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Strange Bedfellows

Chapter 7

Daniel eased past the open door, the only thing his eyes noticing about the room was the lack of any threat. He ducked his head around the corner long enough to get a glimpse of the hallway. Empty. Another glance let him know there were four doorways, two on each side. Wide, arched openings flanked by Grecian columns. No clue which room would be the best for 'planting' the crystals. He'd have to take a look at each of them. Jack had been adamant that he remain on the ground level...too much risk going to the second or third floors, where no doubt sleeping quarters were located. Getting away would become riskier if he was forced to jump from one of the many balconies...and chances of being caught by Jaffa increased greatly under those circumstances. He took a deep breath. Time to get the job done.

Voices coming from the corridor to his right had him ducking into what appeared to be a pantry. He'd slipped into the kitchen, it seemed. He grabbed a basket full of...potatoes? They'd be enough to give his presence a purpose. Two young women, speaking excitedly about the fact that their god was so handsome, and each seemingly very happy to be a part of Ares' harem, passed the small room. He shook his head. Without a doubt those young women had been living under the rule of the priest who had been left in charge. If they were happy about being slaves in a harem, their lives before Ares' arrival had to have been miserable!

He shifted the basket to one hip. Pulled the radio from beneath the rough cotton shirt. "I'm going in," he whispered.

"Copy," Jack's voice replied quietly.

Unless there was a need for his teammates to warn him, there'd be no further communication until Daniel signaled that he was finished. He stepped out of the pantry, and began walking down the wide, marble-tiled hallway. A quick glance into the first room...dining room. Looked as if Ares could easily...and comfortably...feed an army there. The room on the opposite side was a sitting room of sorts; lots of low couches and tall brass torchieres, and marble statues, brass sconces and colorful tapestries covered two walls. Large, floor to ceiling windows across from the doorway allowed the afternoon sunlight to brighten the room.

The next looked like a library of some sort. He frowned slightly. There was something familiar about that particular piece of furniture...he carefully examined a tall chest made of teak wood. Yu'd had something similar in his quarters on his ha'tak, although the wood had been painted black, the surface as smooth as glass. If he wasn't mistaken, this chest hid a computer console as well. His fingers slid over the doors, searching for a hidden release...ah, here it was.

The doors swung open noiselessly. He grinned. Fished in his pocket for the two data crystals. Everything Ares needed to know about Tem, and Ba'al, was on those clear pieces of glass. He slid one into the opening created just for such a thing. Left the other laying conspicuously on the top of the console. Closed the cabinet doors. He was ready to leave when Ares walked into the room.

"Well, what have we here?"

Oh, shit! Daniel did his best to appear to be nothing more than a lost servant. "Forgive me, I was searching for the kitchen," he mumbled, casting his glance down, but daring to look back up again, trying to judge the Goa'uld's reaction.

He stepped into the room. The man in front of him was proud, he could see that in the way he stood. The simple garb of a farmer couldn't conceal the self confidence; nor the strong muscles of the broad chest, or the long legs. Standing as the supposed servant was near the window, the Goa'uld could make out the outline of a very impressive cock beneath the thin cotton of the pants. How large would it become if he were to caress it? A thought that had him shivering imperceptibly. "This is not the kitchen," Ares replied evenly.

"No, My Lord."

"Why are you in here?"

He tossed about in his mind for ideas. Pointed to the chest. When in doubt, tell the truth! "The workmanship...it's beautiful," he said softly. The wood had been so carefully cut that the cabinet had gone together almost seamlessly. Had been polished to a high sheen. And the intricate carving along the top depicted Ares slaying a group of warriors. From what he could tell, he thought they might be Babylonian. Such a piece of furniture at home would cost thousands of dollars.

It was a rare man who noticed such things. A special man. One who appreciated beauty. He felt the stirring of lust, the need to have...to dominate...that body. "Yes, it is," Ares replied finally. His gaze traveled up and down the man's body again. "What is your name?"

"Daniel," he replied automatically. Cursed silently. If Ares knew anything about SG-1, it wouldn't take him long to figure out he'd just captured one of the team members. The idiot archaeologist with the big mouth, he groused to himself.

"Daniel," Ares replied, the name rolling off of his tongue. "Well, Daniel, come with me. I'll show you the way to the kitchen."

