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Chapter 3

Day One

When he first ringed to the ship, a surge of panic filled his chest. Selmak had been correct, the corridor was empty. He hurried to the quarters where Jarren would be waiting for a call from his master. With the lo'taur injected with a strong sedative, Daniel half-carried, half-dragged the young man to the ring transporter, and sent him to the cloaked al'kesh that waited just above Yu's ship. Jacob signaled that the man had arrived safely.

He was barely back in the room that would be his for the next few days when the summons came. At first he didn’t think he'd be able to touch the Jaffa, Yu's personal bodyguard, before the alarm was raised. Tok'ra intelligence reported that only Yu's most loyal Jaffa were with him, men who had been in his service for years. The more he could avoid them, the better. While on board the ship, it was uncommon for the lo'taur to 'mingle' with any of the other servants. He served his master, and no one else. Nor was there the need for any other servants, or Jaffa, to visit the System Lord often. Except for his personal guard, and the First Prime, it wasn't unusual for the Jaffa to go days without actually seeing their 'god'. Most of the slaves for this trip were new. That had been a stroke of good luck. Ba'al had attacked Yu's home planet, and had destroyed his palace. Only the fact that the Goa'uld hadn't been there had spared his life. Yu was furious, and would be going against Ba'al, with or without the help of his 'brothers and sisters'.

Daniel entered the spacious, beautifully decorated suite of rooms, the Jaffa maintaining his presence just outside of the door. He understood that to touch his 'god' would result in at least a slap. He was hoping that he could use the reported 'confusion' that the oldest Goa'uld seemed to suffer from to avoid any real punishment.

"Jarren! Where is my tea?" Yu demanded.

"It is here, Master," Daniel replied humbly, carrying the tray to the table. He managed to prick the Goa'uld's hand before dark eyes raised to look at him.

"Who are you?"

Daniel pretended to be perplexed. "I am your faithful servant Jarren, My Lord."

Yu studied the man, then nodded. "So you are. Stop standing in the shadows. I cannot see you!"

He immediately obeyed, stepping closer to the table and chair where the Goa'uld sat. He remained silent as he watched the Goa'uld write, Chinese letters filling the page. Chinese was one language that he couldn't speak or read fluently. Still, he could make out enough of the characters to have an idea of what was being written. It was an order of death. For Ba'al. He bit back a grin. With luck, maybe the old bastard would take out that asshole. Then the SGC would take out the old bastard.

As he stood waiting, he continued to run over the information that he'd been given. As soon as Yu was finished writing, he'd send Jarren for his meal. After that, Jarren would be expected to draw his bath. The worst part about that was the fact that the lo'taur would have to strip and get into the water as well, and wash the Goa'uld. Thank god he didn't have to do that freaking underwear thing!

"I wish to eat now," Yu said, breaking the silence.

Daniel bowed, backed up until he was near the door, then turned and left the room. He looked around, and as soon as he was out of sight of the guard, he pulled his radio from one of the pockets in the pants he wore. "Jacob?"

"Right here, Daniel."

"Where the hell do I go to get his dinner?"

"Down two levels. Go to your right. Fourth door."

"Got it."

He found what appeared to be the Goa'uld version of a kitchen. Okay, the old bastard liked sesame rolls, and fruit, and lots of wine. Yeah, get the old shit drunk, and let him pass out. Too bad the symbiote prevented a Goa'uld from becoming totally wrecked. He shook his head at the turn his thoughts had taken, and hastily gathered the food the slaves had prepared. The tray was much heavier than it looked. Damn good thing he worked out with weights! Fifteen minutes later Yu was eating, once again oblivious to the presence of his lo'taur. Daniel used the time to 'straighten' the room, something that Jarren would have done, planting listening devices as requested by the Tok'ra. He turned the bed back, and found the perfect spot for the tiny device that was going to give Yu a lot of very good subliminal advice. Jacob was monitoring the room, and would know when the Goa'uld was in the bed. When he'd been there long enough to be asleep, the message would begin to play. Daniel could only hope that four nights would be enough to influence the old bastard; once Jacob's al'kesh left, the signal for the device would stop, and it would become nothing more than a tiny piece of metal.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Jack was waiting for Casey at the realtor's office. He grimaced when he saw the disappointment that flooded her eyes. "Don't worry, Case. I'll take care of this," he said softly.

