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Strange Bedfellows

Chapter 5

Ares strolled through the palace. It had belonged to Zeus, at one time. It hadn't been difficult to take the planet, the palace, the naquadah mines, the slaves... The Goa'uld grinned. It had been rather easy, as he recalled. Just a few, well placed spies, a little poison, and he'd moved in. Shipped the sarcophagus that held Zeus to the one ha'tak he'd been kind enough to allow the old Goa'uld to take, and it was over. He'd left half of his Jaffa here to protect his 'home', and had returned to Earth. And allied himself with Tem. Full of confidence fed by the defeat of a Goa'uld so many believed undefeatable, he'd been certain that Ra would fall as easily. That hadn't happened, however.

He walked out onto the balcony, looked down at the city below him. Frowned slightly. There had been a steady stream of arrivals through the Chappa'ai, his First Prime had assured him of that. By now, the streets should be teeming with people eager to welcome the return of their god!


The man appeared at his side a moment later. "Yes, My Lord?"

He pointed to the street below him. "What is that?"

"It is the street, My Lord."

"I know that! Where are all of the worshippers? The celebration is in two days! Where are they?"

The High Priest sighed. "My Lord, many of the villages and planets once under your rule, are so no longer. Several have been freed by a group of Tau'ri."

He snorted. "Tau'ri? They dare to spread their rebellion?"

"It seems so, My Lord. A most dangerous group. One such is known as SG-1. They have killed many Goa'uld. Ra, Apophis, Seth, Hathor-"

"I do not need a list!" Ares snapped. It was a bit disconcerting to know that mere slaves had managed to learn how to use the Chappa'ai, and were battling against their gods. A lesson in humility was needed. And he was just the Goa'uld to teach that lesson! "When the celebration of my return is over, we will travel to the First World. It is time to teach the slaves a lesson concerning their lack of faith!"

"Yes, My Lord."

"What of Tem?"

"There has been no further word, My Lord."

"Very well. Return to your duties."

With a low bow, the priest left the room.

Yes, much had changed, Ares thought. His return would usher in a new era. He would reclaim that which belonged to him. And then...he'd turn his attention to the errant slaves who'd managed to thrust Ra from among them. And he would rule the First World.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel was giving his report on what he'd found concerning the newest Goa'uld that the SGC had come across...or rather, had learned about. "Ares was considered volatile, and the only known cults that worshipped him were near Sparta. In Sparta there was a statue of the god in chains, to show that the spirit of war and victory was never to leave the city. Dogs, or puppies, and possibly even humans were sacrificed to him. He's mentioned in the founding myth of Thebes, but rarely in any other myths. Deimos and Phobos were his children by Aphrodite, and were the spirits of terror and fear. In Renaissance and Neoclassical works of art, Ares' symbols are a spear and helmet. His animal is the dog, and his bird is the vulture. In literary works of these eras, Ares appears as cruel, aggressive, and blood-thirsty, reviled by both gods and humans, much as he was in the ancient Greek myths that spoke of him. Neopagans today discourage the worship of Ares, certain sects actually forbid worshipping him."

"Not a nice guy, huh?" Jack asked.

The archaeologist shook his head. "Most of those who know about him believe that Ares inspires feelings of malevolence and invincibility, sometimes coupled with delusions of grandeur, fueling acts of cruelty and strife. It seems that Ra found Ares to be a negative influence on the minor Goa'uld who served him...Ra, that is." He pointed to the hieroglyphs visible on the temple wall. "This particular section of text describes the wrath of Ra, and the defeat of those who'd dared to move against him. It seems that he was determined that it wouldn't happen again, so anyone even remotely connected to Tem or Ares was exiled or killed."

"So Ra was even more powerful than Anubis?" Casey asked, trying to concentrate on what her Husband was saying, and not that very sexy, kiss-able mouth.

The archaeologist nodded. "He had the largest Jaffa armies, the largest ships...he ruled with an iron fist when it came to the other Goa'uld. Which of course is what led to the rebellion in the first place. At that time, from what we've learned so far, Lord Yu was nearly as powerful, but he'd left Earth at some point earlier, probably during Ra's rise in power. The Tok'ra have reports that Yu and Ra battled at least twice, but neither time resulted in a definite winner. Yu chose to remain in the sector of space he'd conquered, and Ra returned to and remained on Earth until he was tossed out during the slave uprising."

