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Heaven Called While You Slept


Chapter 10

The team had arrived back at the SGC just after noon local time. And they'd all been caught up in writing out their reports, and taking care of other work that had accumulated during their absence. It was nearly six before Jack wandered up to Daniel's office. Sam and Teal'c were already there, discussing the latest rumors to fly around the mountain. It seemed that SG-7 had been on a mission during which they'd discovered the presence of a Tok'ra queen, who was being held captive by the people who lived on the planet. SG-9 had been dispatched to try to hammer out a deal between the Pangarans and the Tok'ra.

"What's the big deal? Just tell the Pancreas people to give the Tok'ra their mommy snake," Jack said, after Sam had given him the details of the mission.

"It's not that simple, sir," Sam replied. "The Pangarans have been using the symbiotes the queen spawns to create a serum that enhances their health, their vitality. They call it an 'immortality' serum. Using that serum, they don't get sick, they don't age... They're not about to let the queen go."

"According to SG-7's mission reports," Daniel said, reading from his computer monitor, "the Pangarans are demanding Stargate addresses to Goa'uld home-worlds in return for a 'sample' of the serum."

"That's weird," Casey mused. "They have to know that we're not going to negotiate for just a sample...and that the Goa'uld are dangerous."

"They're as advanced as we are," Sam pointed out.

"There's something that those people aren't admitting," Daniel theorized.

"Gee, that's never happened before," Jack muttered. "I say we just give the Tok'ra the address to this place, and let them fight it out amongst themselves. No need for us to get involved."

"Sir, if this serum is half as effective as the Pangarans claim, it could be a lead to curing several diseases here on Earth," Sam insisted.

"Casey Jackson, do you sense something?" Teal'c asked. He was the first to note that the seer's head was cocked slightly to one side, a sure sign that she was 'seeing' something.

"Dying," Casey said softly, her eyes slightly unfocused as she struggled to interpret what she'd been shown. "She's dying. That's why the people need a new Goa'uld, rather, a new breeding queen. I don't think they understand that not all Goa'uld are capable of spawning. And...that queen has done something to the symbiotes, something that affects the serum."

"Think maybe that's info the general should have?" Jack asked, watching the young blonde's face carefully.

"Probably," Daniel said. He rose to his feet, reached out to gently run his hand up and down Casey's back. "Angel?"

"She's so tired," Casey whispered. "We have to make those people understand that what they're doing is wrong!"

"Not us personally, I hope," Jack said.

Casey looked over at Jack. "Huh? Oh, no, not us personally. But with this information, Major Farnsworth should have a better chance at getting through to those leaders."

"Let's tell the general, and then call it a day. I'm hungry."

"Me, too," Daniel agreed.

Trooping to the general's office, they continued to discuss what was known, and how what Casey had seen fit in with those facts. Without a doubt the 'tretonin', as the serum was called, was a valuable commodity. But there had to be a better way to create the drug.




Hammond looked up with surprise to see SG-1 filing into his office. "Colonel," he said, when Jack stepped forward.

"Sir, Radar just had a bit of a download, something about SG-9's current mission," Jack said.

"General, that Tok'ra queen is dying," Casey said, not giving the general time to respond to Jack. "That's why the people there want addresses to Goa'uld home worlds. And...she's done something to the symbiotes...something that affects the serum they make. My guess is somebody is going to have to blend with her to find out exactly what's going on."

"I'll let Major Farnsworth and the Tok'ra know immediately," Hammond promised. "Can you see anything else?"

"No, sir," Casey replied. "Just...what they're doing is so wrong!"

"I agree, Casey," General Hammond said. "Hopefully we'll be able to convince them of that fact."

"If that's all, sir, we'll head out now. Down time tomorrow and all," Jack said, eager to get out of the mountain before someone suggested that SG-1 take the message to Major Farnsworth personally.

"Dismissed," the general said, biting back a smile.