"I couldn't trouble you, My Lord. If you merely point me in the right direction-"

"Nonsense! You can leave your basket of potatoes there. And then..." Ares smiled charmingly. "Then I believe you and I will...talk."

Son of a bitch! Why couldn't things go as planned, just once? He had to find a way to turn off the radio, and send the distress signal at the same time. Didn't need Jack getting antsy and asking him what the hold up was. That would go over well...not. Oh, don't mind that voice coming from the vicinity of my stomach, it's not a radio, he thought sarcastically. Okay. Stay calm. Just go along with it for now. As soon as they hear the distress beep, Jack and Teal'c will think of a diversion, a way to get me out of this. And just why in the hell was Ares staring at him like that? He took a closer look at the dark eyes that continued to move over him, stopping at his crotch...again. He moaned mentally. At the same time, Casey's comment 'clicked'. She'd said that Tem and Ares needed to 'hook up'. Which was the current popular phrase used to define two people getting together for the purpose of sex. He groaned mentally. He was standing here with a Goa'uld who was interested in him...as in interested, thinking in dictionary terms!

"Come," Ares commanded.

He glanced around. Could he reach the zat that was beside the radio, inside his shirt, before the Goa'uld could activate his ribbon device? He was betting a big fat 'no' on that one. He had no choice, not at the moment. "Yes, My Lord."

Ares led the way. His disappointment in the lack of worshippers filling the streets was mollified by the appearance of this man. He would take his pleasure, and if this Daniel proved intelligent enough, with information that would be useful to him, he would bring Thanatos to meet the human. The young Goa'uld had served him well during the long years of exile, and when Thanatos had been forced from his host by Zeus, for performing a spying mission for Ares, he'd eventually located the sealed canopic jar that contained the symbiote. It sat even now in his quarters, waiting to be unsealed. The thought of having his sometime lover and constant ally at his side again made Ares smile. What a handsome man Thanatos would be!

Daniel followed, trying to ease the radio and zat from inside his shirt. If he could hide them under the potatoes...his fingers closed around the radio. Searching fingertips located the power switch. He knew that Jack's radio would give a warning 'beep' when it went dead. On the side, a tiny button...found it. He pressed it. Hoped it wouldn't take his teammates long to infiltrate the palace and get him the hell out! So far so good...now if he could just...

The sound of something clattering to the floor brought Ares to a halt. He turned, found Daniel staring, ashen-faced, at the zat'nik'tel on the floor. Dark eyes narrowed with suspicion. "Do you dare to attempt to assassinate your god?"

Holy fucking shit! When things went to hell, they went all the way, Daniel thought irritably. "No, My Lord! The potatoes shifted, and exposed...that...I tried to pick it up, but in my clumsiness, I dropped it."

Ares stared into cerulean blue eyes. There was no deceit there...only fear. He reached out and caressed the strong jaw. Noted the rasp of a days' growth of beard. Felt the stirring of his groin yet again. "Do not fear, Daniel. I believe you."

He couldn't help but give a silent sigh of relief when the Goa'uld bent and retrieved the weapon. Even as he shuddered from the unexpected, and unwanted touch.

The Goa'uld frowned at the weapon for a moment. Odd, that it would be in a basket of food. "Where does this basket come from?"

Okay, story time, as Casey would say. "I do not know, My Lord. I was only instructed by my Master to carry it to the kitchen of the palace."

"And who is your Master?"

"Um..." He almost grinned when the name popped into his head. There was no doubt that Tem would have Kinsey with him when he arrived here. And Ares would certainly meet the favored 'pet'. If the Goa'uld remained true to form, this would make Ares all the more interested in establishing an alliance with Tem. Just to keep an eye on him. "Kinsey, My Lord."

"I do not know this man."

"I know only that my...keeper...answers to one named Kinsey, and bade me obey orders from this man," Daniel replied.

Again Ares studied the handsome face. This...slave...didn't behave as most slaves. He'd never been broken. His spirit was as strong as that of a free man. He didn't lower his eyes in deference. Didn't grovel and beg for mercy. There was intelligence behind those beautiful blue eyes. Soon, Thanatos, soon we'll be together again. Such a host I have found for you! But first, I will sample the host, he thought, shivering imperceptibly with anticipation. "Come, Daniel. We will bathe. We will eat. We will drink. And then we shall see what other means of entertainment we can find."