"We know that Tem was leading the Goa'uld against Ra," Sam said, checking her notes, "and that Seth and Hathor were involved as well."

"There were only three chairs in that...room," Casey added. "One for each of them. So where does Ares fit into this?"

"It's possible that he and the other 'Olympian' gods had already been exiled by the time Tem was actually attacking Ra," Daniel surmised.

"Or Tem had no intention of letting 'outsiders' become part of the winning team," Jack said, pointing to the section of Daniel's report that dealt with the theory that the Olympian 'gods' were a uniquely different family of Goa'uld from the Middle Eastern pantheons.

"What reports we have been able to locate indicate that Ares and Tem worked together, and in secret, for some time before making their move," Selmak informed the group. "We have not been able to determine just when Tem extended his circle of conspirators to include Seth and Hathor."

Jack frowned. "If Ares had squealed to Ra before being ousted, it's possible that Tem and company weren't completely ready to move against Ra, and that's what saved his snake ass, and defeated them."

Jacob nodded. "The Tok'ra don't have many records from that time. The movement against Ra was small, and well hidden. If they knew about Tem and Ares, and their plans, they chose not to join up."

"Probably understood that they'd just be changing one 'god' for another," Daniel mused.

"With Ra out of the picture, would there be a reason for Ares and Tem to join forces again?" General Hammond asked.

"Ba'al has taken over planets that had once belonged to each of them," Selmak replied. "This alone would be sufficient to turn their attention toward him."

"I don't suppose the Tok'ra have spies in either group," Jack asked, raising an eyebrow in question.

"Tem was assumed dead, and thus was not a threat. There was no need to place a spy among his priests. Ares had been banished to a far galaxy with the others of his family, too far for the Tok'ra to reach safely," Selmak said. "We are in the process of trying to insert agents among the priests of each Goa'uld."

Casey smiled. "You've found hosts for the Tok'ra symbiotes who've been waiting."

A smile lit Jacob's face. "You're good," the man teased. "A planet where we've been going to trade for food and supplies has several farming communities, and the people there were attacked by Moloc, before SG-1 killed him. His Jaffa were beaten back after the news of their god's death reached them. Those farmers have been eager to see the fall of all Goa'uld ever since. There are a lot of young people willing to become hosts."

"I'm happy for you...for them," Casey said.

"Thank you," Selmak replied.

Jack shuddered imperceptibly. Just the thought of having a snake crawl into his head gave him a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

"Do we have any idea if Tem and Ares would approach one another without outside influence?" General Hammond asked.

"None. We can assume that one betrayed the other, or that at the very least, they suspect one another of betrayal. Focusing their attention on Ba'al will highlight their need to join forces. Ares has the ships and Jaffa, Tem has more 'up-to-date' intel on what's been going on in the sector for the past few millennia," Jacob replied.

"This is where we come in," Daniel said. "We show up at the welcoming ceremony for Ares; the Tok'ra let the word leak to Ba'al that SG-1 is going to be there, somewhere, and he'll head straight for the planet, because he wants Casey." He was still standing beside General Hammond, the laser pointer in one hand. The other automatically went to her shoulder, caressed it gently.

"If our agent among Tem's priests is in place, he'll let it be known that Ba'al has located Casey. We know Tem wants her as well, he sees her as the key to his return to prominence among the Goa'uld," Jacob said.

"Which will bring Tem swooping in," Jack muttered.

"Positive thoughts, boss," Casey smiled. "We might be able to take three out for the price of one!" Laughter moved around the table.

All eyes went to General Hammond. "Plans?" the Texan asked.

Jack sat up straight. "We go through the 'gate, looking like regular farmers come to greet Ares. Sneak into the palace and plant the data crystals with all of the latest intel on Ba'al. Which will also include what he knows about Casey, thanks to his spy...the one we planted."

Jacob frowned. He hadn't heard about this Tau'ri spy among Ba'al's Jaffa...or servants...or wherever he...or she, was. One glance at Jack told him that the man was enjoying that fact. Couldn't much blame him, Jacob thought. The Tok'ra had a tendency to withhold information, in spite of the treaty. He couldn't help but grin mentally at Selmak's 'harrumph'.

"Once the data crystal is left where he can find it, he'll probably assume it was placed there by a spy eager to work for him," Jack continued, "We head home, and hope it all comes together like we planned."