Being out on missions, the members of SG-1 often lost track of what day it actually was. Thus they were mildly surprised to walk into O'Malley's, only to realize it was Wednesday night. Wednesday's were when the establishment ran specials on meals and drinks. As a result, the restaurant was filled to capacity, and the bar was busy as well. A majority of the patrons worked in Cheyenne Mountain, several worked in the SGC itself. Greetings rang out as the team followed Gina to a table near the back of the bar, the only table left in the entire establishment.

Music was blaring from the juke box, and the number of voices engaged in conversations made the noise level even higher. It was, however, possible to hear one another if they leaned toward the middle of the round table, and the chances of being overheard were slim to none.

Jack and Sam each ordered a Heineken, Teal'c ordered his usual raspberry iced tea, and Daniel and Casey opted for white wine, having decided on the drive to the restaurant to have the chicken fettuccine.

Casey watched her CO's face for a moment, taking note of the slight frown that tugged at his eyebrows. No doubt he was still dealing with all he'd experienced in the dream world. Knowing Jack, and the fact that he wasn't comfortable dealing with emotional situations, whatever they might be, she reached out and took his hand. "I hope you enjoyed your time with Charlie," she said.

It was impossible not to smile at the sincere concern in the seer's green eyes. "We went fishing. That's always enjoyable," he replied.

She leaned close, an attempt to keep their conversation as private as possible. "Did you find the answers you needed?"

"Didn't have any questions," he said, surveying the room, taking note of the SG team members who were playing pool. An attempt to avoid discussing the issue. He was fairly certain Radar wasn't about to take the hint, however.

"Did you say what you needed to say? Hear what you needed to hear?"

Brown eyes swung back to meet her steady gaze. Sighed mentally. Radar could be a royal pain-in-the-ass when she decided that he needed to talk about something he'd rather not talk about. The fact that normally she was right poked at him. It was that connection to the universe the young seer had. Annoying as hell when she used it 'against' him. "Yeah, I did," he finally admitted.


"What about you, nice visit with your mom? Get the answers to your questions?" Jack ignored the frown that Daniel tossed at him. So he sounded grumpy. He was tired. It had been a long day!

"Yes, I did. I just hope I was able to convince Mom that she doesn't have anything to feel guilty for," Casey sighed.

"Seems to me that guilt is damned difficult to get rid of," Jack noted, almost wistfully. His guilt was still firmly in place. Oh, it wasn't as painful as it had been. But the weight of it hadn't changed. Knowing Radar, she's probably packing around enough guilt for the entire team.

"I guess so," the slender blonde conceded. "The Goddess knows I carry around a lot of my own."

Like I said, Jack thought.

"Guilt is something everyone with a conscience has to deal with," Daniel pointed out gently, having been paying attention to the conversation between his best friend and his Wife.

"I suppose so," Jack nodded. "What about you, Danny, were you able to say what needed to be said?"

"Yeah, I was," Daniel said. "Just hearing that-" He broke off, took a sip of the wine Gina had just put in front of him. Waited until the waitress left the table, with promises to find menus for them. "To hear them say that they love me, that they're proud of me, to be able to tell them I love them, to tell them about Casey...it really does ease the pain of losing them. I mean, it's always going to hurt. The memories of that afternoon are always going to be painful. But that pain isn't as...sharp...now."

Sam was nodding in agreement. "I agree. Hearing that Mom loves me, and she's proud of me...the ache of her loss isn't as deep."

"I was most gratified to learn that my own disbelief in the Goa'uld as gods was fostered by my father's doubts. To know that I have earned his pride in my accomplishments is most satisfying," Teal'c said.

"Charlie is tall...he's damned near a man now," Jack said slowly. "I guess I thought he'd just remain a little boy..." His voice faded. He sat back when Gina appeared with the menus, flashed a crooked smile at her, then looked at his 'kids'. They were all waiting patiently for him to continue. "But it helps to know that he's okay, ya know?"

Sam reached for Jack's other hand, smiled a secret smile of delight when his fingers laced with hers, and he leaned slightly toward her. "I have to admit, talking to Mom has forced me to look at what happened in a different light...to admit that not only is Dad not guilty of anything, that what happened was fated to happen."

