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Leather, Feathers, and Garters


Chapter 4

Daniel tossed his keys into the small bowl on the sofa table. Shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "I had this weekend all planned," he said softly. "I'm so sorry, Casey."

She smiled up at him. "Don't worry about it. We'll still be together...alone, for three days. I'm certain we can figure out something to do to keep ourselves entertained."

He smiled. No matter where they were, making love figured prominently in their weekend...that was just a given. "I imagine so."

"Any requests for dinner?"

"How about we order in? Have it delivered?"

"We're going to eat delivery food all weekend, aren't we?" she teased.

"It's as close to room service as I can get," he shrugged.

"And it's not necessary," she replied. "But thank you for such a sweet thought."

He shrugged again. He supposed he should call...he glanced at his watch. There was no way to get to Oregon before midnight. But if he could just extend the check-in time...he shook his head. He never should have mentioned to the very nice lady to whom he had spoken that there was the off chance that they might not be able to make it in time. To which she had replied that if he and Casey didn't check in by midnight, the next person on the waiting list would be called to take the cabin the next day.

With a sigh, he went into the den, dialed the phone. The plane tickets had been non-refundable, bought over the Internet through one of those discount sites. Yeah, some discount, he grumped. A wave of disappointment flooded over him as he gave the cancellation notice. Quietly hung up. He'd take her out for dinner and dancing on the evening of their anniversary. She'd like that. Hopefully he could at least pull that off without screwing it up.

Casey carried her boots into the closet. Tossed them toward the back, heard the distinct rattle of plastic. What the hell? She leaned over to look. "Oh, my god!" she breathed. "I totally forgot..."

With a quick glance over her shoulder, she pulled the bag toward her. Opened it and examined the contents. Yep, she'd completely forgotten about this! With all that had happened as a result of the last minute mission for the Tok'ra, everything connected to Christmas had been shoved to the back of her mind...forgotten first in the grief of losing Daniel, and then the joy of having him return home, safe and sound...

The idea had been spurred by one of Sam's 'sex-capade' stories, and Jack's reaction to her surprise; it had sounded like so much fun that she'd decided she should do it for Daniel. He always seemed to enjoy any 'surprises' she planned for him...at least, when it came to the bedroom. She'd modified the concept just a bit....Sam had told her that Daniel would be blown away. So, before Christmas, after she and Daniel had discussed the fact that they wanted to spend New Year's Day alone, just the two of them, she'd gone searching. Took advice from Sam on where to find the items and make the purchases, and even a few tips on how to maneuver into them. She grinned from ear to ear. This was certain to bring Daniel out of the funk he'd been in since they'd left the base. She knew that he was bitterly disappointed. She would have undoubtedly been more upset about the lost opportunity if she'd known about it. Since she hadn't, well, it would've been nice, but it wasn't a big deal to her. Daniel, however, had been anticipating the weekend for at least two weeks...perhaps longer. And just how in the hell had he managed to keep her from figuring it out? She was going to have to pay closer attention to his 'moods', she supposed. Surely she should have picked up on his excitement!


She hastily shoved the bag back into the corner. Popped her head around the closet door. "Hmm?"

"Pizza or Chinese?"

"Your choice...no...wait. Pizza. I think I'd like beer with mine," she said, her mind whirling with a plan. Just because it was a last minute scheme didn't mean it wasn't a good one!

His eyebrows moved up in surprise. "Oh...okay."

"You run to Quik-Trip to pick up a six pack, and I'll order the pizza."

"Um...are you all right?"

She smiled. "I'm just fine."

He frowned. Was betting she wanted to have a good cry about her screwed up anniversary trip, and didn't want him to know about it. Damn it to hell! I so totally fucked up! He never should have left the general out of the loop on his plans. Everything would have worked out if he'd just let the CO know about the flight that he and Casey needed to catch. Chances were, the mission would have been put off for another week.

She crossed the room, wrapped her hands around his face. "Will you do something for me?"

"Anything," he vowed. Given I don't screw it up, he added silently, continuing to berate himself.

"Trust me."

Now that was just confusing as hell! His frown deepened. Her green eyes were full of love...and damned if she didn't look like she was up to something! Casey always had very...interesting...ideas. All right, Mrs. Jackson, I'll play along, for now. "Okay."

"Go get the beer. I promise you won't regret it."

That was proof that she was up to something. Knowing Casey, it could be anything. His heart started to pound, his pulse was racing at the thought that she had some mind-blowing scrap of silk and lace that she was going to wear for him. Like that little black lace teddy she'd worn the night he came home. Just thinking about that sexy little number could make his blood pressure go up and every drop of blood in his body flow straight south. "Promise?"