Daniel knew exactly what Ares had in mind. Oh, hell no! The only thing he wanted in his ass was Casey's finger, when she was sucking him off! Damn it, Jack, you'd better get here pretty damned quick!




Casey moaned silently when the emergency tone from Daniel's radio filled her ear. She hadn't been able to see details about the mission, only that things were going to get...tense. Miss Eloise had been as surprised as she at the lack of information, but had been able to offer no explanation. Nor was she being blocked. At least, not that she could sense. She closed her eyes, reached out toward the palace. Nothing. Just that annoying sense of unease. Tears filled her eyes, she was biting her lower lip so hard she nearly drew blood. What good was a gift that wouldn't even provide enough information to protect her Husband? That thought pulled another forward, both of which were lost in the rush of emotion that filled her mind.

"Okay, campers," Jack's voice said quietly, "We fall back on plan B."

"What's plan B?" Sam asked quietly.

"We're going into that palace to get Danny out of whatever he's gotten himself into. Teal'c, is there much activity near that back door?"

"There is not, O'Neill," Teal'c's voice replied calmly.

She closed her eyes. Well, there was one piece of good luck. "So we go in the back door?" Casey asked.

"Yep. I'm looking at a couple of carts piled high with hay. Must be about fifty feet from the wall. We meet up there, then slip inside and join T in that courtyard," Jack replied.

Signaling that she'd heard and understood, Casey began to make her way toward the narrow street that led to the back of the palace. She pulled the scarf farther over her hair, held part of it over her face as she walked past a group of Jaffa, as she'd seen other women do. Daniel had told her that it indicated she was a married woman, that her glances were not coy flirtation. The men looked at her, but said nothing. Her heart was pounding against her ribs. So far, so good.

It was difficult not to run toward the cart when she turned the corner. She couldn't see Jack or Sam, but then, that was the point, wasn't it? She'd have continued walking along the crumbling sidewalk had a strong hand not snatched her, the fingers around her wrist yanking her toward a shadowed doorway.

Before she could utter a sound, she looked up into Jack's eyes. No doubt he'd have a few words about her lack of attention when they returned to the base. For now, he merely nodded. She saw Sam now, at the end of the wagon. Watched as the major assessed the risk, then dashed across the street, and disappeared behind the metal gate that had opened just enough to let her slip by.

"Go," Jack whispered, after making certain that no one was nearby. He watched as Casey repeated Sam's movements. When he was certain both women were safely hidden, he gave a final glance up and down the street. Checked the balconies of the palace. Still empty. That was good. He took a deep breath. Ran toward that gate, his only thought to get through and hidden before he was discovered.




Daniel was once again following Ares. Although had he stopped or tried to turn around, the Goa'uld was close enough to grab him. The pool was in the center of a large garden; the palace surrounded the lush plot of ground on all sides. From what he could see, it seemed that every 'inner' ground floor room opened onto the beautifully landscaped area.

A silver tray that held an assortment of crystal bottles, a bowl holding a large bar of soap, and a loufa sponge was waiting on the colorful tile that surrounded the sunken pool. Whether it was always available, or Ares had been on his way here before catching him, and the servants had left it for their master, he couldn't say. If forced to choose, he'd pick the latter.

Ares casually tossed the robe he'd been wearing to the ground. Stood naked, and stretched his arms over his head; turned and grinned at the man behind him. "Do not make me wait," he said softly. There was a warning in his voice, and his eyes.

With another mental sigh, Daniel began to strip. One word, just one word from any of them when they finally got their asses in gear to get him out if this mess, and he'd deck 'em. He'd gladly knock Jack on his ass right now, on principal. Because he knew Jack. Without a doubt, his best friend would be more than eager to tease him about this...situation. The rumors that had persisted in the SGC before Casey had entered his life had no doubt heightened his sensitivity on the matter...a fact buried too deep in his subconscious for him to be aware of it.

Ares felt his breath catch in his throat. The man was magnificent. He was circumcised, something not seen often. A curious custom among some of the religious sects. The length and girth of that beautiful manhood in its flaccid state left him stunned. No doubt it was most impressive when swollen and throbbing with passion. He felt his own body stirring.

It was damned impossible not to see that the friggin' Goa'uld was becoming aroused. Ares was looking at him like he was the choice meat on a buffet, and popping a hard-on over it. Oh, this was so not amusing! The only thing he wanted to see getting hard for him were those sweet pink nipples on his beauties! And that delightful little clit, his mind added.

