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The Recalcitrant Lo'taur 


Chapter 3

"Let's get tents set up, campers," Jack said, glancing at the sky as the sun began to touch the horizon, sending out streaks of red, orange, pink, and gold to herald its departure for the night.

"Just another minute," Daniel murmured, brushing a bit of dirt from the corners of a glyph.

"Daniel, in another minute it'll be too dark to see," Jack replied.

His head came up. He'd not realized how much time had passed. He'd been so absorbed by his work that he'd forgotten about his 'bodyguards', and their immediate proximity. Spurred by what Jonas had found, he'd been determined to learn as much about the bracelets the Ancients had designed as quickly as possible. "Oh." Daniel glanced at his Wife, then looked up at his friend. "Have you checked out a good spot for the tents?"

"Major Anderson has a nice place all cleared for us. Nice and flat and nothing but dirt," Jack told him.

"Okay." Rising to his feet, Daniel felt the results of having been sitting on the ground for several hours. He stretched, hands on his lower back.

Casey, who'd been sitting cross-legged, copying the text of one segment of the wall, looked up. "Just let me get this finished."

"Radar-" Jack started.

"Two symbols, Boss," she argued, not actually looking at him. "Then I'm done."

Jack sighed heavily. "I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Danny, you've been a horrible influence on Radar."

Daniel chuckled, ran his hand over the top of his Wife's head. "Amazing, isn't she?"

He couldn't help but see the adoration in the archaeologist's blue eyes. "Annoying is more like it," Jack grumbled good-naturedly.




It took only a matter of minutes for three tents to be set up near the two tents belonging to the members of SG-12. Those men had a large fire roaring in a wide pit, and a fresh pot of coffee was brewing, filling the air with the rich aroma.

Sergeant Dobson had three mugs filled and waiting. He handed them to Daniel, Casey, and Sam.

"Dobson, you're a sweetheart," Casey sighed, sipping gratefully.

"Shucks, ma'am, just trying t' keep ya from havin' caffeine-induced withdrawal," the airman grinned.

"Keeps her from being grumpy as hell, too," Jack teased.

"That too, sir," Dobson chuckled.

"Still no sign of anyone else around?" Jack asked.

Major Anderson shook his head. "Nothin'. We're going to keep a patrol going. Figured we'd work in teams of two."

"Good idea," Jack nodded.

"We'll take patrol duty, General. We'll leave the camp perimeter to SG-1," the major added.

Jack nodded again. "Teal'c, you and I will take the first watch. Then I'll have Carter join you while I get a bit of shut-eye."

"What about Casey and I?" Daniel asked.

He watched the flames that danced in front of him before answering. Even knowing that Daniel would be okay, that he'd be able to return to the SGC unharmed, his capture and subsequent absence would be hard as hell on Casey. He'd already decided it was more important for the couple to have as much time together as possible before the archaeologist was taken. "You just take care of Casey," Jack said softly.

Daniel ducked his head, nodding slightly in understanding. Not only did he need to keep Casey calm as they waited for the inevitable, but he'd need to partake of that sweet, sweet honey, in order to give himself as much time before needing to use the serum as possible.

Casey felt tears prick her eyes, her vision blurred slightly as they caught in her lashes. It seemed that her friend and commanding officer understood how she was feeling. The corners of her lips pulled up slightly. The fact that Jack had been the one to insist that Daniel wasn't to be left alone was proof that he was trying to prevent the impending disaster as much as she wanted to avoid it.

"Jonas can stay here, help with perimeter control," Anderson said quietly. "Is that okay with you, Jonas?"

As a civilian on the team, Jonas was never ordered to do anything. He'd discovered that his CO was a good man, and had earned the respect the members of SG-12 gave him. "That's fine, sir," the young man nodded.

Jack gave the major a grateful smile.

"Let's go boys,' Anderson said, downing the last of his coffee. "If there's anyone out there, I wanna know about it."

With quiet parting comments, four members of SG-12 disappeared into the sparse forest that surrounded the ruins. Casey watched as the men faded into the shadows. Couldn't shake the feeling that no matter how hard they tried to avoid it, no matter what they did to change what she'd seen, Daniel was going to be taken captive. She shivered slightly, struggling to keep her distress hidden from her teammates, and her Husband.




