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 Picking Up the Pieces



This page has the alien language of the villagers that SG-1 encounters in "Picking Up the Pieces". Along with the ‘original’ language is a phonetic explanation of how the word/words/phrase sound(s), as well as the English translation. The list is in order of appearance in the story. (I found the 'translator' program that I utilized for this story on a gaming site years ago.  The author/creator offered it freely to anyone who was interested in using it...I always knew it would come in handy one day! *grin*)




(Pronounced: "RAaem-de!")




Fru yna oui? Vnus frana ryja oui lusa?

(Pronounced: "FE-raoo aenah ohooee? FUnoo-see fe-raahnah raae-jaeah ohooee luoo-seeah?")

[Who are you? From where have you come?]



Veht dra umt syh!

(Pronounced: "FUeay-ha-te de-raah oom-te seeae-ha!")

[Find the old man!]



Ech’d dryd cu, Kyemmynt? E’s zicd dra umt syh fru ghufc ruf du raym ouin fuihtc, frah du bmyhd ouin lnubc. Dra uidcetan fedruid frus oui’t hajan cinjeja!

(Pronounced: "EAY-ku-ha’de de-raae-de kuoo, KUKaeeaymmaen-te? EAY’see zee-ku-de de-raah oom-te seeae-ha fe-raoo ge-haoo-fe-ku raoo-fe deoo raahaem ohooeen feooee-ha-te-ku, fe-raah-ha deoo baemae-ha-de ohooeen lunoo-bae-ku. DE-raah ooee-de-kueay-teahn feeay-de-raooee-de fe-raoo-see ohooee’te haah-jaeahn kueen-jaeeay-jaeah!")

[Isn’t that so, Gaillard? I’m just the old man who knows how to heal your wounds, when to plant your crops. The outsider without whom you’d never survive!]



Tu hud dacd so bydeahla, umt syh! E luimt caa oui cduhat pavuna dra tyo’c aht!

(Pronounced: "TEoo haoo-de deah-ku-de seeoh baeae-deeayah-ha-luah, oom-te seeae-ha! EAY luooeem-te kuahah ohooee ku-deoo-haah-te peah-fuoonah de-raah teaeoh’ku ah-ha-te!")

[Do not test my patience, old man! I could see you stoned before the day’s end!]



Draca baubma lusa eh bayla. Vun cusa naycuh, drao pameaja oui’na fundro uv vneahtcreb.

(Pronounced: "DE-raah-kuah baeahoo-baemah luoo-seeah eay-ha baeahae-luah. FUoon kuoo-seeah nahae-kuoo-ha, de-raahoh peahmeayah-jaeah ohooee’nah feoon-de-raoh oo-fu funeayah-ha-te-ku-raeay-bae.")

[These people come in peace. For some reason, they believe you’re worthy of friendship.]



E ys Kyemmynt, Naldun vun dra jemmyka uv Csymm Jymmao.

(Pronounced: "EAY ae-see KUKaeeaymmaen-te, Nah-lu-deoon fuoon de-raah jaeeaymmae-kukah oo-fu KU-seeaemm JAEaemmahoh.")

[I am Gaillard, Rector for the village of Small Valley.]



Du frelr kut tu oui bnyo?

(Pronounced: "DEoo fe-raeay-lu-ra kukoo-te teoo ohooee baenaeoh?")

[To which god do you pray?]



Drao funcreb dra dnia Kut. Drao funcreb eh draen ufh fyo. Ihrehtanat.

(Pronounced: "DE-raahoh feoon-ku-raeay-bae de-raah deneeah KUKoo-te. DE-raahoh feoon-ku-raeay-bae eay-ha de-raaheayn oo-fe-ha feaeoh. EE-ha-raeay-ha-teahnah-te.")

[They worship the true God. They worship in their own way. Unhindered.]



E ys dra juela uv Kut vun drec jemmyka. Ra cbaygc du dra baubma uhmo drnuikr sa.

(Pronounced: "EAY ae-see de-raah jaeooeay-luah oo-fu KUKoo-te fuoon de-raeay-ku jaeeaymmae-kukah. RAah ku-baeahae-ge-ku deoo de-raah baeahoo-baemah oo-hamoh de-ranooee-kuk-ra seeah.")

