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 My Name Is Casey


Chapter 2

Days pass...and still there is so much I don’t understand. I’m beginning to think I’ll never understand. Should I be content in my position? Should I accept that being the Consort of Ba’al is all that I need to know? Do I fully understand even that much? Just what does it mean to be the Consort of one known as a Goa’uld System Lord?

I can move about this ‘ship’ freely. In fact, He encourages me to do so. I don’t understand why. There are two Jaffa who remain with me - faithful guards. Just what or whom they guard against, I have no clue. So much I don’t know, that I don’t understand. What is the most frustrating is the feeling that I should know. It’s in my mind...somewhere. If I could just find it...reach it...recognize it...



She sat quietly, waiting for the man beside her to tell her what he expected of her. When he tossed a frown in her direction, she shifted nervously.

"Have you eaten?" Ba’al asked.

"No, My Lord. I preferred to wait for you," Casey said softly.

"Ah. Well then..." he turned toward the lo’taur who waited quietly in the corner. Her brown eyes were focused on Casey...had been since his Consort had been brought from the harem to his quarters less than a half hour earlier. He snapped his fingers. "Gemeti!"

Startled, the slave jerked slightly. "Yes, My Lord?"

"Bring food. Make certain that it contains my Beloved’s favorites," Ba’al ordered.

"Yes, My Lord." The slave scurried from the room. It had been a shock to see the blonde woman being led by two of Ba’al’s most trusted scientists, through the corridors of the ship...toward the harem no less! When the Mistress of Women had escorted her to Ba’al’s private chambers,  the lo’taur had been even more perplexed.

The confusion, Gemeti decided, lay in the fact that she had met this woman before - both times the blonde had arrived with a handsome man...the love between the two had been undeniable. The first time, the woman had been a prisoner. The second time, they had been treated not as guests, but not exactly as prisoners, either. The slave still didn’t comprehend what had been going on. Her gaze moved back to the slender blonde. She was so...different! Looking at her now - where once there had been fire...and kindness...in her green eyes, there was - nothing. No, the young slave thought, there was curiosity there. As if the woman had a burning desire to know what was happening to her, and around her. And, the lo’taur sighed, love, or what she perceived to be love, had filled those green eyes when Ba’al had entered the room.  She hastened her pace to the kitchen, unwilling to make her Master wait any longer than necessary for his meal.

"I have missed you," Ba’al whispered, reaching down to caress the soft cheek of his consort. Felt his heart skip a beat when she pressed her face against his palm.

"I’ve...I think I have at least...I’ve missed you," Casey whispered in return. She hoped that her response was the correct one...that what she said would please this man...this god...who held her very life in his hands.

"Never again will you be taken from my side," Ba’al declared.

"Never again," was the solemn response. Although, Casey thought, she had absolutely no idea when she might have been taken, nor where. All she knew were the rooms she had spent time in - the one in which she had awakened, the one where she stayed during her training, and now this one. There were no memories beyond waking in that room for her to access. A fact of which she was becoming more aware.

As eager as he was to bed his consort, something he’d dreamed of for so very long, Ba’al was reluctant to rush Casey. She was still...recovering...from the procedure which had made of her exactly what he wanted. A woman who loved him, and him alone. He would never share her love. Never need fear that she would try to escape from him. Once he had dealt with anyone...friend or foe...who could possibly threaten his happiness, he was certain that she would be at his side forever. There were very few who remained...one man in particular. No, there was no reason to rush Casey to his bed.

The soft, sweet smell of spring flowers and vanilla seemed to fill the room, just as it had the last time Casey had been with him. He took a deep breath, felt his body respond. Now knowing just how she had come to smell so tantalizing, he was no longer concerned about any connection to Hathor; nor that somehow another Goa’uld might have learned the secrets of Hathor’s paralyzing drug, and altered it enough to put him at risk.

Ba’al regaled her with tales of his youth as they ate; listened with pleasure as she giggled at the descriptions of people and events. Answered her questions about the places he had seen. He watched her eyes...those always expressive green eyes. Could see his future happiness in those beguiling depths.