Two hours later, Daniel slipped into the tent he shared with his Wife. Casey was already snuggled in the two joined sleeping bags. And if his eyes weren't playing tricks on him, judging by the pile of clothes beside her pack, she wasn't wearing a blessed thing. "Got a plan, do you?" he asked teasingly.

She smiled. "A couple, actually."

"Do tell."

"Sorry, Doctor Jackson. The plans I have require a hands-on demonstration."

"My favorite kind," he murmured. He shrugged out of his BDU shirt, and yanked the black tee-shirt over his head. He sat down on the sleeping bag to tug off his boots and socks, then laid back and unbuttoned the pants, hooking his thumbs beneath the waistband of his boxers as he pushed them off his legs.

"You're magnificent," Casey breathed, taking in the sight of her Husband totally naked, his skin glowing softly in the light reflected from the fire that burned outside the tent.

"In your eyes," he whispered in reply. He rose up enough to slip between the two bags, letting his hands roam over her soft, firm body.

"I love you," she whispered, rising up on one arm. She leaned over to kiss him.

"Love you, too," he responded, when her lips finally moved from his far enough to speak. He put one hand behind her head, moved his lips over hers, and worked the combination that allowed him access to the warmth of her mouth. He could feel the tremors in her body. "Casey?"

"Soon," she whispered. "You'll be taken soon. Probably tomorrow," she said, her voice catching slightly. "I'm so afraid for you!"

He wrapped his arms around her. "It'll be okay, Angel. You'll see. Everything will be just fine."

"Hold me," she begged.


She shifted her body on top of his, rested her head on his shoulder, ran her hands up and down his sides.

He locked his arms around her slender frame - one around her shoulders, the other around her waist, holding her as close as he could without hurting her. The patterns her fingers painted against his skin had his body burning with desire. When he felt the warm wetness of her tears, his heart clenched in his chest.

Casey gave a sniff as she sat up, wiping hastily at her cheeks,. "You're so brave. If I knew I was going to be snatched, I'd be hiding under the bed at home right now."

Daniel smiled, reached up and pushed blonde silk behind her shoulders, exposing both of' his 'beauties'. His hands settled on her tantalizing breasts, his fingers gently massaging the soft curves. "No, you wouldn't. I know you, Angel. When you knew that you had to let Ba'al capture you, not once did you suggest leaving."

"That was different," she insisted. Automatically leaned into his caresses.

"How?" he demanded to know.

One slender shoulder went up and down. "You weren't in danger."

"You didn't tell me, because you knew I'd try to stop you," he mused out loud, for the first time realizing just what his Wife had spared him from: the agony of waiting for her capture. It was bad enough dealing with the feelings of terror after she'd been captured. To have anticipated the event...it would have been overwhelming.

Her shoulder moved up and down a second time. "There wasn't any need for you to know."

"I promise, Casey, everything will be okay. You've seen that I make it home. You've never been wrong," he said gently.

She took a deep breath. "There's always the first time. Something could happen to change what I've seen...one of the snakes could flip his or her lid...go totally snake-shit crazy-"

He couldn't help but chuckle. "Angel, if you've seen it, then I know it's true."

"Oh, I hope so," she sighed.

"Let me love you," he whispered. "Let me love your fears away."

She closed her eyes when he cupped her cheek, his hand warm against her skin. She could feel the calluses on his fingers as he gently caressed her. "I promise to try to be brave when...when it happens."

"I know you will," he replied. He tugged slightly, bringing her back down for a kiss. Every journey of love began and ended with a kiss. He was determined that this particular journey would ease the fears that she struggled with. If only for a little while.

Breath of life. Succor for her soul. The spark that lit the tinder of her passion. Casey lost herself in the wonder that was Daniel's kiss, clinging to him as he gently pushed against her, easing her onto her back. His lips never moved away from hers, his tongue never stopped stroking hers, exploring her mouth, touching her so lovingly.