He gave a tiny shiver. "I'll be right back."

She waited until he was out of the driveway before calling in their regular order to Mama Trino's Pizzeria, then raced into the bedroom. It shouldn't take Daniel longer than fifteen minutes to drive the two blocks to Quik-Trip, buy the beer, and drive back. The pizza would take thirty. He could answer the door while she got ready. Grabbing the bag from her closet, she hurried to the bathroom. She ran her fingers over the items as she pulled them from the bag. Yep, this will put a smile on his face!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel was frowning as he pulled into the parking lot. Forced from his mind the thought that he should be sitting beside Casey on a plane at that very moment. He found a spot near the side of the building...it seemed that everyone in the neighborhood had stopped for something. One of the lottery signs beside the door proclaimed that the next winner would reap a cool fifty million bucks. What the hell. Maybe he'd buy a lottery ticket...good luck had to kick in at some point, right?

"Well, Daniel, imagine seeing you here."

He turned around. "Hey, Jack."

Had things gone right on the mission, Daniel and Casey would be on that flight to Oregon. "I really am sorry about what happened today."

His smile was automatic, and genuine. "At least I can remind you of that the next time you're on my ass about touching something."

Jack grinned. "I didn't touch anything, Space Monkey. I just happened to be caught by one of Balls' traps. You heard what Radar said. It could have been any of us."

"But it wasn't. You were the one who set the thing off," Daniel replied.

"So, what brings you out tonight?"

His smile became a grin at Jack's refusal to admit that he'd actually been the one to cause the trouble on the mission, this time. "Beer."

Jack stopped short, barely kept his jaw from dropping. The Space Monkey? Drinking beer? "Come again?"

"Casey wants beer with her pizza."

"I thought she preferred wine with her pizza."

"So did I. But she asked for it..." Daniel shrugged. "I think she's up to something."

"Like what?"

"I dunno. But if it's anything like that little number she wore the night I got home, I'm gonna die a very happy man tonight."

Jack chuckled. Daniel never gave a lot of details. But he did say enough about his love life to paint a fairly incredible picture. "Well, I can drop by-"

"You show up at my house at any time before Monday morning, and I will shoot you," Daniel growled. He wasn't joking.

The chuckles morphed into full blown laughter. "Don't worry, Danny. You and Casey are on your own for the next three days."

"No phone calls, either," Daniel warned.

"Unless General Hammond calls, I won't be talking to you again until the Monday morning briefing."

He gave a short nod. Grabbed a six pack of Michelob.

"You're going to drink that stuff?" Jack asked, reaching into the adjoining cooler for a six pack of Heineken.

"It's what Casey likes. It all basically tastes the same to me," Daniel admitted.

There was no use arguing. Whatever Casey wanted, Casey got, Jack thought. Which wasn't a bad thing; she was the same way about Daniel. He'd have to work on her...help her to recognize the better taste of the imported beer.

Jack hadn't replied, but Daniel could see the disbelief in the brown eyes that watched him. "You razz me about my specialty coffee, yet you'll only drink imported beer."

"That's not true!" Jack protested. "I'll drink Stroh's Bohemian."

"Sounds like an import to me."

"Well it's not," Jack huffed. The two men walked to the counter, paid for their respective purchases...Jack had grabbed a couple of bags of chips as well.

"You're not spending the night with Sam?" Daniel asked.

"Nope, not tonight. She has some experiment going with that ZPM thing, and wanted to get back to the base to finish it up. There are a couple of hockey games on, so we just decided that I'd go home, and she'd head to her place when she's finished."

"But everything is okay between the two of you?"

Jack gave a rare, serious smile. "Everything is great between us."


They walked companionably to the parking lot. "Happy anniversary, Daniel."

"Thanks, Jack."

"Makes me happy to be able to say it again."

He smiled. "Nice to hear it again. Two years. There were a couple of times..."

Jack turned his head, blinked quickly. Cleared his throat. "Yeah. But both of you made it through."

"SG-1 luck," Daniel said quietly.

"That, and those guardian angels of yours," Jack teased.

"I'm not going to complain."

"Me, either, Danny. Me, either. See ya Monday."

"We'll be there."


A  A  A  A  A  A


When he walked back into the house, the stereo was playing. AC/DC...screaming about being 'Thunderstruck'. "Case?"

No answer. Okay, where was she hiding...and just what was she up to? The bathroom door was closed, but he couldn't hear anything from the other side. He turned the doorknob. Only to find it locked. What the hell? She'd never locked him out before! "Casey?"

Her head came up. Had she heard..."Daniel?"

"What's going on?"

