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Lessons Learned

Chapter 12

"Would you care for another drink, sir?"

He opened one eye, looked up at the waitress who stood beside the chaise where he was currently lying. The woman was practically falling out of her coconut shell top. And if those things were real, he’d bite ‘em! She was definitely carrying a pretty good supply of saline in her chest! "Yeah, that sounds good," he replied lazily. He'd been drinking iced tea all afternoon. And it was really very good tea.

"Miss? Would you care for another drink?"

Casey had been drinking iced water, with a twist of lime to flavor it. She didn’t bother opening her eyes. "Yes, please."

After another peaceful thirty minutes had passed, what remained of their fresh drinks melting in the sun, Daniel reached over, laced his fingers with hers. "This is almost as good as laying on the beach in the Bahamas, isn’t it?" he asked softly.

She smiled. "Almost. Can’t skinny dip here, though. Or make love in the water."

"True. Of course, if making love in the water is what you want, we could go to our room and make love in the bathtub."

"Now that is a very interesting idea." She opened her eyes, rolled to her side, rested her head on her hand. She reached over and ran her fingers up and down his bare chest. "I like that idea."

His body reacted to her touch. The way it always did. He could feel the fire of his lust...his love, burning in his veins. "Let’s go," he whispered.

She pulled herself to her feet, slipped her arm around his waist when his dropped onto her shoulders.

"Dinner, 'rumjungle', seven-thirty," a familiar voice called out.

Casey smiled. She couldn’t tell for sure, he had his sunglasses on, but she'd thought the older man had been asleep. It seemed that when any of them moved, he knew it. Must be all that Special Ops training, she thought. Toss in the fact that the five of them were so very close emotionally...yeah, they were all decidedly connected at the heart!

"We’ll be there," Daniel grinned. As he turned to lead her to the elevators, he caught sight of a group of young men watching her. Yeah, looks great, doesn’t she? he thought, feeling his chest puff out slightly with pride. He tightened his grip on her, the animal need to establish that she belonged to him thrumming through his blood. He glanced down at her. She'd tied the sheer wrap around her waist, covering the thong bottom of her bikini. Her flat, smooth belly glistened with suntan oil, her breasts peeked seductively from the little bikini top. His eyes went back to her admirers. Yep, she’s gorgeous...she’s hot...and she’s mine, he thought smugly.


A   A   A   A   A   A


She lay on top of him, panting, her body still trembling. "Better?" she asked.

He managed to smile. He loved her blowjobs...god what she could do with that tongue! But she'd refused to let him go over the edge. Probably because he'd teased her for so long. Then she'd ridden him, stopping three times just as he was about to come, only to use that sexy body...that sweet twat, to work him up all over again. Just when he was certain he was going to lose his mind, she had sped up, riding him hard and fast, and sent him soaring into the stratosphere. He was breathing heavily, his cock still twitching inside her. "Oh, yeah," he murmured.

His fingers were moving slowly up and down her back, she couldn’t help but arch toward the warmth of those strong hands. He'd spent an hour making love to her breasts, working her up until she was nearly beside herself with need. Another forty-five minutes he'd spent tormenting her, taking her to the brink of pleasure, then denying her flight. When he'd taken her swollen, aching clit into his mouth the last time, the orgasm that resulted had brought a soft scream from her throat, and a delighted smile to his face.

She'd had her revenge, however She'd made love to him, taking him to the brink, flicking her tongue over that swollen, purple head, then pulled away, kissing his belly and chest until she was certain that he'd come down far enough for her to proceed. Before he could go over the top the second time, she'd risen up, straddled his hips, and impaled herself on him, holding him tightly, but refusing to let him move, refusing him the relief he wanted...needed. Again she tormented him, making certain that he paid for every second of the sweet torture she'd endured. She took him to the top for a third time, determined to make him as crazy has he'd made her. By the time she'd worked him up for the final time, her own body was making demands that couldn't be ignored.

"Love you, Angel," he said softly.