Daniel was certain that his Wife was totally unaware of the soft sounds she was making...sounds of pleasure, sounds of her arousal. Another sigh, another low moan. His heart was hammering his joy...his delight...against his ribs. Red-hot desire ripped through him when she pushed her tongue into his mouth, her fingers wrapped in his hair and holding tightly, refusing to let him move until she'd satisfied herself. His body hardened, his already swollen member throbbing intensely when he attempted to retake control of the kiss, and duel that resulted. For the moment he allowed her to have her victory, biding his time, waiting for the moment he could slip past her defenses.

She arched her back, pressed against him, slid one hand between them; her intention to push him to his back in order to begin her journey of discovery on his body thwarted when he regained control of their kiss. Before she could protest, his lips were moving against her cheek, her jaw, leaving a warm trail toward her throat. She struggled for a moment before giving in to his demands, relaxing against the sleeping bag, slipping her arms around his shoulders and holding tightly.

He grinned against her soft skin when he felt her acquiescence. Her surrender made his need for her all the stronger. He contented himself for the moment with making love to her breasts. My beauties, he sighed silently, bequeathing each tip with a kiss. He settled himself, wrapping his hands around the soft, firm curves. Began to suckle at will, noting peripherally that her back was beginning to arch toward him.


Raising his head slightly, he looked up at her. Could barely see the smile on her lips in the dim light cast by the fire burning outside the tent. "Like that, don't you?" he asked softly.

"As much as you seem to," she replied, running her fingers through his hair once again.

"I do enjoy making love to your beautiful breasts," he sighed. Lowered his head and wrapped his lips around a stiff nipple.

One arm around his shoulders, the other hand filled with short, dark-blond locks, she closed her eyes and sighed. He wouldn't move on until he'd driven her to the brink of madness. The sensations that raced up and down her spine each time he tugged on one of her nipples added to the heat that was building between her thighs.

Encircling her waist with his hands, he gently pressed her back onto the sleeping bag. Her hips were pushing against his belly with such force that she was nearly lifting him. It seemed that it was time to move on.

She watched shadows play over his face as he kissed his way down her belly, hiding his thoughts from her when she focused on his eyes. For a moment, the apprehension of being apart...for two weeks according to what she'd 'seen'...flooded her mind. Followed in quick succession by the thought that perhaps she should insist that he be weaned from the pheromones that addicted him to her. Then he wouldn't be in danger of suffering from withdrawal whenever they couldn't be together. Worry that the serum would be taken from him...that he'd not only be a Goa'uld captive, but go through the horrific physical symptoms of withdrawal...haunted her. She unconsciously pulled her thighs together when Daniel slid down, shifting sideways on their makeshift bed in order to worship her.

Surprised when her legs closed, Daniel looked up at his Wife. "Angel?"

"It's so damned inconvenient," she hissed, voicing her thoughts.

He ran one hand over her belly, moving in an ever widening circle. "I don't care."

"I do! What if they won't let you keep the serum?" she asked, her fears so deep he could see them reflected in her eyes. "What will they do to you when you get sick...when you suffer withdrawal?"

"Angel, everything will be okay. I don't think I'll have any problems convincing them I need my...medication," Daniel replied gently.

"And if you do?"

"I'll deal with that problem if it arises. I love you, Casey. I love what you give me."

"Damned inconvenient," she muttered again. But allowed him to move her legs, granting him access to her hidden secrets.

He had no idea if there would be a problem keeping the bottle of serum and the half dozen disposable syringes that were hidden in what looked like a flashlight case. It would certainly be 'inconvenient' if it were taken from him. No doubt if he fell ill, the Goa'uld holding him would kill him. Slaves who were too ill to work weren't kept, he knew. But he wasn't about to dwell on the possible problem. Certainly wouldn't voice his concerns. Casey bore more than her fair share of guilt concerning his addiction...this would only add to that weight. Taking a deep breath, filling his lungs with her sweet scent, Daniel lowered his head and began to investigate those womanly folds with the tip of his tongue, savoring any droplets of sweet honey that he encountered.

Like the virtuoso he was, Daniel was composing a symphony of love on her body. The final overture would send her spiraling to the stars. She shivered in anticipation of what was to come, even as the sensations of pleasure began to intensify. What an incredible tongue, she thought, unable to hold back the soft moan that his ministrations elicited.

He closed his eyes, concentrating on her...giving her the most pleasure possible. Writing his love against her skin, each pass of his tongue resulted in shivers that had her nearly vibrating beneath him. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways, he thought as he carefully created each letter.

