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Picking Up the Pieces 


Chapter 2

SG-1 was seated around the conference table. General Hammond was pacing the briefing room, listening as Doctor Fraiser described what had been found in the medical storage lab.

"Why would someone want expired blood samples?" Sam mused.

"Well, they aren’t exactly expired," Janet explained. "I don’t keep samples longer than a year, simply because I don’t have the room for storage. For the most part, those samples are still viable."

"So someone wanted that blood," Daniel murmured.

"For what purpose?" Teal’c asked, his bewilderment shared by all those in the room.

"I don’t know," Janet admitted.

"So, whose samples were heisted?" Jack inquired. Maybe knowing that would give them a clue to the why...and the who...in the question.

Janet pulled a sheet of paper from her notes. "Sergeant Dylan Gibbs, SG-2. Major Kurt Sommers, SG-15. Major Louis Ferretti, CO of SG-3. Lieutenant Tammy Keller, assigned to the botany lab of the SGC. Doctor William Lee. And Casey Jackson."

Eyes widened at the last name. "Mine?" Casey squeaked.

"Two of the vials were from you, actually. From the first blood tests I ran on you when you arrived here," Janet smiled. "There were ‘double’ vials for everyone on the list."

"Okay, so what do those people have in common?" General Hammond demanded.

"Other than working at the SGC, nothing," Daniel sighed.

"There are no names on those vials," Janet pointed out. "It might have been just a random theft."

"Whoever snuck in here, did so without leaving a trace," Hammond argued. Thought about what had been discovered during the robbery. "Almost no trace," he amended. "Sergeant Siler did find leaves in Access Tunnel Two. They weren’t there when the last maintenance check was conducted. And the locations of those leaves is indicative of having fallen in...or off someone who was climbing down."

Walter stuck his head in the doorway. "Sir, the surveillance video you asked for is ready."

Aware of the general’s request, having been sent an automated copy of the email, Sam jumped up from her seat, darted across the room and turned on the computer that sat in the corner. "I have it," she said quietly. The general and her teammates crowded in behind her.

Frame after frame taken from the access tunnels, where the temperature fluctuations had been noted, showed absolutely nothing. The footage from the lab was absolutely spooky. The team watched the door open and close. Not more than three minutes later, Janet came in and placed the notes on the trays that were to be destroyed. She locked the cabinet, and left. Then...the lock seemed to pull itself apart, and the doors of the cabinet opened...

Casey frowned. "Did you see that?"

"See what?" Jack asked, his attention focused on the screen.

"The arm...well, the shape of an arm. In the fog around the freezer," she replied.

Sam stopped the tape, backed it up. Tapped her finger on the button to freeze the frame. "Right there!"

"Well, I’ll be damned," Jack muttered.

"Personal cloaking device," Teal’c said.

"Nirrti. It has to be!" Janet hissed. "That bitch-" She broke off, her cheeks turning bright pink. A nod from her commanding officer let her know that her slip in protocol was officially forgiven. If the look in the general’s eyes was anything to judge by, he agreed whole-heartedly with her. "Nirrti had a cloaking device the last time she was here."

"And blood would be something her demented mind could find a use for," Sam said.

"Now the question is, was this a random theft, or was she after a specific sample," Daniel mused softly.

"But what was so special about this group of samples? Why not one of the other containers?" Janet asked The frowns that covered the faces around her were the only answers she received, until Jack’s frown deepened. He shook his head, as if not wanting to accept whatever thought had occurred to him. "Colonel?" she asked.

"Well, the snakes know about Radar’s radar. That would interest that twisted bitch," Jack sighed.

Teal’c nodded. "Indeed. It would be to her favor to develop a host with such abilities."

All eyes went to the young seer. Who backed away from the group slowly. "But if Nirrti has been in hiding, she wouldn’t know about me...would she?" Casey asked. Cocked her head sideways. "Although the results of her experiments belong to...another. Someone else has access to her work...all of her work. I can only see a shadow...but it’s a Goa’uld. Definitely Goa’uld."

Janet had her arms wrapped around her waist. "If she...or he...snuck in here by climbing through the access tunnels, unless she or he was able to ring directly to a ship, there’s a chance that the blood might have thawed enough to break down. If that happens, it would be contaminated before it could be used...for whatever purpose."

"There was a reported power surge in the lab," Hammond said slowly. "But no report of damage that the sudden appearance of transport rings would leave."

"Could have been something in the cloak itself," Sam suggested. She turned off the monitor, led the group back to the conference table.

"Given that there were no names on the samples, I’m going to stick with my theory that it was a random theft. Someone wanted blood samples, wanted them from the SGC, but wasn’t picky about whose blood samples were secured," Janet sighed.

Jack nodded. "Without names, whoever was after the blood would have no idea whose blood she...or he...has."

"I agree with the assessment that it was Nirrti. She did enough sneaking around here that she would have known where that lab was," Sam said. "And we know she has a personal cloaking device."

"Goa’uld do possess superior physical strength," Teal’c added. "It would not be impossible for a Goa’uld, working under the constraints of time, and the threat of being caught, to have the strength to pull apart a small padlock such as the one that lock the freezers in that lab."

Daniel nodded his agreement. "Adrenaline would have been flowing through the host body, that’s just a natural reaction to stress...and the Goa’uld could have used that."

"I’ll send an inquiry to the Tok’ra," General Hammond said. "Maybe they’ve heard about Nirrti’s latest movements."

