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The Simple Necessities of Life


Chapter 7

Daniel closed the door gently, leaned against it for a moment. Casey was sitting in the middle of the bed, brushing her hair, and he always enjoyed just watching her. She was wearing her flannel pajamas. Lucky for him, she always slept naked, her skin warm and soft against his. He settled behind her, took the brush from her hand, because he liked brushing her hair as much as he liked watching her do it; began to work the bristles through that long blonde silk.

They'd hurried through their nighttime ablutions so that the bathroom was free for Teal'c's use. More than just wanting to be considerate of their teammate had been behind their hurried routines.



She turned slightly to look at him. "I know it's not like we haven't been able to do anything...but I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get to hold you soon!"

His heart began pounding against his ribs. Did the woman traipse through his mind, did she know what he was thinking? He'd been trying to come up with a way to suggest that they make love; that he wanted...needed...to feel himself buried in her warm body. Knowing how shy she was, and knowing that she was well aware of how loudly she could sing her love to him, he'd been convinced that she would be hesitant to do anything with Teal'c across the hall, and Jack and Sam directly beneath them. "I know how you feel," he murmured.

"I promise to be quiet...I can, really," she said, her eyes pleading with him.

Sweet Jesus! Just how damned lucky could he be? To have this amazing, beautiful, sexy woman begging him to make love to her...there were times he needed to pinch himself to make certain he wasn't dreaming! "I dunno, Angel. You get worked up, you start singing-" He chuckled when she lightly slapped his thigh.

"I can be quiet, I promise."

"I think I know of a way to help you," he said, planting a kiss on the nape of her neck. "It worked in that cave with those Navajo-Egyptian Indians."

She frowned slightly as she tried to recall that particular mission. Oh, yeah. Big cavern, and a misunderstanding that almost had young virgins in the respective beds of the teammates. That night had been one of the few when they had dared to engage in more than oral pleasure. She smiled as the memory of their lovemaking that night flooded her thoughts. He had kissed her as her climax washed over her...continued kissing her as she moaned into his mouth, muting her cries of passion. "Or I could just bury my face in a pillow."

His body went hard. "Meaning?"

"Arf, arf," she said, her eyes teasing him, laughing at him.

"Sweet Jesus," he muttered. His cock went totally rigid at the look of love...and lust...that filled those amazing green eyes. As much as he enjoyed that particular position, it wasn't his favorite. He preferred being able to watch her as her orgasm overtook her, liked how tightly she clung to him, loved how she tugged him closer to her soft, warm body.

"Please, Daniel, if I don't feel the anaconda inside me soon, I'm going to lose it, and jump your bones. It might even happen right there on the table!"

He shivered slightly. Took her hand and slid it inside his robe, where his cock throbbed, hard and hot and so needy for her warm body. "I need to feel you, too, Angel."

She pulled away, stripped the pajamas from her slender frame and dropped them to the floor. When she would have mounted him right then and there, he grabbed her hips, held her away from him. She looked at him quizzically...a slight frown tugging at her eyebrows. "Daniel?"

"Easy, babe. We'll get there. Nice and easy. I want to touch you and taste you, first."

She moaned softly. "I don't know if I can wait," she warned him.

"We'll get there together, Casey." He noticed how hard her nipples were, the slight shiver that she gave. Mistook both as a reaction to the cool air of the room. "Let's get under the blankets. It's chilly in here."

The room was cool, although she knew for a fact that her aching nipples were hard and pointed for an entirely different reason.

He'd barely stretched out on the bed before her lips were against his, her fingers moving slowly, gently over his chest. Yep, she was voracious. Enthusiastic. Hot-blooded. Passionate. So damned giving. And wasn't he a lucky, lucky man? No way to hold back the soft moan of pleasure when she moved her mouth to his throat. The journey of love had begun. He reached behind him, pulled the pillow further beneath his head, so he could watch her as she began to anoint his chest with her warm kisses. She always seemed to leave extra kisses on his tattoo, something that never failed to please - and amuse - him.

The look of love in her eyes, the hint of mischievousness that filled them as she flicked the tip of her tongue over his nipples made him smile. She seemed to relish driving him crazy with her loving attention...when she closed her eyes as she began to suckle he nearly lost control completely...the rush of love...of desire...of unadulterated lust was nearly overwhelming.