She was strolling through the corridors...again. Servants who moved about the ship, seeing to the needs of their masters, bowed low when she approached. Jaffa pulled themselves to attention, waiting until she had passed to continue on their way with whatever tasks needed to be carried out. She'd heard about others...slaves, they were called...who worked in the lowest levels of the ship. Levels to which she had been forbidden. There was also the level where prisoners were kept...a level Ba’al himself had told her that she was never to enter. Of course being forbidden only made those levels seem all the more enticing. Still, she'd never tried to access them, her obedience as automatic as breathing.

Gemeti watched from her place in the shadows of a support beam as the Consort of her God passed. She was still confused. When the slender blonde had been on the ship in the past, her hatred of Ba’al had been palpable. Now the woman behaved as if she truly loved him. Even more puzzling was the fact that Casey didn’t seem to recognize nor remember her. She was, the lo’taur thought with a sigh, the same woman, but not the same at all! The only thing that remained unaltered in the gaze from those deep green eyes was the curiosity. Something the woman had never managed to completely hide, in spite of her anger and hatred.

Brown eyes watched from an adjoining corridor. Remembered Casey’s reaction each time he approached her when she had been with him, as his prisoner - at least in her mind. How she seemed loathe to have him near. Now... A smile on his lips, he stepped out of the shadows, walked toward the slender blonde. "Casey."

Green eyes smiled as warmly as her pink lips. "My Lord."

The reaction to his presence had his heart battering his ribs. "Ah, ah. What have we discussed?"

Her gaze dropped, her smile suddenly shy. "When we are not in...not in the throne room, I am to call you Ba’al."

"That’s right. Hello, Casey," he smiled.

"Hello, Ba’al," she replied; a soft, amused smile tugging at her lips.

When he offered his arm, she immediately placed her hand on his wrist. Ba’al still found himself unwilling to rush her into bed. He steadfastly refused to examine his motives too closely, knowing all too well how much Casey had affected him, in spite of his efforts to resist. Even though the few days she had been with him had proven to be quite...pleasant...he would, he decided, court her, just as he had the first time Casey had been brought to him...not as a potential slave, but as his Consort. That the slender blonde beside him was much more receptive to his advances would make the conquest much easier, if not as sweet as having her struggle against him. "Would you like to listen to the musicians?"

"Oh, yes!" From the first time she had sat beside him, listening as the women from the harem played their instruments, creating such vivid images in her mind with their music, Casey had been enthralled. She’d never dared to ask to hear them, but was always thrilled each time Ba’al offered to have the musicians called.

He couldn’t help but smile at her almost breathless response. "Come. We will listen, and we will eat."

Orders were issued that the women were to be brought into Ba’al’s private dining room. Further instructions were given that food and wine were to be made available as well.




The room was just large enough to accommodate having the women stand at one end to play, while remaining intimate for those who dined. Low couches, piled high with pillows, surrounded a long, equally low table. By the time Ba’al and Casey arrived, plates heaped with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as an assortment of breads and sweet pastries, were waiting for them.

Ba’al poured the wine into heavy gold chalices; watched as she sipped the crimson liquid, her eyes on the musicians as they played. Smiled when she glanced at him, his pulse racing at the shy smile he received in return.

Casey glanced at the fruit. Normally she waited until Ba’al began eating before reaching for whatever it was that she wanted. But he seemed to be content to just listen to the music. She really was hungry. If she wasn’t allowed to eat, he’d be certain to tell her, of that she had no doubt. Whether or not a sharp slap would accompany any censure she might receive, she had no idea. Hunger won out over any fear of discipline. She peeled one of the oranges, pulled the sections apart. Was licking the juice from her fingers when the soft gasp beside her pulled her attention from what she was doing to the man who watched her so intently. Slowly, uncertain as to what his response would be, she held one of the pieces to his lips. Felt his tongue touch the very tips of her fingers as he took it from her.

Never before had she reacted to him like this...both shy and seductive, a combination that had him trembling with need. When she offered another piece of fruit to him, he held her fingers to his lips, licking the juice from her hand. Felt more than heard her sharp intake of breath. He sat up, pulled a strawberry from the platter, then held it to her lips. "Take," he said softly.