"Don’t be surprised if they don’t tell us anything," Jack groused.

A smile tugged at the general’s lips. "I won’t. It seems that no one has heard from or of her since she left here, after curing Cassie."

"Which is probably not a good thing," Jack muttered.

"Probably not," Hammond agreed.

"Cassie!" Janet said, nearly shouting. She glanced around apologetically, gave a sheepish smile. "Remember she wanted some of Cassie’s blood before she left?"

"I remember that," Jack nodded. "Darned shame we forgot all about it in the excitement of Cassie getting better."

Daniel ducked his head, not bothering to hide his grin.

"So you think that Nirrti has returned, in an attempt to retrieve Cassandra Fraiser’s blood samples?" Teal’c asked.

"It makes sense," Janet replied.

"It certainly fits," Sam added, nodding her agreement.

"There were dates on the containers," Janet said. "Other than military ID numbers, the date was the only identification on those vials. Cassie suffered the ‘Mind Fire’ just a couple of months before Casey arrived-"

"So she’d take all of the samples that had the same date," Daniel finished. "And if she miscalculated in her translation of our calendar system, even by a couple of months, she’d think she had what she wanted."

General Hammond sat back in his chair. "I agree that this makes sense." He turned to Casey. "Can you tell us anything?"

"Sorry, sir. I can’t sense anything. There’s something...odd...about the entire situation. But nothing I can focus on. From what I’ve read about Nirrti, I have to agree that all of the evidence suggests that she paid us a little visit."

There was something ‘not right’ about the scenario. Daniel looked at the monitor again, then realized what was bothering him about their explanation. "How did she know about the access tunnel?"

Frowns covered the six faces that stared at him.

"If Nirrti was skulking around when she was here with Cronus and Yu, she could have discovered them then," Jack pointed out. "We know that she’s a very patient snake."

Daniel nodded. "That’s true. And, it would fit. She’d have been seeking alternate escape routes after she’d betrayed Cronus and Yu."

The general sat forward in his chair, rested his arms on the table. "I believe we know who breached the SGC, and why. I’ll put out the word to have our spies keep an ear open about any activity that could be linked to Nirrti."

Heads nodded in agreement around the table.

"Let’s hope that Doctor Fraiser is correct in assuming that the blood samples won’t be viable. I hate to think of her having access to any information regarding SGC personnel, and that includes DNA samples," Hammond sighed.

Murmurs of concurrence filled the air.

"We’ll secure from REDCON-2...I have no doubt that Nirrti is long gone by now," Hammond continued.

"I agree, sir," Jack nodded. "There’s no way she’d stick around. Whatever twisted ideas she has in her snaky brain, she’s going to be anxious to get started."

"For now, there’s nothing we can do. Let’s get a good night’s sleep. We’ll discuss your mission to retrieve the pieces of the Ancient Weapon in the morning," the general said. He rose to his feet. "Dismissed."

"I knew it was a friggin’ Goa’uld who interrupted my dinner," Casey grumbled. "Damned inconsiderate snakes!"

Jack chuckled. "Doesn’t take a psychic to know that whenever there’s trouble around here, the Goa’uld are the cause."

"Ha ha. I am going home, I’m going to warm up what’s left of my Pollo Topolobampo, and fantasize about what I’m going to do to Nirrti when we catch her slimy ass," Casey retorted.

"You’ll have to stand in line, Radar," Jack said quietly.

She sighed. "Yeah. Janet gets the first shot."

"I get second," Sam said.

"Sorry, Major, I get second. You can have the third shot," Jack corrected.

Sam studied his brown eyes for a moment. She knew that allowing Nirrti to walk through the ‘gate, after what she had done to Cassie, to all of those Hankan children, had been one of the hardest things Jack had ever been forced to do. "I can live with that," she said softly.

The hatred that had reared its head, caused by Nirrti, and Nirrti alone, ran deep in the team. As deep as the hatred they had for Ba’al.




Casey scooped the leftovers from the styrofoam containers onto plates. Put one of them into the microwave, and turned to face her husband. "So, will this latest crisis interfere with our getting the parts of that Ancient weapon?"

"I don’t see why it should," Daniel replied. "There’s no way of knowing what Nirrti was really after. Chances are, once she realizes that Cassie’s blood samples aren’t in the group she took, she’ll just toss all of them anyway."

"What if she doesn’t?"

"Angel, there’s no sense worrying about something we have no control over in the first place, and probably won’t happen in the second place," Daniel said gently.

"True. So, tomorrow we report that we have possession of one piece of the weapon, know where two others are, and have clues for the remaining pieces, right?"


"How long to translate what you have, to get the precise locations from those clues?"

Daniel shrugged. "It shouldn’t take much to effort to figure them out."

"I hope not. The sooner we have all of that stuff, and get rid of it, the happier I’ll be."

"Me, too."

The microwave beeped, and Casey put the plate of hot food onto the breakfast bar. Slid the second plate in warm it up. "Thank you for a wonderful day."

"You’re welcome." Daniel sat down, blew carefully across the bite of chicken on his fork. "I’m glad you enjoyed it."

Casey dropped down into the chair beside him. "Grandma Rose took me to the zoo in Tacoma once. That was the first time I’d ever seen real animals. And I think it was the first time I’d ever had cotton candy."

"You should have said something. I’d have bought you cotton candy," Daniel teased lovingly.