Jack nodded. "I don't know that I'll ever accept that Fate decided my nine-year-old son should die. But at least I know he doesn't blame me for what happened. Even if I always will."

"I don't think we'd be human if we didn't continue to wrestle with the guilt...or the anger...that the traumatic events in our lives have caused," Daniel said. "Maybe there's a reason we were given the chance to render those painful memories less painful."

"Our memories, good or bad, help make us who we are," Jack mused. "But not having to deal with the excruciating pain of those bad memories has to be a good thing, right?"

"I think we'll all be able to move forward with less hesitation," Casey said. "Whether we realize it or not, those memories have us reacting to certain situations in a certain way. We respond to the pain. Maybe we won't do that any longer."

"Which could drastically change the way we view new situations," Daniel said.

"Let's hope that's a good thing," Jack grumped. He shook himself mentally. There was no doubt that he'd be replaying his afternoon with Charlie in his mind for days to come. He wasn't willing to discuss it any longer. It was too...private. "And let's just move on. No need to keep rehashing what happened."

Casey gave Jack's fingers one last squeeze, then pulled her hand free. "Right. Let's just pretend it never happened."

"That's not what I meant, Radar," Jack said, rolling his eyes.

"Then what did you mean?" She was determined to make him say the words out loud...to admit to his friends as well as to himself that what had happened was special. Even if she wasn't at all certain why that was so important.

He toyed with his beer bottle for a moment. "What we were...given...was a gift. It was something private. Something special. Something to treasure always. But not necessarily discuss." When the seer nodded, he knew that he'd just said exactly what she wanted to hear. That he'd had to say the words so he could fully accept that gift. And in accepting the gift, it made what happened real. Made the conversation with his son all the more cherished. Made what he and his son had discussed all the more important.

"Nicely put," Daniel said.

Jack grabbed his menu. "Okay, let's eat, shall we?"

"I know what I'm getting," Casey said, pushing the menu toward the edge of the table.

"Me, too." Daniel put his menu on top of hers. Sat back and dropped his arm around her shoulders.

"Yeah, you decided on the way over. Do you have the menu here memorized or something?" Jack asked.

Casey giggled. "Only my favorites."

"I have to admit, the chicken fettuccine does sound good," Sam said, perusing her menu.

"Indeed," Teal'c said, closing his menu.

"I suppose I might as well make it unanimous. Less chance of them screwing something up," Jack said, trying to sound and look put-out. A glance at the faces around him let him know his teammates weren't buying it.

Gina returned just long enough to take their order, the salads that came with the entree arrived minutes later. The conversation turned to individual plans for the coming day off.


A  A  A  A  A  A


After three days off world, the members of SG-1 were tired enough to call it an evening as soon as the dishes from their meal had been cleared away. During the ride back to the base, so that Daniel and Casey could collect their jeep, and Teal'c could return to his room, the teammates agreed to meet at Peterson early enough to grab coffee before their flight to DC, then said quiet goodnights, going their separate ways.

Twilight was falling over the city, the silhouette of the Rocky mountains deepening the shadows. Traffic was still heavy on the main streets; was considerably lighter after they turned off Tejone.

Sam had asked him to spend the night. Although part of him still wanted to be alone to fully process everything that had happened during the mission, Jack wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to be with the woman he loved. Another part, the part he was listening to, needed to be with her...even if they didn't say one word, he needed her gentle presence to just help him...cope.


"...Dad...don't wait too long. Life isn't...predictable."


Charlie's voice was as clear as if he'd been sitting in the truck with them. And the message he knew his son was sending was just as plain. Waiting for the 'right' moment was just a way of holding back...his way of hiding from his own fears. The fear that something could happen and he'd lose Sam. Life wasn't predictable. He needed to grab the happiness that he'd found, hold tightly with both hands, and refuse to let it go.

Jack glanced over at the shopping plaza. Not a car in sight...all of the businesses were closed for the night. He glanced at Sam, shifted slightly in the seat, felt the pressure of the small jewelers box against his hip. Taking the corner sharply, he made a U-turn, and pulled into the empty parking lot. Cutting the engine, and turning off the lights, he sent up a brief prayer to the Tooth Fairy that none of Colorado Springs' finest would decide to check to see what the occupants of the Ford F250 were doing. He had to do this now...he didn't want to wait another moment to start moving forward with his life.