She nodded glumly. Tried to smile when Candy Johnson stood to greet them. "Well, how does it feel to be a homeowner?" the raven-haired woman asked.

"I don't know. I didn't think we owned it yet," Casey replied.

"Well, as soon as you and Daniel sign these papers, it will be all yours. Well, yours and the bank's," Candy winked.

"Um, about that-" Casey started.

"Doctor Jackson was called away on an emergency. Matter of national security," Jack said quietly, firmly. "He'll sign the papers just as soon as he returns."

Candy blanched slightly. "The owner won't receive his money until these papers are signed, and he's very anxious to conclude this deal."

"I'm sure he is, no more so than the Jacksons are. This is, after all, going to be their home. But a few days is all that we need."

"I'll call him, and try to explain…"

Jack reached into his pocket, pulled out a business card as Casey signed her name on several pages. "Have him call me. As I said, this is a matter of utmost importance. I don't think your client wishes to get in the way of national security, do you? And having to recall Doctor Jackson just to sign papers that can wait for another week would be…unacceptable."

The woman nodded. "I'll let him know. I’m sorry, Casey, I can't let you have the keys until you've both signed."

"That's all right," Casey replied. "I wouldn't want to do anything until Daniel is home anyway."

With the matter settled, Jack nodded at the woman, and led Casey back to the parking lot. "There. As soon as Danny gets back, he'll get his butt in here, and sign."

Casey giggled. "Gonna drag him in here yourself, aren't you?"

He grinned, pushed his sunglasses up on his nose. "Yep. I'm sorry he had to leave like that."

She shrugged. "It happens. Guess I'll go home. I'll fix a TV dinner and watch a movie."

He put a hand on her shoulder. "How about pizza and a movie?"

"I get to pick the movie?"

"No way. I'm not watching a chick flick."

She giggled. "Will Sam be joining us?"

"Nope. She's got some doohickey that SG-11 brought back yesterday. She says she needs to get it figured out. I guess it's making noise, and she doesn't know if that's good or bad," Jack replied.

"It's good," Casey said automatically. Well, her 'radar', as Jack called her gift, seemed to be working after all. "I'll call and let her know," she said softly. The knowledge that her 'sight' was unaffected left her more worried than ever. Perhaps it wasn't just her personal feelings about this mission that had her so concerned! Which terrified her. The feeling that she was about to lose Daniel forever intensified. He wasn't going to die. He was just…leaving her. She could feel it coming.

"Okay, I'll get the movie. You get the pizza."

She forced a smile. "Okay, but you get what I choose."

"I can live with it." With a jaunty grin and a wave, Jack walked over to his truck.

"I love you, Daniel," she whispered. Shivered once again as that feeling of dread washed over her. Forced it to the back of her mind. He'd be home on Monday. Everything was going to be just fine. She blatantly ignored that little voice in the back of her mind that warned her of impending heartache.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Daniel was filling the huge marble tub with water. Wished he was filling it for Casey. Remembered the jetted tub in the honeymoon suite where they'd spent three incredible, absolutely mind-blowing days. Could feel her satiny skin beneath his fingertips, slick from the water and the bath gel she used. He shook himself mentally, forced his mind back to matters at hand. Lord Yu stood impassively as the water splashed and rose. Biting back his disgust, and his embarrassment, Daniel took off the clothes that he was wearing, then very gently began to undress the Goa'uld.

Lord Yu's present body was nearly nine hundred years old. The sarcophagus did not help as it once did. He felt the aches and pains of an old man. He'd not taken a host as often as the other Goa'uld did. He was not vain. He was ambitious; he was cruel; he was devious, but he was not vain. Now the taking of a new host could prove to be problematic. Perhaps more dangerous than remaining in a body that was quickly deteriorating.