"To be honest, it’s okay, but I can take it or leave it," Casey smiled. "Jonas was so cute...he was so excited about everything!"

Daniel chuckled. In his very biased opinion, Casey had been far ‘cuter’, and she had been every bit as excited.

"Sometimes I wish we could get a puppy or a kitten. But our schedules are so hectic, and I hate to ask Emma to take on an animal, and that’s what would happen."

"I know, babe," he said softly.

"Wonder how she’d feel about feeding fish?"

"Fish aren’t nearly as time consuming as cats or dogs," Daniel allowed.

"Well, there is the whole cleaning out the tank thing."


"That could be a hassle," Casey admitted with a sigh.

"Also true."

"But maybe just a small tank, with a couple of fish?" She watched him take a bite of his food. "Goldfish, I think. We can name them Lucy and Ethel."

"As soon as we have time to look, we’ll see what we can find," Daniel promised, chuckling again. ‘TVLand’ was Casey’s preferred network, and the ‘I Love Lucy’ show was one of her favorites.

The microwave beeped again, and Casey retrieved her leftovers. They ate in contented silence, both lost amid thoughts of the day spent away from the SGC, and the days that were ahead of them.




Twenty minutes later he was standing in front of one of his filing cabinets, clad only the jeans he’d been wearing all day. His bare toes were curled into the carpet, a sign that his feet were cold.

She watched the muscles of his back flex and roll as he searched for...whatever it was he was looking for. When he turned around, she could see how hard his nipples were. More evidence that he was cold. They’d been about to take a shower when he’d snapped his fingers, and raced into the den. She’d followed, wearing nothing but her bikini panties. Now that she thought about it, she was a bit cold, too. They hadn’t bothered to turn up the heat when they’d finally arrived home, knowing that they’d only be turning it back down before heading to bed.

Daniel felt her gaze, glanced up from the folder he was holding. "What?"

"Nothing. Just looking."

The lust that flashed through her beautiful green eyes had him shivering to his very core. It had nothing to do with the slight chill that permeated the air.

"You are so beautiful, Daniel Jackson," she sighed.

"In your eyes," he replied, flushing slightly at her nearly breathless declaration. His heart hammered the acknowledgement of her praise against his ribs. In her eyes, he was just the greatest thing walking on two legs. In her eyes, he could do anything...accomplish anything. There was no chance of his self esteem flagging...not with Casey in his life.

She stepped forward. Brushed aside the hand that held the folder. Ran her hands up his chest, over his shoulders. "So strong," she murmured. She looked up, her gaze locking with blue eyes that held a combination of amusement and love. "I’m safe in your arms," she said softly.

Instinctively he pulled her close, wrapped his arms around her. "I’ll hold you forever," he replied, his voice low and warm.

Snuggling into his embrace, she closed her eyes, breathed deeply of his scent. "What are you looking for?"

"Before we left the base, I stopped by Jonas’s office. He was doing a search for any links between what we’ve found in the Ancient text, and the names we use for constellations and nebulas. I had a student in one of the classes I taught for Doctor Jordan who wrote an entire thesis on the origins of the names of stars and the myths behind them. It was very well done. I kept a copy."

"You think you’ll find what you need there?"


She nodded her understanding, reluctantly pulled away from the warmth of his body. Took the folder from his hand, laid it carefully on top of his desk. "Later. We’re going to be gone for who knows how long because of that weapon. Tonight might be the last night we’re here at home...that we’re alone...for days...possibly weeks."

"Probably." It wasn’t a particularly pleasant fact of life that ‘simple’ missions for SG-1 could become anything but that. And this particular mission would no doubt remain ‘open-ended’ until all of the weapon components were in their possession. As much as he hated to admit it, Daniel knew that ‘weeks’ away from home was more than likely.

"I want to make love, Daniel. I want to go Around the World with you. I want to hold you...want you to hold me."

Fear gripped his heart. Often she made such declarations after ‘seeing’ something that indicated nothing less than the team entering the jaws of hell. Or at least sensing that trouble was headed their way. Panic attempted to take hold...that once again she was about to be ripped from his side, that something...or someone...would take her, and that he would once again scramble to find her, bring her home. He struggled for several seconds, until he was certain that he could speak without his terror being evident in his voice. "Case...is anything wrong? Are you sensing something?"

There had been a flash of fear in his beautiful blue eyes, before he was able to regain control over it, and push it down. "Just the fact that time alone, private time alone, is going to be difficult to come by while we’re gone," she replied.

In Casey-speak, private time didn’t necessarily mean that they wouldn’t be able to be alone, wouldn’t be able to make love. It did, however, mean that their lovemaking would be soft, gentle...quiet. She enjoyed their...enthusiastic...love making as much as he did. He smiled. "Gonna scream for me tonight, Angel?"

"That’s totally up to you," she said, winking at him.

He shivered again...imperceptibly. And determined in that moment that he would indeed hear that soft, sexy scream fill the air of their bedroom. "Let’s take a shower."

"Right. I’ll get you nice and clean so I can get you nice and dirty again." This time the shiver that shook his frame was visible. And brought a smile of triumph to her pink lips.

"I like the sound of that." He scooped her into his arms; carried her to the bathroom.




The water was warm, the soap made their bodies slick; moving against one another brought sighs and gasps. Fingers trailed paths of fire and pleasure; cleansed as well as aroused. Lips met, demanded... acquiesced... gave... took... offered... received. Hearts pounded with love, pulses raced with desire.