"Jack?" Sam asked, confusion filling her sapphire blue eyes.

"I'm not good with words, Sam. You know that. But...talking to Charlie..." Jack shook his head, staring out the windshield for a moment. Then leaned back against the seat, pulled the small velvet box from his pocket. "I bought this after...when I spent the night at your place for the first time, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I bought this, but then it seemed I couldn't find the right time, the right way, to ask you."

Confusion was replaced with love...with joy...with anticipation. A smile tugged at her lips as Sam waited for Jack to continue.

"This is the right time. Not so sure it's the right way, but..." Jack opened the box, revealing a two-carat, princess-cut diamond solitaire, with two matching half-carat diamonds on either side, all set in platinum. The ring sparkled in the light from the nearby street lamp. "Sam, would you do me the honor of being my wife?"

She stared at the ring for a moment. It was absolutely gorgeous! And he'd picked it out after their first night together? Sam raised her hand to run a trembling finger over his jaw. "I thought you'd never ask," she replied softly.

"Well, now I'm asking. So?"

It was impossible not to chuckle at his response. "Yes, Jack. I'll be your wife."

He pulled the ring from the satin grip and slipped it onto her finger. "I don't know about you, but I really don't want to wait to get married."

"Me, either," Sam admitted. "I've...we've...already waited so long."

"So, wanna spend tomorrow talking to that wedding planner Daniel and Casey hired?"

Admiring the ring on her finger, Sam shook her head. For a moment, the conversation she'd had with her mother...had it really been earlier in the day?...played through her mind. "Would you be upset if I said I'd rather just go to the Justice of the Peace?"

"Nope. But...don't you want a wedding? The fancy dress and the flowers and the cake, the whole shebang?" Jack asked.

"I've been to a dozen weddings. Been a bridesmaid, or maid of honor, at least half a dozen times. To be honest, the idea of trying to plan a wedding, even with a wedding planner, just freaks me out," Sam admitted. She looked up at him. "Do you want a wedding?"

"And have to wear my dress whites, or a monkey-suit? I can live without that," Jack replied.

"Then let's just get the license, and go the Justice of the Peace," Sam said.

"If that's what you want, honey, it's okay with me."

"I love you, Jack O'Neill."

"Glad to hear it." He grinned when she rolled her eyes. "I love you too, Samantha Carter."

"Let's go celebrate. I have clean sheets on the bed," Sam said, wiggling her eyebrows at him.

"Sounds like fun to me," Jack grinned. He started the engine. It had been one hell of a day. He felt as if he'd lived a lifetime in the hours since he'd walked into that cavern on a distant planet, to return a stone to people who had a pretty interesting connection to the universe in general, and the dream world in particular. Not a bad day, though, he thought, easing the truck back onto the street. He glanced at Sam...she was busy looking at the ring on her finger. Not a bad day at all.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel shrugged out of his jacket, hung Casey's beside it when she handed it to him. It had been a couple of days since he'd held her. His body was complaining about that fact. He'd used the serum that mimicked his Wife's pheromones, injected while he and Sam had been keeping watch in that grove of trees. It was never as good as the 'real thing'. His heart was adding its own demands; that he hold her, show her the love that filled it. He followed her to the bathroom, the sway of that heart-shaped fanny leaving him aching with need.

With a deft twist, Casey pulled her hair back into a ponytail, reached for the facial wash she used every night she was home. Watched Daniel in the mirror as he watched her. "Is something wrong?"

"No. Just...taking in the view," he said softly, offering her a smile.

"That bored, are ya?" she teased.

"I could watch you all day, Angel, and never get bored."

"Well, you see me with eyes of love. And, you're weird."

He grinned. Those words from anyone else would have hurt his feelings, or offended him, depending on who that 'anyone' might be. From her, the sweet, teasing tone of voice made them just as acceptable as her comments about his looks, or his intellect. "You love me anyway," he maintained.

