come for me, do it now," he whispered. His mouth clamped back down on her aching flesh, his fingers stroked deeper and faster as she began to whimper.

"Daniel!" she cried out, her back arched, her fingers locked in his hair, her toes curled. She hurtled into space, her body vibrating with strains of pure pleasure.

Smiling, he moved back up her body, kissing her, licking her. He knew that she would demand to worship him, knew that more than likely she wouldn't stop until she had him firing off like a rocket.

Both hands went to his chest, her palms pushing firmly against him until he was laying on his back. "Your turn, my sweet Master," she whispered, just before she lowered her head and kissed him.

That she called him 'Master' made him smile to himself. He was well aware of the fact the he was the one enslaved...to her love, her smile, her body. Whatever she asked of him, demanded of him, he would give; without question, without hesitation. She called him Master, but she was the one who held total control in her soft, slender hands. She kissed him thoroughly, leaving him breathless, then her lips were on his jaw, his chin, his throat, marking him just as he had marked her. Her tongue left his skin damp as she moved from one collarbone to the other. Her fingers were already blazing a trail of fire over his skin, across his chest. She rolled each of his hard, flat nipples against her tongue before moving down to his belly. When she ran her fingers through his pubic hair, totally ignoring his throbbing erection, he moaned out loud. Soon, he thought. Soon she would be driving him out of his mind with her tongue, her lips, her sweet mouth.

The first taste of him always reminded her of the very first time she had made love to him this way. She had been so - needy, so - turned on, so damned hot, that at first his size hadn't registered in her mind. By the time it did, she already had as much of him as she could take at the back of her throat, and all she could think of then was how wonderful he tasted. She flicked her tongue over and around the head, sucking on that mushroomed ridge, licking the precum and seeking more. One hand moved gently, steadily up and down the hard shaft, the other cupped his heavy balls, caressed them tenderly. She was sucking him now, up and down, long, steady strokes, the flat of her tongue against him. He was throbbing, his hips moving toward her. She let him fall out of her mouth, and she began to lick around the girth, as if he were an all day sucker. She took him back into her hot, wet mouth, started the rhythm once again. His hands were in her hair, long strands wrapped around his fingers. He was holding her now, thrusting up, trying to take control. She smiled against him. Not so fast, Stud Muffin. She pulled away, licked around the head, sucked just the tip of him into her mouth, kept up steady suction while her tongue teased him. Her hand had slowed, was just barely moving now. He was close and she knew it, she was determined to prolong the sweet, sweet agony. He did so often enough to her. How many times did he take her to the cusp of orgasm, only to leave her there; pantingneedingwanting, for so long, before finally allowing her that plunge of exquisite delight? Turn about was fair play. His chest was heaving, his belly rolled with every flick of her tongue. He was moaning again, the moan that he couldn't hold back, the one from deep within his very being. She positioned herself, took him to the back of her throat, and began to suck and swallow, her hand pumping in time with the motion of her mouth. Up and down…up and down…he was almost there, she could feel his balls tighten…she tugged them gently, backed away once more, let him fall from between her lips.

His shoulders and back came up off the bed in protest, his hard abs holding him in place. "Oh, god, Casey, please…" he begged.

With a victorious little smile, she took him in again, swallowed, sucked, swallowed…stroked… he was throbbing so hard now that it was becoming difficult to keep the pressure of her tongue against him. She pulled up, went back down, pulled up again, and then he was coming. She continued to lick at him until she had drained him of the very last drop.

"Sweet Jesus!"

She smiled, and kissed her way back to his lips. His arms were around her, holding her close to his chest. "How was that?" she asked softly, her hands moving up and down his sides.

"Amazing. Totally amazing. As always," he replied, his voice soft and full of love.

"I'm glad I pleased you. I do so love doing that," she admitted.

"Driving me insane, giving me incredible blowjobs, or pleasing me?" he asked.

She could hear the grin in his words. "Yes," she replied.

"Smartass," he said, hugging her tighter.

She settled with her head against his shoulder. A playful smile danced across her lips. "Well, goodnight."

"What? You're tired now?"

"No, I'm not tired, but you are coming up on your forty-fifth birthdayon Monday as a matter of fact. So I know that you're probably all worn out now."

He rolled her over, putting her on her back, his fingers digging into her sides, making her jump and squeal and giggle. "Oh, you are such a little wiseass, aren't you? I'll show you how 'worn out' I am, lady!" He lowered his head and kissed her, stoking the fire that continued to rage in both of them. Once again his hand was moving over her body. He caressed each breast, massaging, squeezing the firm flesh, tugging at those sweet, hard nipples until she was arching her back toward him. When his fingers slipped down between her thighs and began to stroke her, her thighs clamped together around his wrist, holding him in place as she moved her hips up and down against his hand. He was hard again, needy again, already throbbing when he moved over her. His knee parted her legs, which she locked around his waist. He pushed forward, slid into paradise, hissed a sigh of pure delight when he felt his cock push against the back of her well. He began the ancient dance of love, moving in and out of her with slow, steady, gentle thrusts that had her back arching all the more beneath him, pressing her breasts and those hard nipples firmly against his chest.

"Oh, Daniel," she sighed.

"I feel it too, babe," he said softly. They were already sailing above the clouds, their bodies merged together in a primitive dance of heat and desire and flames and sensations that threatened their sanity. They moved together, hips meeting hips, each thrust becoming harder, stronger, deeper…in…out…in…out, neither of them aware of anything other than the incredible feelings that they were sharing.

Her hands were in his hair, she pulled him down for another kiss, her body writhing beneath his, reaching with him for the stars and that beautiful crescendo of bliss that awaited them. Her thighs began to quiver against his sides, and that silvery sound of joy filled her throat.

"That's it, Angel, come for me," he whispered against her ear. He increased the tempo of their movements, rewarded when she shoved her hips against him and cried out.

"Fill me, Daniel," she whispered between the kisses she placed on his neck, his chest. "Love me, let me fill you throb."

With a grunt of pure lust, he rose up on outstretched arms, pushed his feet against the spindles of the footboard, and began to pound into her body. Her hands were kneading the muscles in his shoulders, her hips meeting his thrust for thrust, her back arched towards him. He felt the rush of heat and wetness that signaled that she had just come again. She was grinding against him, her tiny moans of pleasure filled his head. He could feel it moving up…so damned hot, so sweet…he tossed his head back and cried out her name as he exploded inside her, filling her just as she had commanded him to do. She used the muscles deep inside to hold him, caress him until the last of the spasms died away. He rolled to his back, keeping her body close to his.

They were both still breathing hard. "What you do to me, woman," he said softly, once he had caught his breath.

"What you do to me, Stud Muffin," she replied. She snuggled against him. "Love you."

He kissed her forehead. "Love you too, Angel."

"Okay, now I'm tired," she said, smiling against his skin.

"Really? I could go again if you give me a few minutes," he replied.


"Yes, Casey?"

"Go to sleep."

He chuckled. "Okay. But this just proves that you're the one all old and worn out. Here I am all ready to go for round three, and you're falling asleep on me. Literally."

"Uh huh. What time did you get up this morning?"

"Around nine."

"Uh huh. I'd already been up for three hours. You want the list of what I had already accomplished by the time you rolled your sexy butt out of bed?"

His arms pulled her tighter, he grinned against her hair. "Sleep, Angel."

"Love you."

"Love you, too, babe."

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