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I Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

Chapter 7

The flight from Ramstein to Riyadh was uneventful; the team took the opportunity to sleep. Passing by the customs counter at the base airport was certainly less stressful than it would have been had they flown commercial. Casey watched the Customs Agent stamp her passport, on the page beside the German entry and exit stamps. She looked up at Daniel as he waited for his passport to be stamped, her eyes dancing with excitement.

He couldn't help but smile at the look on her face as they hurried deeper into the terminal building. Signs were posted in English and Aramaic, proof that they were in the Middle East. When they checked in with the liaison officer, the permission to dig that Daniel had requested was waiting for them; General Hammond had faxed all of the necessary forms to the base, ready for their arrival.

The first order of business, Jack announced, was to put on lightweight clothes. Daniel had helped Casey pack, giving her advice on what would be proper, given the customs and mores of the people of the area, and also what would be cool enough, but offer protection from the desert sun. Dressed in a lightweight cotton skirt that swayed around her calves, and short sleeved top, Casey slid her feet into sandals, then closed the garment bag. She pulled her hair up and caught it with a band, effectively keeping it off her neck. Sam was dressed similarly, wearing an ankle-length cotton dress and sandals.

She smiled when she saw him. As was usual for Daniel, he'd 'gone native', and was wearing a white linen robe over his cream colored cotton pants and shirt. Jack and Teal'c were both wearing light colored cotton slacks and shirts as well.

The van they rented was narrow, and had no air conditioning. Which made her glad they'd changed from their jeans and sweaters. The luggage was tied onto the top of the vehicle, with a canvas tarp to cover it and protect it all as much as possible from the desert sand. Cans of petrol... not 'gasoline', Casey mused, as she listened to Daniel quietly explain what was going on...were put into the back of the vehicle. Along with several jugs of water. The drive over the desert would be a long one, and unlike most places in the world, there weren't convenient places to refuel, and eat, and sleep. The plan was to drive straight through, each of them taking a turn.

Daniel, Sam, and Jack had all spent time in the Middle East; the young archaeologist spending the majority of his time in Egypt, although he'd been on digs in Iraq and Jordan as well. The two Air Force officers had spent time on the bases, Jack had been stationed at the US Air Force base in Riyadh during his 'black op' years. Sam had flown missions from that particular base during the Gulf War.

Daniel had seen to it that hotel reservations had been made in Cairo for them, and that rooms would be waiting when they arrived. Until then, they'd be more or less on their own in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Feeling slightly overwhelmed when she realized she was across the world from her home, and all that she knew, Casey held his hand tightly as they settled into the back seat.

With a map, and final warnings from the major who had been assigned as their 'liaison' for their time on the base, Jack waved, and started the engine. The last leg of their journey was about to begin.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Sand. Sand. And more sand. Hour after hour they followed the road that wound its way over and around sand dunes. Casey shook her head. If she never saw another desert for the rest of her life, she'd be more than happy!

"What's wrong?" Daniel asked softly.

"I think I hate sand," she muttered.

He couldn't help but grin. "Yeah, it does get a bit boring, doesn't it?"

"Boring? It's mind numbing! No wonder the people in this part of the world are so unhappy! I'd be bitchy too if all I saw day in and day out was this sand!" she exclaimed.

"I promise, when we get to Giza, it will be worth the boredom," he told her.




When the sun began to sink on the horizon, the temperature began to dip drastically. Following the advice of their archaeologist, each of the team members had purchased a robe that they could wear over their street clothes from a shop set up inside the terminal. While the service members assigned to the base weren't required to make such a purchase, the majority did so, especially if they had plans to visit any of the local markets off base. When the van was stopped in order to fill the gas tank for the second time, the robes were unwrapped and put on, each of them grateful for the warmth they offered.

Sam was driving when they approached the border in the wee hours of the morning. She pulled to the side of the road, remembering the advice of the liaison officer. She let Daniel take the wheel, and pulled the hood of her robe up over her head. Casey was asleep in the backseat, her head on Teal'c's shoulder. The Jaffa carefully pulled her robe around her, made certain that her face was covered.

Leaving Saudi wasn't a problem. No doubt the official papers that Jack and Daniel had produced, coupled with the fact that group was leaving the country, aided greatly. The guards were polite, in less than fifteen minutes, the required exit stamps for their passports had been obtained.