[I am the voice of God for this village. He speaks to the people only through me.]



Vunkejahacc ec knyhdat. Fryd tu oui caag vnus sa?

(Pronounced: "FUoon-kukeay-jaeah-haah-ku-ku eay-ku kuknae-ha-deah-te. FE-raae-de teoo ohooee kuahah-ge funoo-see seeah?")

[Forgiveness is granted. What do you seek from me?]



Fryd meac tu oui damm, umt syh?

(Pronounced: "FE-raae-de meayah-ku teoo ohooee deahmm, oom-te seeae-ha?")

[What lies do you tell, old man?]



Oui syo upcanja yc fa tu dra dycgc Kut ryc kejah ic du tu. Pid tu hud ehdanvana, hun cbayg du druca fru yna hud faynehk dra nupac uv dra teclebmac.

(Pronounced: "OHooee seeaeoh oo-pe-kuahn-jaeah ae-ku feah teoo de-raah deae-ku-ge-ku KUKoo-te raae-ku kukeay-jaeah-ha ee-ku deoo teoo. PEee-de teoo haoo-de eay-ha-deahn-fuahnah, haoon ku-baeahae-ge deoo de-raoo-kuah fe-raoo aenah haoo-de feahaeneay-ha-kuk de-raah noo-peah-ku oo-fu de-raah teeay-ku-lueay-baemah-ku.")

[You may observe as we do the tasks God has given us to do. But do not interfere, nor speak to those who are not wearing the robes of the disciples.]



Drana femm pa y cbaleym saadehk duhekrd, eh ruhun uv ouin jeced.

(Pronounced: "DE-raahnah feeaymm peah ae ku-baeah-lueayaem seeahah-deeay-ha-kuk deoo-haeay-kuk-ra-de, eay-ha raoo-haoon oo-fu ohooeen jaeeay-kueay-de.")

[There will be a special meeting tonight, in honor of your visit.]



Drao yna ruhunat. Oui cruimt dnayd dras famm. Draca cdnyhkanc luimt pa bufanvim ymmeac. Un tyhkanuic vuac. Lruuca fecamo, Kyemmynt.

(Pronounced: "DE-raahoh aenah raoo-haoonah-te. OHooee ku-raooeem-te denahae-de de-raah-see feahmm. DE-raah-kuah ku-denae-ha-kukahn-ku luooeem-te peah baeoo-feahn-fueem aemmeayah-ku. OOn teae-ha-kukahnooee-ku fuooah-ku. LU-raoooo-kuah feeay-kuahmoh, KUKaeeaymmaen-te.")

[They are honored. You should treat them well. These strangers could be powerful allies. Or dangerous foes. Choose wisely, Gaillard.]



Ku ypuid ouin fung. Oui haat hud luhlanh ouincamjac fedr draca...jecedunc.

(Pronounced: "KUKoo ae-peooee-de ohooeen feoon-ge. OHooee haahah-te haoo-de luoo-ha-luahn-ha ohooeen-kuahm-jaeah-ku feeay-de-ra de-raah-kuah...jaeeay-kueay-deoon-ku.")

[Go about your work. You need not concern yourselves with these...visitors.]



Upcanja yc oui femm, pid nasaspan so fynhehk.

(Pronounced: "OO-pe-kuahn-jaeah ae-ku ohooee feeaymm, peee-de nah-seeah-see-peahn seeoh feaen-haeay-ha-kuk.")

[Observe as you will, but remember my warning.]



Fa femm hud ced rana yht fedhacc drec raydrah tecbmyo! Oui femm yllusbyho ic du dra dasbma, yht bnyo dryd Kut femm cyja ouin pmylg cuimc!

(Pronounced: "FEah feeaymm haoo-de kueay-de raahnah ae-ha-te feeay-de-haah-ku-ku de-raeay-ku raahae-de-raah-ha teeay-ku-baemaeoh! OHooee feeaymm ae-lu-luoo-see-baeae-haoh ee-ku deoo de-raah deah-see-baemah, ae-ha-te baenaeoh de-raae-de KUKoo-te feeaymm kuae-jaeah ohooeen pemae-lu-ge kuooeem-ku!")