He closed his eyes when her hands began to knead the muscles in his shoulders. She pushed gently, until he turned around and faced the tiled wall. His head dropped forward when those soft, talented little hands moved down to the middle of his back. Hissed a sigh when one hand slipped between his legs to caress him...tease him...make him all the more needy for her.

Feminine pride filled her when she felt his manhood swell against her fingers, begin to throb as she gently stroked him. That reaction was because of her touch, her love. The thought left her giddy with delight.

His hand closed around her fingers, pulled them away from an erection that ached with need. Turning loose of her hand, he pivoted so that he was facing her again. Slid his fingers between her thighs. His soul soared when she gasped, her hands going to his chest to steady herself, the green of her eyes darkening with her growing need.

Her breath was coming faster...his nimble fingers touching in her all of the right places, in all of the right ways. A soft moan of approval made its way to her throat, past her lips, as one of his fingers slid into her, stroking her gently.

The water was spraying onto her breasts, dripping off nipples that stood proudly with desire. The sight was enough to drive him crazy. Unable to resist, he lowered his head to lick those droplets from her skin.

Arching into his touch, she threaded her wet fingers through his equally wet hair. Closed her eyes as pleasure flowed over her, as warm as the water against her skin. Just as he had done, she stopped him before he could send her over the edge. "Bed," she murmured.

Lips met again, as if it were impossible for them to face one another, be so close, and not kiss. Hands continued to move, pushing away the bubbles of soap. They pulled away long enough to make certain they were rinsed thoroughly. Daniel shut off the water while Casey grabbed the towels. Tender caresses continued as they dried one another.

She reached up, released the clip that held her hair in place and out of the way. His breath caught in his throat as he watched that golden silk cascade down her shoulders, covering ‘his’ beauties. She turned slightly, smiled at him, unaware that the pink tips of her breasts were playing peek-a-boo with him, making his mouth water and his fingers twitch.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered.

His eyes moved over her, the cerulean depths filled with hunger...with raw desire. His gaze declared her beauty as loudly as his words. In his eyes, she was beautiful, she thought, with not a little awe. "Only to you," she replied, blushing slightly.

He knew better, but wasn’t going to press the issue. Not here, not now. Only he knew how beautiful she really was. Only he was given glimpses of her heart and soul, which proved that her beauty flowed from the inside out, making her already beautiful face and sexy body all the more alluring...tantalizing...amazing.

Stepping closer, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Pressed against him, just to feel the warmth of his body against her own. Shivered when his firm erection pushed against her belly. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, too."

She took his hand, led him toward the bedroom. Grateful that she had thought to get the bed ready before they'd started their shower. She sat down on the edge of the bed, put a hand against his hip when he would have followed suit.

He couldn’t hold back his smile. When Casey was ‘in the mood’, she didn’t fool around. She drove him crazy with need, made each and every climax absolutely mind-blowing. And she did it all with determination. It was impossible to hold back the gasp of pleasure that surged through him when she leaned forward, wrapped her pink lips around his throbbing shaft. Her soft hands started a rhythm that had his hips rocking in response. He pushed his fingers through her hair, wrapped them with long blonde silk.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with pleasuring one another orally in their tent, or making love in the small bed on the Prometheus; although they chose to do so as quietly as possible. It would be embarrassing to have to face anyone, whether the members of other teams or members of the ship’s crew, who would have been witness to their zealous cries of passion. So, although they would be able to hold one another, would make love, it wouldn’t be as ‘vigorous’ as it was in the privacy of their bedroom. She wanted to sail into the stars, making as much noise as she wanted...or needed make. She wanted Daniel to shout her name as he gave himself to her, filled her with his love. Tonight was the only chance to do so, until the missing pieces of the weapon had been gathered, and joined the stele in Warehouse Two. She was going to take full advantage of that fact.

One hand left his shaft to reach for the bedside table. She opened her eyes long enough to glance sideways into the drawer where they kept their ‘toys’. Good, there was a new package of Wet Wipes there. She kept a supply of the moist towelettes there for one specific purpose.

His chin was on his chest, his eyes closed as she worked his throbbing member with gusto, as if she were starving for the taste of him. Could barely form the thought that it was amazing that she was so fond of making love to him this way. He moaned when she suckled the sensitive underside of the glans, his hips jerking sharply in response. He trailed the fingers of one hand over her jaw...his way of letting her know how much he appreciated her efforts. Her love. Her amazing ability...and willingness...to give such incredible pleasure.

Making certain every inch of that magnificent manhood glistened with her saliva, she began to slowly work that wetness down to his scrotum. Took the time to greet the twin spheres, making them as wet as possible. Reveled in the low moan of pleasure that filled the air as she did so.

He groaned out loud when he felt that inquisitive finger begin to caress his puckered opening. Yep, she meant business tonight. If he managed to stay on his feet for the next few minutes, it would be a miracle. Both hands cupped the back of her head as she continued to bob up and down on his turgid flesh.

Between the increased rate of his breathing, and the fact that she could feel his sac begin to tighten, his body alerted her that he was almost there. No teasing...not this time around. Maybe later. She wanted him to fly, wanted to hear him cry out. Relaxing her throat, she took as much of him as she could, sliding her finger into him at the same time. Began to move that digit in and out as she swallowed and stroked him.

"That’s it, do it," he whispered, his voice slightly raspy as he gasped for breath, his hips moving in time with her mouth and hands.