The sight of an old man's body surprised Daniel. He was certain that all Goa'uld retained young, healthy bodies. Certainly his face didn't look as old as his body did! He stepped into the tub, extended his arm out so that the Goa'uld could hold to it as he settled into the water.

He went over and over the reasons why he was doing this as he washed the man, his cheeks burning crimson as Yu laid back and spread his legs so that Daniel could do a thorough job. This was absolutely the last time he'd do something like this! Jack could play lo'taur the next time! A crash course in Goa'uld was all that he'd need. He was pretty sure that Jack understood a hell of a lot more than he let on. He shook his head mentally.

"Cleanse yourself," Yu ordered.

Oh, shit. It seemed that Lord Yu…enjoyed…watching Jarren bathe. He didn't dare think about anything. Especially Casey! He concentrated on not allowing the Goa'uld to suspect that he wasn't Jarren, but was instead a Tau'ri of the SGC. He tried to block out the feeling of Yu's eyes upon him as he quickly washed. There was a low growl of impatience. Apparently he was rushing the job too much for the damned old bastard's pleasure. He fought the desire to close his eyes, and washed his body again, taking his time. This had not been part of the deal!

Finally satisfied, Yu stood to his feet. He held his arms out as his lo'taur dried him, then draped his robes over his shriveled body. "You may return to your quarters. I will have no further need of you tonight."

It was all Daniel could do to keep from running from the room. He saw to it that his 'master' was seated comfortably, then bowed his way to the door. He almost collapsed with relief when the door closed behind him. He hurried to the Jarren's small room, reported to Jacob, then stretched out on the bed. "Love you, Angel," he whispered, just before he closed his eyes.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Day Two

It had been difficult to sleep. Knowing that he was among the enemy…alone among the enemy, had him on edge. He'd had to use the ring nearly a dozen times now. Each encounter had his heart pounding against his ribs. Luck was with him so far, and never had the alarm been raised. The slaves didn't seem to care about him one way or the other. That could be deceiving in and of itself, he had no way of knowing which ones might be the Goa'uld's spies.

Yu had eaten his breakfast, had allowed Jarren time to feed himself, and then had demanded that the man attend him.

Daniel followed the Goa'uld into what looked like a conference room. He barely bit back a gasp of surprise. Bastet and Sarah…Osiris…were waiting. Shit! Bastet didn’t know him, and least he didn’t think she did. But Sarah did, and thus so did Osiris. He saw the flicker of recognition. He had to get to her, use the ring on her! He tossed about desperately in his mind to think of a way to move closer to her, touch her with the ring, before she declared to Yu just exactly who he was.

Osiris rose, and casually made her way to where Daniel stood. "So, Lord Yu, what reason do you have for this one's presence?"

"He is my lo'taur," Yu grunted impatiently. Both Bastet and Osiris had their lo'taurs in attendance as well. He did not understand Osiris' objection.

"He is-"

Daniel reached out and touched her hand, felt the rings that adorned her fingers brush against his hand, pressed the ring against her wrist. "I am Jarren, My Lord. I serve the great and most powerful of all gods, Lord Yu."

The Goa'uld smiled. He would forgive the impudence of the slave touching a god. She had her back to him; perhaps the bitch had reached for the lo'taur first. Yu nodded. Yes, Jarren was a worthy lo'taur…quite loyal. That was what had happened. She'd reached for him, and as the property of Lord Yu, the slave reacted instinctively.

Osiris blinked twice, then smirked. "Obviously this slave serves you well, Lord Yu." With a final glance, she returned to the table and sat down.