"Pizza should be here in a few minutes. Why don't you get nice and comfy...kick off your shoes, maybe put something else on the stereo?" She'd hoped that coming home to the hard rock beat would throw him off...just a bit.

Her voice was muffled, but he was able to hear enough to start grinning. Oh yeah. She was putting on some little lacy number that would melt his brain to complete mush. "So you're not coming out until after the pizza arrives?"

If she had timed things right, she'd be ready about the time it arrived. "Nope."

His grin split his face. Danny boy, you're gonna die a very happy man tonight. "I'll let you know when the pizza gets here."


And that was his cue to leave her alone for a few minutes. She was probably putting lotion on...hopefully that stuff from Victoria's Secrets. It was by far his favorite. His mind busy contemplating the color of the teddy he believed she was pulling on, wondering just how little it was, just how the lace would cover her slender body, he put the beer into the refrigerator. Hung his coat on the rack beside the door. Went to the bedroom to pull off his shoes and socks.

She'd suggested getting comfortable...he contemplated putting on a pair of sweatpants. But...if she'd wanted that, she would have told him to do so. Casey was very succinct in what she wanted when they were playing their 'games'...even if sometimes he had to interpret what she was trying to tell him. Something she'd said on several occasions echoed in his head. He dropped his pullover to the floor. Took off his belt. If she thought this was sexy, then turn about was fair play, right? Right! Clad in just his jeans, he went back to the great room.

Daniel busied himself by making the requested music change. AC/DC was returned to the disk jewel, and Diana Kramer went into the player; her sultry voice filled the room with soft jazz. He made certain that all of the blinds were completely closed, and started a fire. It might not be a cabin in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, but it was nice. After a moment's contemplation, he pushed the coffee table against the bookcase, went to the linen closet and found the blanket they always used for such occasions.

He barely had it spread on the floor when the doorbell announced the arrival of the pizza.

Casey adjusted the laces, making certain that the fit was perfect. Getting into the surprise...and temporarily forgotten...outfit had proven a bit more difficult than she had anticipated; something that Sam had warned her might happen, especially when wearing it the first time. She heard the echo of the doorbell. Couldn't stop grinning as she brushed her hair.

"Case? Pizza's here." He grabbed the six pack on the way to the living room.

"I'll be right out," she promised. Bit back a giggle. She counted to thirty, wanting to make certain he didn't still have their dinner in his hands when she walked out. She had plans for eating a slice or two...afterwards. Making certain that she made no noise, going through the kitchen to avoid the squeak in the dining room floor, she stopped beside the sofa - just behind him, taking in the way he looked; the sight sending shivers up and down her spine. There was nothing sexier than Daniel Jackson wearing just blue jeans!

He was sitting on the blanket, his denim clad legs stretched out in front of him, ankles crossed casually. He rubbed one bare foot against the other absently as he waited. Beside him was the unopened pizza box, and the six pack of beer. On his mind was just what mind-altering little teddy his Wife was wearing.

She cleared her throat. When he turned around and saw her, his jaw nearly hit the floor, his eyes went so wide that she thought they'd pop right out of the sockets. His reaction couldn't have been more gratifying if she had carefully planned the evening.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" His heart damned near stopped beating. The surge of excitement, of primal animal lust, was so strong it shocked him. The only blood in his body was now settling into his quickly rising cock. Every time he was certain she couldn't do anything to surprise him again, she proved him wrong.

The leather corset fit snuggly around her ribs...the laces exposing her skin in a most tantalizing way even as they held the leather together. Like her white satin corset, this piece of lingerie...could leather be considered lingerie? his brain demanded to know...pushed up and exposed those beautiful breasts, came down just far enough to accentuate her sexy ass and that sweet little twat. God in heaven the leather boots, which matched the corset, with what had to be five inch heels, came damned near to the tops of her slender thighs.

"I thought this might take away the sting of disappointment," she said softly.

He wanted to reply, he really did. But there just wasn't enough breath in his lungs, he was at serious risk of drooling all over himself...and coherent thought wasn't exactly possible at the moment.

She stepped closer, the woman inside her doing a crazy happy dance at the look on his face, and in his eyes. "Cat got your tongue?"

"No blood," he managed to rasp. Her giggle was soft, full of absolute glee, and filled the air around him.

She almost laughed at his response. No doubt he wasn't even able to put a complete sentence together at the moment. It seemed that he was well aware of the blood depravation to his brain. If the bulge in his jeans was any indication, there was very little left anywhere else. "I know it's a little dominatrix, but I thought you might like it."

"Uh huh."

Well, this was fun...she'd reduced him to single syllables and grunts. Her eyes revealed her delight in his response. "Wanna touch the leather?"