She shook her head back and forth, listening to him groan again. Pushed her finger deeper, seeking the spot that would send him over the edge. Knew she had found it by the guttural groan that echoed around her, the tightening of his hands on her head. She moved her finger gently back and forth, continued to swallow...

His hands pushed her just a bit farther onto his cock, seconds before lights exploded behind his closed eyelids. He roared his release, the sound...a cross between a shout pleasure and a groan of relief...resonating in the air around them. "Sweet Jesus!"

And still the champ! She declared her victory silently, a smile on her lips as she took down every drop of his love, then tenderly licked him clean.

Shaking from his climax, unable to remain standing, he slid to his knees, rested his head against her thigh. "Damn!"

"That good, huh?"

She had used her finger before, and after the initial surprise of her entry, he’d always enjoyed having her touch him in such an intimate way. But whatever she had done this time..."You have no idea," he murmured.

"Well, I heard about the male g-spot...actually I overheard a couple of the SF’s talking about it in the shower. I’d never tried to find it before...mostly because I didn’t know about it," she explained, running her fingers through his hair. "So I looked it up online."

He couldn’t help but grin. As shy as she could be, she had never hesitated to research anything when it came to making love. Wasn’t he a lucky, lucky man? Because he was always the recipient when she decided to try something new. "You found it," Daniel declared, still shivering.

Casey giggled softly. "Good." Pulling her hand from his head, she reached into the drawer for a Wet One, carefully cleaned her other hand. Jumped slightly when she felt his lips against her skin.

"Your turn to fly, Angel," he said softly. Gently parted her legs with his hands. Breathed deeply of the sweet, tantalizing scent of her body. Could tell she was aroused by the musky scent that accompanied the sweet floral and vanilla fragrance that was just her. He settled himself more comfortably between her knees, then began his investigation of her beautiful body. He started by adorning her tattoos with gentle kisses. Could feel the quiver of her thighs as he did so.

She closed her eyes, waiting for him to move toward the part of her that ached for his attention, craved his intimate kisses. Her body tensed as he moved closer to her hot, aching center. Sighed with disappointment when he reversed direction, lavishing his attention on her legs. While the sensations were certainly pleasant, it wasn’t what she wanted.

He grinned against her skin. He wouldn’t tease her. Not for long, anyway. She hadn’t tormented him before sending him soaring. His body, he noted with a bit of awe, was still twitching slightly from the orgasm she had created...had given him. Pulling away from her just far enough to speak, he looked up at her. "I want to watch you," he said quietly.

Her eyes opened and locked with his. Her breath caught in her throat when he began to lap at her; soft gentle movements of his tongue against her overheated flesh. She could see his glee at her reaction. He continued his exploration of her swollen womanhood, moving slowly...obviously in no hurry to offer her the relief she needed.

She was leaning back on her outstretched arms, her legs relaxed against him. Watching as he feasted on her succulent flesh. The flash of impatience in her green eyes satisfied him...she was almost to her limit. He knew her body well. She wasn’t at the edge of the precipice yet. He flicked the tip of his tongue against the hard pearl nestled at the top of her folds, her arousal causing it to peek out at him.

"Nngg...yes!" she moaned softly.

Moving back down to paradise, he pushed his tongue inside her, listened as another soft moan filled the air at the same time as her honey coated his tongue, his lips...began to quench the thirst that she created in him. As always, the jolt of her pheromones made his heart race, his pulse quicken, and made him feel as if he could spread his arms and take flight. Such a sweet addiction, he thought, licking the last traces from her warm skin.

One poem, he thought. Just one. He tossed about in his mind, decided on a short prayer that he'd learned while in Peru. Exhorting the goddess of fertility to rain down upon the land. Perfect. His tongue drew every glyph against her skin with precision, while she sighed and moaned and purred and wiggled. Punctuated each stanza by flickering the tip of his tongue against that nub that continued to swell with need.

He pulled away for a moment, content to just gaze at the swollen nether lips; the way they glistened in the soft light, a sure sign of her arousal. Like a beautiful flower, he thought, nuzzling against her once again. When he looked back up at her, he could see her amusement...and her desire. Couldn’t help but grin before he began to lick and tease her once again.

If he didn’t get down to business soon, she was going to take care of that ache between her thighs herself! She’d no more than had the thought; loosened one hand from his hair in preparation of moving it to where she needed it, when his full concentration was suddenly on her aching little clitty. "Oh, goddess! Yes...yes...yes...right there! Don’t stop!...Ohhh....so good...yesss...!"

That’s it, Angel. Talk to me. Tell me how good it feels. Sliding two fingers into her warm well, he began to stroke her. Her hips were moving up and down; her body was trembling, her thighs quivering against his shoulders. She was almost there...her whimper built up until she was singing her song of love to him.

Lights flashed...colors whirled...and with what sounded like an enormous clap of thunder in her head, her climax burst over her, rushing her headlong over the edge and into the waves of pure bliss.

He took down every drop of her sweet nectar, shivering from the effects as much as she was from her orgasm. Her body continued to spasm as he gently licked her clean. He slid up, kissed the pink tips of her breasts, then stretched out on the bed, helping her to shift into position to lie beside him. "Better?"

She snuggled against his side, resting her head on his shoulder. "Absolutely!"

"Good." Her fingers were painting designs against his skin, the sensations were zipping up and down his spine.

"Would you be disappointed if we didn’t make that first stop twice tonight?" she asked softly.