General Hammond nodded. "How difficult will it be for you to get into the palace?"

"No idea, sir," Jack replied. "We're not even sure where it's located. There should be enough of a crowd milling around that we'll be able to move freely. Once we locate the palace, we'll use Radar to hone in on where we should go. Again, there should be enough activity that we can get in and out with few problems. We'll take zats, as well as 9 mils, and radios. We can hide the weapons in our packs. People will be staying for a few days, so they'll be carrying what they need."

Another nod. The general's blue eyes focused on the resident seer. "Casey, any bad feelings?"

"No, sir. I've tried to 'look around', to see if I could find anything...but so far there's nothing. Once we're through the 'gate, we'll find a place to stay, and I'll be able to do a search from there."

It was never easy sending a team through the 'gate 'blind'...and that was what he was doing. They had only the sketchiest of facts. But the need to stop Ba'al before he arrived on Earth's doorstep was a top priority. "If you sense anything at all dangerous, I want SG-1 back here immediately."

Five heads nodded their understanding.

"Very well. You have a go. You'll embark first thing in the morning."

Again heads moved up and down.


The team rose to their feet, and wandered into the corridor. It was nearly five p.m. The day had been spent 'unwinding' from the summit with the G8 leaders. The security detail that had spent the day and night parked in Emma Hanks' driveway reported that the rental car had left shortly after word arrived that the President and members of the G8 had had a little discussion with the Chinese. The listening devices had been removed, and the Jackson's home was theirs once again.

"I'll be so glad to get home," Casey sighed.

Daniel smiled. "Me, too."

"Is Jacob staying another day?" Casey asked Sam. She was aware of the fact that Jacob had gone to dinner with Jack and Sam the night before.

"No, he was going to leave as soon as the briefing was over," Sam replied.

"At least you were able to spend some time with him away from the SGC," the young seer said.

"It was nice," Sam agreed, smiling. "What about you, have you heard from your dad?"

Her dad. The words still left her feeling giddy with excitement. "He's working on another project. A large firm in Atlanta is interested in having a new security system integrated into their computer systems."

"Ah, legitimate job, this time," Jack teased.

"Well, that's just the cover story," Casey retorted.

"Really?" His teammates laughed at the surprise, and then the interest that filled his brown eyes. Which then rolled as he realized what Radar had done. "Smartass," he grumbled.


A  A  A  A  A  A


She dropped down onto the sofa. It felt so good to be home! Looked up and smiled when Daniel sat down beside her. "Give me a few minutes and I'll start dinner."

"No rush," he replied. He reached over, took her hand, laced their fingers together. "Feels good to be home. And alone."


"Feel like watching TV?"

"Sure. Might as well watch the news and see if the world is still out there."

He grinned. Grabbed the remote. Twisting around, he let his feet dangle over the end of the sofa, rested his head in her lap. Smiled when her fingers began to move through his hair, her other hand still entwined with his. "I missed this," he said softly. "Just sitting with you. I missed you so much."

"Ba'al would call for several of the women from the harem who played instruments. Sort of like harps. I could close my eyes, and pretend I was sitting beside you, that we were together, and safe," she replied.

"I wish things would calm down. Just a few boring missions, that's all I'm asking for." The thought wasn't new, by any means. Although it had only been since Casey had entered his life that the trips through the Stargate weren't the only thing that filled his life. That he no longer had a need to be working constantly to fill the void of loneliness that had been the largest part of his life. Had the team always been so involved? Had things always gone so wrong? He examined the memories of the missions that SG-1 had been on. Seemed that the answer to both questions was a resounding 'yes'. It only bothered him now, he realized, because he wanted time alone with her. Wanted time to be at home. Not running from one planet to another, one battle to another, one crisis to another...one disaster to another.

"Maybe the goddess will see fit to answer that request. After we deal with Tem and Ares and Ba'al."

"It'll just be another Goa'uld after that. And another one after that."

"Birth control."

He looked up at her. "What?"

"Birth control. We need to figure out how to stop the Goa'uld from breeding. Then we can get rid of them," she explained.

Daniel chuckled. "I'll pass that on to Sam and Janet. Maybe they'll have an idea or two."

"Do you think Siler and Johnson will say anything?"

"About what?"