His eyes, which had been devouring that alluring body, rose up to meet hers. What little air had been in his lungs whooshed out in a single breath. She was in complete control of the situation, and she knew it.

"It's all right, Daniel. You can touch me. Feel how soft the boots are," she said, practically purring.

He reached out immediately, ran his hand from her calf to her thigh. The leather was soft...and warm.

"Kinda sexy, huh?"

"Uh huh." His fingers moved over the leather, came to that place where the leather ended and her soft skin began. "Sexy," he whispered, shifting to his knees in front of her.

"I don't know how to be all...controlling...not like...well, not like a dominatrix. I'm not even interested in that. I just wanted something that would turn you on."

"Turned on, definitely turned on, most indubitably...turned on. Absolutely, positively, without a doubt turned on," he replied.

She smiled. The linguist had returned...which was exactly what she preferred. "I'd forgotten all about this stuff...I picked it up before Christmas. I was going to wear it New Year's Day, but-" Her breath caught in her throat as memories of dark days and cold, empty nights assailed her.

Daniel looked up at her face once again, saw the flash of grief in her green eyes. "I'm glad you're wearing it now," he said softly.

"So, will this make up for not getting to go to that bed and breakfast?"

A lazy, sexy smile worked its way across his face. "I dunno. It's very nice to look at. Is there more to this little...adventure?"

"You know, it wouldn't take but a few minutes for me to look up all of the do's and don'ts for the novice dominatrix," she said dryly. "I'm certain punishment for smartass attitudes is required."

He chuckled loudly. "I'm not into that kind of...stuff," he told her.

She noted that both of his hands had been moving up and down her legs, his fingers caressing her skin, then moving back to the leather. She could feel the pressure of his fingertips through the leather...it was a definite turn on for her as well.

"Do something for me?" he asked softly.

"Such as?"

"Walk into the dining room...then back."

She smiled. Ran her fingers through his hair. Turned to do as he asked.

Oh, yeah...that could just kill a man, he thought, watching that sexy ass as she complied with his request. That sway was enough to make him ache from head to toe. When she turned around and stopped, ran her hands over her sides, caressed her breasts, then let the fingers of one hand disappear between her thighs, he thought he was going to pass out...simple lack of oxygen...and blood...to the brain. The sound of his gasp as he tried desperately to fill his lungs broke the silence left by the change of songs on the CD, morphed into a low growl of need.

She could see his desire, that primitive animal lust, even from across the room. He had wiped the back of his hand over his mouth, his jaw was still hanging open. When she began to walk toward him, she heard his quiet moan.

"Oh, god," he whispered.

He was sexier than hell, kneeling there in just his jeans...bare arms, bare shoulders, bare chest, bare feet...and goddess she had to get him naked now before she lost control! "I think you're a little over dressed, don't you?"

"Not just yet," he replied. In an instant, he'd taken charge of the...game. Wasn't even aware of doing so. He only knew that he had every intention of making her just as needy, of exacting his revenge for the raging fire she'd set in his body.

She stopped, just out of his reach. "Excuse me?"

"C'mere," he said softly. Holding out his hand.

"Why don't you come to me?" she challenged.

He stood to his feet. Adjusted the throbbing flesh that was confined in his jeans. Moved to stand directly in front of her. The heels on the boots added enough to her height that they were staring eye to eye. He could see her daring him, simultaneously begging him to take the lead. "You look so incredibly beautiful, so unbelievably sexy," he whispered. "Are you just a fantasy my mind has created? If I touch you, will you disappear?"

She blinked back tears...her heart so full of love that she ached. He always knew exactly what to say, and when to say it, to send her very soul soaring to the heavens. "I won't disappear," she whispered in reply.

He cupped her chin with one hand. Laced the fingers of the other with hers. Leaned forward and gently kissed her. His tongue worked the combination to her mouth, dove in and took from her, gave back to her. When he finally ended the kiss, they were both breathing hard. He moved away just far enough to be able to speak. "Just one question."

"Which is?"

"Just what made you think about leather?"

She smiled, an action she was sure he could feel, as their lips were still touching. "Sam."

"Remind me to thank her," he said, before kissing her again. He would never forget the night he'd worn the leather chaps for her. Now he understood just how damned erotic it had been for her; why she'd been wild, almost out of control with need. The contrast between creamy flesh and black leather was just mind blowing. His hands moved to her breasts, the whisper soft touch of the leather against his wrists as he cupped his beauties only adding to the sensations that raced through him.

She arched automatically into his caresses, the feeling of his skin against hers fueling the fire that raged. A soft moan of approval filled her throat when his thumbs began to move back and forth over her nipples.