Twenty feet away was the second stop. These particular border guards were suspicious, and demanded to inspect the vehicle. Their papers were read, and explanations demanded. Jack pulled a slip of paper from his wallet and handed it to the man in charge. That man read it, his eyes going wide. He re-examined the papers that gave the young archaeologist permission to enter into Egypt, and conduct an important survey and excavation, with the full blessing of the government. To further delay these Americans would bring scrutiny of himself down from the upper echelons, and they'd undoubtedly discover his 'side' business of charging most of the vans and trucks that passed through this particular crossing, money that went straight into his pocket, minus a few pounds for his subordinates in order to buy their silence. He smiled at the gray haired man, quickly stamped the five passports, and waved at the guards to raise the bar that prevented the van from driving forward.

The team continued to hold their breath until they were well passed the guard shack. "I think it's a safe bet that captain didn't want his superiors nosing around," Jack said quietly.

"I think you're right," Daniel replied. "I overheard two of the guards talking about how much they might be able to 'earn'."

"Yep. He's taking bribes," Jack nodded.

"So just what was it that you showed him?" Casey asked.

"A note on Presidential stationary. Stating that I was on official business, and that all due cooperation was expected of our Allies. Egypt isn't exactly an ally, but they don't go looking for trouble between our country and theirs," Jack replied.

"If we'd insisted on speaking to someone from the nearest consulate, that would have made waves, and higher ranking officials would have gotten involved," Daniel added.

She shivered. "Yeah, if we didn't just wind up missing," she muttered.

"Not possible," Jack replied.

"How's that?" she asked.

"When we left Riyadh, the American Embassy in Cairo was notified that we were on our way. That we were doing a 'survey' of the condition of the road between the two," Jack said.

"Survey? What the hell for?" Casey asked.

"We pour a lot of aid money into this area. And we occasionally check to see just how well that aid is being used," Jack replied.

"I wouldn't think the Saudis needed our money," she replied.

"I don't suppose they need it," Jack allowed. "But they damned sure want it."

"It buys us passage," she said, suddenly understanding the situation.

"Yep. Oh, I doubt that they see it that way. But keeping our fingers in the pot, so to speak, by sending 'aid' to the area, gives us a bit of leverage when we need it."

She contemplated what she'd learned. Politics was a tricky game. Oh, she would never believe that politicians were worth a plug nickel. But she was beginning to understand why some 'policies' seemed so damned hypocritical. What was really going on was hidden from public view, most times as a necessity. It was easier to let John Q. Public believe that the policies of one administration or another were in error, rather than to let him know that the leaders of his country were walking a fine line between being 'friends' with foreign powers in an effort to prevent...unpleasantness, and protecting the interests of the taxpaying citizens.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Seventeen hours after leaving the Air Force base in Riyadh, the van was pulling up to the hotel in Cairo where they'd be staying for a few days. Sam and Teal'c were on the alert, if there were any Goa'uld nearby, the naquadah in their blood would alert them. Casey was 'searching', but all she could hear was the 'hum' that was constantly vibrating in her mind, something that she'd learned to ignore as a pre-teen. Only if that 'hum' changed did she know that something was wrong. It hadn't changed.

Jack was watching as well. He carefully examined each face he saw, although those people never had a clue they were being scrutinized, or wouldn't if they weren't also trained in special ops. So far he hadn't seen anyone who made the tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He squinted up at the windows of the building. No way to know if they were being watched from inside.

Daniel took care of checking in, his ease with the language and nuances of the culture made him the perfect 'spokesman' for the team. As requested, they had a three-bedroom suite, not one of the larger or more opulent suites in the hotel, but it would serve their purpose. Because families traveled together in this part of the world, such suites were common, and were actually quite reasonably priced. And would give the team a place to plan each day, and carefully go over anything they learned.

It had already been decided that they'd take most, if not all of their meals in the room. As much as they needed to locate Tem, they didn't need Tem, or any of his goons, locating them! Kinsey knew about SG-1. Which meant Tem knew about SG-1. Had any other team had the experience, and the combined knowledge and abilities of SG-1, they would be in Egypt, rather than the SGC's premier team.