"Love you, too," she replied. She snuggled closer, felt his arms tighten around her. She glanced at the clock beside the bed. "We should take a shower. We have to meet Jack, Sam, and Teal’c in just over an hour."

He let her move away from him...but not before getting one more kiss. The view was incredible as he watched her walk over to the dresser. She opened the drawer, leaned over to sort through her clean lingerie. She'd rinsed out her dirty things as soon as she'd awakened that morning. He'd found the hotel laundry bag, filled it, and left it on the door for the hotel cleaning crew to deal with. When they'd returned to the room earlier, their clean laundry had been waiting for them. He continued to watch her. Damn, what a sight...those slender legs, that sweet twat winking so seductively... He could feel himself harden. What she could do to him! "Uh, babe?"

Casey looked over her shoulder at him. Followed his gaze when he looked down at his rising manhood. "I just tamed that thing!"

He couldn’t help but laugh. "Yeah, you did. Then you walked over there and bent over."

She giggled. "You’re insatiable."

"Only for you," he replied softly. He grinned. "So, what are you going to do about this?"

"Not a thing," she replied, tossing her hair over her shoulder.


"Nope. I did all the work this afternoon-"

"Oh, that is so not true, I helped!"

Her giggles turned into a full laugh. "Holding my hips does not constitute helping," she argued.

"Don’t move," he growled. He climbed off of the bed, walked up behind her, sheathed his now aching cock in that warm, sweet flesh. "Oh, yeah," he sighed.

She shifted slightly, moving her legs farther apart, then stood up, pressing her back against his chest. Her hands were reaching back to caress his hips, even as his hands moved over her body. "Oh, Daniel," she sighed, as his fingers found the rhythm she needed...wanted.

"That’s it, Angel," he whispered, as her hips pushed back against him, taking all of him, begging for more.

Their bodies moved together, bringing them once again to the top of the mountain, sending them sailing toward the stars, their ragged breathing the only sound in the room as they drifted back down to reality yet again.

"Shower, Stud Muffin, or we’re going to be late for dinner."


A   A   A   A   A   A


After dinner Sam and Jack headed for the craps tables, Teal’c located a slot machine that intrigued him, and Casey and Daniel decided to sample the nightlife offered in one of the hotel clubs. Their friends had arrived in time to see the couple demonstrating their ‘dirty dancing’ abilities, hooting and hollering and encouraging them, to the amusement of the other patrons.

For six days the team ate, drank, swam, took in eight different shows, went shopping, walked through every casino on the strip, and had an all around good time. Days spent lounging beside the pool had given them all deep, golden tans.

They left early on the seventh day, the men had decided that a tour of the Hoover Dam was a must, as long as they were in the area. The tour had been interesting, and in the spirit of road trips, they'd left the interstate to follow a less traveled road. They stopped in a tiny town that reminded Casey of Los Noche, and spent the evening playing poker, sitting on the ground in front of their rooms in the old motel they'd found.


A   A   A   A   A   A


The drive across the desert was uneventful, and they reached the Grand Canyon just as the sun was setting low on the horizon.

She was awed at the majesty of the canyon. It was more inspiring than any photograph could show. "Wow," she said softly.

"Now that’s impressive," Jack agreed.

"It is, indeed," Teal’c said.

"Sometimes, I forget just what we have right here," Daniel said softly.

Sam nodded. "In all of the excitement of seeing alien planets...it’s easy to forget what we have."

The five stood close together, drinking in the beauty of the canyon, watching as the first stars began to fill the sky above them. It was difficult...it was impossible...to look at those stars, and not think about the dozens of planets they'd visited...the alien skies they'd looked up at...the people they'd met, the friends they'd made...the threat that hung over the entire planet, the danger to every man, woman, and child around them.

"Let’s go check in, campers," Jack said quietly. "We’ll see about doing a tour or something tomorrow."


A   A   A   A   A   A


He stared at the animal beside him. "I don’t remember agreeing to this," Daniel mumbled.

"We voted," Casey giggled.