She obeyed. The sweetness of the fruit lingered on her tongue. "Very good," she said, her voice not much more than a whisper.

"You’ve always been fond of them," he replied, totally unaware of his ‘slip’.

Well that was a lovely bit of information. Didn’t help much, but it was more than she’d known about herself five minutes ago! She took one of the berries and held it to his lips. Smiled when he took it from her.

"I believe, my Beautiful One, that tonight will be the night I make you totally my own," he said, his voice husky with emotion, and barely suppressed desire.

She shivered, not so much from the words...she really had no idea what he meant...but from the look of hunger that had filled his eyes as he spoke. Hunger that she knew instinctively wouldn’t be fed with pieces of fruit. Memories of what she had witnessed in the harem filled her mind. Left her feeling frightened...and aroused. Something tickled the back of her mind...too small to notice consciously.

Ba’al took note of the emotions that had filled those always expressive green eyes. The fear that flickered had competed with desire. When those depths had darkened slightly, he barely bit back a moan of pure need. He leaned back against the cushions. Tugged at Casey until she was leaning against him, her head resting on his chest. He closed his eyes, savoring the sweet scent of wild flowers and vanilla that filled his senses. His hand moved over a bare arm, the skin soft and supple. At long last, she was his. And soon, he would make love to her...and this time it would be much more than mere dreams induced by ker’nish’ta.

She snuggled against him, the warmth of his body comforting against the onslaught of images that continued to twirl in her brain. It was her duty to please him. Instinct, recognized if not understood, told her that he would be just as determined to please her. What she didn’t know was just why that would be. Again that tiny ‘something’ squirmed in the back of her mind, demanding to be recognized.

The first notes of her favorite piece of music filled the air. Casey sat up, not even aware of the slight smile that curved her lips upward. The harpist continued to pluck the strings of her instrument, joined by a second harp, and then by the three flutes. A small drum kept a steady beat as the music trilled up and down the musical scale, sounding almost like individual voices.

Ba’al watched the face of his Consort. Casey had always been fond of this particular piece. For a moment he wondered just how she could recognize the tune, considering the manner in which she had come to be at his side. Then chastised himself for his concern. The women had played for them several times now. That she was fond of the music was a result of having heard it just a day or so prior. When he reached out to touch her, running his hand over her arm, she didn’t jerk away from him. Nor did her eyes reveal her distaste for his touch. Instead, a soft smile lit her beautiful face, and brightened her amazing green eyes. His heart continued to hammer against his ribs. At long last, he had succeeded. Casey was his. And by the end of the night, she would belong totally to him, her body as well as her heart.




Gemeti poured a generous amount of the sweet smelling oil into the water. Casey used the thick cloth to trickle the warm water over her arms and breasts. Both women looked up when Ba’al entered the now steamy room.

That she didn’t immediately try to hide her naked breasts brought a smile to his face. Which she returned, just before dropping her eyes so demurely. Ba’al stood, simply watching for a moment. Glanced at the lo’taur. "Leave us."

With a sharp nod, the dark haired woman bustled out of the room. She glanced over her shoulder. How could this woman - who had so obviously...and deeply...loved the man with eyes the color of the summer sky of Babylonia - the only planet she'd ever stood on; who had displayed such hatred toward Ba’al - look at him the way she was, bid him to join her in the bath, as she had done with her eyes and her smile? There was so much that just didn’t make sense, Gemeti thought, heaving a sigh. She took the time to turn back the bed, preparing it for the couple in the other room...for there was no doubt in her mind that they would move their lovemaking to the large bed as soon as they had tempered their desire in the warmth of the water. As she left the room, the lo’taur began to wonder if the man with the blue eyes would arrive to save the woman named Casey. In her ponderings of such an event, the slave never once questioned the idea that it would be a ‘rescue’.

Ba’al stripped quickly, then slid into the warm, fragrant water. Smiled, and nodded his approval, when Casey began to trickle water over his chest. He reached out, ran the tip of his finger over her full, pink lips. Was overjoyed when she didn’t pull away from the caress. "You please me, Beloved," he said softly.

