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Casey sees the SGC invaded...by cameras.  President Hayes takes the initiative to make a documentary about the Stargate Program, in the hope that it will help to explain the existence of the secret bunker and the Ancient device if the need arises. As usual, things are anything but calm at the SGC during the visit by a camera crew. As a result of Goa'uld interference, Stargate Command loses one of its valued members.

(Based on the episodes Heroes and Heroes Pt. II)

Story Category:  Angst/Action



Stargate SG-1…

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill
Lt. Col. Samantha Carter
Teal'c of Chulak
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Lt. Gen. George Hammond
Sgt. Walter Harriman
President Henry Hayes
Major Louis Ferretti
Colonel Dave Dixon
Sr. Airman Jake Bosworth
Sr. Airman Simon Wells
Dr. Cameron Balinsky
Emmett Bregman
Tech. Sgt. Dale James
Airman Shep Wickenhouse
Colonel Tom Rundell
Dr. William Lee
Sgt. Siler
Colonel Reynolds
Richard Woolsey
Marci Wells



Casey Jackson
Sgt. Tony Sabotti
Dr. Beth Meyers
Dr. Adam Warnke
Dr. Craig Nichols
Dr. Leanna Izett

Special Appearance by "Oakey" 




Performed by Ne-Yo
Written by Nigel D.





No copyright infringement intended.

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