He held his hand out, waited patiently for Daniel to take it. "Have you never loved a man?"

"No. Never." Never wanted to, never will, he thought petulantly.

He shivered with delight. To be the first was always such pleasure. "Then it is only right that your god be the one to deflower you."

It was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud; part nervous hysterics, part disbelief that the Goa'uld would stand there and spout what amounted to pick-up lines. Just because he'd never been with a man didn't mean his ass had never been touched. He had a very passionate, inventive Wife! "And if I have no wish to be...deflowered?"

Brown eyes flashed. "I am your god! You will submit to me!" Ares smiled benignly again. "It will be much more pleasurable for both of us if you do not resist."

Uh-huh. Right. Don't think so, snakeface. Casey could play with his ass all she wanted. No one else was touching him! The silence stretched between them as Ares stood, his hand outstretched. He could see the irritation in those brown eyes. They flashed with anger. Oh, fuck! With a sigh, he put his hand in that of the Goa'uld. Felt himself tugged forward.




Has to be that SG-1 good luck, Jack thought. It seemed that every servant in the palace was preoccupied elsewhere. The kitchen and pantry were empty. He located the radio buried beneath a pile of potatoes, but the zat was nowhere to be seen. No way would he assume Daniel was armed. If he was, the archaeologist wouldn't have sent the distress signal. Chances were, he'd managed to get himself caught. He looked over at Casey. She was pale, but holding it together. "Talk to me, Radar," he said softly.

She nodded. Closed her eyes, trying once again...there! Outside...garden...pool...her eyes flew open. Not with her man! She was tearing out of the pantry before Jack could stop her, the look of anger in her eyes and on her delicate features enough to make Teal'c step out of her way.

"Well, hell!" Jack muttered. Casey seemed bound and determined to be just as impetuous and annoying as her husband! He motioned that Teal'c and Sam should follow. Another check told him that so far, they seemed to have this part of the palace to themselves. Considering the circumstances, that was a good thing. It could also change in a heartbeat.

Her anger led the way. Oh, hell no! She'd blow that damned Goa'uld's dick off before she allowed him to touch Daniel! She strode toward the pool. Could see the sunlight glinting off two naked backs. One of which she knew intimately.




Ares was willing to move slowly, to give his hesitant virgin time to become accustomed to the idea of being taken. He sat beside Daniel, but didn't touch him. He instead began to tell the young man about his life...and his many conquests, during his time in his beloved Sparta. He spoke of the beautiful women and handsome young men, going into detail about his encounters, hoping to arouse his soon-to-be lover.

Daniel listened with one ear, straining to hear the sounds of someone...anyone...moving nearby.

"Tell me, Daniel, have you made love to a woman?"

"Yes." The reply was terse, spat between gritted teeth. Made love like you wouldn't believe, asshole. Had my mind blown in a dozen different ways by my Fantasy Angel.

Ares laughed. "There is no need to be shy. Tell me a story, see if you can make my cock hard with your words."

"I have no desire to do...that," Daniel replied truthfully. Besides, the bastard was already hard!

"As much as I enjoy coyness, it doesn't suit you." Ares moved to put his arm around the man beside him, his other hand moving over the broad, strong chest.

Daniel jerked at the touch, and pulled away, both hands curling into fists. Nope, not gonna happen, asshole! He'd take his chances with the ribbon device. One chance, that's all he needed. He'd lay the bastard out flat!

"You're touching my Husband, snakeface. And I'm going to blow your fucking dick off!"

The Goa'uld whirled around, sending water sloshing over the sides of the pool; came face to face with some type of weapon. And green eyes filled with such anger and hate he was momentarily taken aback. As beautiful as the woman was, she was daring to threaten her god! She had fire...but too much impudence. A lesson in humility was much needed. "You will pay for your insolence!"

"Blah, blah, blah. Get a new speech writer. Stud Muffin, grab your clothes and let's get the hell out of here."

The sound of Jaffa armor sent five hearts plummeting. Ares smirked, rose slowly out of the pool. "Now, my feisty little beauty, you shall belong to me as well."

She tugged her lip between her teeth. In for a penny, in for a pound, she decided. "Tell your goons to back off, or I'm going to blow your dick off."