Another moan forced its way from his belly when she slid down, wrapped her hands around his throbbing flesh, then slowly took him into her mouth. Watching his cock slide between her lips as she moved up and down had him gasping for breath. Sweet Jesus! The woman means business tonight! There was no teasing, no tormenting him. He filled his hands with her hair, mesmerized as she continued to make love to him.

He gasped again when she let him fall from her mouth, his engorged manhood slapping against his belly, which brought a giggle to her lips, and a smile to his. Well, it seemed that a bit of teasing was going to happen after all. He watched her eyes twinkle up at him as she began to lick him like a lollipop, that pink tongue working around the girth of his throbbing shaft with determination.

Velvet and steel. Hot and heavy, and throbbing so hard she could actually see the veins swell with blood. He was breathing heavily, his eyes slightly glazed as she made love to him. She moved down to greet his balls, licking and sucking gently, another moan echoing softly in the air around them. She loved knowing that she was pleasing him, that she was making him feel so good that it was impossible for him to remain silent. Another drop of precum had appeared on the nearly purple tip of his erection, she moved up to claim it, licking gently, savoring the taste of him.

"Please, Casey..." he begged softly, shifting impatiently on the bed, his hips rising slightly as he tried to force his length back into her mouth.

He had wanted to take it slow and easy. He could just deal with it. She smiled up at him, began to lick him again. Without a doubt she'd pay dearly for teasing him this way. A thought that had her shivering slightly. Once again she wrapped her hands around him, stroking slowly, steadily. "I want you to take me," she whispered.

"I will," he promised.

"Hard and fast," she continued. "I want to feel you so deep inside me...I love to feel you throb hard and fast...love it when you push against me...when you grind against me...when you make me feel so good."

"Hard and fast, I promise," he managed to say, his breathing ragged and coming more quickly with each gasp.

Satisfied that she had worked him up to the point of no return, she wrapped her lips around him, moved down as far as she could. Sucked hard all the way back up, until just the tip was in her mouth, tickled the sensitive underside with her tongue, moving it back and forth over that tender ridge, heard yet another gasp. She set up a rhythm that had his hips rising up to greet her with each downward motion. When she felt him harden even more, she knew that he was close. The fingers of one hand gently stroked his scrotum as it began to tighten in preparation of his climax. She relaxed her throat, felt him slide just a tiny bit further, and began to swallow.

"Oh, god," he moaned, his hips pushing against her, trying to shove more of his aching flesh down her throat. Her hands...her mouth...he could feel her hair brushing his thighs...she swallowed again and it was all over. He was hurled into the clouds, riding a wave of pleasure so intense that he groaned out loud, felt every pulse that sent his very essence down her slender throat. No other woman had ever given him such pleasure...no other woman had ever made love to him this way...no other woman had ever made love to him with such devotion...such enthusiasm...such love. Such a lucky, lucky man!

She kissed her way up to his chest, which was still rising and falling rapidly with the quick breaths he took, made certain her breasts brushed against his spent but still firm member as she did so. "Better?"

He managed a grin. "Out of this world," he replied softly. The grin widened at the look of satisfaction that lit her face.

"Good." She settled at his side, her head on his shoulder. That she was on her back in a flash wasn't surprising. She smiled up at the man she loved, the only man her body desired, the only man her heart yearned for.

"I love you," he said softly, supporting himself on the arm where her head rested. The other hand moved over her body, came to rest on her breast, which he massaged gently.

"I love you, too."

"I'm going to make you fly, Angel. I'm going to make you feel so good...I promise." He couldn't help but grin at the shiver that his words induced. He lowered his head, claimed her lips and began to kiss her, searching her mouth for any hint of himself. He didn't find any, not that he had actually expected to...when she licked him clean, she removed all traces of his orgasm from his skin, and never wasted a drop. A thought that had him shivering.

Her hands were already in his hair, holding on, following where he so tenderly led her...giving everything he demanded, accepting all that he gave. Just his kisses could have her on the edge of the precipice...she was certain that if he stroked his fingers over her aching little button she'd take off into the stars immediately. She also knew that he wouldn't allow her to take flight until he'd worked her body to a fevered frenzy...in retaliation for the way she'd teased him. Another shiver moved over her in anticipation.