"That I remember," he admitted. It had been a noisy, animated conversation during breakfast, eaten in Sam and Jack’s room. All of them had ideas on what they wanted to do. Sam and Casey had found the hand-drawn brochures in the lobby, and had immediately called the number to find out about the private horse-back tour of the canyon. Jack had liked the idea immediately, the two women had convinced Teal’c it would be fun, and he had...he'd just sat back and watched Casey’s eyes dance with excitement, her slender body nearly bouncing in her chair.

"Come on, Daniel! You’ve ridden camels before," Jack said. "You rode those weird-ass..." he broke off, glanced around at the two guides and the four other tourists. "You rode those beasties of Skaara’s!"

"I was dragged across the desert by that damned thing," Daniel corrected. "Camels are the only way to get to some of the digs I was on in Egypt. Didn’t mean I liked riding the damned things!"

She swung up into the saddle as if she did it every day. "Come on, Stud Muffin. It’ll be fun."

"Right," he groused. He climbed into the saddle, took the reins from the guide, and looked down at the horse. "Okay, here’s the deal. You don’t hurt me, and I won’t hurt you." He could have sworn that the horse looked back at him and laughed.

The path that they took was narrow, but not frighteningly so. They followed a trail that led to the Colorado River. Lunch was being provided, the cost included in the ticket price, and would be waiting for them, or so Ken, their guide, informed them.

The scenery was breathtaking, the Canyon unfolding in front of them. The guides were knowledgeable about the geology of the canyon, as well as the many stories and folklore that persisted about events that had occurred there. There were times when the view seemed to demand silence...reverence, and the guides honored those times, giving the riders a chance to simply experience the wonders around them.

At one-thirty they rode into a clearing where the sound of the water rushing over the rocks in the river that flowed nearby was clearly heard. Waiting under a large canopy were three picnic tables, a woman and a young girl...and the most tantalizing smells they could have imagined. The ‘kitchen’ was in the camper on the back of an older pickup, which was parked beside the canopy.

Fish caught that morning in the nearby river had been rolled in a coating of crumbs and spices, then grilled over an open fire, and served with a fresh tomato salsa. New red potatoes dripping with butter and chives, tossed salads, fresh rolls and generous slices of homemade apple pie were included as well. There was plenty of iced tea and ice water, as well as coffee for dessert.

Casey had been taking pictures of the canyon as they moved through it, unaware that Daniel was busy taking pictures of her. During the lunch break she posed her Husband and friends on the horses, with the guides, and with the river as a back drop before deciding that she had enough. She wanted to save film for the remainder of the ride.




When the guide led them out onto a wide plateau, the canyon spread out before them, Casey gasped. "Oh, wow," she whispered.

None of the tourists, all of whom had been chattering happily, seemed anxious to break the tranquility that seemed to surround them. With almost silent reverence, the group dismounted, moved closer to the edge of the cliff. Quietly, they began to take pictures, tangible reminders of the magical place they'd visited.

Daniel had his arms around her waist, standing behind her, looking out across the landscape. "It’s amazing," he said softly.

"Yes, it is," she replied. "I’m glad I’m seeing it with you. Something this...special...should be shared with the one you love."

He smiled, tightened his arms around her, kissed the side of her face.

Sam looked over at them; the sun on their faces, the happiness in their eyes, the soft breeze moving their hair every so slightly. She snapped a photo. They looked so happy, so... serene. She wanted proof that they could...and had...felt that way.

By the time they returned to the corral where the tour had started, they were all feeling the affects of the unaccustomed ride. Tired, but pleasantly so, they picked up pizzas on their way back to the hotel. There was an area in the lobby where tables were clustered together for those who took advantage of the available Continental breakfast. They gathered there with their meal, and sat happily discussing the days events.

"So what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?" Jack asked, taking a third slice of pizza.

"Lay beside the pool," Casey said immediately.

"Didn’t do enough of that in Vegas, huh?" Jack teased.

"Nope," she replied.

"You know," Sam said lazily, "we should find a little place like the one in Dolan Springs."

The slender blonde nodded. "I like that idea. Nice and quiet, not a lot of people around."

"So we should just load up, hit the road and when we come to a small town, stop?" Daniel asked.