"I’m glad," she replied. "I want to please you."

Cupping his hand on the back of her head, Ba’al pulled her close. Felt his entire body respond when his lips touched hers. His kiss was gentle, at first just a chaste meeting of their lips. Then his tongue gently nudged her mouth open, and he began to slowly move forward. Fissures of pleasure spread through his entire being when her hands went to his chest to steady herself.

This wasn’t something he had done in the harem, Casey thought briefly. Maybe it was something special...just for the two of them. She found she liked the idea that there was something that her Master would share only with her. His skin was warm beneath her fingers, and without realizing it, her hands began to move over the expanse of his chest. The wiry hair curled around her fingers. When she brushed against his nipples, his sharp intake of breath against her lips at first frightened her. When she would have pulled her hands away from him, he stopped her, his hands wrapping around hers, moving her fingers lightly against his skin.

To have her touching him...that she wanted to touch him...had Ba’al nearly delirious with need...and with glee. Everything he had undertaken; the information he had so carefully gleaned from across the galaxy...the risks he had chanced in order to bring her once again to his side...all were worth every moment of worry, every ounce of gold, every credit he had spent. Casey was in his arms...willingly in his arms. He would take great pleasure in taunting a certain Tau’ri archaeologist with that fact...

Ba’al pushed away every thought. This night was the culmination of months of planning. He would not sully it with anything other than thoughts of her. Her lips...her kiss...tasted as sweet as she smelled. He took his time, wanting to give her as much pleasure as he took. Something that wasn’t completely unheard of for him. Like all Goa’uld, he had a cruel streak, and could be brutal - when it suited him. He could find gratification in inflicting pain as easily as giving pleasure. He deepened the kiss, his tongue gently stroking hers, before allowing her to do the same to him. Was unable to stop the moan of pleasure when she accepted his invitation, touching him so timidly at first that the sensations of her tongue fluttering against his own had him fully aroused.

She could feel his erection press against her belly when he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to his body. Shuddered from the mixed feelings of sheer terror and rabid desire, both so strong that they rocked her from head to toe. Shivered when one of his hands slid between their bodies, plucking gently at nipples so hard they were beginning to ache.

"Bathe me, Beautiful One, as I shall bathe you. And then I will take you to my bed," Ba’al whispered against her lips.

Casey pulled away slowly. "As you wish, My-"

"Ah, ah," Ba’al admonished automatically.

"I am not allowed to call you ‘My Beloved’?" she asked, a worried frown on her face.

Ba’al smiled. His heart pounding in his chest, he wreathed her face with his hands, placed a kiss on her forehead. "Of course you are."

"Then, My Beloved, move closer, so that I can wash your back," she smiled seductively.

It was all he could do to keep from taking her there and then. Her hands moved over him so gently, each caress branding his skin with white hot sensations of pleasure. His member throbbed, his groin ached with the need to be buried in her warm body. He had taken many virgins, unmindful of their discomfort, not caring whether or not they derived any gratification from his ministrations. Normally, he mounted them, took what he wanted, then sent them back to the harem. With Casey...his Consort...his Beloved...he would take his time. He would make certain that she enjoyed their time together as much as he undoubtedly would.

She closed her eyes as Ba’al tenderly washed her, leaving not one inch of her body untouched by his hands...something that made the ache between her thighs all the worse. Again images of what had transpired between him and the harem slave played in her mind. Somehow, that intuition for which she had no name,  nor did she know from where the feelings came, assured her that being in his arms would be much different from what she had witnessed.

Completely bathed, the two soon-to-be-lovers stood, water dripping from their bodies. Warm towels, thick and fluffy, waited beside the large, marble tub. Ba’al noted the shivers that moved over the slender body he so carefully dried...watched as pink nipples continued to harden with each caress, standing proudly from firm, beautiful breasts  He watched with growing desire when she removed the clip that held her long hair up and out of the way.  Admired the way the silky locks covered her almost completely.

Casey watched him, the look of love that filled his eyes, softened the features of his face. She reached out, stroked the beard that covered his chin.