[We will not sit here and witness this heathen display! You will accompany us to the temple, and pray that God will save your black souls!]



Ruf tyna oui ehdanvan!

(Pronounced: "RAoo-fe teaenah ohooee eay-ha-deahn-fuahn!")

[How dare you interfere!]



Ruf tyna oui dnayd draca baubma yc ev drao’na yc paydah yc dra craab oui mayt!

(Pronounced: "RAoo-fe teaenah ohooee denahae-de de-raah-kuah baeahoo-baemah ae-ku eay-fu de-raahoh’nah ae-ku peahae-deah-ha ae-ku de-raah ku-raahah-bae ohooee mahae-te!")

[How dare you treat these people as if they’re as beaten as the sheep you lead!]



Oui femm damm sa fryd dra cehhan cyet!

(Pronounced: "OHooee feeaymm deahmm seeah fe-raae-de de-raah kueay-ha-haahn kuaeeay-te!")

[You will tell me what the sinner said!]



Tu hud yhkan draca baubma, Kyemmynt. Drao luimt gemm ymm uv ic. Oui ryja ehcimdat dras, oad drao luhdehia du dnayd oui fedr bumedahacc, yht gehthacc dryd oui tu hud tacanja.

(Pronounced: "TEoo haoo-de ae-ha-kukahn de-raah-kuah baeahoo-baemah, KUKaeeaymmaen-te. DE-raahoh luooeem-te geeaymm aemm oo-fu ee-ku. OHooee raae-jaeah eay-ha-kueem-deah-te de-raah-see, ohah-de de-raahoh luoo-ha-deeay-haeeah deoo denahae-de ohooee feeay-de-ra baeoomeay-deah-haah-ku-ku, ae-ha-te geeay-ha-te-haah-ku-ku de-raae-de ohooee teoo haoo-de teah-kuahn-jaeah.")

[Do not anger these people, Gaillard. They could kill all of us. You have insulted them, yet they continue to treat you with politeness, and kindness that you do not deserve.]



Cehla oui caas cu vuht uv draca cehhanc, mad dras cbaht dra hekrd fedr oui.

(Pronounced: "KUeay-ha-luah ohooee kuahah-see kuoo fuoo-ha-te oo-fu de-raah-kuah kueay-ha-haahn-ku, mah-de de-raah-see ku-baeah-ha-te de-raah haeay-kuk-ra-de feeay-de-ra ohooee.")

[Since you seem so fond of these sinners, let them spend the night with you.]



Ev drao femm tu sa dra ruhun uv cbahtehk dra hekrd eh so rispma yputa, ed femm pa so bmaycina du uvvan ymm dryd E ryja.

(Pronounced: "EAY-fu de-raahoh feeaymm teoo seeah de-raah raoo-haoon oo-fu ku-baeah-ha-teeay-ha-kuk de-raah haeay-kuk-ra-de eay-ha seeoh raee-see-pemah ae-peoo-teah, eay-de feeaymm peah seeoh baemahae-kueenah deoo oo-fu-fuahn aemm de-raae-de EAY raae-jaeah.")

[If they will do me the honor of spending the night in my humble abode, it will be my pleasure to offer all that I have.]



Fa femm bnyo dryd draca cehhanc femm veht draen fyo du Kut.

(Pronounced: "FEah feeaymm baenaeoh de-raae-de de-raah-kuah kueay-ha-haahn-ku feeaymm fueay-ha-te de-raaheayn feaeoh deoo KUKoo-te.")

[We will pray that these sinners will find their way to God.]



Vydran ehcecdc dryd dra cdnyhkanc lusa du dra Cxiyna nekrd yfyo.

(Pronounced: "FUae-de-raahn eay-ha-kueay-ku-de-ku de-raae-de de-raah ku-denae-ha-kukahn-ku luoo-seeah deoo de-raah KUxeeaenah neay-kuk-ra-de ae-feaeoh.")

[Father insists that the strangers come to the Square right away.]