The elevator was small; Casey took one look at the rickety car and raised an eyebrow. "I don't think so," she muttered. She glanced at Teal'c. The large man would find the top of his head brushing against the ceiling of the lift. "Feel like climbing a few stairs, Teal'c?"

The Jaffa had been examining the elevator as well. "Indeed."

Daniel smiled. "C'mon, Angel." He turned toward the wide staircase.

With a sigh, Jack tossed his duffel over his shoulder. "Wimps. 'Fraidy cats. What's life without a little adventure?"

"I'm all for adventure," Casey replied. "I just don't see falling to my death in an elevator that's older than you are as a 'little adventure'."

"Yeah well...wait a minute, what do you mean, older than I am?" Jack demanded.

"Well, you know, sixty or so," Casey said. She refused to look at him, although he couldn't miss the humor that danced in her eyes.

"Oh, you are so not funny, Jackson. Just for that, you shower last! Cold water every day!" Jack retorted. He bounded up the stairs past her and Daniel, grinning at the fact that his knees no longer protested such activity.

The bedrooms were quickly claimed, and unpacking was taken care of. Jack had Daniel order a light meal, to be sent up within the hour. Showers were taken, all of them absolutely delighted to be free of the sand and dust of the desert.

When Casey came out of the room she and Daniel had claimed, with its narrow balcony and canopied bed; Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c were pouring over maps of the area. Daniel had pointed out the three temples where he'd located the text that spurred his 'radical' theory that the pyramids were landing sites for alien spacecraft.

"Any chance that there might be a clue or two about Tem in any of them?" Jack was asking.

"I have no idea. Since I was completely focused on finding references to the gods 'traveling among the stars', I didn't pay a lot of attention to any references to those considered to be 'minor' gods," Daniel replied. "It's as good a place to start as any. Contingent on what we find, we might be able to examine all three temples tomorrow."

"Do you have the coordinates for the dig location where the Stargate was found?"

Daniel nodded. "And for the ship that Osiris took as well. Sam and I agree that it's likely that the ships were close together, an airport of sorts, or rather, spaceport."

Teal'c frowned. "If the Goa'uld did not wish their contemporaries to know that they had ships nearby, they would have been most careful to hide them from any and all prying eyes."

The young archaeologist frowned. "That could definitely be a problem."

"The desert changes all of the time," Jack pointed out. "Depending on how long ago it's been since Tem was last here, he might have to do a bit of digging to find it himself."

Sam had emerged from the room she was sharing with Jack, her hair wet, her face rosy from the warm water. She perched on the arm of the chair where the colonel was sitting. He absently put his arm around her hips. "Will we be playing the part of tourists?"

"I have permission to do a dig," Daniel said, "so I have you listed as my excavation team."

"Won't we be expected to hire guides and local help as well?" Jack asked.

The young man frowned. "Yeah, we will. I can get by with not hiring any, or not more than one or two actual 'diggers', there are always those who are doing expeditions on very tight budgets. But to not hire a guide would look suspicious."

Jack nodded. "To be honest, I'd just as soon have someone who knows the area, at least until we're comfortable with the surroundings. Can that be done?"

"I think so," Daniel replied. "I can hire someone to take us to the first site where we think the ship might be. After that, I can just tell the guide I can't afford to pay him."

"As soon as they hear no pay, I don't think we'll have much trouble," Sam said dryly.

Casey giggled. "Better not pay him in full until we get back here."

A knock on the door to the sitting room startled all of them into defensive posture. Jack grabbed his 9mm, stood behind the door, Teal'c at his side, while Daniel slowly opened the wide, wooden door.

"Room service!" a young man announced cheerfully, pushing a cart laden with the food the group had ordered before taking showers.

"Good, I'm starving!" Casey smiled. She was totally oblivious to the fact that the young man fairly swooned when she looked at him.

"Me, too," Sam agreed.

Two beautiful women! He glanced at Daniel, not having seen Jack and Teal'c standing near the wall behind him. He didn't think that Europeans...no, these were Americans...he didn't know that American men were allowed to have more than one wife...he almost frowned. These women were standing in the room, dressed casually in sweat pants and tank tops. Their faces were uncovered...Damn it! Just when he thought he'd rid himself of the archaic beliefs of his father, they'd creep back into his mind! If his people didn't change their backward ways, and recognize that women were more than just property, if they didn't 'join' the rest of the world, they'd only be left further and further behind. The frustration that so many of the 'recruiters' for terrorist organizations exploited was due to the fact that the religious zealots of the Middle East had condemned the people to a backward life that led nowhere. Keeping the laws of Mohammed was one thing. Relegating themselves to live life as their ancestors had only broadened the gap between them and a world that was moving rapidly past the space age. When would the leaders recognize that fact?