He caught her fingers, kissed them tenderly. "I’ve dreamt of this moment, of being with you like this," he whispered. "Now I must ask myself...am I still dreaming?"

"I’m real, Ba’al," she replied in kind. The tiny voice in the back of her head, which proclaimed that she was indeed ‘real’, was silenced by her own desires. Overtaken by need, and by boldness she didn’t know she possessed, she gently pulled her hands from his. She wrapped her fingers around his wrists, guided his hands to her breasts.

When his palms came into contact with the warm, soft skin of her breasts, Ba’al moaned out loud. Shuddered from head to foot when one of her hands wrapped around his turgid erection, stroking slowly. Unable to wait any longer, the Goa’uld swept the slender blonde into his arms, and carried her to the waiting bed.

As he laid her on the satin sheets, a slight poking in the back of her mind momentarily distracted her. For a fleeting second she felt as if something was...wrong. She looked into the warm brown eyes of the man who settled himself beside her. This man was her Master...he owned her, just the same as he owned every slave...every Jaffa...the very ship on which they traveled. That was a fact that she understood. Yet, there was something...more...between them.

Ba’al watched the emotions that played through ever-expressive green eyes. There were times that seeing the fear in the eyes of a woman he was about to take pleased him...urged him on. That was not the case with this particular woman. He wanted her willing, wanted her in his arms on her own volition "Are you afraid?" he asked softly.

"Just nervous," she admitted.

"What you observed was nothing more than the mechanics of making love," he told her. "I will give you pleasure, my Beautiful One...such as you’ve never experienced before."

Considering she couldn’t remember more than a couple of weeks, and she’d not been touched...not in ‘that’ manner...pleasing her certainly wouldn’t be difficult to do, she thought somewhat petulantly. But said nothing.

He shifted slightly, began to kiss her again, as one hand began to move over her naked body, the touch soft...gentle...tender. When his fingers stopped to tug at her nipples, she moaned softly. The sound went straight to his heart, then lodged in his throbbing manhood.

Slowly, unwilling to frighten her, or rush her into coupling, his mouth moved from her lips to her cheek...her jaw...to her throat. Felt the shivers in her body that let him know that she was enjoying his attention.

She felt as if her body were on fire...and a need she’d never experienced before settled between her thighs, making her nearly incoherent. Every kiss, every nip, every pass of his tongue over her skin only intensified that growing need.

Hard and sweet, the first taste of her nipple nearly caused him to lose complete control. As it was, his cock was leaking copiously, the wetness spreading against her hip as he moved, suckling at one breast, and then its beautiful twin. Memories of a night of love...observed in silent anonymity...played through his mind. He shifted over her, continued to bestow her breasts with his kisses.

Her arms automatically locked around his shoulders, her legs around his hips, as he made love to her. Her body was in complete control. Whatever warning her mind was attempting to send was summarily ignored, to be lost among sensations that had her moaning once again.

Denied for so long, it took concerted effort to not wrap his hands around that narrow waist, and drive into her until he was satiated. Ba’al would not be denied the opportunity to taste her...not even by his own desires. He slid down, pushed her thighs apart, and began his oral investigation of the tender flesh between her slender legs. Sweet, so very sweet! was the only thought on his mind as he feasted, his ministrations making the woman writhe with pleasure...and need.

Lights flashed behind closed eyelids as her body raced toward the edge of the cliff. When his fingers joined the assault on her senses, she cried out, and felt her body leap into oblivion, the pleasure that washed over her leaving her breathless and shivering.

Her first orgasm, he crowed silently. Content that he’d seen to it that she’d been pleasured, he turned his attention to his own needs. There would be time enough later to enjoy her attention to him in such a manner, he decided, his memory able to supply him with the sensations of having that warm mouth and pink lips wrapped around his throbbing shaft. He could not...would not...wait any longer. Ba’al moved up, smiled down at her, and drove his aching member into her quivering body.

Her back arched, and she barely bit back the scream of pain as he entered. She was aroused and there was ample lubrication, her mind told her in a cold, clinical terms, remembering what Tiria had told her about such things. However, her body had never been invaded in such a manner...and the breach had been painful. The burning sensation as he moved in and out of her lessened with each thrust...became something entirely different...became tingles of pleasure. In a matter of minutes her hips met his with every thrust he made.