Damm res dryd yc cuuh yc fa ryja aydah uin sunhehk saym, drao femm pa drana.

(Pronounced: "DEahmm raeay-see de-raae-de ae-ku kuoooo-ha ae-ku feah raae-jaeah ahae-deah-ha ooeen seeoon-haeay-ha-kuk seeahaem, de-raahoh feeaymm peah de-raahnah.")

[Tell him that as soon as we have eaten our morning meal, they will be there.]



Umt syh! Pnehk dra cdnyhkanc vundr!

(Pronounced: "OOm-te seeae-ha! PEneay-ha-kuk de-raah ku-denae-ha-kukahn-ku fuoon-de-ra!")

[Old man! Bring the strangers forth!]



Oui lysa du uin jemmyka ihehjedat. Oui yna hud Pameajanc. Oui sicd mayja.

(Pronounced: "OHooee luae-seeah deoo ooeen jaeeaymmae-kukah ee-haeay-ha-jaeeay-deah-te. OHooee aenah haoo-de PEahmeayah-jaeahn-ku. OHooee seeee-ku-de mahae-jaeah.")

[You came to our village uninvited. You are not Believers. You must leave.]



Oui yna feca du caa cilr y drehk cu xielgmo.

(Pronounced: "OHooee aenah feeay-kuah deoo kuahah kuee-lu-ra ae de-raeay-ha-kuk kuoo xeeeay-lu-gemoh.")

[You are wise to see such a thing so quickly.]



E vuiht drec drnuha socamv! Ed fyc y kevd vnus Kut!

(Pronounced: "EAY fuooee-ha-te de-raeay-ku de-ranoo-haah seeoh-kuahm-fu! EAY-de feae-ku ae kukeay-fu-de funoo-see KUKoo-te!")

[I found this throne myself! It was a gift from God!]



Ec drec dnia?

(Pronounced: "EAY-ku de-raeay-ku deneeah?")

[Is this true?]



Yht fryd fuimt oui aqbald eh nadinh?

(Pronounced: "AE-ha-te fe-raae-de feooeem-te ohooee ahq-baeah-lu-de eay-ha nah-deeen-ha?")

[And what would you expect in return?]



E cibbuca E luimt knyhd oui cilr y vyjun. Ev dra drnuha oui pnehk ec fundro uv sa.

(Pronounced: "EAY kuee-bae-baeoo-kuah EAY luooeem-te kuknae-ha-de ohooee kuee-lu-ra ae fuae-jaeoon. EAY-FU de-raah de-ranoo-haah ohooee peneay-ha-kuk eay-ku feoon-de-raoh oo-fu seeah.")

[I suppose I could grant you such a favor. If the throne you bring is worthy of me.]



Oui femm ku. Pnehk pylg drec drnuha.

(Pronounced: "OHooee feeaymm kukoo. PEneay-ha-kuk peae-lu-ge de-raeay-ku de-ranoo-haah.")

[You will go. Bring back this throne.]



Hu. Oui femm ku ymuha. Dra udranc femm nasyeh rana ihdem oui nadinh. Ev oui ryja hud nadinhat po dra desa dra suuh necac, drao femm pa cduhat yc dra huh-pameajanc drao yna.

(Pronounced: "HAoo. OHooee feeaymm kukoo aemoo-haah. DE-raah oo-de-raahn-ku feeaymm nah-seeaeeay-ha raahnah ee-ha-deeaym ohooee nah-deeen-ha. EAY-fu ohooee raae-jaeah haoo-de nah-deeen-haah-te peoh de-raah deeay-seeah de-raah seeoooo-ha neay-kuah-ku, de-raahoh feeaymm peah ku-deoo-haah-te ae-ku de-raah haoo-ha-peahmeayah-jaeahn-ku de-raahoh aenah.")

[No. You will go alone. The others will remain here until you return. If you have not returned by the time the moon rises, they will be stoned as the non-believers they are.]



Tu oui fecr du cbayg?

(Pronounced: "TEoo ohooee feeay-ku-ra deoo ku-baeahae-ge?")

[Do you wish to speak?]