"Please...please...," she whispered.

Begging is good. Begging is very good. When he pulled her swollen nub into his mouth, she nearly cried out. He could hear her struggling to remain as silent as possible, given that they weren't alone. Within a matter of minutes she was panting, her hips moving up and down against his face. He slid two fingers into her warm well, stroking hard and steady. Listened as that whimper began to fill her throat. He shifted slightly, reached up to cover her mouth with his hand. Grinned mentally when her fingers wrapped around his wrist, and held tightly.

Lights flashed, colors whirled, her body on the pinnacle of release. She gave a low moan as the final notes of the overture he had written on her skin tossed her over the edge of the precipice; crashed into waves of pleasure and rode them, stars spinning around her as she pirouetted among them.

When her body sank back down, he finished licking her clean, then began to kiss his way toward her lips.

"My turn," she whispered, when he finally ended the kiss that signified the end of his journey of love.

"Do it," he responded, shifting to his back. He closed his eyes and returned the kiss she was now so eagerly offering. Lifted his chin when she began to trail kisses along his jaw, to his throat. Kiss for kiss. Touch for touch. Caress for caress. She made love with enthusiasm, with absolute joy. I have got to be the luckiest man alive!

She anointed his skin with her kisses, covering every inch of his shoulders and chest, determined to make the most of this precious time together. They'd been apart longer periods of time...dark days filled with loneliness and heartache. Two weeks was still fourteen days of worry. Filled with hours she'd be alone, without his gentle, protective presence. Tears filled her eyes in the wake of the knowledge that within hours their trial would begin.

"Oh, god," he moaned, unable to remain quiet when her lips wrapped around his throbbing flesh and moved down, engulfing him in the warmth of her mouth.

She gave a secret smile of glee, knowing that it was her touch that made him groan. Velvet covered steel, she thought, as she moved up and down on his turgid shaft, quickly establishing a rhythm that had his entire body rocking in time with her movements.

"That's it, just like that," he whispered breathlessly. He reached for her, wrapped his hands in her hair as she continued to pleasure him. Tendrils of blonde silk tickled his thighs and belly as she moved, the sensual touch making his skin hypersensitive to every caress.

As much as she wanted to linger...to tease him, she knew that they needed to get a few hours of sleep before facing what the day held. And she'd not be denied feeling him deep inside, holding him tightly, being one with him. Not tonight.

After an eternity of her teasing...her loving attention moving him to the edge far too soon...he felt himself slide deeper. She was swallowing, and it was all over. Lights flashed behind his closed eyelids as he gave up what she'd so expertly worked for. "Casey!" he gasped as his climax rolled over him, leaving him panting and completely satisfied.

With a smile of triumph, she licked him clean, then slid up his body, offering the kiss that signaled the end of her loving oral attention.

"That was amazing," Daniel said softly, wrapping his arms around her as she settled on top of him.

"I don't want to stop," she said shyly, glancing over her shoulder at the zippered 'door' of the tent. "I need to feel you, be one with you."

"Whatever you want, Casey; whatever you need," Daniel replied.

"What I want is to pack up and go home," she admitted.

"We can't do that."

"I know. Well, we could. I'm even betting we could figure out which Goa'uld are involved, and take those bracelets from them." She put her finger on his lips before he could voice his protest. "But we'll stay."

"I'll be okay. You've see it," he insisted.

"That doesn't mean anything," Casey insisted. "There's always the chance that something will happen to change what I've seen."

He shook his head stubbornly. "Your gift has never failed us, Angel. It won't this time. I'll be home before you can miss me."

"I already miss you," she whispered.

Tightening his arms around her, Daniel rolled over, shifted immediately, so that he was once again lying on top of her. He smoothed the hair from her face, looked down at her and noted the tears in her eyes. "Just a few days, Angel. It will only be for a few days."

Clinging to his shoulders, she gave herself up to his kiss when he lowered his head, his lips claiming hers. For this moment, I won't think about it. Just for this moment...

It never ceased to amaze him...she could suck his balls dry, and within minutes his body was completely ready for her. Her nipples grazed his chest as he situated himself, his hardened instantly in response. When her legs locked around his waist he pushed forward gently, slid into the warmth of her body.