Casey cocked her head sideways, smiled at the young man. "As long as there are those who think as you do, there's hope," she said softly. "Never give up hope. Never give up your dreams."

The young man's eyes went wide. This woman was a...a witch! He shook himself mentally. There was no such thing! Perhaps he'd only been dreaming that she'd spoken. He glanced at the man with the glasses. He looked...amused. The other blonde woman was watching him carefully. He cleared his throat. Obviously the beautiful woman had spoken. But what exactly had she said? What he'd heard, or something else entirely? "Um...yes, I guess," he murmured. "Is there anything else I can get for you?"

Daniel smiled. Apparently the young man just couldn't deal with a seer. "No, that's all, thank you." He pulled a few colorful Egyptian bank notes from his pocket and handed them to the young bellhop. They'd drive the van to Giza. No need for a guide until they were ready to trek into the desert. And he didn't want anyone to know exactly where he wanted to go until the last moment. So he refrained from asking the friendly youth to recommend a guide.

With a slight bow of his head, the young man turned around. Almost gasped to see the two men who'd been standing behind him. He fled the room, certain that the Americans saw him as a bumbling fool. How would he get a chance to speak with them now? How would he ever be able to join their expedition? Technically, he wasn't supposed to know that these guests were in Egypt to do a bit of excavating. What they were searching for, he hadn't a clue. He only knew that if he could join them, help them, he could learn more about Americans, and perhaps discuss with them the best way to initiate change into his homeland.

"So, Radar, what was that about?" Jack asked, reaching forward and grabbing a grape, popping it into his mouth.

She shook her blonde head. "I have no idea. I only say what I hear," she replied.

Jack, Sam, and Teal'c exchanged amused looks. Casey was sounding more like Daniel every day.

The team settled onto the wide couches and began to eat their meal. They were all weary after their trek through the desert. And more than ready to climb into comfortable beds.


A  A  A  A  A  A


On the other side of the city, a young businessman made the final arrangements to travel into the desert. He glanced at the man who knelt naked on the floor. He smirked as Kinsey kept his eyes lowered, waiting for instructions from his master. He'd worried that there might be...difficulties...when transferring from his private Lear Jet to the limousine that waited. But his pilot, who'd also been a 'pet' at one time, had landed far enough from the terminal, and the two men with him had shielded the naked man from prying eyes. The limo driver was paid well to see nothing, and to say nothing.

Getting to his room had presented even less of a challenge. This 'hotel' wasn't listed in any of the travel brochures, unless one happened to be a subscriber to a very elite BDSM mailing list. The fact that Kinsey was paraded through the lobby naked, wearing a collar and chain didn't even raise an eyebrow. Possibly because there were two other naked 'slaves' with their masters as well. No one would ever mention that one of those 'slaves' was the wealthy son of a very prominent sheik.

Tem didn't want Kinsey to forget his place, and allowing him to wear clothes might undo weeks of careful training. There had already been one 'setback'. He'd hoped that Kinsey would be ready to join the board by now. But he'd caught the man trying to make a phone call to the United States, muttering something about O'Neill, and saving the planet again. Obviously he'd been trying to reach one Colonel Jack O'Neill. Second in Command of the secret Stargate Project.

He stood up, moved toward the balcony. There was more in Kinsey's mind. He was certain of it. Finding the information that had gained him access to the Area 51 site had been relatively easy. Knowing that the Tau'ri had such an interesting collection of...artifacts ...stored there had been a boon to his plans. However, there was something that the human was hiding from him. Something important. It had to do with the Stargate Project, and how the Tau'ri had come to have bits and pieces of Goa'uld technology. His spies had been unable to uncover anything about such a project. Which completely baffled him. Usually enough money filtered to the proper bank accounts bought him all the 'classified' information that he wanted. But there had been...nothing...on this particular 'project'. It seemed that either those who should know were incorruptible, or knew nothing at all. There were dozens of references to the project in connection with a deep space telemetry project. The humans were carefully mapping space. Not that they'd ever get there! No, as soon as his ships were close enough, he would take command of his flagship, and take control of the First World. As was only fitting of a god of his greatness. But there was something...more. He could sense it.