He bent over, took a hard, pink bud into his mouth, suckled gently; the reaction of her body...the increased pace in the rise and fall of her chest, the fact that her hands went to his head, her fingers wrapped around his hair, the way she pushed against him...all fed the flames that licked around him, ready to devour him in the fire of passion.

It was impossible to resist slipping his fingers between the leather and her skin, the tactile sensations sending messages of pure eroticism to his brain, making his balls ache, and his already throbbing erection pulse that much harder. Which, now that he thought about it, was really starting to become uncomfortable, confined as he was within his jeans. When he reached for the snap, he encountered her fingers...he hadn't even been aware that one of her soft hands had moved.

He let her tug the snap open, held the waistband of the jeans as her fingers fumbled to lower the zipper over his straining erection. Moaned against her skin when that soft hand freed him, closed around him.

Hot and hard and throbbing, the result of what seeing her in the leather corset and boots had done for him...to him...was in her hand. When his teeth grazed her aching nipple she moaned again. Shivered as fingers of pleasure wrapped around her.

Daniel lowered himself slightly, licking the skin between the leather lace that held the corset on her body. When he settled onto his knees in front of her, he glanced up at her face. Smiled at the look of love...of need...that filled her amazing green eyes. "So damned sexy," he murmured. He kissed her bare hips. Trailed kisses above the tops of the boots. A flash of memory...and he was soon returning the favor she'd bestowed upon him the night he'd fulfilled one of her fantasies. He licked around her thighs, letting his tongue dip between her skin and the leather. Licked at the leather itself, knowing how erotic it would feel to her, just as it had for him.

"Oh, goddess," she whispered, her fingers locked in his hair. She could feel the pressure of his tongue against her leather clad skin, but was never certain just when she'd feel him licking her without that barrier. The anticipation was as incredible as the sensation of the caresses.

He slid his hands up and down her legs, then back to cup her firm derriere. Smiled mentally when those slender hips thrust forward expectantly. He trailed kisses over her mons, nuzzling the soft, dark blonde curls that led to the soft, warm cleft between her thighs. "Move your legs just a bit, Angel," he instructed softly. Held tightly to her as she shifted obediently. So damned sweet, his brain rejoiced, as he took a breath to fill his lungs with her enticing scent.

She waited...couldn't help but smile when his eyes locked with hers. The first intimate kiss left her shivering with gratitude...with anticipation. She moved unconsciously, opening herself wider for his attention.

Placing gentle kisses on those beautiful tattoos, Daniel paused a moment to appreciate the beauty of his Wife's body, before he began inscribing his love against her skin. Every word, every symbol that he could pull from his memory to describe what she was...beautiful, sexy, loving, charming, precious. His tongue danced over those puffy nether lips, kissed them again and again, his reward for his efforts audible in her soft moans and cries, apparent in the way her body vibrated with need.

There was no denying the fact that what he was doing...every movement his mouth, his lips, his tongue made over her, the way his hands caressed her...was worshipping her; his every move made deliberately to bring the most pleasure to her...honoring her with his love, his attention, his devotion. The knowledge overwhelmed her, joined the physical sensations that were moving through her, bringing tears to her eyes.

He had closed his eyes, focused on her sweet taste, determined to send her soaring. When he opened them, and looked up at her, he saw a single tear making its way down her cheek. He pulled away from her, his heart shuddering with concern. "Angel?" he asked softly.


"What's wrong?"

"Daniel, didn't we discuss what would happen if you had me close to an orgasm, and you decided to stop and have a conversation?"

He smiled, still determined to make certain that nothing was bothering her. "What's with the tears?"

She hadn't even realized that she was crying. She wiped her cheek, looked at the wetness on her finger tips. "Just happiness, Stud Muffin. You make me feel so special, so...so..."

"Precious?" he offered, his voice soft...full of the same love that reflected in his eyes. "Amazing? Beautiful? Delicious? Delightful? Enchanting? Enticing? Gorgeous? Intoxicating?" The smile that lit her face warmed him to his very core. "I'm glad that you can feel what I'm trying to tell you...the love I'm so desperately trying to show you."

How does he do that? How does he know the perfect thing to say, each and every time? How can he rattle off so many words like that...alphabetically no less? His beautiful, brilliant mind was a wonder to her...left her in awe time and again. His amazing heart was just as awe-inspiring. The perfect man. He was damned near perfect...and he was hers! That absolutely incredible knowledge sent a shiver from the top of her head to the tips of her leather clad toes. Her body insisted on getting back to business...demanding that the sensations of pleasure resume...now! "Gonna finish what you started?" she asked, moving her hips toward him.