He frowned. He knew that Siler had been in their bedroom, checking for any electrical signals that indicated a listening device. Didn't think Johnson had been. "I doubt it."

"I hope they don't. I'd hate for you to be teased about it."

The frown changed to a grin. Even if Siler did say anything about the portrait of his Fantasy Angel, there wouldn't be any teasing. Envy, jealousy, and demands to see it, certainly. The grin widened when he wondered just what the quiet Air Force Master Sergeant had thought about a damned near naked Casey smiling seductively at him. "Don't think you'll have to worry about that. Siler isn't a gossip-monger."

"Have you...um...showed the wallet photo to anyone?"

Again he looked up at her. "Just Teal'c. Jack saw the portrait."

She blushed slightly, and nodded.

"Jack was very impressed by your wings." He chuckled, remembering that the word had been damned near all the man had been able to utter for several minutes.

Casey couldn't help but giggle. "I'll bet. What did Teal'c say?"

"That you're a beautiful woman, and that I'm a very lucky man. Which you are, and I am."

She lifted their entwined fingers, kissed his knuckles gently. "I'm the lucky one."

They watched the local news in silence. When the weather report was finished, Casey sighed. "Guess I'd better get a casserole out of the freezer."

"I'll go through the mail. Probably a bill or two that needs attention," Daniel replied.

When they were on their feet, he pulled her into his arms. Kissed her until they were both breathless. A promise of things to come. Tonight, he'd take her on a journey to the stars that wouldn't end until they were both crying out with pleasure.

To be doing something as simple as preparing dinner brought such joy that she felt as if she couldn't contain it all. She turned on the stereo, searched until she found her favorite Eagles CD, slid it into the player. When Don Henley began to sing about the 'Long Run', her soft voice joined in...


"...Didn't know I was so lonely, till I found you
You can go the distance
We'll find out in the long run
(in the long run)
We can handle some resistance
If our love is a strong one
 (is a strong one)
People talkin' about us
they got nothin' else to do
When it all comes down we'll
still come through
In the long run..."


Daniel listened, a smile on his face as he sorted through three days' worth of mail. More junk mail. How many trees were sacrificed to make the paper for all of the damned junk mail? He snickered mentally. Jack would be quick to point out that there were plenty of trees 'out there'. The credit card bill had arrived, he opened it, and began going over the list of purchases. Tickets? What the hell was 'Thunder From Down Under'? "Casey?"


"Are we going to a play or something?"


"Yeah, 'Thunder From Down Under'."

She whirled around, her cheeks crimson. Oh, hell! She must have grabbed the wrong card when she bought the tickets for her, Janet, and Sam to go see the all-male strip revue. The mall had been crowded, Daniel had been with her, and she'd been in a hurry to procure the tickets while he was distracted by a display of newly arrived boots. She wasn't hiding it...exactly. She'd had every intention of telling him...eventually.

"Sounds interesting. What's it about?"

"You really don't have any idea what's going on in your own backyard, do you?" she asked, unable to keep from giggling at him.

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."

"No kidding! 'Thunder From Down Under' is an all male revue. Men from Australia. Very hunky men who strip and strut their stuff. Janet, Sam, and I are going." She pushed her fingers into the pockets of her jeans. "If it's okay with you."

"Strippers? You're going to see strippers?"

"Hey, it's not like you've never gone! Sam told me about the nights you and Jack and Teal'c went to Deezers!" she countered.

Well, she had him there! He'd paid for a few lap dances as well. Not that those dancers were as good as his Wife. And he was able to touch and taste and play with his private dancer! She hadn't done that in awhile..."You know, I do have some cash."

She giggled again when he wiggled his eyebrows. "Maybe you could talk to the guys who work for the revue. Get a few tips from them."

"What for?"

"So you can strip for me!"

Blue eyes went wide. "Do what?"

"Daniel, you have the body of a god! It would be awesome to watch you dance and strip." The very thought sent a shiver of appreciation down her spine.

"Uh...no, don't think so," he mumbled.

"Why not? It would only be for me."

He shook his head. He hadn't heard about this particular group of men. He had, however, heard of the Chippendales. Their show had been all the women in the mountain could talk about for days. Including Sam and Janet. Who'd had front row seats for that particular show. He'd seen a bit of dancers' routine when they'd been interviewed for a local morning program. "I couldn't do what those guys do."