Ba’al closed his eyes, a smile of cruel triumph on his face. He was buried deep in the beautiful body of the woman he’d lusted after for so long. The sensations were amazing; and knowing that a certain Tau’ri archaeologist was unable to do this to his Beloved made the pleasure all the sweeter. His victory was complete. Casey lay beneath him, moaning softly, her arms and legs wrapped around him as he took what now belonged to him...and only to him.

When he stiffened above her, and then groaned softly, she understood that he’d reached the pinnacle of his pleasure. She held him, her hands moving gently over his back as he collapsed on top of her. Listened as he began to snore, not daring to shift to become more comfortable; hoping that her body wouldn’t cramp as her Master slept on top of her. And tried to understand the feeling that something was...wrong...even as tears filled her eyes, and caught in her lashes.



Unseen by human eyes, Three Beings watched, one weeping silently...




For the first time since she had begun doing so, Casey found comfort in the mindless pacing that Ba’al continued to encourage her to do. He had satiated himself in the preceding days, taking her again and again, in any way he could. She’d become accustomed to his demand of being orally pleasured each morning. While their lovemaking wasn’t cruel by any means...and she’d seen enough in the harem in the days after her first ‘lesson’ to recognize that fact...her pleasure was always secondary to his. She continued to remind herself that he was the Master, she was merely the vessel for his private use; to satisfy his needs...his desires. There were moments, of course, when he was tender with her, when he made certain that she’d been given pleasure before taking his own.

It seemed to her that once he had taken her, some unnamed need had been quelled; he no longer sought her out as she paced each day.

Which, she decided, was a good thing; her own emotions were in turmoil, demanding her complete attention as she did her best to sort out the feelings...many of them conflicting. She loved Ba’al, as much as she was able to understand the emotion. She was just as afraid of him. Her life depended on pleasing him. Should he grow tired of her, or displeased, things would become...unbearable.

A frown tugged at her blonde eyebrows. What she was...who she was...had come to be in order to please Ba’al. She understood that, on a subconscious level if not consciously. She also knew that before taking her to his bed, Ba’al had been so gentle, so kind... Had she done something wrong? Had she not reacted as she should have? Were her responses to him displeasing? There was only one way to find out, she thought. Her innocence in the matter prevented her from worrying about what his response might be. With determination in every stride, she made her way to the pel’tak.




Ba’al sat on his throne, watching the stars that hung in space around him. On the planet below, work on his palace and temple were nearly complete. His Consort warmed his bed, and sent him to paradise daily. Yet something was missing. She belonged to him completely. Declared her love each time he took her. It left him feeling...unfulfilled. Frustrated.

Memories continued to haunt him. The hours of sparring verbally with Casey...her continued refusal to accept him...love him. Her fiery temper when he angered her. How amusing it had been as she continued to battle him, even as he did his best to win her love.

She paused just outside the door. It was only in that moment that she questioned her actions. She'd been witness to enough ‘discipline’ on the ship to understand that disobedience often brought death, though to be honest, the concept of death was still foreign to her. She knew what the word meant, but didn’t fully appreciate the full implications of that meaning. At the very least, she thought with a silent sigh, she’d be slapped. A concept with which she was very much acquainted...although, she realized, never from her Master’s hand. She took a deep breath...and a step. "Ba’al! We need to talk."

He started, looked over at the slender figure that stood just inside the doorway, fists on her hips, fire jumping from the depths of her green eyes. His body went hard in an instant. "How dare you speak to me in such a manner!"

She studied his eyes. His words said one thing...but his eyes, and his body language...said something totally different. He was aroused...he was turned on...by her impudence. Like a light flickering on, Casey understood in the span of a breath what he wanted from her. "I dare, because I can," she retorted. Peripherally noted the nervous shifting among the Jaffa who stood duty on the pel’tak.

A smile toyed at the corners of his mouth. "I could have you killed."

She shrugged. Realized that she was completely safe, if not comprehending the power she held over the Goa’uld. "So do it."