"Works for me," Sam replied.

"Me, too," his wife chimed in.

The men exchanged glances. No one would say out loud what they were all thinking in that moment...that the five of them were more accustomed to being alone together on an alien planet than surrounded by their fellow Tau’ri. For ten days they'd been bombarded with the sights, sounds and smells of large...huge...crowds of people. They needed a break...a chance to completely wind down, before returning to the SGC and the missions that waited for them. "Okay, that’s the plan, then," Jack said quietly.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Kayenta. Just a quiet little town right off Highway 160. In the north-east corner of Arizona. It had three hotels. All of them had a swimming pool. After a quick debate, the Hampton Inn was chosen, and rooms were rented. The beautiful Monument Valley was nearby, and Daniel was insistent that they at least take a look.

Jack pulled the SUV to the side of the road. "Well, every western ever made had footage of this place in it," he said.

"Probably," Daniel allowed. He opened the side door and crawled out of the vehicle, camera in hand. "C’mon, babe," he said softly.

Casey followed him, smiled as he took several pictures of her with the breathtaking scenery as a backdrop.

Two vans, three motor homes, and a car passed them as they sat, drinking in the view. "You’d think these people would be home," Sam groused. "It’s October!"

"Snowbirds," Jack said.

"What is a ‘snowbird’?" Teal’c asked.

"Usually retired people. They come down here for the winter. Most of them live in northern states, where winters are cold," Jack explained.

Because there was no one to tell them that they couldn’t, they decided to go on a bit of a scenic tour. Jack turned off the road and headed into the desert.

"We do have enough gas to get back, right?" Daniel asked, already stuffing water, a first aid kit and more film into his backpack, just in case they decided to hike a bit.

"Shit, I knew there was something I needed to do," Jack replied.

"Tell me your kidding, Jack, please tell me you’re kidding," Casey said immediately.

"I’m kidding, Casey," the older man grinned.


The blonde major leaned over to look at the instrument panel. "Three-quarters of a tank," she announced.

Jack parked the SUV with the front end pointing in the direction they needed to return in order to find the highway once again. Without discussion, the team members sat down on the sand, in the shade of the vehicle.

Silence. Absolute silence. A rare thing to find on the heavily populated planet known as Earth. Even as quiet as it was, the knowledge that just a few miles from where they sat was a town full of people seemed to fill the air with a perceptible hum. Perhaps not heard, but certainly felt. Unlike the dozens of planets they'd visited, where there were no other living beings but themselves.

"Relaxing," Jack said quietly.

"Very," Daniel agreed.

They continued to sit, each of them lost in his or her own thoughts. Comfortable in the stillness that surrounded them. The sun was dipping toward the horizon when Jack finally stood, stretched, and brushed the sand from the back of his jeans. The others followed suit. All of them had managed to completely let go of the worries, the fears, the plans, the missions, the battles that waited for them. For a few more precious days they could push those things away. Savor the tranquility of the desert. Rejuvenate their souls.

For the first time since they'd started their vacation together, they all opted to have dinner in their respective rooms, respecting each other’s needs, holding to the peace they'd found earlier. They'd each emerged from their rooms the next day more rested than they'd been in months.


A   A   A   A   A   A


She heaved a sigh. The last few days of their vacation had been the best. They'd had the pool to themselves, if there had been other guests during the day, they neither saw nor heard them. It had been wonderful...lazing by the pool in the morning and late afternoon, talking when the mood struck, napping if they wanted to, napping in the early afternoon, quiet dinners together in one room or the other.

"Got everything?"

"I think so," she replied. She did another quick check, making sure nothing had been left in the bathroom, nothing forgotten in the dresser or closet.

"Ready?" he asked softly.

"I suppose so." She sighed again. "We needed this."

"I know."

"We’ll need another one when this is all over."


She followed him to the SUV, carrying her duffel and purse. She glanced around one last time. These would be memories that would see them through the coming days...and weeks. When they needed to remember...to remind one another of better, happier times. When they faced the biggest threat the SGC had at the moment. An Earth-bound Goa’uld named Tem.