Casey walked to where he sat, wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pressed her breasts against his back. "Yes, you could," she whispered. "And you'd drive me out of my mind doing it."

That had his attention! The thought of doing to her, for her, what she did to him, for him, every time she switched on the stereo and started taking her clothes off, made him smile. Just how hot would she get? Would she be able to sit still, or would she squirm with need the way he did? Would she ache to get her hands on him, as he did when she performed her amazing lap dances, insisting that his hands remain on the sofa? He shook his head mentally. When in the hell would he have time to learn something like that? Okay, maybe he wouldn't actually have to dance...or strip. What if he wore something...special? She'd dressed up in that corset and stockings, became his Fantasy Angel. He could do the same for her. What would turn her on? What was her fantasy?



"Is it okay if I go?"

"What? Oh, yeah, babe. It's fine."

She studied him for a moment. He was up to something. She just couldn't figure out what.

"So, any particular act you're looking forward to seeing?" He hoped the question sounded casual. If she suspected anything, she'd clam up and he'd never find out what she wanted. She still believed that asking for anything was 'taking advantage of his generosity'. Lord knew that if she wanted something, she'd find a reason to deny herself, a reason that it was 'wrong'.

"Well, Janet says they're all great. But..." She ducked her head, blushing furiously.


"Well, on the 'net, the advertisement...one of the guys..." her cheeks grew pinker.

"One of the guys what, Angel?" Daniel asked softly.

One slender shoulder moved up and then down. "Leather chaps. He wears a g-string. But god, the thought of a man wearing nothing but leather motorcycle chaps..." she shivered.

He bit back his grin. Okay, there were at least two motorcycle shops in town. One of them had to have leather chaps. Watching those green eyes would be worth every penny! Knowing that he had only a few seconds to distract her, before she caught on to what he was doing, he focused on the one thing that he could..."So they wear g-strings?"

"That's what Sam said." She hugged his shoulders. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear.

Did the little minx already know what he'd planned? "For what?"

"Letting me go to the show."

He grinned. "No problem, Case. You're a big girl, you know."

"I know. But I don't want to do anything that would hurt you."

"Thank you. I appreciate that. And this isn't going to hurt me...or my feelings," he told her.

She smiled. Kissed the top of his head, and transferred the casserole from the microwave to the oven. Sighed again. She hoped that the upcoming mission wouldn't take long. She felt as if she'd been away from home for months. Maybe General Hammond would give the team a few days off. She could wash the windows...do a bit of gardening...that sounded so nice.

Daniel watched her toss the salad as he made out the checks for the bills. Opened the jar of olives for her, popping one into his mouth. These were the best, most precious moments of his life. Just being at home with his Wife. He silently thanked the gods for all of the blessings he enjoyed. Casey was home, safe and sound. Couldn't get any better than that!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Selmak had been able to provide information on Thracia, and Daniel filled in the cultural differences they'd run into. Casey and Sam had long, white scarves that were worn over their hair. The simple cotton dresses they wore reached to their ankles, were also white. Daniel and Jack were dressed in rough cotton pants and shirts, and Teal'c wore a cotton robe. A ghutra and agal covered his shaved head and hid the mark of Apophis. Everything normally carried in their packs had been shoved into canvas and animal-hide bags, including zat guns and 9 millimeter Berettas. The bags proved inadvisable for P90's, to the team's dismay. Casey had done a search, and felt nothing but a bit of unease. Nothing definitive, she'd reported. She was hoping that the fact that it was the first mission dealing with the Goa'uld since her return from Ba'al's grasp was the reason for the nervousness she felt.

With the general's usual 'blessing' and send-off, SG-1 walked up the ramp and into the event horizon, hurled through the wormhole to a planet light years away. Because it was assumed that the 'gate would be guarded, a MALP hadn't been sent through. As the five newcomers stepped hesitantly onto the sand of a wide desert, they were greeted by squad of Jaffa, and two young priests.

"Who are you, and what business do you have in Thracia?"

Daniel's knees nearly buckled with relief. Goa'uld! They spoke Goa'uld! It was possible that the Olympian gods hadn't influenced the language of the area known in modern times as Greece. Or they spoke the ancient form of Greek on Earth only to differentiate themselves from the Egyptian pantheon. Jack poked him in the shoulder, forcing him to bring his wandering thoughts under control. "We were...commanded...to come here, in order to join the celebration of Ares' return," he said carefully.