"I obey, Master," Kinsey said quickly.

"Tell me about the Stargate Project."

The man was haggard by days of punishment, abuse that still marred his body, as Tem hadn't deemed it necessary to use the healing device on him. He searched his bruised mind. There was...something...but he couldn't focus on it. He shook his head sadly. "Forgive, Master, forgive! I do not know of this thing! I swear it!"

He turned around to look at his slave. It was possible that the combination of the drugs and the physical...discipline...had so clouded Kinsey's mind that access to the information was no longer possible. There had always been drawbacks to using the ker'nish'ta. Once the neural pathways to the memories of a slave had been...destroyed...there was no way to re-establish them. He'd heard rumors, one told by Ra himself, that if the slave's dosage of ker'nish'ta was stopped soon enough, all memories would return, and all...training...was forgotten completely. The thought gave him pause. He contemplated for several long minutes. Was the information Kinsey might have important enough to risk all of the training he had received?  Did he want to take the time...start at the very beginning with the task of training his newest pet?

The Goa'uld settled his slim frame into a chair. Stared at the slave who waited. Surely his body was in agony by now, having been in the same kneeling position for nearly four hours. However, Kinsey hadn't made even the slightest sound. Tem shifted slightly. He'd always had a preference for older men. Perhaps because of the memories of his first host. A young man in service to the Pharaoh Amon Ra. The first true Pharaoh of Egypt, five thousand years before the earliest writings declaring the creation of the first Dynasties. The young man had been seduced by the Priest who trained him. Had been in love with the older man. The memories had been strong, the feelings nearly overwhelming. Ra had told him that the first host was always the most difficult to control. Because the first host was as strong as the Prim'ta emerging from the pouch of a Jaffa. He'd had so many hosts that he'd long ago lost count. But never had he forgotten that first young man. Nor did he realize that the hosts' memories...desires...had fused to become his own. "Slave, come," he said softly.

Kinsey crawled on his hands and knees to where his master was sitting.

"Kneel up."

The man obeyed immediately.

No, he didn't dare risk erasing weeks of training, especially for something that might not even be there. He caressed the older man's cheek, smiled as the face pressed against his hand. "Pleasure me, slave," he whispered.

With relish the slave once known as Kinsey obeyed, his own body responding ardently to the feel, the taste, the smell of his master.

He closed his eyes. Soon, when Kinsey's 'transformation' was complete, he'd allow the older man to fuck him. He shivered with the thought of being taken by the former senator. It awakened a need in him that could not be silenced. He roughly pushed the naked man away. Picked up the phone, made his request.

Kinsey waited, terrified that he'd displeased his master. He watched as the young man showered, and covered his body with lightly scented oil.

Thirty minutes later a soft knock on the door announced the arrival of Tem's...guest. The man was European, in his late fifties. His aristocratic good looks sent a shiver of delight down the Goa'uld's spine. Introductions were made. Although hazel eyes had taken in the naked man waiting in the corner, not one word was said. It was as if the kneeling man didn't even exist. With just a  few minutes of conventional conversation, the man, Charles...although Tem was certain it wasn't his real name...was quick to pick up on the fact that this young businessman wanted...needed...to have a loving father figure.

"Timothy," Charles said, pouring wine for both of them, "you look tired. Perhaps this evening you should rest."

Tem beamed at his guest. How wonderful that this man knew automatically what he wanted! He glanced at Kinsey. Realized that the slave had dared to look. Like all of the men on the board, Kinsey loved his master. And was in love with him. He smiled ruthlessly. This would be a wonderful...lesson. "I think I just need a bit of...comforting."

Charles smiled. "Don't we all?" He raised his glass in salute.

"So tell me, what is a man like yourself doing in Cairo?" Tem asked, careful to keep a tight rein on his voice. It was difficult at times, usually when he was weary, but had become a bit more comfortable over the years. His companion's clipped English accent was arousing him as much as the gray hair and neatly trimmed gray moustache.

"I came to Egypt determined to make a monumental find. All I found was sand, sand, and more accursed sand. And an affinity for the company of young men."