Making love to his Wife was without a doubt the most incredible part of his life. That she seemed to be as 'needy' as he, that she wanted to hold him as often as he wanted to hold her was nothing short of a miracle, in his eyes. There had been a bit of good-natured gibing in the locker room soon after they had married, those men who had been married for several years telling him to enjoy the 'honeymoon' phase; that soon Casey would be too tired to make love, or not in the mood, or would complain of frequent headaches that seemed to come on suddenly at the mention of sex and disappear as soon as he'd given up hope of getting any. He could only laugh silently. If anything, the longer they were married, the more at ease Casey became; which in turn made her all the more passionate...as ravenous for lovemaking as he was. She turned to him, reached for him, initiated their lovemaking as often as he did. At least one morning a week he would wake up to find her touching him...tasting him...making love to him. Oh, yeah...he was a lucky, lucky man!

His journey had led him from her lips, over her jaw to that elegant throat, where he left his mark, her shivers urging him on. Her shoulders received his attention, he nipped playfully at the prominent ridges of her collarbones. When he settled over her, prepared to make love to his beauties, her legs wrapped around him, her fingers curled in his hair, and her body arched toward him...her silent plea for his attention.

The sigh he gave was one of pure contentment. He concentrated on first one breast, then the other, teasing each pink pearl until it was stiff and standing proudly, her areolas puffy, puckering just a bit around the nipple. Her soft moans of approval made him smile against her skin, sent messages to his brain that had his body throbbing once again.

Sweet, so very sweet...he moved his mouth over her soft, fragrant skin, leaving not one inch of those beautiful mounds untouched...untasted. His hands went to her waist, pressed slightly to ease her back onto the bed, her body nearly off of it completely as he made love to her. Such a sweet whimper filled her throat when he began to suckle that he resolved to hear it again before moving on.

Making love to him always aroused her, had her on the edge...his kisses had only increased her need. Now he seemed determined to drive her out of her mind. She had no way of knowing just how long he'd been smothering her breasts with his kisses, nor how long he had been suckling - first one nipple, and then the other. She only knew that the fire he'd built was now a raging inferno, and she was on the verge of spontaneous combustion. If he didn't move on soon, she was going to push him toward her hips, toward that aching center of need that pulsed between her thighs.

She was pressing her hips against his chest...he could feel the moist heat from that sweet little twat, more messages to his brain that made his body shiver and harden and ache. She never failed to bring out the barbarian in him, the wild man who was barely domesticated; the primitive animal that dwelt within his soul, a part of him that remained from his ancestors, from the days before the cave dwellers. There were times it took all of his concentrated effort to keep from biting that sweet, tender flesh; from holding her with hands curled and demanding, to keep from shoving himself into her and pounding away until she cried out her submission. She loosed the savage beast, but then just as quickly tamed it with her gentle, tender love.

Those subtle signals that told him she was ready for him to move on were becoming more insistent. With final kisses for the sweet, pink tips of her breasts, he slid down, his mouth leaving a trail as he moved toward her belly. She was breathing hard, her chest nearly heaving with each breath. He toyed with the platinum ring that decorated her navel, teased her until the muscles of her abdomen were rolling beneath him.

"Please," she whispered, "please..."

Oh, yeah! Begging was always a good sign. Even better when she was begging so soon! He made himself comfortable. He had every intention of taking her to the cusp, and keeping her there until he couldn't take any more! Of course, she'd find ways to make him pay...the next time she offered him a blowjob in the shower she'd make certain that he was nearly dead from need before letting him come. He anointed those 'no trespassing signs' with kisses, moving ever closer to the very center of her need. The sweet perfume of her body scented the air around him. He took deep breaths to fill his lungs with her, just before he took that first, anticipated taste. Her nether lips were puffy and swollen from her need. He ran his tongue over them, determined to find every drop of sweet nectar that had spilled from her warm well.

The man had a way of moving his tongue over her that drove her crazy; the teasing caresses, the barely there touches, the bold laps that had her moaning when they stopped just short of the one spot where she needed his attention the most. She shifted slightly, trying to push her hips down against the bed, in order to force him to notice her aching clit. She'd take matters into her own hands if he didn't do something about her dire situation soon!

He grinned when her hips moved again. He was well aware of what she was doing. Finished the poem he had been inscribing against her skin, his hand catching hers before she could reach her goal. Licked her front to back a few times, just for good measure, then flicked his tongue over that hard little button. She gasped, her hips jerked, and then she moaned softly. He could tell that she was trying to hold back any sound...had they been at home, no doubt she would have cried out.