"Eventually," he teased. Knowing that his messages of love, written against her skin, were finding their way to her heart left him feeling pleased...and smugly satisfied. He settled on a very special prayer, one often recited at the marriage rites of those who worshipped Bast. His tongue drew each hieroglyph against her tantalizing flesh, taking the time to flick the tip against that sensitive nub as it peeked at him from beneath its protective hood, then dipped into that warm well that was already filling with her sweet nectar.

Dear goddess, she was about to explode! Her hunger for him had her licking her lips...vowing silently that she'd take him up that mountain of pleasure as slowly, with as much agonizing deliberation, as he was taking her.

Her body was trembling, and when he slid two fingers into that hot, wet well, she mewled her approval, the soft sound doing as much to turn him on as the leather boots and corset...the sweet taste of her honey...the enticing scent of her arousal. He moved his fingers inside her, slowly at first, curling them in that oh so familiar way, stroking in just the right place. Each pass of his tongue against her found him lingering just a second or so longer on that hard pearl nestled at the top of her folds. When he finished the poem, and gave that swollen little clit his full attention, she moaned loudly; his heart pounded its response.

Lights were beginning to flash...colors were appearing, slowly beginning to spin as she reached for that most special of feelings. Between the insistent ministrations of his mouth and the fingers that were moving faster and deeper, sensations of white hot pleasure raced up her spine, tingled in her fingers and toes, dropped back down into her belly and began to spread.

The whimper that he loved so filled the air, followed by her aria of love...her well convulsed around his fingers, he quenched his thirst as her honey flowed like water. He licked her clean, took the time to tease her thighs, just above the top of the boots. Rose to his feet. He wrapped his hands around his beauties, at the same moment she wrapped her arms around his neck, her lips telegraphing her love...her thanks...for the flight she had just taken.

It wasn't easy to remain on her feet...she held onto him, leaning against him, depending on his strength to keep her upright. "That was amazing," she said softly, pressing her face against his neck.

"Good," he replied.

When the trembling had subsided, she slid her hand between them. Rubbed her thumb over the tip of his weeping shaft, then gently began to caress him. The sharp intake of breath, the way his hips jerked and he pressed forward made her smile against the skin of his throat. "How did I ever get so lucky?"

"I think you have that backwards," he said softly. "How did I ever get so lucky?"

"Two halves of the whole," she whispered.

"Two halves of the whole," he agreed. When he felt her lips on his throat, he knew that his own flight was close at hand. He couldn't suppress the shiver that moved him from head to foot when her hands began to caress him, one moving steadily on his aching cock, the other gently rolling his balls against his body.

"I love you," she breathed into his ear, just before she tugged at his earlobe with her teeth.

He shuddered, his hands moving on her breasts, holding them, massaging them, the hard nipples tickling the palms of his hands, adding to the sensations that were moving through him. "I love you," he replied. He tilted his head slightly, allowing her access to his neck. God he loved it when she did...that!

"Thank you for planning our anniversary trip," she murmured against his skin.

"Just wish we had actually been able to take it."

"I know it would have been wonderful," she said. "But I like this much better. You and me, in the safest place in the world."

Leave it to Casey to make him feel as if he'd done something incredible...even if he'd just fucked up. He had to admit, there was an advantage to being home. They could ignore the phone...the answering machine would take any calls for them...and she was always more relaxed at home...sweet Jesus! She was suckling on his nipple, teasing it until he had no choice but to moan in appreciation. He let his mind wander down to those soft hands...whoa...bad idea, really bad idea...it took concentrated effort to retain any semblance of control over his body. His hips were already moving, pumping his engorged manhood in her hand.

When she dropped to her knees, took him into that warm, eager mouth, he almost lost it completely. His hands filled themselves with her hair, his fingers combed through the locks of soft silk. "Oh, yeah, just like that," he groaned.

She had already established the rhythm he needed, her hands moving in concert with her mouth, bringing another groan of appreciation from deep in his throat. When he was throbbing too fast, his impending orgasm too close, she began to lick around the girth of his magnificent member. She greeted his heavy balls with her kisses, listened as he began to breathe harder, watched as his chest rose and fell faster with each breath.

Pushing his jeans and boxers to his knees, she let one hand move over his thighs, around to caress his ass, then back to cradle his balls. Not wanting his arousal to cause discomfort - and she was aware that too much teasing could result in just that very thing, as aroused as he was...as he had been for nearly an hour now - she took him back into her mouth, began to move up and down on him, taking him a bit further each time. His hips were moving back and forth...he was so close that it wouldn't take much more...

He felt his cock hit the back of her throat...she began to swallow, and it was all over. He cried out her name as his aching balls emptied down her throat, he shivered with gratitude as she sucked him completely dry, licked him clean, before moving up to kiss his belly. Waves of pleasure subsided slowly. "I love the way you do that," he declared.