Cemahla! Oui yna hud ymmufat du cbayg du dra jemmykanc! Cemahla, E cyo!

(Pronounced: "KUeaymah-ha-luah! OHooee aenah haoo-de aemmoo-feah-te deoo ku-baeahae-ge deoo de-raah jaeeaymmae-kukahn-ku! KUeaymah-ha-luah, EAY kuaeoh!")

[Silence! You are not allowed to speak to the villagers! Silence, I say!]




(Pronounced: "KUeaymah-ha-luah!")




Ev oui yna feca, oui femm mecdah du dra funtc uv dra kumtah-ryenat uha. Cra ryc dra kevd uv cekrd, yht cra ryc vunacaah dryd Ecypammy ec ypuid du pa rind eh y vymm. Oui cruimt caht ouin tyikrdan rusa vun dra nasyehtan uv dra tyo, gaab ran cyva.

(Pronounced: "EAY-fu ohooee aenah feeay-kuah, ohooee feeaymm meay-ku-deah-ha deoo de-raah feoon-te-ku oo-fu de-raah kukoom-teah-ha-raaeeaynah-te oo-haah. KU-raah raae-ku de-raah kukeay-fu-de oo-fu kueay-kuk-ra-de, ae-ha-te ku-raah raae-ku fuoonah-kuahah-ha de-raae-de EAY-kuae-peahmmae eay-ku ae-peooee-de deoo peah raeen-de eay-ha ae fuaemm. OHooee ku-raooeem-te kuah-ha-te ohooeen teaeee-kuk-ra-deahn raoo-seeah fuoon de-raah nah-seeaeeay-ha-teahn oo-fu de-raah teaeoh, geahah-bae raahn kuae-fuah.")

[If you are wise, you will listen to the words of the golden-haired one. She has the gift of sight, and she has foreseen that Isabella is about to be hurt in a fall. You should send your daughter home for the remainder of the day, keep her safe.]



E tu hud pameaja oui, hun drec rynmud.

(Pronounced: "EAY teoo haoo-de peahmeayah-jaeah ohooee, haoon de-raeay-ku raaenmoo-de.")

[I do not believe you, nor this harlot.]



Drah ouin tyikrdan’c vyda femm pa uh ouin rayt.

(Pronounced: "DE-raah-ha ohooeen teaeee-kuk-ra-deahn’ku fuae-deah feeaymm peah oo-ha ohooeen raahae-te.")

[Then your daughter’s fate will be on your head.]



Tu hud duilr ran! Fedlr! Cra ryc lyicat drec du rybbah! Caa ruf cra namaycat dras vnus dra Vumt uv Bahyhla?

(Pronounced: "TEoo haoo-de deooee-lu-ra raahn! FEeay-de-lu-ra! KU-raah raae-ku luaeee-kuah-te de-raeay-ku deoo raae-bae-baeah-ha! KUahah raoo-fe ku-raah nahmahae-kuah-te de-raah-see funoo-see de-raah FUoom-te oo-fu BAEah-haae-ha-luah?")

[Do not touch her! Witch! She has caused this to happen! See how she released them from the Fold of Penance?]



Cduha ran!

(Pronounced: "KU-deoo-haah raahn!")

[Stone her!]



Cduha ran!

(Pronounced: "KU-deoo-haah raahn!")

[Stone her!]



Cduha ran!

(Pronounced: "KU-deoo-haah raahn!")

[Stone her!]



Du dra Bed!

(Pronounced: "DEoo de-raah BAEeay-de!")

[To the Pit!]



Ed ec fneddah, dryd y fedlr femm hud pa civvanat ysuhk dra baubma. Drnuf ran eh!

(Pronounced: "EAY-de eay-ku feneay-de-deah-ha, de-raae-de ae feeay-de-lu-ra feeaymm haoo-de peah kuee-fu-fuahnah-te ae-seeoo-ha-kuk de-raah baeahoo-baemah. DE-ranoo-fe raahn eay-ha!")

[It is written, that a witch will not be suffered among the people. Throw her in!]



Drnuf ran eh!

(Pronounced "DE-ranoo-fe raahn eay-ha!")

[Throw her in!]

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