Her body was shivering and twitching, her head was moving from side to side as she climbed the mountain toward that glittering climax, her fingers were clenched tightly in his hair.

"Look at me, Angel," he demanded softly.

His breath was warm against her skin, she obeyed immediately, locking her gaze with his.

"Don't look away, don't close your eyes. Let me watch you come," he instructed.

She nodded, barely coherent due to her intense need.

He flicked his tongue over her again. Her hips jerked. He teased her swollen nub, trying to coax more of it from beneath its protective pink hood.

"Nngg! Please!" she gasped.

He watched her, could see her pleas in the depths of her green eyes. Wrapping his lips around that swollen cluster of nerves, holding her gently with his teeth, his tongue began to dance over her, tormenting her. Two fingers slid into her warm well, began to stroke her, adding to the stimulation that would culminate in a climax which would send her spinning into the stars.

She watched him, the glee in his beautiful blue eyes as he drove her to the edge of insanity. So close...she was so very close. That special, amazing tingle began to build...slowly at first, then seemed to fill her entire abdomen. "I'm gonna come," she whispered, poised to take flight.

His eyes smiled at her. His tongue flicked over her aching clit once...twice...three times...almost there...She clamped her lips together as her thighs began to quiver. She could feel that whimper begin to build...so close...there it was! Unable to comply any longer, she let her head drop back, colors and lights flashing behind her closed eyelids.

He reached up and covered her mouth with his hand, almost grinned when she grabbed his wrist with both hands and held him firmly, her cry muffled against his palm as she took flight, her body shaking as her well convulsed around his fingers.

When her moans ended, he slid up, buried himself in her still quivering body. Her arms and legs went around him, pulled him close.

She could taste herself on his lips, in his kiss. Her hips were meeting his, thrust for thrust, even though she was still trembling from the amazing symphony of pleasure he'd just composed for her...in her. She lifted her chin when his mouth moved toward her throat.

Their dance of love was moving the bed ever so slightly, causing a soft bump-bump-bump against the wall. Lost in the paradise that existed only for them, they never noticed the sound. Although the man and woman in the room beneath them heard the rhythmic thumping, the cadence of which only added to the passion they were sharing.

"Faster, harder," she begged, her lips against his ear. "Please, take me!"

He covered her mouth with his, began to match the thrust of his tongue against hers with the thrust of his hips, pushing into her body with increasing vigor. She moaned, her hips grinding against him each time his hips moved him downward.

More...goddess, she needed more! Her legs slid down, locked behind his thighs, her hands grasped his firm ass. She began to ride him...trying to take him deeper, wanting to feel him completely and wholly inside her.

Sweet Jesus! He wasn't going to last if she didn't slow down a little bit! He tried to push against her, to hold her still...she was having none of it. He couldn't help but grin mentally...was left with nothing more to do than to hold on for the ride, and hope she came before he did.

She was kissing him back with such ardor that it seemed she was attempting to shove her tongue completely down his throat. Not that he was complaining. He could feel the result of that kiss all the way to his toes...and that incredible feeling was starting to tickle the back of his skull.

The whimper that always signaled her impending climax filled her throat for the second time of the night. He took her sweet song of love, swallowed every beautiful note, his own cry of ecstasy muted as she continued to kiss him as he emptied himself into her warm, accommodating body.

Completely spent, he dropped down, panting from the exertion of their lovemaking. Her breathing was as ragged and heavy as his. She held him tightly as they slowly drifted down from the stars. With the last bit of strength he could muster, he rolled them over, holding her tightly.

They caressed one another in the warm afterglow, then adjusted the blankets over their still melded bodies. Sleep overtook them quickly, and his soft snores were the only sound to fill the air.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Once again the team ignored the clocks and watches, silenced alarms and snuggled down to spend just a bit more time in the land of Nod. It was again after ten before they began to stir, their physical need for rest finally acknowledged, accepted, and accommodated.

Casey had discovered a loaf of thick cut 'Texas Toast' bread, and offered to make French toast. There were two packages of bacon in the freezer, which she assumed would be enough. There wasn't a microwave in the cabin, she had to thaw the frozen meat in the sink, the sealed packages submerged in warm water. The thought that her grandmother had never owned a microwave made her smile. It was a convenience to cooking, not a necessity.