Going Around the World was never an activity to be rushed. They always took their time. Unfortunately, they did have to get up and make it to a briefing first thing in the morning. It would be probably be to their advantage if they didn’t make that first stop twice, he thought. Figured that their early meeting was the reason for Casey’s question in the first place. "I suppose not. Any particular reason?"

"I want to feel you, Daniel. Deep inside me. I want to be one with you for as long as we can make it last."

"We can do that," he promised...more than willing to give up a bit of oral pleasure if it meant extending the time he could hold her, remain buried deep inside her. Fleetingly thought about that briefing, then shoved it away. Daniel rolled slightly, forcing Casey to her back. Lowered his head to kiss her, his hand moving over her, stopping to caress the soft curve of her breast. Felt her body move toward his touch.

She couldn’t help but smile as she filled her fingers with his short, dark blonde hair. He wouldn’t be denied the chance to make love to her breasts. ‘His beauties’, he called them. He ‘greeted’ them each morning. Pouted if he didn’t get to fondle them at least once during the day. Couldn’t wait for her to take off her bra at night. He was, she thought, a weird man...at least where her breasts were concerned. She loved him...weird ‘fetishes’ and all...with every fiber of her being.

"Hello, girls," he whispered, kissing each pink tip in turn.

"They’re glad to see you," she whispered in return, unable to keep from grinning.

"Good." Taking his time, determined to make her sigh and moan in pleasure, he began to bestow each breast with his adoring kisses, moving slowly over the soft curves toward nipples that stood stiffly away from her body, a sure sign that he was achieving his goal of arousing her, making her completely ready for his eventual entry. She’d been able to take him fully, in spite of his length and girth, from the first time he’d held her in his arms. He was certain that the time he'd spent to arouse her, that he always delighted in spending to prepare her, made that miracle possible...and all the more enjoyable, for both of them.

He was suckling one nipple, then the other, driving her crazy with need. When the long, strong, slender fingers of one hand slid down to toy with the tiny ring in her navel, she knew that soon his mouth would follow.

Her flat belly rolled beneath his lips as he kissed and licked his way across that soft expanse of skin. Took his time teasing that enticing little navel, thrusting his tongue in and out of it rhythmically. Her soft moan was music to his ears.

She was on fire...in danger of exploding into flames. Wondered briefly how he could touch her, could kiss and lick her as he was doing, and not be burned. She wasn’t even aware of her hands moving to her breasts, tugging on nipples that continued to ache with the need that filled the very core of her being, until he moaned softly against her.

"That’s it, babe," he whispered against her skin. His body throbbed in response to the lust that filled her eyes, the need that burned in those emerald depths. Their gazes locked together as he slid down, leaving moist kisses on the soft, tiny, light blonde hairs that led from that alluring navel to her mons, and the carefully trimmed curls that graced that sexy mound. Nuzzled those curls, breathing deeply of her sweet scent.

Before she could protest, he slid up, sheathed his swollen shaft in the warmth of her well, felt her body close around him like a welcoming handshake. "Oh, yes," she sighed, her eyes fluttering closed. "I love that feeling!"

"Me, too," he whispered in reply. His eyes had drifted shut as well. He allowed his other senses to take over. Her sweet scent as it filled his nostrils, surrounded him; had him taking deeper breaths in an effort to pull more of her into his lungs...The sound of the gentle tapping of the headboard against the wall as he began to move slowly, thrusting gently against her, matching the beat of his heart as it drummed out his love for her...The feeling of her body as she wrapped around him - her arms around his shoulders, her legs around his waist, the hard nipples of her breasts grazing the skin of his chest, making his own stiffen in response.

She had never allowed herself to even dream about how wonderful it would be to fall in love; to be with a man who loved her as much as she loved him. For just over two years she'd lived that dream. Making love with Daniel was the most precious, incredible thing she'd ever experienced. She'd found paradise the first time he'd held her, when he had so gently, so beautifully taken from her what she had offered no other man. Every time they made love, they moved together toward a place in the heavens that had been created just for them, and they could only reach that special garden together, in one another’s arms. Being one with him, their bodies locked in the age-old, primal dance of lovers, set her soul free to spin among the stars.

Full of Daniel...her body, her thoughts, her heart, her very soul was filled with him. She pressed kisses against the skin of his shoulders, breathed deeply of the masculine scent that was unique to him. Ran her tongue over his skin, tasting the bit of sweat that was beginning to form as he held himself above her, moving his body so gently, with such expertise.

The feelings of contentment, of love, of sheer joy that he found when he was in her arms, their bodies locked together intimately, never failed to send his soul soaring into the heavens. Her hips met his thrust for thrust. Her slender legs tightened around him whenever she thought he was moving too far away from her. She had always made love with him...he'd never felt as if he alone was responsible for everything that happened between them. While he felt it was his duty, and was certainly one that he thoroughly enjoyed, to make certain she had at least one orgasm before he let go and gave in to the demands of his own body, she never failed to make love to him, and with him, even as he strove to give her the most pleasure he could. She gave as good as she got. Kiss for kiss, touch for touch, caress for caress. And if she had her way, climax for climax. When they used their bodies to express the love that filled their hearts, it felt as if the entire universe paused in wonder to behold the beauty of the moment.