A   A   A   A   A   A


His body ached from the beating he'd received. He'd gagged when the Master had shoved his cock down his throat so ruthlessly. He'd displeased the Master. His wounds had been cleaned, soothing oils put on the worst of the cuts. Barely able to move, he slowly crawled on his belly to where the man, his Master...his god...sat reading the newspaper. Eyes watching every movement of the man who owned him, he made his way closer. When he'd reached his target, he began to lick the man’s bare feet.

"Ah, Kinsey. Begging my forgiveness, I see."

He said nothing, but his eyes brightened, he licked with renewed enthusiasm.

"Present, my faithful little pet."

In instant he was on his hands and knees, his ass high in the air, his folded arms on the floor, head resting on top of them. He didn’t even cringe when the Master entered his unprepared ass. It was...uncomfortable...but he'd had so many cocks...and dildoes...up his ass in the past seventy-two hours that he was still open. A party, the Master had said. Because his plans were going well.

He pushed back, moved his hips up and down, did everything that the Master liked. He practically purred when he felt a hand reach around his hip and begin to stroke his aching cock.

"Such a good little pet. Such a quick learner," the man panted. "Tomorrow, my pet, if you do well, you shall be justly rewarded."

He shivered with anticipation. He'd do whatever the Master asked of him. The Master cared for him...loved him...treated him well. Did he not have the softest bed to sleep in? The best food? All of the coke and booze he wanted? He was allowed to get stoned and drunk every night when the Master was away. Anything to please his Master, for his life was perfect...




When Bailey came for him the next afternoon, he could barely contain his excitement. The servant smiled at his near inability to stand still during the preparations. Perhaps he'd be allowed to speak! That had been one of his first lessons, learning not to make a sound. He could whimper, he could moan, but he was not allowed to speak. He was, after all, just a pet. He knew exactly what he would say. He would profess his love of his Master.

As was usual for such a...momentous...occasion, all of the Master’s friends were in attendance, all of them smiling at him, reaching out to stroke his naked body...much more fit due to the daily workouts Bailey insisted upon...as he walked by. Bailey had made certain that his cock was rock hard before leaving the room, and the men were impressed, he could see it in their eyes.

Bailey led him outside, down the stone steps and into the garden of the estate. Master’s friends followed, all of them laughing and joking, several making wagers on whether or not the new pet would even survive this particular test. He couldn’t help but stand straighter, puff his chest out a bit when he overheard two of the men comment that he had been the most obedient pet the Master'd had in some time. They were certain that Kinsey would do well.

A tall, wide canopy had been erected to protect the Master and his friends from the heat of the tropical sun. In the center of the tent was an old-fashioned stock, the wood polished until it shone. Bailey led him toward the device. He knelt down, put his neck in the groove, his wrists in the narrow slots, made not a sound as the top was lowered into place. He never even blinked when the lock snapped closed.

His ass a bit higher than his back, and he almost frowned...there was no need for him to be restrained! Whatever the Master wished, he'd do it, gladly! His confusion increased when he heard the sounds of chains rattling.

"Let us see just how well Kinsey has learned," the Master’s voice said. "If he is truly obedient, or just pretending to bow to my wishes."

Pretend? Once again he had to fight to keep the smile on his face. During the first days of his...training...he had done just that. He'd responded to all commands, but he was always watching, listening, waiting to find a chance to escape. He'd been beaten several times. The Master had always carefully healed him, so that no marks, no scars of those beatings remained on his body. But he'd learned...oh yes, he'd learned every lesson that the Master taught. Obedience. Blind, simple, faithful obedience.

"Impressive animals," another voice, Mr. Raines, said.

"They are bred for their viciousness, as well as their...size," the Master replied. Laughter rang out as the men responded to the comment. "They guard my property well. They are also quite eager for a bit of...diversion. Bailey, if you would, please."

Something was smeared on his ass, pushed deep into his anus. The sweet scent of the lubricant that the Master preferred wafted toward his nostrils.