She giggled. "I love doing it."

That, he thought, was a miracle unto itself. How he had managed to find a woman so beautiful, and so passionate, who loved him for who he was, faults and all, was a miracle of gigantic proportion, as far as he was concerned. And a miracle that he had no intention of ever taking for granted.

Casey dropped onto the blanket, pulled the pizza box closer. "Ready for dinner?"

"I think so," he replied. He dropped down beside her. Pushed his jeans and boxers off, leaned back against the sofa. He opened two of the beers. Handed one of the bottles to her. "To us," he said.

"To us," she echoed, tapping her bottle against his. Took a drink, then opened the pizza box. The pizza wasn't steaming hot...but it was still warm enough to be good. Conversation was light as they ate, leaning against one another, watching the flames that danced on the hearth.


A  A  A  A  A  A


She'd glanced at him half a dozen times. He was fairly sure she wanted to say something...or ask something. Sometimes, he just had to wait until she could vocalize her thoughts. At other times, letting her know that she could say anything, or ask anything, was the required catalyst to find out what she was thinking. "Something on your mind, Angel?"

She blushed. Started to deny it. Then sighed. "You know in the...um...movie...when the guy is sitting on the very edge of the sofa, and the woman...she's well, you know..."

He knew exactly which scene she was taking about...took a swallow of beer to keep her from seeing him smiling. "What about it?"

"Well, I was thinking about the shoes she had on...and how it made it easier for her to...ride him."

His cocked stirred from where it had been slumbering against his thigh. Well that had the anaconda's attention! "Would you like to try that?"

She looked over at him, her cheeks pink. "Is that okay? It's not...it isn't..."

"No, Casey, it's not wrong. It's not dirty or kinky or taboo. Whatever we do is okay. We make love, Angel, and that is never wrong. No matter how we make that love."

"You say the sweetest, most perfect things," she sighed.

Not very difficult to do, he thought, especially when all he was doing was reassuring her that no matter what happened between them, she was not, had never been, and would never be what the horrible names she'd grown up hearing implied. He studied her for just a minute. She'd never refused him before, he doubted that she would do so now. "Can I ask you to do something?"


"Take off the corset. I want to make love with you wearing just those boots."

She smiled. "That can be arranged."

"Not that I don't love that corset, god knows I do...but..." his mouth went suddenly dry; he lost his train of thought as she unhooked the leather that surrounded her waist, dropped it to the floor.


"But what?"

"I don't know...you started to say something." It was all she could do to keep from laughing out loud. When she'd taken off the corset, his eyes had flared with desire, and the anaconda stood straight up. His reaction was enough to ignite the fire in her body.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I love that corset. But seeing you in just-"

She stood up, smiled down at him, the way his eyes moved over her again and again fanning the flames of the fire in her body just as easily as his touch would do.

He couldn't help but stare as she stood there, the light from the fire giving her skin a golden glow. The black leather was so enticing against her fair skin...it was as if there was a neon sign pointing at that sweet womanly flesh between her thighs. "Oh, sweet Jesus," he moaned.

"Like what you see?" she asked softly, knowing full well that he did; his expression, as well as the reaction of his body, left no doubt about that.

"There was a club in Chicago," he said softly, his eyes continuing to move over her again and again. "I used to go there with Mike, when we could scrape up the money for the cover charge. There was one dancer, a blonde...I think she was blonde," he added, frowning slightly. Had she been blonde, or had his mind, his memory, made her blonde? He shook his head mentally...it simply didn't matter. "She used to wear a black bikini, and boots like that...maybe not quite as high, I think they went just past her knees. Anyway, she'd dance, take off the bikini, and then..." he shivered. The dancer had a way of making each of the men watching her believe that she was looking at only him...dancing just for him.

Casey didn't say anything as she walked to the oak cabinet that housed her stereo and baskets of CD's. "Do you remember what songs she danced to?"

He paused, then frowned. "Not really."

Her giggle was automatic. "Didn't pay much attention to the music, Stud Muffin?"

"I wasn't interested in the music," he retorted. Grinned when she looked over her shoulder at him. And if she continued to crouch there like that, he was going to have clean the blanket off.

She located the soundtrack to the movie 'Armageddon', put on track number seven...Aerosmith's 'Sweet Emotion'. She wouldn't be stripping, but she could dance for him.