"With all my heart."

The little sigh with which she uttered her proclamation of love had his insides doing that odd fluttering thing. "So...did you tell your Grandma about me?"

The question was asked shyly, as if he didn't think he was worthy of being mentioned to anyone, let alone discussed during a 'miracle visit' with her beloved Grandma Rose. "I told her all about you. How you're handsome and sexy and brilliant and sweet and kind and funny and damned near perfect."

Casey could make him feel invincible. She did it on a regular basis. This was no different than any other time she'd declared what she believed to be his 'assets'. Nor was his reaction to that declaration any different - his heart battered his ribs.

"Did you have a chance to mention me?"

"I was able to show Mom and Dad the wedding picture I carry in my wallet. Not sure exactly how I happened to have it there, but, I'm not going to complain. They think you're beautiful, too."

"They were just being kind," Casey responded immediately.

"No, Angel. Pictures don't lie," Daniel said softly.

Casey rinsed her face, patted it dry, and reached for her toothbrush. Handed the tube of toothpaste to Daniel when he reached for his own. "Did it help? I mean...I know that you were so hurt...and angry...and scared...I can't even imagine the emotions you dealt with that day, and you'd just turned eight..." She paused. "Did seeing them really ease the hurt?"

"Yeah, it did. Just before I had to leave, I...we...I guess in a way, it was as difficult for them as it was for me," Daniel said. "Not just the horror of being crushed to death, but they knew that they were 'leaving', even though they didn't want to."

"It was just a tragic afternoon for all involved, I guess," Casey sighed.

"What about you, Case? I know you had questions for your mom. Did you get a chance to ask them?"

She nodded. "By the time I was born, Vinnie...that's Kenny's dad, the rat bastard," she hissed, "anyway, he'd convinced Mom that she was worthless, that because she'd left Dad the only thing she was good for was being a whore. It was even easier for him to convince her of that after she'd...after she'd left me at that church."

"But she never stopped loving him, or you, did she?" Daniel asked instinctively.

"No, she didn't. And to be honest, I think that's what ultimately killed her. She used drugs, she drank heavily, in an attempt to dull the heartache." Casey raised the toothbrush to her mouth, then paused. "The real bastard in all of this is her father. Had he not been such a religious tyrant, Mom wouldn't have expected Dad to behave like him."

"Can't argue with that," Daniel replied. Felt his breath catch in his throat when she pulled the clip from her hair, watching that golden mane cascade around her shoulders. He couldn't resist reaching out and wrapping a lock around his fingers. Just like silk, he thought.

With their night-time ablutions completed, the couple retreated to their bedroom. They undressed in companionable silence. Casey tossed the throw pillows onto the chair, then Daniel helped her turn the comforter down.

He'd held her while they slept, both before their journey to find The Others and return the sacred stone to its rightful place; and when they'd been taken back to the cavern to sleep...and to dream. He treasured every opportunity to hold his Wife. Now, however, he wanted...he needed...to make love to her. To use his body to show her in the most tangible way possible the love that filled his heart.

Draped across his chest, leaning on one arm, the other hand moving gently over his face, Casey watched his eyes. "I love you so very much."

"I love you, too, Angel."

"Let me show you how much I love you," she whispered.

Did she read his mind? Sometimes he was positive that she did. This was one of those times. He nodded his approval. "Do it," was his whispered reply.

Every journey of love began and ended with a kiss. For her, kissing Daniel had always been the breath of life...his kisses as necessary for her very survival as the air she breathed. Daniel's kisses could arouse her to the point of orgasm, or darned near, she thought. The brush of his tongue against her own was the spark that set fire to the tinder of her passion. She nibbled on his lower lip before allowing him full access to her mouth, running the tip of her tongue over his upper lip as soon as he'd withdrawn, waiting for her to touch and taste him as he had done to her. Each kiss was a feast of tastes; a kaleidoscope of sensations...soft and firm, rough and smooth.