Daniel watched her surreptitiously. She was still as beautiful as ever. Her skin had always been so fair. Her hair was longer now, just a bit. He could remember watching those strawberry blonde curls fly when she rode him and tossed her head back and forth as she cried out her release. He shook himself mentally. Began to compare his former girlfriend to his Wife. Wondered just where the hell these feelings of attraction had suddenly come from. He scratched his hand for the third time. And continued to watch those gray eyes as they flickered his way from time to time, his heart pounding in his chest each time they did. He was so distracted he wasn't even listening to what was being said, didn't realize it until all three of the Goa'uld stood to their feet, signaling the end of the meeting.


A   A   A   A   A   A


He was preparing Yu's dinner tray when Osiris walked into the kitchen. "Is there something you wish, My Lord?"

Osiris looked him over. "Perhaps later." She ran her finger over his jaw, down his throat, over the slave collar to his bare chest. "Perhaps I will see what Lord Yu will take in trade for you."

A plan began to form in his mind. The device was planted. Even if Yu found it later, he'd never be able to discover its purpose, and the subliminal message would already have been planted. If he could just get Osiris to the rings, and to the ship, he and Jacob could get her to Ravanna, and the Goa'uld could be removed. He just had to find a way to get her there! He hadn't been able to save Sha're. This was his chance to save Sarah! "If that is what you wish," he replied softly.

"Strip," Osiris ordered.

"What?" Oh, Christ, this wasn't good!

Osiris' eyes flashed. "You dare to question the command of a god?"

"No, no, My Lord," he mumbled. Shit! He began to remove the already revealing clothes that he was forced to wear as lo'taur to Lord Yu, forcing his mind to concentrate on the complex stanzas of a Sumerian historical poem. He could feel the heat rise in his cheeks. Gasped when Sarah's hand closed around him, began to stroke him. Her masterful touch had him hard and ready within seconds.

"Yes, very nice," she purred. "Very nice indeed."

There were three other slaves in the room, two of them women. Osiris grabbed one, shoved her to her knees. "Pleasure him!"

Without a word of protest the woman obeyed. Daniel closed his eyes. She wasn't doing it right. No one could give head like his sweet Angel. Casey! Oh, god! No, she didn't have to know about this. It would only hurt her, even considering the circumstances. His eyes flew open when he felt another mouth on him. His eyes locked with gray ones as the two women worked his throbbing cock. He groaned, and began to come, cursing the day that Jacob Carter and Selmak had come through the 'gate with this goddamned plan!




Lord Yu was angry when Daniel finally arrived. He had what looked like a riding crop in his hand. As soon as the tray was setting on the table, he began to beat the lo'taur, not caring where the whip landed, as long as it struck flesh, even as Daniel tried to explain what happened. As soon as he mentioned Osiris, the beating came to a sudden halt.

His arms, chest and shoulders were stinging from the multitude of lashes he'd received, several of the welts on his chest were bleeding.  He already knew, having suffered wounds on a previous mission, that by tomorrow morning there'd be no trace of the marks.

"You say Osiris approached you? In the kitchen?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"What did she want?"

Daniel licked his dry lips. "She…she said that she was going to ask what you would take in trade for me. Then she ordered me to strip." He could feel the heat in his cheeks again, knew that they were crimson.

Lord Yu took note of the blush. "What else did she do?"

"She…touched me. Aroused me. Then…ordered two of the slaves, women to…pleasure me." He could barely say the words. He'd lowered his head and closed his eyes, felt the rush of embarrassment. He nearly jumped out of his skin when Yu's hand began to move over his chest, stopping to toy with his nipples.

"Do not worry, Jarren. She has nothing that could interest me. You will not be leaving my side."

Oh, shit! He didn't know if this was good or not! Never again! He was never doing anything like this again! In fact, he was getting the hell out of dodge, tonight! He dreaded bath time now, terrified that the old bastard would take it into his head that he wanted something from Jarren, or wanted to do something to Jarren! Nope, it wouldn't happen. He'd snap the old bastard's neck and run like hell for the transporter rings. If the Tok'ra wanted this job done, let them do it themselves!