Tem smiled. "So you are an archaeologist?"

The older man smiled, shook his head. "No. Geologist. I was looking for what I was certain would be deep pockets of oil. How could there be so damned many wells in Saudi Arabia, and so few here? I was certain that I could find new reserves. Alas, I did not."

Tem put his elbows on the table, held his glass between the fingers of both hands, leaned forward. "While I sympathize for your lack of success, I rejoice that your situation has allowed our paths to cross."

Charles smiled. Gave up trying to identify the accent. It seemed Spanish, yet, there was a hint of something else, something he couldn't place. "You are a charmer, aren't you?"

"I try. Am I charming you?"

"Most definitely."

"Shall we...get comfortable?"

Kinsey dared to watch as his master and the stranger laid down together on the bed. Watched as they kissed, fondled one another, caressed each other, clothes slowly hitting the floor. Dared to watch, nearly gasping out loud, as the master knelt in front of the stranger, his cock rock hard and red, while the stranger slid his thick rod in and out of the master's ass. His own cock twitched. Oh, how he wanted to be that stranger! He wanted to pleasure the master!

Tem opened his eyes. Kinsey had slid forward, was just a few feet from the bed, his eyes glowing with lust. "Come pleasure me, slave," he whispered.

With a whimper of delight Kinsey eased onto the bed, slid his head beneath the younger mans hips, took that delightful organ into his mouth, began to make love to the man, the god, who owned him completely.

"Ah, very obedient," Charles panted.

"Yes, very," Tem replied breathlessly.

"Does he please you, son?"

Tem shivered at what he considered an endearment. "Yes, Father, he does, very much."

Charles smiled. "Good. If you are happy, my son, I am happy. Oh, son, your body welcomes me," he whispered as he thrust and pulled himself in and out of the younger man's body. The prostitute could hear the 'slave' sucking happily on the young man's cock. "You're so hot, so tight," he whispered.

The dark haired young man was nearly delirious from the sensations. "Spank me, Father!"

With a grim smile, the prostitute's hand began to slap the pale ass beneath him, moving from one cheek to the other until both were rosy and warm. "Don't come yet, son. Hold back." Even as he spoke the words, he rubbed the tip of his erection over that sensitive spot that connected to the young man's prostate.

"Oh! Yes!" Tem moaned.

"Don't come, or I will be forced to punish you," Charles said firmly. His cock continued to move inside the man, his hand continued to connect with the cherry red flesh.

His body was shaking. It had been so long...so very long since he'd had such pleasure. "I can't hold back!"

"Yes you can!"

"No, please..."

"If you come, I will punish you severely."

"Please Father, please! I can't hold back!"

Charles reached between the young man's legs, roughly grabbed his scrotum and began to tug and squeeze. "Not yet, son, not yet," he whispered.

Tem was in delicious agony. Kinsey had been one of the best cock-suckers he'd ever experienced, and right now he was doing his damnedest to bring his master to completion. It had been a long time since he was last fucked. The fat cock pumping in and out of his ass was causing such white hot pleasure/pain that it was overwhelming.

"Tell the slave to move away," Charles whispered.

"Back into your corner, slave," Tem panted.

Disappointment flooding his eyes, Kinsey crawled away, his own engorged cock slapping his belly with each movement. He turned around, remained on his knees, but defiantly watched his master and the stranger.

Tem's cock was leaking precum, great drops of the viscous fluid hanging from the red tip until gravity pulled them to the bed. The slaps and the pumping continued. His hips were beginning to hump forward automatically, his body seeking release.

"I want you to come in my hand," Charles whispered.

Tem moaned. The hand that had been squeezing his balls moved up. Began to milk his aching cock. When both the man's hand and hips began to move with the same slow rhythm, he shuddered. He was so close, so damned close!

"Not yet, son, not yet," the older man murmured. "It will be so much better if you wait."

He was nearly beside himself with need. "Please, Father, I must come!"

The older man was a seasoned veteran of the game. He knew that Tem was indeed at the end of his endurance. "Fuck my hand, son."

Without conscious thought the Goa'uld obeyed, moving forward into a tight warm fist, then back onto a hard, demanding cock. He began to moan, the sound getting louder as he grew ever closer to his climax. Suddenly he was there, and the first spurts of warm white come shot three feet from the bed, landing like a string on the carpet.