Breathtaking, Ba’al thought. She's absolutely breathtaking. And exactly as he remembered her. "What is it that you want?"

"You’ve been a regular bastard for the past few days. Get over your snit, or you won’t be sharing a bed with me!" She noted that his eyes had begun to shine. There was no glow...that of eerie light that seemed to come from within, and signified his anger or displeasure. No, the look in his eyes was one of amusement, even...joy. Yep, she’d figured out just what it was that he wanted. He wanted her to fight him...at least verbally. Whether or not he would...accept...her physical struggles, she could only wait to discern. While she didn’t understand why, she did recognize the feeling of...freedom...her behavior offered.

"I should have you disciplined for daring to speak to me in such a manner," he murmured.

"Get over yourself," she huffed. And turned on her heel.

Ba’al watched her back as she nearly stomped from the room. Leaving him breathless with need. Immediately decided to have strawberries sent to his quarters...she so enjoyed them...




Heart hammering, Casey leaned against the wall of the passageway. "I just need a moment," she murmured to the Jaffa who continued to pace daily with her. The older of the two nodded his understanding.

Her instincts had been right For some reason, it seemed that her compliance was the very thing that had...irritated...Ba’al. Why he would prefer her to fight him, she didn’t understand. But she loved him; she'd do whatever it took to please him. And...if she were honest with herself, she'd felt exhilarated in a way she’d never experienced as she stood there, challenging him.

"My Lady, if I may?" the guard said hesitantly.

Casey nodded her permission.

"Always before, when Lord Ba’al has...when you have been at Lord Ba’al’s side," the Jaffa said, "You fought him. You proclaimed your...hatred...of him, at every turn."

The shock of learning she had been at Ba’al’s side ‘before’ wasn’t fully recognized, lost in an onslaught of confusion as she contemplated hating the man she loved. How could she ever have hated him? He was gentle, kind...seemed to truly value her. Didn’t he do his best to amuse her...to make her laugh with stories of his youth? She loved Ba’al! He'd earned that love with his considerate treatment of her! Surely she’d never hated him..."Hatred?"

"Yes, My Lady. It burned in your eyes, each time you looked at him."

She turned this new information over in her mind. Felt for the first time the stirring that had been lost amid the turmoil of her thoughts and emotions. While she couldn’t conceive of actually hating Ba’al, the...idea...felt right. Felt...comfortable. She nodded. "Thank you. I will endeavor to please our Lord, even if it makes little sense to me," she murmured.

Again the Jaffa inclined his head.

"Shall we continue with our pacing?" Casey asked, a smile on her lips.

"As you wish, My Lady," the Jaffa smiled in return.

If her steps had lacked direction before, she now strolled through the corridors, secure in the knowledge that she would truly please Ba’al. That she’d gain a modicum of satisfaction from her defiance was something she preferred not to address.




Ba’al entered his quarters, watched as Casey rose to her feet. Felt his breath catch in his throat at the look of anger in her eyes. "Casey?"

"Why am I here? If I hate you...why would you want me?"

He was taken aback at the blunt question. "You are here because I love you."

"Even if I hate you?"

"Even so. Because I know, deep inside, as much as you protested-" He broke off. Grinned from ear to ear. "Do you hate me?"

"I haven’t decided yet," she replied flippantly.

He crossed the room in three strides, his body ready for her. Grabbed her, pulled her close.

"Let go of me," she insisted.

"That’s right, Beautiful One, fight me," he mumbled, his hands groping her body, the curves of her breasts fitting in his hands perfectly.

"It’s the challenge, isn’t it?" she asked, arching into his touch. "You enjoy the chase."

"Perhaps," he said, lowering his head, intending to kiss her.

She twisted away from him. "If the chase is what you wish, My Lord," she spat, "then it’s exactly what you’ll get."

He watched...stunned...as she ran out the door. The grin returned to his face. And he raced after her.

She had been allowed to roam any level of the ship she wanted. There were exceptions, of course; she wasn’t allowed on the slave levels, nor was she allowed near the rooms where the engine of the pyramid ship operated. But she’d paced every corridor for days. For some reason, the level of storage holds had been the most...comforting. She spent many hours just walking around the passageways that surrounded the bays.