Hips continued to rock together in harmony. Whispers of love filled the air between them, just before their lips came together in a kiss. Indulging in long, sensuous kisses with his Wife was one of the greatest delights that filled his life. He could tell from her kiss when she was ready to move on in their lovemaking, or when she needed more time to reach that next peak. She offered comfort, soothed his very soul with her kisses. The movement of her lips against his, the fluttering of her tongue against his own, lit the flames of desire that were never completely subdued in his body, the fire of passion that seemed to burn within him constantly since she’d entered his life. She could tease and tantalize with her kisses, offering promises of caresses to come that would send him sailing to the stars.

His kisses were succor for her soul. The flame that set off the tinder of her passion, stirred the embers that burned continually in her body. His kisses were the very breath of life for her. His kisses could comfort her, or arouse her to the point her need became an ache deep inside. He never took before he gave, never demanded from her until her own needs had been met. Never pulled away before she was finished.

The soft tick of the clock on the nightstand competed with the sounds of their ragged breathing, the cadence of the brass headboard tapping against the wall, the soft moans of pleasure that rose from their throats. Time stood still for them; nothing existed except the single entity that was created when their bodies...their hearts...their souls...merged together in love.

Making love...what a wondrous thing it was, she thought, tightening her arms around his shoulders. There were those who cheapened the act, made it nothing more than carnal gratification for themselves, at the expense of others; using it for reward, or using the act to hurt and punish; jumping from bed to bed, partner to partner, defiling marriage beds with outsiders for purely selfish reasons; mouthing words that held no emotion. Those poor souls knew only about sex. Between them, Daniel and she, it was the purest form of love, holy in their reverence of that love and their vows to one another, the physical expression of the pure, beautiful emotions that flooded them. When the gods had created the act of making love...had declared that the joining of hearts, bodies, and souls would be the most beautiful of all created acts, it was their love that had been used as the standard, their love that was held up as a shining paragon of what love should be.

Sensations of pleasure, white hot and totally incredible, moved from the top of his head, to the tips of his toes. He could feel the need building, knew that it wouldn’t be long before their bodies would demand more. When her hips began to push against his with more force, her tongue flickering against his, he knew that she was on the verge of losing control. He loved it when that happened, when she surrendered to the needs of her body, and took him along on the mind-blowing ride.

She wanted this beautiful ride to go on and on...she wanted to hold him all night long. Her body, however, had other ideas. She slid her hands down, not even aware of what she was doing, until she felt the muscles of his buttocks tightening and relaxing as he continued to thrust in and out of her; lowered her legs to lock behind his thighs.

He pushed into her, remained still, allowing her to take them both ever higher as her body undulated beneath him. "That’s it, Angel, take it," he whispered breathlessly, his lips beside her ear.


Sweet Jesus! Her body sliding back and forth, her hips moving up and down...he had no idea how in the hell she was doing it. But the sensations were about to drive him out of his mind. Within minutes his own primal need took over. He raised up on outstretched arms and began to pound into her, the sound of his hips slapping against hers echoing in the room around them.

"Yes! Take me!" she demanded, panting as she neared the top of the mountain, from which she would take flight at any moment.

Her sweet command burned across his brain, a path of fire and pleasure that left him with little coherent ability. He reached for her legs, pushed her knees against her shoulders, grunted as he drove deeper, harder, reaching for the climax that glittered just out of reach...

His hips ground against hers, and the whimper that heralded her release filled her throat.

"Sing, Angel," he begged with a ragged gasp, barely holding onto the control that prevented him from spiraling into oblivion.

Lights flashed, colors whirled, and her aria of love was her response as she took flight, a soft scream of absolute bliss filling the air between them as she completed the journey, her body shaking from the intensity of her climax.

With a shout of his own, her name on his lips, he let go and followed her into the stars, his body twitching and quivering as he sent his very essence into her body.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, held tightly when he collapsed on top of her, unable to support himself any longer, his strength sapped completely. She glanced at the clock, then smiled with utmost satisfaction. Their dance of love had lasted almost forty minutes.

With a groan of effort, Daniel worked his arms beneath her shoulders and hips, rolled to his back, keeping her body tight against his. "Now that was incredible."

"I totally agree," she murmured. She planted a contented kiss on his shoulder, then crossed her arms and rested her chin on them. "We made a bit of noise."

"Noticed that, did ya?" he grinned. He was congratulating himself on having achieved his goal - that of hearing her sexy scream of pleasure.

Casey smiled. "And no one but the neighbors to hear it."

Daniel glanced at the window. The weather was still cool enough that they had continued to keep the windows closed. In the summer, however, Casey liked sleeping with the windows open. Had any of the neighbors...the Wilson’s especially, since their kitchen door and window faced the Jackson driveway and master bedroom window...heard their cries and shouts and moans of passion and pleasure? It was possible, he supposed.

"If the neighbors do hear us, at least they’re polite enough not to mention it," Casey said, her thoughts following the same path as her husband’s.

"True. Although, I think they’d have to be standing directly outside the window to hear much of anything," Daniel replied. Hoped that he was right. If she believed it, then he would be able to continue coaxing that lovely scream from her whenever he wanted. Or at least that dulcet song of love she sang to him each and every time they made love.

She sighed. "In my own home, I’ll be damned if I’m going to be quiet when I want to shout out with joy."

"No need to hold back here," he agreed. Pleased to know that he had nothing to worry about...and that their love making would continue to be a bit...boisterous. Just the way he liked it.

"And if the neighbors don’t like it, they can move," she continued.

"Very true."