"That's it, give it to me," Charles smiled. His hand continued to stroke the throbbing cock. When at last the man beneath him shivered, and dropped to the mattress, he carefully withdrew from the young man's body, and slid off the bed, heading for the bathroom.

Tem barely had the energy to raise his head. When Charles emerged from the bathroom, clean once again, but still hard as a rock, he called Kinsey forward. "Pleasure him, slave."

He didn't want to suck this cock. He wanted to suck the master's cock! But he was a slave. Obediently, he did as he was told.

"Oh, god," Charles moaned, his eyes closed. "What a talented cock-sucker!"

"He's a natural," Tem smilingly agreed. "He knew those tricks long before I met him."

When the prostitute shuddered and came, Tem climbed off the bed. Found his wallet. "Perhaps we can have a glass of wine again tomorrow evening. I have the feeling I'll be in need of more comfort."

Charles smiled, folded the wad of cash and put it into his pocket. "Just leave a message at this number," he said, handing a business card to the young man. "I look forward to our next meeting."

"As do I," Tem replied.

When the man was gone, he collapsed onto the bed once again. He'd been too long from the company of Goa'uld, only in his second host when Ra had abandoned him after his betrayal. He'd been too long among the Tau'ri; his thoughts were of global domination, not galactic empires; his desires, his methods of operation more human than Goa'uld. Not once did it cross his mind that a Goa'uld would not...should not allow himself to be put in the submissive position. He knew only what his memories, and his body, demanded of him. He fell asleep, unaware that Kinsey, unable to take the need any longer, stroked himself to completion, fantasizing that he was the one behind the master, burying his cock in that beloved ass.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey was nearly overcome by awe as they pulled into the area known as Giza, just as the sun was rising above the horizon. The pyramids were breathtaking, and she stared at them; knowing that they'd been there for thousands of years, had seen so very many sunrises, was almost more than she could comprehend. There were several temples and tombs, as well as the excavated ruins where workers had once been housed. Daniel promised her that one day they'd return and tour the site properly.

The team was entering the first of the temples within an hour after sunrise, their excavation papers allowing them access to areas off limits to tourists. Daniel was looking around with interest. Except for the two electric lights that were placed near the center of the long, narrow room, this temple was exactly as he remembered it.

Jack glanced around. "I hope you don't have to read all of this," he grumped.

The young archaeologist bit back his smile. "Not all of it, no. That section pertains to the daily routine of bread baking. I think I can skip it. Unless you want to know how the Egyptians baked bread," he said, pointing to a wide section of glyphs and drawings.

"You're so not funny." He looked around. Caught sight of Casey. She was standing in the middle of the room, her eyes as wide, that lower lip between her teeth. "Radar?"

"This place isn't safe," she whispered.

Daniel had been kneeling near one of the corners, reading a section of text that listed the gods who had at one time been worshipped in this temple. His head shot up. "What?"


Sam and Teal'c started. Neither of them had sensed anything. Daniel had grabbed his flashlight, was shining it into the shadows of the corner. "Shit!" he muttered, slowly inching away from them. "Snakes."

Jack was looking as well. "Daniel, we have to find...what the hell is it you're looking for?"

"References of Tem, and the forbidden zone."

"Forbidden zone?"

"An area about fifty miles square. The Stargate was found in the center of it. There haven't been any excavations allowed in the area since then," Daniel explained. His eyes were still on the coiled bodies. He could make out three heads, but it was possible there were more. And they were freaking cobras!

Jack was staring at the snakes as well. "Okay, so do you think anyone would mind if we killed them?"

"I don't know that the authorities would be too crazy about you shooting up the place," Daniel replied dryly.

"Cold," Casey whispered.

Four heads swung in her direction. Daniel frowned. "What?"

"Cold," she repeated.

For several seconds her teammates watched her, not at all certain what she was talking about. "Snakes don't like the cold," Sam said suddenly,

"Fire extinguisher!" Jack exclaimed. "I'll see if there's one in the van."

Luckily, there was, and the CO of the team made a mental note to have it replaced as soon as they returned to Cairo. He sprayed the coiled creatures, then with Teal'c and Daniel's help, carried them out into the sunlight. The men tossed the snakes as far from the temple as they could, not easy considering the smallest had been nearly four feet long. Within a few short minutes the stunned reptiles were slithering away.