It was to this level she now fled, heart racing with excitement. Passion like she’d not seen since the first night in his arms had flared in Ba’al’s brown eyes as she jousted verbally with him.

With a few careful words, she had sent her guards to stand near the elevator that allowed access to this level of the ship. Whatever transpired between her and Ba’al, and she had no doubt he would soon locate her, she didn’t want witnesses. The thought of making love with his Jaffa standing nearby - watching every move, seeing every caress - left her shuddering with distaste.

One particular room continued to call to her. She opened the door...stared in at the few crates that were clustered near the center of the space.

He approached silently, watched her for a moment as she stood, staring into the room, a slight frown on her face. This particular bay had been where Jackson had hidden, or so his former...late...First Prime had informed him. It was delicious irony to think about taking her here...in the very place where Casey had lain in the arms of the Tau’ri.

She gave a startled cry when his hands wrapped around her arms, and pulled her back against the length of his body.

"Submit to me, and I’ll give you unbelievable pleasure," he whispered in her ear.

"If I don’t?"

"Then you will never know the passion that can flow between us."

"You would take me here?" she asked, a bit breathlessly.

"Without hesitation," he responded immediately.

A smile toyed at the corner of her lips. "You wouldn’t dare. How would it look to any Jaffa...or slaves...who wandered in here, to see their Master bare-assed naked, humping away between my legs?" she taunted.

Ba’al threw back his head and roared with laughter. "For that, my Beautiful One, you will submit to me!"

He gently pushed her into the room, slapped his hand over the control that closed the door. Jackson may have fucked his wife in this room. Today, however, Ba’al would take Casey...would make love to her.

Watching his eyes, Casey pushed the straps of the silk gown she wore down her arms...let the dress puddle at her feet. As per Ba’al’s orders, she was naked beneath it.

"So beautiful," he sighed, his eyes moving from the top of her head to her feet and back again.

"Are you brave enough to let me see you as well?" she asked.

His hands tugged at his clothes, his haste to strip making him stumble slightly. Her giggle filled the air as he leaned against the wall while he yanked his boots and pants from his body.

She cocked her head sideways. "Not bad," she said, giving him an impish grin.

Before he could move, not certain how she had managed to close the distance between them so quickly, Ba’al found himself moaning out loud as her lips slid over the tip of his swollen shaft, her hands working his body in concert with that warm, insistent mouth.

He was more aroused than she’d ever seen him, and Casey found that she had Ba’al at the precipice, ready to fly, in just a matter of minutes. She pulled away, looked up at him. "Lay down," she ordered softly.

Amused, and more than a bit surprised to find himself unable to do anything other than comply, Ba’al situated himself on the cold, bare floor. Gasped when she straddled him, then took his throbbing cock deep into her warm well.

"This is for me," she hissed, her hands on his shoulders as she began to ride him.

"For you," he ground out, his hips thrusting up each time she lowered herself. He watched through half-closed eyelids as one of her soft hands moved between them, rubbing that swollen pearl at the top of her folds. His hands went to her breasts, began to knead them as she continued to grind against him.

Fingers of pleasure spread throughout her body, centered between slender thighs. That most incredible of feelings began to build, and she rubbed her hips back and forth each time she took him all the way into her well. Up...down...back and forth...up...down...back and forth...Lights began to flash...the sensations continued to build...she tossed her head back and cried out as she took flight.

Ba’al watched her, mesmerized as she took from him exactly what she wanted. At the moment she cried out, he let go, and followed her into the waves of pure bliss, his body shaking from his climax. He sighed, and held her closely when she collapsed on top of him. She never uttered that amazing whimper, or that aria of love he had heard as he spied on a couple in the guest quarters of his ship. Was able to accept the fact that perhaps she’d never make those particular sounds for him. Casey was in his arms...making love to him with all of the enthusiasm he could wish for. He’d demand nothing else from her.

"Did I please you?" she asked shyly.

"Very much," he replied, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"Good." She snuggled against his chest.

How he would enjoy taunting a certain Tau’ri with the description of the love he and Casey had just made...

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