When he thought about the fact that he was the only man Casey had ever really kissed, the only man she'd ever made love to, Daniel found himself awed at her talent, at her ability to turn him into a quivering mass with just a few kisses, and the gentle touch of her soft hands. What she did - every movement of her mouth, or her hands, or her body - was done to please him. She'd learned what he liked, what turned him on, what made him shiver with delight, what made him moan with pleasure...and she reveled in doing so. Not one of the women who had shared his bed had ever been as enthusiastic. He'd never had a woman make love to him with as much devotion as his Wife did. What a lucky, lucky man I am.

He hadn't shaved since the morning they'd left for the base. That had been three days ago. Her fingers moved over his whisker-stubbled jaw, the sensations sending a shiver of pleasure from the top of her head to the tips of her turquoise-painted toenails. She sighed into his mouth when Daniel deepened the kiss; tasting her, touching her, arousing her.

When her tongue flickered against his he knew that she was about to move on. Her lips were warm against his cheek...his jaw...his throat. He raised his chin, shivered when she began to suckle on the spot right behind his ear...the same spot that on her caused the same shiver of pleasure.

She could feel the rigid length of his manhood pressing against her, the gentle throbbing letting her know she was pleasing him. When she slid down so that she could greet his flat nipples, she wrapped one hand around him; held him tenderly, although not actually stroking him. She teased the brown nubs on his chest until they hardened against her tongue; his gasps made her smile against his skin.

It was impossible not to tense in anticipation when Casey settled herself between his outstretched legs. She tossed her hair back, gave him a smile that melted his brain, her green eyes twinkling with a mixture of love and glee. His shoulders came up off the bed when she sucked his raging anaconda into her mouth, hard and fast, flickering her tongue over the sensitive tip just before taking as much of his length as she could. "Oh, god," he moaned. "That's it...just like that."

Within minutes she had a rhythm established, his body rocking in time with her movements. She bobbed up and down on him, her hands working that part of him she could never take in. When the pulsing intensified, she slowed down, began to lick him as if he were an all-day sucker. Locked her gaze with his as her tongue moved slowly up and down his length, taking her time moving from the base to the tip of his throbbing flesh. Spent a few minutes teasing the swollen, mushroomed head of his shaft. Listened with absolute joy as he groaned his appreciation of her efforts.

His toes were curled, his fingers tangled in the blonde silk that had fallen over her shoulder, obstructing his view of her face as she orally made love to him. Her eyes sent the same message of love as her tongue...it was damned near overwhelming. "Oh, god, yes!"

Her hands were in constant motion, when one fist reached his heavy balls, the other was slowly sliding downward. With her fingers curled around his girth, stroking steadily, her mouth and tongue continued to tease him...torment him...please him. He was panting, each breath a sharp intake of air, his chest heaving as he reached for the climax that she was so lovingly orchestrating.

"Now...gotta come now," he murmured, eyes closed, head back. "Please, let me come!"

And still the champ! she declared silently, taking the time to note he'd begged in what sounded like Abydonian. She was going to learn that language, just so she'd know what he was saying... Rising onto her knees, taking as much of him into her mouth and throat as she was able, Casey began to suck harder, swallowing as the need arose. He was throbbing hard and fast...he was almost there...

"Sweet Jesus!"

She took down all he gave her, savoring the precious white love she'd worked so diligently for; gently caressing his legs, his hips, his belly, with her fingertips as she did so. Just as he always did, she began to kiss her way back to his lips, making certain that his spent member remained cradled between her breasts for as long as possible.

He locked his arms around her slender frame, held her tightly when she kissed him. He was still breathing hard when she settled herself on top of him, her arms folded across his shoulders, her chin resting on her wrist. He reached back long enough to push the pillow further beneath his head, so that he could meet her gaze. She was looking particularly pleased with herself. Not that he had any complaints on the matter!

"I made you beg," she said, her eyes shining.

"Don't look so proud about it," he teased. "You damned near killed me."

"Oh, phooey," she dismissed his protest with a roll of her green eyes. "You say that every time."

"Because you're sadistic. You damn near kill me every time."

"I never hear you complaining while I'm going down on you," she countered.