Daniel went back to work, trying to locate any references to Tem. Casey and Sam were carefully recording every inch of the walls. He could go over the tapes when they returned to their suite.

Jack and Teal'c continued to watch for any reappearance of the snakes, as well as keeping an eye on the handful of tourists who'd decided to visit the temple. The tourists weren't allowed past the cord that stretched from one side of the temple to the other. The team was at least ten feet beyond that cord.

"I found it!" Daniel said excitedly. "This particular cartouche is his name, and the text suggests that he was worshipped here, until the day he was expelled by the god from whom his strength had flowed. I'm assuming that's a reference to Ra."

"Anything else?" Jack asked, watching the entrance of the temple. There'd been no other tourists for nearly an hour, it would be their luck to have a damned tour group come through about now, which would severely curtail any discussions that they could have.

"Just a reference to him fleeing into the desert."

"Isn't that what you were looking for?" Sam asked.

The young archaeologist nodded. "This is a very...minor...temple. It's possible..." He ran his fingers over the ancient painting. "The plaster is thicker here," he said softly.

"Which means?" Jack asked.

"This was added. I just don't have a clue as to when it was added," Daniel admitted.

"It couldn't have been added in, oh, I don't know, the last century or so?"

He couldn't help but smile. "No, I don't think so. Probably during the last Dynasty. Someone remembered Tem, and wanted him remembered."

"Probably the Goa'uld himself," Casey smirked.

Daniel smiled. "Possibly."

"Is it not possible that Tem left clues for himself, so that at a later date he might return and reclaim what belonged to him?" Teal'c asked.

The younger man crossed his arms, tapped a finger against his lips. "Yeah, it is. But there's nothing else here."

"He'd have tried to hide it," Jack surmised.

"We have all of the walls on tape," Casey said quietly. Just as a large group of visitors wandered into the room.

"I think it's going to get damned hard to work in here," Jack said, his voice echoing slightly against the stone walls. Two of the tourists turned to watch the group with interest.

"Just give me a few more minutes," Daniel said, his eyes already moving on the text that surrounded what he was certain had been added long after the temple had been built and dedicated.

Jack glanced at his watch. "Ten. Then we're out of here."

Two older women sidled closer to the cord that prevented them from moving deeper into the temple.. "Are you archaeologists?"

"Well, not exactly," Jack said, giving them his most charming smile. "That guy over there next to the wall is. We sort of...well-"

"We work with him," Casey said quickly. "We do the digging and the heavy lifting, fetching and carrying and things like that."

The women smiled. "How exciting! What is it you're looking for?"

"Proof that several of the minor gods of the people were...banished...by the Pharaohs," the young woman replied easily.

"Oh, my. Those Pharaohs certainly believed they were all-powerful, didn't they?" the second woman said.

"That's because they were," Daniel said, joining his teammates. "They held the lives of every man, woman, and child in their hands. The people believed that the Pharaoh was god incarnate. The Pharaohs believed it too."

"Most of the Priests didn't," Casey murmured.

"Which is why there was so much intrigue in the palace," Daniel grinned.

"Betrayal, murder, scheming and planning...sounds like a soap opera," she groused.

The tourists laughed. "Well, we'll let you get back to your work."

"Actually, I found exactly what I was looking for," Daniel smiled. He noted that Jack looked sharply at him. He gave a slight nod.

"In that case, let's head on back to the hotel. I'm starving," Jack said. "Oh, you folks might want to be careful. We found a nest of cobras in that corner." He motioned toward the dark corner where the snakes had been coiled.

The horrified looks on the wrinkled faces had the rest of the team struggling to remain impassive. They managed to get into the van before bursting into laughter. "That was just mean!" Casey gasped.

"Hey, all I did was give them a warning! Those snakes could be back at any time," Jack protested.

"You deliberately tried to scare those poor old ladies," Daniel replied.

"Worked, didn't it?" Jack grinned. "They'll stay away from the dark corners in any other temple or pyramid they go into."

"How can you be so mean and so philanthropic at the same time?" Sam asked, shaking her head, a smile tugging on her lips.

"Because I'm talented," Jack quipped. Which sent his companions into another round of laughter. They didn't see the dark car that pulled into the parking lot of the visitor's center as they pulled away.

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