"I love that," she sighed, her eyes drifting closed. Melded together into the entity that was uniquely them, nothing could hurt her. Her fears couldn't torment her as long as she was in Daniel's arms.

"Me, too, Angel." Slowly he began the ancient dance of love, her hips meeting his thrust for thrust as they moved toward completion.

Once again fingers of pleasure moved up and down her spine, settled in her molten core. She struggled to retain control of her body, determined to make the moments in her Husband's arms last as long as possible.

"That's it, nice and easy," he murmured, trailing kisses over her jaw. "You feel so good."

"So do you," she whispered in return.

"My Angel. My goddess," he whispered in her ear. "Your love will keep me safe."

Tears caught in her lashes. "I love you so very much."

"I know. I can feel it. I love you, too, Angel."

"I know," she breathed against his skin. "I can feel your love wrapping around me."

Locked in each other's embrace, their hips met again and again...grinding against one another as they took and gave and moved ever closer to release in the garden of pleasure that existed only for them.



Jack glanced at the tent the Jacksons had climbed into an hour earlier. He'd heard the whispers, the soft moans...sounds of them making love. He was on his feet in alarm, brining his P90 level when he realized that there was a blue glow emanating from the interior of the tent. "Holy buckets!"

Teal'c looked at the tent, and smiled. "I have witnessed that glow once before."

"On a mission?" Jack asked, settling back down beside the fire, his eyes still on the tent and that mesmerizing blue glow. Odd that it's not casting their silhouette against the side of the tent...

"No. In his office. Daniel Jackson was holding Casey Jackson in his arms, hugging her tightly," Teal'c replied. "A glowing blue light surrounded them, what looked like sparks of blue were present where their bodies touched. Apparently there have been others who have witnessed the phenomenon as well."

"Really?" The comment pulled Jack's attention from the tent to the face of his companion.

"Indeed. It seems that any who are blessed to observe this...occurrence...never forget it."

"No doubt," Jack muttered. "Must have something to do with Casey's radar."

"I believe it is a manifestation of their stature as The One and His Guide."

Jack looked at the tent again. "Could be," he agreed. And wondered how often the walls of the Jackson's bedroom glowed with blue light, if that glow was visible from outside the house; and if so, how many of the neighbors had noticed.



"I'm so close," she whispered, kissing his shoulders.

"Let go, Angel," he begged. He wasn't going to last more than a few seconds. He refused to fall before she did. It was male pride...ego...the desperation to give to her before he took.

Fingers winding through his hair, she pulled him close for a kiss, the whimper she could never control filling her throat.

Deepening the kiss as lights began to flash behind his eyes, he swallowed her ecstasy; let her taste his own bliss when he groaned as he filled her with his love.

She was still shivering when Daniel rolled over, keeping their bodies melded together as one. She sighed against his neck as his hands began to move gently up and down her back.



"Sleep, Angel. There's a lot of translating to do tomorrow."

Her heart lurched in her chest. They would carry on as if they didn't know what was about to happen. As if the threat of Daniel's abduction wasn't looming over them. "Right."

In spite of his outward bravado, Daniel was just as concerned about being a Goa'uld prisoner as his Wife and teammates. Only the belief that he had to get the Ancient bracelets from the two Goa'uld involved kept him from giving in to Casey's desire to flee back through the Stargate to the SGC. There was something important about those bracelets, or the snakes wouldn't be interested in them. He had to find out what that 'something' was...solve the mystery before the snakes could do so. He had to!




Doctor Weir plumped the pillow behind her head. The tour the general had given her...of all twenty-eight levels of the SGC...had left her mind spinning. Several of the artifacts she'd seen looked like pieces one would find in any number of museums. But there were other things...bits of technology - devices and tools, she'd been told...that were as obviously alien as their creators. One of the scientists, one of the few xenobiologists in the country - or so the general claimed, had excitedly shown her the work he was doing regarding the Asgard. While the little gray aliens hadn't been hopeful that 'outside' sources would find a solution to the cloning problem that plagued them, they had been willing to send him a significant amount of their own research for him to study.