Ares laughed. "I do not believe you."

She flipped the safety off of her nine millimeter Beretta. "Your loss." She aimed, squeezed the trigger. Screams split the air, sent the dozen or so birds who nested in the nearby trees squawking into flight. 

The pain was excruciating...the little bitch had wounded him! He put his hand between his legs. Carefully probing fingers found his cock was still in one piece...his scrotum, however...he could feel the hole left by the projectile. He swayed slightly, reached his free hand toward Daniel.

Who stepped back, and let the Goa'uld fall to his knees. "She warned you. My Wife gets pissy when Goa'uld think they're gonna fool around with me."

"There is no escape! You will die for this!" Ares gasped. Waves of pain were making him nauseous, he bit back the bile that burned his throat.

"Ya know, I don't think so. Daniel and I are going to walk out of here. And you, snakeface, are going to count your lucky stars I was so pissed that my aim was off. If you make one move, signal the Jaffa in anyway, I will change you from a rooster to a hen in one quick shot!"

Daniel had grabbed his clothes, pulled the pants over his legs, didn't take time to bother with the shirt. "Let's go, Angel."

Ares moaned, and closed his eyes. He'd see that the little bitch paid for what she'd done! Oh, yes indeed! His sarcophagus...he needed to get to his sarcophagus...

Jack bit his lip. It was damned hard to keep from laughing out loud. He couldn't understand all that was being said, but enough to get the general gist of the conversation. And Casey's actions had needed no interpretation. None whatsoever. So far, it seemed that Ares thought Casey was alone. His trained and experienced eye took in their surroundings with a single glance. Nice garden. Lots of potted palms and large trees and tall flowering bushes...He signaled Sam and Teal'c; sent them to opposite sides of that pool. As soon as the Jaffa came through the door, they'd take 'em down. The clanking became louder...there they were.

The First Prime stopped, took in the sight of the slender blonde, a weapon of some sort in her hands, pointed at his god. Who was on the ground, both hands between his legs, moaning pitifully, blood staining the tiles beneath him. His eyes went wide...he stared for just a moment. That moment was all it took for unseen enemies to strike. He didn't know where the blast came from, nor what the sound was, only that his body was suddenly filled with agony. He dropped to his knees, heard continued fire, and knew that the squad of Jaffa behind him were down as well.

"Let's move it, campers!" Jack shouted.

The team raced through the palace; shoving servants, who had appeared and were running toward the commotion, out of the way. Daniel apologized each time, trying to keep the innocent people on their feet and out of the line of fire. They were shooting at any Jaffa who crossed paths with them...which luckily only happened twice. They ran into the street, shocked to find that in spite of the noise coming from within the palace walls, no one seemed to notice, no one had come to investigate. Weapons and radios were concealed as they fled up the street. They ran for several blocks, bystanders watching curiously. By the time they reached the market square, they'd slowed to a walk. Sam and Casey had pulled their scarves over their heads once again, and they walked calmly past the Jaffa who still stood watch inattentively.  It seemed to take forever to reach the abandoned inn, but in reality was less than fifteen minutes.

"We're out of here," Jack said, tossing a look at Casey. "We'll talk when we get back."

She nodded. She wouldn't apologize. She understood that her CO was upset with her. Had every right to be. But she wouldn't apologize.

He noted the defiant tilt of her chin. Fought to keep from grinning. Instead, he tossed a shirt at Daniel. "Put this on. Let's see if we can get to the 'gate without Radar castrating some other poor bastard."

Sam giggled. Teal'c snickered. Daniel choked, then chuckled. In an instant the team was laughing, dispelling the tension that had surrounded them. They retrieved their packs from the hiding place Sam had found, the presence of the black tie proof that no one had been in the building during their absence.

The trip to the 'gate was blessedly uneventful. The arrival of a Goa'uld ha'tak turned all eyes toward the sky. Which allowed Daniel to slip past the priest and the half dozen Jaffa and dial the 'gate.

The escaping farmers were through the event horizon before the leader of the guards realized what had happened. He looked around nervously. Not one of the men on his squad would meet his eyes. He turned to the priest, who paled. "We will not speak of this."

The old man nodded. He had no wish to die, either.


A  A  A  A  A  A


General Hammond was walking into the 'gate room as the team hurried down the ramp. "Welcome back SG-1. I assume that your return today means that the mission was successful?"