There wasn't a man alive who was as lucky as he was, Daniel thought, watching that sexy body move to the beat of the music...slowly at first, then to the quick tempo of the rock song. He was transported back in time, watching the prettiest dancer he'd ever lain eyes on as she performed her arousing routine. This dancer, however, was more slender...a hell of a lot more beautiful...and the way she could move that enticing body was enough to make his brain melt. And this dancer was dancing for his benefit...dancing for him, and him alone. He wasn't even aware of taking hold of his throbbing cock, stroking in time with her movements. When the song ended, plunged the room into silence, he continued to watch her, completely mesmerized.

"On the sofa, Stud Muffin," she said softly.

He shivered slightly, her voice...her words...touching him as gently as her fingertips. He lifted himself up. Sat on the very edge, leaned back. Grabbed three of the throw pillows and arranged them behind himself. Watched as she straddled him, lowered herself and took his raging anaconda into that sweet, warm well. Moaned when she sheathed him completely.

She had to hold onto his waist to keep herself steady. Her thighs and hips would certainly get a workout, she thought. But the look of deep, burning love in his eyes was enough to make her determined to take him all the way.

In this position, she was completely open to him. The tension in her thighs as she moved was enough to tighten that sweet twat around him, holding his cock like a fist. Oh, god that feels good!

His hands went to her hips, helped her to maintain a nice, slow rhythm. She moved up and down, felt him more than she ever had before. Just like the woman in their adult movie, the heels of the boots put her at the perfect height for this...and it was absolutely amazing.

Straddling his hips and legs as she was, he could watch how her honey coated his throbbing flesh. Could see just how and when that hard little clit was stimulated. When he pulled one hand from her hip, began to caress that nub of pleasure with the tip of his index finger, she moaned, her hips jutting forward slightly. "Do it, Angel," he whispered. His middle finger joined the assault on her sensitive nub.

Perhaps it was the physical result of the position, for never had she been as open to him as she was at the moment. Or maybe it was because of where she'd learned about the position, images of the movie playing in the back of her mind. It might have been a combination of the two. Toss in the way his fingers were moving, the incredible feeling of that magnificent specimen of manhood sliding in and out of her, and she was on the edge in just a matter of minutes. She could tell from his ragged breathing, the look on his face, that he was just as turned on, just as close as she was.

Watching her body take him thrust after thrust was one of the most erotic things he'd ever witnessed. To know that her sweet body could accommodate him, all of him, still left him absolutely breathless with a combination of need, desire, and gratitude.

"Nngg...right there," she gasped. "Don't stop!"

He increased the pace of his fingers, applied just a bit more pressure. Watched her slender hips begin to slide back and forth each time she came down. The muscles of her well gripped him in a new way, one that was driving him out of his mind.

"Oh, goddess," she breathed, her head dropping back.

"Give it to me, Case...come for me," he panted, his own body moving, his hips thrusting upwards. Her thighs began to quiver. He counted the seconds before the whimper started. When she cried out, singing that dulcet song of love, he grabbed her hips, thrusting as deep as he could, his shout of completion echoing around them.

Casey collapsed onto him, breathing hard, her face against his chest. "Oh, god," she moaned.

"Casey?" His first thought was tinged with worry...fear that his final thrust had been too much...too deep...too hard.

"That was absolutely incredible," she continued.

Daniel grinned, kissed the top of her head. "I absolutely agree."

"I need a beer." I also a new fantasy. The thought brought a satisfied smile to her face.

He chuckled. "Sounds good...if they're still cold."

They slid to the blanket. Opened two more beers. "Now tell me we could have done that in a cabin in the woods!"


"I looked at the brochure on your desk, Daniel. Those cabins aren't as isolated as you think. They look that way because of the landscaping. In reality, they're closer together than the houses in this neighborhood," she said. "I have every intention of making love all weekend, regardless of the time, day or night. I have no intention of holding back. You know we'd get complaints if we tried that there."

He put his arm around her, pulled her close. "What you do to me, woman," he said softly.

"I have everything I need right here," she replied, her voice soft. "I have you. Where we are doesn't matter."

Dropping a kiss on her forehead, he locked his arm around her. "Give me a few minutes. I'm not finished yet."



She took a sip of beer. It wasn't ice cold, but was still cool enough to taste good.

He jerked when her lips wrapped around his nipple, her tongue cool against his skin. He shifted, put her on her back, settled on top of her, and began to make love to her breasts. She was wiggling and squirming beneath him before he finally rose up, some forty minutes later, and slid into her. The leather of the boots was soft...sensuous...against his skin when she wrapped her legs around him; he could well understand why she'd wanted him to make love to her while he wore those leather chaps.

The love they made was gentle...tender...easy...and every bit as satisfying as it had been earlier. Satiated, they fell asleep on the floor in front of the warmth of the fire. It might not have been a cabin in Oregon. But the night had been every bit as wonderful as what he'd planned.

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