When Yu called for two of the women from the harem, Daniel was confused. The two were told to strip, and then to wait for further instructions. He could feel himself blushing as he was once again forced to strip and bathe the old man. Again Yu wanted to watch him wash. Daniel was certain that he'd need a rape counselor by the time he made it back to the SGC.

"Come!" Yu said, ordering the two women into the tub. "Pleasure him."

Oh, holy fucking Moses! This was not happening! I'm sorry, Casey, he cried out in his mind. I love you, only you, forever and ever. I belong to you, Angel; heart, mind, body and soul! These girls had been trained well, and obviously his size wasn't a problem. One of the girls was on her knees in front of him, sucking him off nearly as well as Casey. Soft hands pushed until he was leaning over slightly. When he felt the other girl's tongue as she began to rim him, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he couldn't hold off the eruption. He came like gangbusters. He glanced at Yu. The old son-of-a-bitch was sitting there grinning!

"Here, now!" Yu said, pulling himself out of the water. His cock wasn't completely hard. He was totally average in size. The young woman who'd just swallowed everything that Daniel had given her had the Goa'uld moaning and shooting off in seconds. "No, Jarren, she will not have you…you will stay with me," he gasped. He put his arm around the young woman, let her lead him to his bed.

Damn it! There was a chance that the woman would hear the message that played softly over and over. He continued to glance at the Goa'uld and the two women, as they dried the old, withered body, rubbed oil into the crepe-paper thin skin. Daniel was nearly beside himself wanting to leave. One thing was for goddamned sure…none of this was going into his report! Not one word about any of it!

Lord Yu had settled into his bed, then sent them all away. Apparently the old bastard preferred to sleep alone. Thank god for small miracles, he supposed. He'd raced to his…Jarren's quarters. "Jacob?"

"Here, Daniel."

"I want out! Now!"

"What's happened? What's wrong?" Jacob's voice was filled with concern, with dread at the note of panic from the young archaeologist.

"The device is in place. Get me the fuck out of here!"

"Daniel, we need to make sure that he pushes Bastet and Osiris into going after the other System Lords," Jacob's voice argued.

"That message will either work or it won't. My being here isn't going to make a damned bit of difference," Daniel snapped.

On the al'kesh that hid above Yu's ship, Jacob Carter frowned. "Daniel, what happened?"

"Let's just say that I have a lot to make up for with Casey."


"I'm not saying any more than that. I want out of here. Now." Before Jacob could reply, the sound of the door activating had Daniel cutting the connection and hiding the radio in his pocket. Osiris stepped into the room. "My Lord?"

"Tell me, Daniel Jackson, just what are you doing here?"

"I am sorry, I am Jarren, lo'taur to Lord Yu."

"Yes, so the old fool believes." Osiris reached out and caressed his arm, unobtrusively dragging one of her rings over his skin as she did so. "You will come with me. Sarah needs you," she whispered.

He wasn't even aware that she was speaking English. He could smell her perfume. Light, like what Sarah always wore. Yeah, if he could just get her to the rings, he could get her to the al'kesh, and to the Tok'ra.

"Come with me," Osiris/Sarah said her voice soft, pleading.

He couldn't refuse her. Wouldn't refuse her. This was his chance to save her! "All right," he whispered. "We have to get off of this ship!"

"Yes, we do." Osiris/Sarah led him through the corridors. No one bothered them, whatever a god wished to do was not to be questioned by Jaffa or slaves! Within minutes they were in a small shuttle. "There's a planet nearby, with a Chappa'ai…er… Stargate. Please, Daniel, take me home!"

He reached over, pushed a lock of strawberry blonde hair away from her face. "I will, Sarah, I promise."

"Then everything will be like it was?"

"I promise," he replied, before he leaned over and kissed her. Something poked him in the back of the mind. Something about a combination, and his tongue. But hers was already invading his mouth, and he reacted by deepening the kiss, opening his mouth wider, trying to shove his tongue down her throat. He remembered this taste, this smell, this feeling. That poking in the back of his mind was becoming annoying. He pushed it away.

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