Real aliens. Honest-to-god little green men. Well, she thought a bit amusedly, little gray men. She'd been privy to a full briefing on all that was known about the Goa'uld. One of the archaeologists had shown her the database that Casey Jackson...the resident seer, she snorted silently...was working on.

Even as she lay in bed...in a room in a secret facility, twenty-five levels below ground...she was having a hell of a time wrapping her mind around the truth of the matter. Aliens were real. And there was one particularly nasty group that was as hell bent to conquer humans as those of the SGC were to destroy them.

She drifted to sleep, her mind reeling as what she'd believed all her life crashed into the reality of the new 'facts' she'd been handed.




Major Deke Anderson and his 'boys' - 1st Lieutenant Rolly Baker, Sergeant Larry Childers, Sergeant Buford Dobson, and Doctor Jonas Quinn - held a brief 'team' meeting near the edge of camp. Dawn was breaking over the horizon as the major studied his men, digesting what he'd just learned.

"You're sure?" Jonas asked, glancing over his shoulder. Colonel Carter was busy starting a fresh pot of coffee, in anticipation of Daniel and Casey soon waking. Teal'c was making another perimeter check, and was at that moment on the far side of the tents.

The lieutenant and amiable Georgian-born Dobson nodded glumly. "There was no mistaking it. It was a ring transport, and it's been used recently," Baker reported.

"Shit!" Anderson hissed. "Any sign of 'em?"

"No, sir," Dobson said, shaking his head. "I reckon they're nearby, but they're staying down, and quiet."

Jonas shuddered in the chill of the early morning, although the temperature had nothing to do with the sudden movement.

Baker frowned. "If we can just get SG-1 back through the 'gate, then whoever is out there can't take Doc. Right?"

Anderson gazed at the toes of his boots. Then back up at the hopeful expression on the lieutenant's face. "I think the general would hustle 'em back home in a heartbeat. But Doc is set on seeing this through. I don't know if he has theories about those doohickeys-"

"Bracelets. Well, more like arm bands," Jonas interjected. He dropped his eyes, mumbled an apology.

The major smiled. "Whatever they are, the Doc thinks they're important. If the snakes want 'em, then it's in our best interest to prevent that."

"And for that to happen, Doc has to be captured," Childers sighed. "Mrs. J ain't gonna be happy about this."

"From what Colonel Carter told me, she damned near bit off General Hammond's head in an attempt to prevent SG-1 from coming on this mission," Anderson grinned. The grin faded quickly. "Okay, keep your eyes open. We stick to the Doc like a burr on wool socks. If they can't get to him, they can't take him...Mrs. J said he was alone when he was taken in her vision. If we can prevent that from happening, it will make Mrs. J and General O'Neill happy."

"What about Daniel?" Jonas asked. It seemed to him that only he and Daniel understood the gravity of the situation, and the importance of allowing events to unfold as Casey had seen. Or, perhaps the others understood, but simply refused to accept that Daniel's capture was the best, and possibly only, means of getting those bracelets before the Goa'uld could decipher the markings on them.

"Doc will figure out what those bracelets are, Mrs. J will take a look-see and find 'em, and we'll go after 'em," Anderson shrugged.

Jack took note of the huddle of men as soon as he crawled out of his tent. From all appearances, they'd just come back to camp. If Deke had split the team up, he'd be getting a report. He nodded at Teal'c as the large man emerged from the far side of the camp, wondered briefly if the Jaffa had actually slept at all, then made his way to where SG-12 stood talking. "Good morning, Major," he said amiably.

'Sir," Anderson replied. He glanced at his men, then looked directly into curious brown eyes. "They're out there. No clue how many, or where exactly. But the boys found a small temple about six miles from here. Has a transport ring, and it's been used recently."

"Had to have been within the past day or so," Dobson added. "Weeds were sheered clean off, but the cut ends ain't wilted yet."

"Crap," Jack muttered. He glanced over his shoulder. What he wanted to do was order camp broke down, and that they all bug the hell out immediately. When Daniel opened the flap to his own tent and stepped out fully dressed, turning to say something quietly to the woman still inside, he knew that there was no way the archaeologist would walk away. Whatever those snakes were after was important. And Daniel would do whatever it took to prevent any Goa'uld from collecting any Ancient technology he possibly could. Once again he came face-to-face with the courage of Doctor Daniel Jackson. And complained silently that the man's constant insistence on doing the right thing was most often a pain in his ass...and his heart.