Master’s legs appeared in front of him...beside him were the thick, naked legs of another man. "Do you wish to please me, Kinsey?"

He was barely able to nod, fear having taken control of him, but did so.

"Good. Such an obedient pet."

The two men disappeared from his sight, but he knew exactly where at least one of the men was when he felt a finger shoved between his butt cheeks, seeking his opening. He struggled to keep from squirming when another finger invaded him. Then just as suddenly, two giant hands grabbed his waist. He almost passed out as what felt like a baseball bat was shoved into his body.

Kinsey felt the beginnings of panic rise in his chest. He'd suffered unnamed cruelties, had been subjected to torture and horrors that he'd already buried deep in his subconscious, never to look at again. This was the first time in days...weeks?...that he was certain that he'd entered hell. The first time in so long that...thoughts, independent, coherent thoughts...filled his mind. Why? What was going on? He couldn't sense the...fog...that had enveloped him for so long...brought on by fear...drugs...whatever the hell was in that drink that he was given before each party. The drink that he hadn’t received today. Had Bailey forgotten?

The pain was nearly overwhelming. He felt the man begin to thrust, hard and deep. His body started to tense up, making the invasion even more painful. No...don’t fight it...don't let them see that you’re repulsed...don't let them know that you can think again...let them do what they want...please the Master...always...only...think of the Master!

The Master appeared in front of him again, that long, slender cock that he knew so well throbbing just inches from his face. He waited, not having been given permission to lick it.

"Very good, Kinsey," the Master said. "Open your mouth."

Kinsey obeyed. Once again felt the cock rammed down his throat. He remembered Bailey’s words of advice as he cleaned his wounds after the beating. He began to swallow.

"Oh, such a fast learner," Master gasped, rocking his hips back and forth.

A low moan filled the air, and the massive cock in his ass began to throb, he could feel it empty into his sore insides. That man pulled away from him, only to be replaced by another just as large, perhaps larger. Master was coming...before he had a chance to catch his breath another cock was being shoved down his throat. It took every ounce of strength he could muster to keep from screaming...to keep his face from revealing his pain...his confusion...his fear.

Time seemed to stand still as man after man, each one seemingly larger than the first, continued to assault his sore...and from the way it felt, bleeding...ass. His throat was raw from the repeated demands made on it as well.

"I’ll be damned," someone chuckled. Mr. Taylor, he was certain. "Kinsey’s harder than hell! Look at that dick throb and drip!"

"I told you he could take it," another man replied.

"Take it? Hell, he’s enjoying it!" yet another man laughed.

"Yeah, take that Jaffa cock up your ass, Kinsey," Mr. Taylor called out.

His mind froze, then seemed to race with terror induced thought. Jaffa? Oh dear god! He'd managed to convince himself that Master...Mr. G. wasn’t a Goa’uld! Now he knew differently. But the men with him...they weren’t Goa’uld...were they? Goa’uld on Earth! Oh, god, oh god! He had to tell someone...warn someone. A man...what was his name? He was in...military, he was in the military. So damned hard to think...don’t let them know...keep sucking...keep swallowing...they seemed to like it when he moved his hips...damn it...it hurt! Too big! It hurt! Pain...so much pain! O’Neill! That was the man’s name! He had to tell him that there were Goa’uld on Earth! He would stop them...O’Neill would stop them. That was the last thought on his mind before he passed out.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Daniel handed out the folders that contained the information he'd been able to find about Tem. Which had been relatively little. Also in the folder was a report done on the CEO of Pyxis Enterprises, a man who went by the name of Timothy Gold.

"You’re kidding, right?" Jack asked, when he saw the name.

The young archaeologist grinned. "I know. Timothy Gold...Tem...Goa’uld. Considering that there’s nothing about this man before six years ago, I’d say he was taunting us, daring us to find him."

"It’s rather amazing that someone with no past would be put into the CEO position of a corporation that has been in business for almost one hundred years," General Hammond mused. "Quite diversified, too."

Sam grimaced. "Yeah, production of jets, tanks, ships, weapons of all kinds."