Jack was bringing in more firewood, Daniel and Teal'c were cleaning the bottom of the tree trunk in preparation for putting it into the tree stand. To the amusement of the two women, there were numerous grunts and groans as the men worked.

Sam was cleaning each socket of the Christmas light string, having found a bottle of ninety percent isopropyl alcohol in Jack's medicine cabinet. When she had asked him about it, he'd replied that he used it to clean his collection of record albums. It really didn't matter why he had it, only that he did.

The aroma of cooking bacon and coffee wafted from the kitchen, into the main room where the team had gathered.

"Danny, I have no idea how you keep from gaining weight," Jack muttered.

He ducked his head to hide his grin. Daniel was certain that the...exercise...that he engaged in each night had a lot to do with the amount of calories he burned.

Teal'c raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. The archaeologist wasn't actually working out any more than he had been before Casey had come into his life. He had his suspicions, however, but would keep them to himself. After all, it was not his concern what Daniel and Casey did within the privacy of their own home.

Casey carried in two platters, one heaped with crisp bacon slices, the other stacked with golden French toast. She grinned broadly as her friends raced to the table, their appetites accompanying them.

Jack helped her locate the syrup, the tub of butter was taken from the round-top refrigerator, and Casey refilled each of the coffee mugs, so that she could start a fresh pot.

Not one of them noticed the dark clouds that were gathering in the sky above. They were warm, content...they were happy, and not even an approaching snowstorm could change those facts.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Sam was standing at the counter, carefully decorating the cookies that Casey had cut from the cookie dough. "My mom used to make these," she said quietly.

Casey smiled, encouraging the woman to continue, without interrupting her thoughts.

"I always liked it when Dad was there...he was always teasing about not being able to wait, trying to snitch pieces of the dough..." She shook her head slightly, the memories warm and peaceful and pleasant. "He wasn't home often when we baked cookies," she said wistfully.

"Grandma Rose would wait until I was there to bake cookies," Casey softly. "I never...she...she wouldn't let me come into the kitchen if she and Sheryl were baking cookies."

"Your Grandma Rose loved you very much," Sam replied.

"Yes, she did. Without her..." Casey shook her head slightly. "Without her, I never would have survived."

"It was really difficult for me after...after my mother died.  I missed her so much," Sam admitted. "I was fourteen, almost fifteen; I was at the age where I really needed a woman to talk to about so many things...I guess that's part of the reason I buried myself in my schoolwork. I was tall, and geeky, and had no self confidence when it came to boys. I set my sights on getting into the space program, and that's what I worked for," she finished, shrugging slightly.

Not certain what to say, or what she could say, Casey reached over, gently squeezed her friend's hand. Like Daniel, Sam appreciated the silent offer of understanding much more than any words.

Daniel poked his head into the room. "How's it going?"

"Cookies won't be ready for about fifteen minutes," Casey replied.

"That long, huh?"

She looked up, smiled at the teasing grin on his face. "Might be longer. Depends on how long it takes Sam to decorate them."

He stepped into the kitchen. Looked over his teammate's shoulder. "You can just dump that on, ya know."

Sam glanced at him. "No way. It has a shaker top for a reason."

"So shake already!"

"Daniel, get out of here."

"Casey, Sam told me-"

"I have a rolling pin, you know, and I'm not afraid to use it," Casey threatened, although the laughter in her eyes belied the stern tone of voice, and the fists placed on slender hips.

"Geez, you two are just mean! Offer a little friendly advice, and what to you get? Attitude, that's what," Daniel grumped, shaking his head slowly.

"What's going on?" Jack asked, walking into the room, pushing Daniel out of the way simply by invading his personal space.

Daniel moved to lean against the counter beside Sam. "These cookies won't be ready for fifteen minutes. Maybe longer."


"Sam's taking forever to decorate them."

"Carter, just pour that sugar stuff over the tray, and slide 'em into the oven!"

"I am going to make these cookies pretty!"

"I don't want 'pretty', Carter. I want edible," Jack replied.

Both men looked over at the seer when Casey loudly cleared her throat. She had the rolling pin in one hand, and was tapping it against her open palm.

"Got the tree set up?" Jack asked hurriedly.


"Let's get it done."

"Right behind you." Daniel followed, the two men nearly running from the kitchen. Which left the women in giggles.

"I don't think I've ever had this much fun," Casey sighed, well aware that the two men had been playing along.

"Me, either, girlfriend."

"It's because we're with family. Family of the heart."

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