"Yes, sir," Jack said. He fixed Casey with a hard stare. "If you ever, ever do something like that again, I'll shoot you myself!"

She dropped her eyes to the floor. "I understand," she said softly.

"If you're going to threaten a man's dick, you'd better hit it!" Jack continued. The twitch in his cheek was a continual quiver now.

Jaws dropped around the room, and Casey's head flew up.

"Colonel O'Neill, what happened out there?" General Hammond demanded.

"Casey castrated Ares. Shot him in the balls. Sir." Silence echoed in the 'gate room following this announcement.

Ferretti was the first to lose it. The Marines around him followed. Snickers were heard over the open microphone in the control room as the techs lost their battle to remain quite.

Daniel's face was beet red. The reason for Casey's actions would be broadcast all over the base. Rumors blessedly gone silent when he'd brought her to the mountain would start up again.

"I see."

"He was threatening Daniel, sir," Casey explained. "And, he was naked. I warned him to let Daniel go...but he wouldn't listen...so..." she shrugged.

"Colonel?" Hammond asked, one eyebrow raised slightly.

"Casey managed to get into position first," Jack replied. "The rest of us followed. When it became clear that Daniel was in danger, she stepped out, and told the snake to back off. I didn't understand everything she said to him, but I have no doubt that she offered him the chance to walk away before firing."

Daniel was staring at his feet. His teammates were giving him back the dignity he'd thought lost when Ares pulled him into that pool. He didn't know that Jack, Sam, and Teal'c had been aware of the rumors about him. Nor was he aware of the fact that they knew how much those rumors bothered him.

"Go shower, and report to the infirmary. We'll debrief as soon as you're cleared," the general said.

"Yes, sir. Let's go kids." Jack led the way. As soon as the team reached the elevator, he turned to face the seer. "I meant what I said. Don't you ever do that again. You put yourself in danger, but worst of all you could have gotten Sam, Teal'c, and I caught, and Daniel killed!"

Daniel watched the color drain from her face. "What happened, anyway?"

"O'Neill asked Casey Jackson to locate you. She had closed her eyes, as she does when 'searching'. Then suddenly she was racing out of the pantry of the kitchen, where we were in hiding. She was most angry," Teal'c replied.

"She was madder than hell," Jack corrected. "I guess she...'saw'...what was going on. By the way, what was going on?"

He rolled his eyes. "Ares wanted to know if I had any idea how to brew moonshine," he retorted.

"Did you tell him you did? As I recall, you had those boys on Abydos producing some pretty potent stuff!"

"How did Ares manage to find you?" Sam asked. It had always made her angry to hear the rumors about Daniel. Things said that were meant to hurt, to embarrass; things meant to emasculate him. Said by petty men who were jealous of all that Daniel was. She knew that Jack and Teal'c had felt the same way, had heard the colonel growl on several occasions that anyone believing the rumors was a fool. Not one of them would ever admit that they'd known exactly what Ares was doing, and intended to do.  

"I located a chest, similar to one that Yu had in the quarters on his ship. It hides a computer console. I had the crystals in place, was ready to leave when he walked into the room."

"How did you keep from getting hit with the ribbon device, or hauled away by Jaffa?" Jack asked, as they stepped onto the elevator.

"I'd grabbed a basket of potatoes. I figured if someone saw me, I could pretend to be lost. Which is what happened."

"And Ares decided he liked what he saw," Casey added quietly. She groaned mentally when a flash of light went off behind her eyes. Information dump. She closed her eyes, frowning slightly as she waited for the images to stop moving so that she could sort through them.


Daniel's voice was tinged with concern. She reached toward him, felt his hand close over hers, smiled when she felt his lips against her knuckles. "Well, I'm not being blocked now. Ares is in his sarcophagus. Oh, is he pissed at me!"

Jack snorted. "Ya think?"

"Hey, if I hadn't been so pissed off, I wouldn't have missed! I was so mad I was shaking!" she muttered, to the amusement of her friends. She continued to examine the information she'd just received.

The sudden paling of her cheeks had her teammates immediately concerned. "Talk to me, Radar," Jack said gently.

She opened her eyes. "We can't let him near Daniel. Ares wants him as a host for his lover. Um...Thanatos."