The young man nodded. "The ceremony will be held tomorrow. There is lodging available within the walls of the city. Go with the blessing of your god, pilgrims."

Bowing his head slightly, Daniel nodded, stepped forward, hoping that the Jaffa hadn't seen the latest 'Wanted' posters of SG-1. The road to the city that was just over the rise was nothing more than a path worn in the ground. No paving stones led from the Chappa'ai to the seat of Ares' power.

"Not many folks around," Jack noted softly as they wandered down the path.

"If the ceremony is tomorrow, there should be throngs of people," Daniel replied.

"Unless he's lost more planets than anyone realized," Sam said. "If that's the case, there won't be as many worshippers...available."

"Good point," Daniel nodded. "Let's just hope that there are enough people in the city that we won't stand out."

"Radar, picking up anything?" Jack asked, glancing over at the resident seer.

"Nothing. Just that damned uneasy feeling."

Daniel took her hand in his. "When you get the intel, you'll get it. Don't try to force what's not there."

"Easy for you to say," Casey sighed. The team wasn't depending on him to let them know whether or not they were walking into any traps.

"The way I see it, the sooner we get those data crystals planted, and out of here, the better," Jack said. "We'll see about a couple of rooms, just in case we have to stay overnight. Better to have them and not need them."

"There should be notices tacked on the gates," Daniel informed them. "Any hostels or inns will have their name and location there. We'll have to check for vacancies." He looked around. "Doesn't look like that's going to be much of a problem."

"You can't tell me Ares is happy about this," Sam mused. "He was probably expecting thousands of worshippers. It looks as if he'll be lucky to have a few hundred."

"Which could make him dangerous," Jack said dryly. "Radar, any idea where that palace is?"

She closed her eyes, trusting Daniel to lead her safely as they walked along the rough road. 


"Miss Eloise?"

"Hello, Sunshine!"

"Something's wrong."


"Very funny. Not my fault your friends are cowards."

"So you told them."

"I'm not being completely blocked...I was able to go over four mission folders with General Hammond. But this mission...I can't 'see' anything."

The old woman frowned. She was well aware that Dartal's companions were still...active. No doubt they were still determined to destroy The One. And, no doubt, if there were danger for him, they'd be more than willing to interfere with Casey's gift in order to prevent her from being able to protect him. "I'll talk to Oma. Perhaps there's something she can do."

"And what do we do in the meantime?"

"Be careful," Miss Eloise replied. "Whether or not you can see the details, you're sensing something, am I right?"

Casey nodded. "Uneasy. Nothing...frightening. Just...not right."

"Well, maybe whatever is going to happen isn't enough to worry about. Trust them, Sunshine. They've done this sort of thing many times before."

The young seer nodded again. "I hope you're right!"

Me, too, the old woman thought.

"I'll talk to you later."

"I'll be here." She watched her protégé move away. Her face pulled into a frown. Casey was still healing emotionally and mentally, even physically from her last round with the daemons. She was in no condition to face them again...not yet. And she had to face them in order to help The One face them. The time for action had long ago passed. The consequences required actual interference...if all was to be saved. She moved away quickly. The sooner Oma knew, the better.


Unwilling to give up, Casey concentrated on just the palace. Was almost overcome with relief when she 'saw' the huge, white stone structure. Walls ten feet tall surrounded the square building. Between the outer wall and the walls of the palace itself was a narrow garden. It was well patrolled by Jaffa. She was unable to see inside, but held out hope that she might be able to do so once they were physically closer. "Center of the city. Big, white; tall wall between it and the street."

Jack nodded. "Patrols?"

"Jaffa in the garden that runs the perimeter between that outer wall and the palace."


Her lip went between her teeth. "I couldn't see inside," she admitted softly.

The colonel glanced at her. He could tell that her inability to 'see' was bothering her...a great deal. "Well, we'll worry about that part later. Have to come up with a plan to get inside first."

No one mentioned that without the information that Casey's gift could give them, making that plan would be difficult. They did, however, acknowledge that SG-1 had never failed to get the job done before. Their methods weren't always the 'prettiest', or most conventional. And they managed to get themselves into trouble more often than not. But they always walked back down the ramp into the 'gate room, mission accomplished. They were, after all, SG-1.

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