One look at his best friend's face and he knew. SG-12 had found something. Or someone. Daniel couldn't help but look up...Casey had been convinced that there was a ship above the planet. Soon, she'd said. Probably by noon at the latest, he figured. What he didn't want was to see an all out battle blazing between who knew how many Jaffa, and the two SG teams. The chances of one of the men being hurt...or worse, killed...would be high in such a scenario. Casey would beat the crap out of herself for not seeing said battle in the first place, and then for not being able to warn them about impending danger in the second. He didn't want her adding more guilt to what she already carried.

Before he could join the men to learn what was going on, Casey stepped out beside him. The look of raw pain in her eyes had his heart dropping to his toes. "Angel?"

"They're here," she whispered. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "If you just stay with someone, they can't take you. You were alone in my vision. Please, Daniel, don't be alone!"

He wrapped his arms around his distraught Wife. "Shh...it's okay, Casey, I promise."

Jack approached slowly, not certain whether Radar was receiving an info dump or not. "Somebody's here," he said quietly.

"I know," Daniel replied, his short nod indicating that Casey had just informed him.

"Radar?" Jack asked, stepping closer. Cursed silently when she turned her tear-stained face in his direction.

"Soon," she whispered.

Wiping a hand over his own face, Jack muttered about the Goa'uld and their penchant for being totally predictable, thus ruining what promised to be a lovely, sunny day. He'd hesitated once before, and that had damned near cost Casey...and Daniel...everything. If there was even a remote chance that they could prevent Daniel's capture, he was sure as hell going to give it his best shot...in spite of Daniel's self-sacrificing tendencies. They'd figure out how to get those damned bracelets when they were all safe and sound at home. "Break down camp. Doesn't have to be neat or pretty. We're leaving."

"Jack!" Daniel protested. "There's more information on those walls about those bracelets."

"You've got at least four hours worth of recordings. You had Sam and T snapping pictures all afternoon yesterday. You can figure it out from that," Jack insisted.

"One Goa'uld already has one of the bracelets, Jack! We can't let him get both!" Daniel argued.

"Damn it, Daniel!" Jack yanked the ball-cap from his head, beat it against his thigh in frustration. He always hated it when Daniel argued with him. He hated it more when the archaeologist was right. He should be used to it by now, but it still bugged the hell out of him when whatever Daniel wanted seemed to go against good, old-fashioned common sense.

Daniel shifted from one foot to the other. "If we have to argue, can we do it while I take a leak?"

A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. "If you insist."

"I don't particularly care," Daniel replied. "But my bladder does."

Teal'c was already standing behind him when Jack turned slightly. "Let's go keep Danny company. And according to Deke and Casey, the bad guys are here," Jack informed the Jaffa.

Immediately Teal'c's dark eyes scanned the forest around them. There were many places to hide among the trees and the bushes. His hand moved so quickly that no one actually saw him take the Beretta from the holster. He was holding the pistol in one hand, his P90 in the other, prepared to use both on any who might try to surprise them.

Jack led the way toward the area that had been designated as the 'latrine', his own P90 ready for action.

"Hopefully they'll let us eat breakfast first," Daniel grumbled, as his stomach growled in protest of its condition...which at the moment was empty.

"Have the snakes ever been considerate?" Jack queried, his eyes never remaining in one place for more than a few seconds.

"Um...no," Daniel admitted. He unbuttoned the BDU pants. Sighed with relief as the stream of urine began to hit the ground.

With a sigh as the sound reminded him of his own personal needs, Jack lowered his weapon. "Keep an eye out, T," he said, unbuttoning his pants. He'd been on his way here when he'd noticed Anderson and his men...




Four Jaffa, hidden beneath a large bush, watched as the two Tau'ri relieved themselves. The shol'va couldn't watch in all directions at once. It would be to their advantage to approach the men now...instinct would be to cover themselves in order to protect that most sensitive male organ before reaching for their weapons...




Teal'c heard the faintest rustling of leaves. While it was possible that a small animal was the cause, his experience had him moving closer to the bush to investigate the noise...