"Besides, it gives the busybodies something to talk about. If they’re talking about us, they’re not tearing some other poor soul apart with hateful, venomous gossip."

"Also true."

She sighed softly.



"Is something bothering you?"

"No," she murmured. "Just thinking. I just wish I could show you...that you could feel...experience...just how wonderful it is when you make love to me."

He smiled, his hands moving slowly up and down her back and hips. "I wish you could experience how amazing it is when you make love to me. That you could feel how sweetly your love wraps around me."

She leaned up, kissed his chin. "One day, we should unpack Machello’s body-switching device, and swap bodies for the night."

Daniel chuckled. Sam must have told her about that damned thing. He knew his teammate had found the entire...situation...caused by that thing far more amusing than Jack, Teal’c, or he ever had. Especially him. "No way in hell. Not that it wouldn’t be interesting. But I played the whole body-switching game once. It’s frightening...downright freaky...to be in a body that isn’t your own."

"I suppose," she said, sighing a second time. "Still, you’d get your mind blown like you wouldn’t believe!"

"Sorry, Angel. I’ll take your word for it. Besides, I’m quite happy being in my own skin, and having you use that sexy body of yours to send me into orbit."

"Well, I can’t even put into words how amazing it is when you use your magnificent body to love me," Casey replied.

The grin on his face was an automatic response to their conversation. Casey could come up with the damnedest ideas sometimes! And it was always entertaining. He closed his eyes when she began to wiggle. The warmth of her body, which still sheathed him, was sending messages to his brain that had his body reacting.

He rolled to his side. During one of their marathon love making sessions, they had discovered that lying on their sides, their bodies spooned together, was an excellent position for the final stop of their trip Around the World. It allowed him the opportunity to hold and caress her in ways that the other positions denied. It was the one position in which they opted to leave the toys in the drawer.

She rolled to her back, her body protesting the sudden depravation of his presence. Shifted to her side, pressed her back against his chest, slid one leg forward, offering him access to both openings. Felt him reach behind him for the bottle of oil that was waiting on the nightstand. Smiled as his lips began to move over her shoulder, toward her neck.

He applied the oil to his rising manhood, then draped his arm around her hip, moved his fingers over her soft folds. Felt more than heard her soft gasp as his slick fingers began to move over her. Adjusting himself slightly, so that the arm beneath her ribs was able to wrap around her, his hand fondling her breast, he felt her snuggle just a bit closer. One of her soft hands moved up and down his arm, hesitating on his wrist when he tugged at her hard nipples.

Reaching behind her and running her hand up and down his hip, she let him know with her sighs and gasps that she was ready. Arched her back slightly, pressing her fanny against him, waiting eagerly for his entrance...and the slow, final ride of the night.

"Oh, god," he murmured as he slid into her. So hot, and tight, and it always felt so damned good! They embarked on the final ride with gentle movements.


"Like that?" he asked softly.


"How about a little of this?" His fingers began to stroke the pearl nestled at the top of her folds.

"Goddess! Yes! Right there!"

He grinned against her hair, felt her hips pushing against his hand, then back to take him deeper. He pushed in return, then pulled away slightly, resulting in another soft moan. "Why don’t you help me out," he whispered. Waited until he felt her fingers move over that swollen little nub before sliding his own into her warm well, matching the movement of his hand with that of his hips.

"Oh, yes," she moaned softly.

The thought that he’d never had such a passionate lover in his bed, in his arms, flittered through his mind...a thought familiar to him. He’d never allowed himself to wish for such a blessing, yet here he was, the geek...the guy who always felt so awkward around women...holding the most beautiful, passionate woman it had ever been his delight to know. That she loved him was a miracle for which he would be eternally grateful.

This was, according to her Husband, the most intimate way that two people could make love. It was also, as far as she was concerned, just as satisfying as having him in her well. The sensations were different, of course, but no less amazing. Her hips moved to meet him, to take him as deeply as possible with each thrust he made. His fingers...and her own...only added to the pleasure.

Need began to build as their bodies moved together. He was pushing deeper, harder...she was meeting him each step of the way.

His arm was around her waist now, holding her tightly against his belly as he began to thrust with more passion. His other hand continued to stroke her, continued to mimic the motion of his beautiful anaconda as it slid in and out of her. She wrapped one hand around his wrist, the other rubbing the spot that offered sweet release.

She was beginning to shiver, she was almost there. Which was a good thing...he had passed the point of no return and was hurtling toward sweet oblivion. "Take it, Angel, fly!"

The whimper filled her throat, burst out into her aria of love just as his groan of completion filled the air, at the same moment he was filling her body. She smiled when she felt his lips pressed against her shoulder.

"That was wonderful," he said softly.

"Yes, it was."

"Give me a minute, and we’ll go clean up."

Her smile widened. He never wanted to move away from her until he was certain he could do so without causing her discomfort. Such a considerate lover. An incredible lover. Although she had no other to compare him to, she knew in her heart that there wasn’t a man alive as sweet, as giving, as loving as Daniel. That he loved her was still a fact that she couldn’t fully comprehend. She could only be thankful for it.




"Think that will hold you until we’re home?" he teased softly, after they had taken a quick shower together. She was cuddled against his side, her head on his shoulder, her arm around his waist.

"I think so," she replied sleepily. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Angel." He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. Closed his eyes. No doubt when they did return home, another amazing night of ‘marathon’ love making would be shared. Wasn’t he a lucky, lucky man?

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