"The legal part of the business seems to deal with agriculture," Daniel pointed out. "Managing thousands of acres of corporate farms, selling the crops...scientific studies into making certain crops more resistant to disease and insects."

"It says here that Tem was a part of Ra," Casey said.

"What we can find, anyway. It seems that most references to Tem are...missing. Not that anyone would notice," Daniel replied.

"Close friends?" Jack asked.

"Or brothers...maybe even father and son," Daniel replied. "It’s possible that Ra chose a son from one of his consorts to be the host of a symbiote that he considered to be a son, or like a son."

"Do we believe this Mr. Gold is Tem?" the general asked.

"It certainly looks that way. The description of the man who founded Pyxis Enterprises, and those who have been CEO’s all seem to be of the same man. When a new CEO takes over, the predecessor simply...disappears. He may look different, but likes, dislikes, habits...all the same. And every board member has been loyal to the death, literally," Daniel said. "During the Second World War, during which Pyxis sold weapons to every side, five men died to make certain that the CEO at the time, one John Tombs...yeah, I know," he grinned at Jack’s raised eyebrow. "Anyway, he'd been conducting business in Berlin. Five board members died making certain that he escaped Hitler’s SS."

"Why was Hitler after him?" Jack asked.

"Probably found out he was selling to the Americans and the British," Daniel shrugged.

"Suggestions?" General Hammond asked.

"There is no way we could get close enough to him to take him out, at least not if he’s on the private island he owns. There are rumors that he has...giants...that patrol the beaches. Anyone who goes there uninvited doesn’t live to tell about it. The rumors are from people who claim to have seen these giants from boats that sail near the beaches," Daniel said. "Security in the building Pyxis owns is tight, to say the least. And Mr. Gold doesn’t seem to go anywhere else. He has a penthouse apartment in the building, a villa on the island."

"We have to get him away from his fortresses...lure him out," Jack said.

"It would help if we knew whether or not he had that sarcophagus," Daniel said. "If he doesn’t, we could make noises that we found it."

"You think he knows what goes on here?" General Hammond asked, a bit surprised, and not pleasantly so.

"Well, not exactly. But if we were to have archaeologists find it...like maybe Mike Loughlin..."

"The professor at the University of Washington?"

"Yes, sir."

"Go on," Hammond nodded.

"Well, we could make certain that a news story about the find was in the papers in Rio de Janeiro. He’s certain to see that," Daniel explained.

Casey cocked her head sideways.

"Uh oh, Radar’s picking up something," Jack murmured.

The young blonde looked at Teal’c. "Jaffa...bred for size...for...god they’re so cruel!"

Teal’c frowned. "I have heard stories of such...creatures. They were myths."

"Yeah, so were our stories of Egyptian gods," Jack replied dryly.

"They were called the Tun'cma'le Jaffa," the large man said.

Daniel frowned. "Uh...‘super’ Jaffa?"


"Well, if these reports are to be believed, they really exist," Sam said, reading the pages in front of her.

"One way to find out," Casey said.

"How?" Jack asked.

"Go fishing."

General Hammond raised an eyebrow in her direction. "Excuse me?"

"We know where the island is, right?"

Everyone around the table nodded.

"So we charter a fishing boat. And fish. And use nifty high powered binoculars to take a little look-see."

Jack chuckled. "It just might work. A special ops team would probably be the best for the job."

"SG-3?" Hammond asked.

"That would be my recommendation," the colonel replied.

"If we find out that there really are giant Jaffa, then what?" Sam asked.

No one had an answer. They'd located Tem. Getting to him was going to be another matter entirely. And giant Jaffa? Well, that just complicated matters more. Because Jaffa meant symbiotes. Where the hell was he getting them? And Prim’ta matured. Which meant hosts were needed. Did they dare hope that these...Jaffa...were ‘faithful ones’ in name only?

It wasn’t always easy to battle the Goa’uld. Sometimes it seemed down right impossible. Hopefully that SG-1 good luck would help them again. The stakes were incredibly high...to lose would mean the enslavement of the entire population of Earth. This was one battle they had to win.


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