Three simultaneous, green-hued bursts filled the air...

Whoever the Jaffa were, and he was conscious just long enough to see them crawl from beneath the bush, they'd apparently picked up a few weapons like that trader had given the team to use to escape from Ba'al. Mogba...that was the guy's name...hell, my dick's still hangin' out...gotta button my pants...Casey was right... Daniel's thoughts were silenced as he dropped unconscious to the ground.




The sound of energy weapons being discharged echoed through the trees.

"Daniel!" Casey's scream echoed just as loudly as she, Sam, and the members of SG-12 raced into the woods.

Sam reached the two downed men first, dropped to her knees to check pulses. Bit back a sigh of relief. Jack and Teal'c were out cold, but very much alive. Although Daniel was nowhere to be seen. What had happened was obvious, and with deft movements, which her companions chose to pointedly ignore, she preserved her husband's dignity.

"I'm betting they're taking him straight to that ring transporter," Deke said, straining to see through the shrubs and trees that surrounded them.

"Ring transporter?" Sam asked hoarsely, rising slowly to her feet.

"Yes, ma'am. Boys found it last night. Recently used. Probably how they got here."

Sam looked around, part of her wanting to run out to find Daniel, the other wanting to get her husband to safety until he was conscious again. One deep breath, and her training took over. As the ranking officer, it was up to her to decide the best course of action. "Okay, the general wanted camp broken down. Let's do it," she said. "Whoever was after Daniel has him, they're not going to hang around waiting for us to track them down. We head back to the SGC. We'll organize the search there."

Jonas timidly put his arm around Casey's shoulders. The slender blonde was trembling visibly. "Daniel will be okay," he said softly. "You saw it. So it will happen."

The faith in the young man's voice brought more tears to her eyes. "Right," she said shakily, offering a watery smile.

"Casey, has anything changed in your vision? You said that Daniel was alone when he was taken..." Sam asked nervously, glancing at her two downed teammates.

Oh, hell! If they'd changed that much, would the end result be different? Wishing fervently for her Husband's gentle touch, Casey closed her eyes. Opened them again, and without a word, stepped closer to Sam, who enveloped the young seer in a comforting hug. Closing her eyes once again, she reached out...searched...listened. Cocked her head sideways as the whispers filled her ears.

"Well?" Sam asked, as soon as Casey had opened her eyes and stepped back.

"You won't believe it if I tell you," Casey muttered, still poking at what she'd learned, not sure she believed it herself.

"Try me," Sam replied.

"Remember Tieel Mogba?"

A cold shiver ran up Sam's spine. "I remember," she said hoarsely. That bastard had been responsible for kidnapping Casey from a village SG-1 had been visiting...turning her over to Ba'al. The seer had been missing for almost three months. They'd nearly lost Daniel as well, during the long search for his wife. Then, the bounty hunter had captured them, under a banner of truce, and turned the entire team over to Ba'al. He had agreed to wait nearby for them to ring back to his ship. The little shit had left them high and dry. They'd managed to escape, but had damned near been stranded on a very cold planet... "He took Daniel?"

"Nope. He's going to be the one to help Daniel escape from...the guy snake. Whoever he is. Mogba will bring Daniel home."

Sam gaped at her friend. "You're sure?"

Slender shoulders went up, then back down. "As sure as I can be. What I can't see is whether Daniel knocks the shit out of him first."

Deke Anderson snorted. Everyone in the mountain knew about Tieel Mogba, and what he'd done to Casey Jackson, and SG-1. He was probably as well liked as the snakes themselves. "Ma'am, I don't have to have your gift to know that Doc will knock that slimy bastard on his ass at least a dozen times. Then he'll probably get pissy."

Chuckles filled the air at the thought of the archaeologist taking his revenge against the bounty hunter.

"Reckon if we find this fella, he could get the Doc sooner?" Dobson asked.

"I don't know," Casey replied truthfully. She looked at Sam.

"It's worth a try," Sam allowed.

Anderson nodded. "You heard the Colonel. Let's break camp." He reached down and grabbed one of Jack's wrists, then pulled the general over his shoulders.

Childers and Dobson took Teal'c's arms, tugging gently to pull the unconscious Jaffa back to camp.

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