"No worries, Radar. Won't happen," Jack said reassuringly, putting an arm around her slender shoulders and hugging her.

"Indeed," Teal'c said.

"I'll be fine, I promise," Daniel said softly.

"He'll never get the chance, Casey, not with all of us at Daniel's side," Sam said quietly.

"Do you see anything else?" Daniel asked.

"The ha'tak that was landing? That was Tem."

"That's what we want, right? For the two of them to get together," Jack asked.

Get together. Hook up. Casey began giggling. "It's a good thing Ares has the sarcophagus! He's still in lust, and Tem is going to try to seduce him!"

"What about Kinsey?"

"I don't know. I don't think he's going to be happy," Casey replied.

"Sick, twisted snakes anyway," Jack grumbled as the team walked into the infirmary. He stopped when Daniel's hand caught his arm.

"Thanks," Daniel said quietly.

"Any time, Space Monkey," Jack replied.

Casey smiled as she watched the two men settle onto one of the beds, animatedly discussing the fact that they'd pulled off the mission in a matter of hours, congratulating themselves and each other for a job well done. At that moment it crashed down on her...racing out of the pantry, so angry...knowing that if Ares raped Daniel, he'd never be the same...and would have pulled away from her; self-doubt brought on by the incessant rumors of the SGC making him question himself. The fact that she'd stood there, pointed her weapon and shot the Goa'uld. "Should have been Ba'al," she groused out loud. Then the shakes began.

"Casey?" Janet asked worriedly, hurrying over when she heard the sound of chattering teeth.

Daniel was on his feet, moving toward his Wife. "Case?"

"Shot him. I shot him. I was aiming for his dick. Hit his balls. Shot him," she murmured.

Two of the male medics stopped in the middle of their tasks and looked over at the young seer, eyes wide with surprise.

"You did what?" Janet asked.

"Daniel got himself caught," Jack said quietly. "Casey just happened to get to him first. Ares was naked...guess he was taking a bath or something. Anyway, Radar shot him."

"In the balls?" Janet asked, brown eyes wide.

"I was aiming for his dick. I'm not good with such scrawny targets."

For one moment it was possible to have heard a pin drop on the infirmary floor. Janet snickered. Two nurses snorted. The male medics began to guffaw. Within seconds everyone in the room was laughing hysterically.

"The look on his face was priceless," Sam giggled, holding her side with one hand.

"I didn't have a clear view of his face," Jack complained.

"Nor did I," Teal'c said.

"He was so surprised!"

"I'll bet he was," Janet laughed.

"I was aiming for his dick," Casey muttered again, under her breath. She wondered if a sarcophagus could 'replace' missing appendages. The best way to stop Ares from coming after her Husband, was to take away the one reason he wanted Daniel. Next time, she wouldn't miss.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Tem listened to the Jaffa report. It seemed that Ares had been wounded in an attack. How the intruders had made their way into the palace was unknown, the captain said. He smirked. Security in the palace, and in the city of Thracia itself, was a mere illusion.

He examined the bodies of the Jaffa who'd died defending their god. Bullet holes! "Tau'ri!" he growled. Those damned Tau'ri had been here! Why did they want Ares dead?

"My Lord will join you as soon as his healing is complete," the High Priest said, strutting importantly around the room, ordering the servants to bring wine and food.

Damned old fool, Tem thought irritably. Just like his own priest. Kinsey had mentioned that Habib seemed to be unwilling to follow the orders of his god. And had then carefully listed the duties that the priest should have been fulfilling, but wasn't, so it seemed. He frowned slightly as he studied his lover. Accepted a chalice of wine. With Ares back in his life...and his bed, he'd no longer need his pet. But Kinsey had been, and was, faithful. Perhaps...the frown turned to a smile. Of course. The perfect solution. He'd instruct Kinsey to kill the High Priest. And then, his beloved pet would assume those duties. He'd be nearby if he was...needed. And there would be no silent disapproval as he knelt in front of the man he loved.

With one problem dealt with, he returned to the more important issue at hand. Why did the Tau'ri want Ares dead? Was he that much of a threat to them? The thought was a pleasant one. Ares had the ships, the armies of Jaffa. He had the information that Ares' spies hadn't had time to collect and report. This time, they would be successful in their alliance. And he wouldn't turn his back on Ares for a second. Except when they were fucking, he thought, grinning madly in his mind.

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