"Not enough breath in my lungs to be able to say anything," he replied.

She giggled. "Did I please you?"

"Always, Angel," he smiled. "You always please me."

She raised one hand to his cheek and gently caressed his jaw. "I love pleasing you...making you feel good...giving you as much pleasure as I can."

His hands had been moving gently up and down her back. He wrapped his arms around her again, hugged her tightly. "You do an incredible job of pleasing me," he murmured.

"That's what making love is all about," she said softly. "Satisfying the one you love, offering them the most pleasure possible."

He rolled them over, putting her on her back beneath him. "It's your turn to be pleased, Angel," he said softly. She bequeathed him with a tender smile that left his heart pounding and his body trembling. He lowered his head, capturing her lips in a kiss.

With the first touch of his lips against hers he began to compose a symphony of sensations in her body. Anticipation of what was to come, the flight to the stars that would be the pinnacle of the performance, thrummed in her veins. Her heart fluttered in her chest as his tongue danced with hers. Her hands moved to their favorite places...her fingers curling in his short, sandy-blond hair; the skin of his neck warm beneath her other hand.

So sweet, his brain sang out. So very sweet. His body trembled again, his need making itself known. Slowly, he tempered the kiss, pulling away until their lips were barely touching. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you," she replied in kind.

His mouth blazed a trail from her lips to her cheek to her jaw...began an exploration of her throat. Daniel took the time to make her shiver half a dozen times, suckling gently on that spot behind her ear, before moving down and leaving his mark on her slender shoulder. Her soft moans and sighs had his heart pounding a tattoo against his ribs.

Circumstances had prevented him from greeting his beauties as he so enjoyed doing while they'd been on the mission. He wouldn't be denied the chance to make up for that deprivation. His fingers wrapped around the soft curves of her firm breasts, massaging them gently.

When he slid down, made himself comfortable, Casey knew that he was about to drive her to the brink of insanity with his attention. Not that she was complaining. The pleasure she would derive from his ministrations would be absolutely amazing.

"Hi, girls," Daniel whispered, kissing one pink tip, then the other.

She couldn't help but giggle. "They're glad to see you," she said. This was, she thought with amusement, a 'conversation' held often. She adored her Husband. Even if he was a bit weird when it came to her breasts.

"Good. I missed them, ya know," he complained.

"Two whole days without seeing them or playing with them. How did you ever survive?" she teased.

"Sheer force of will. I managed to hold on, even though it wasn't easy," he retorted.

Her giggle filled the air around them. "You are just weird. You should've asked your mom if she'd had trouble weaning you!"

He chuckled against her skin. "Not a conversation I want to have with my mother," he replied dryly. He turned his concentration to kissing and licking every inch of those soft, tantalizing curves. Flicked his tongue over pink nipples that hardened until they stood proudly from the areolas, which had begun to swell from his ardent attention.

The sensations of exquisite pleasure that pirouetted up and down her spine had set fire to her body, the heat settling between her thighs. Casey wasn't aware of pressing her hips against Daniel's body, nor was she aware of the fact that her back had arched off the bed. All she was cognizant of was the exhilaration washing over her in soft waves of warmth.

The tiny little sounds of satisfaction that she was making urged him on...made his pulse speed up...filled him with not a little masculine pride. His touch. She responded only to his touch. That knowledge left him awed. Thrilled. Made him determined to offer her the most spectacular climax possible.

The quiet ticking of the clock beside the bed let her know that Daniel was taking his time arousing her, teasing her. Her need had become an ache...she moved her hands to his shoulders, caressed the warm skin and firm muscles, tried to gently push him toward her hips, to the center of her being, where she craved his attention.

A soft chuckle filled his throat. It wasn't often that she would attempt to hurry him on his way during the journey of love. But when she did, it was a sign that her passion was in control. He looked up at her, could see the silent plea in her green eyes.

"Please?" she whispered.

Love to hear you beg. He flicked his tongue over her nipple. Beg more, Angel.

When he began to suckle, his gaze locked with hers, she knew exactly what he was demanding from her. For a moment she contemplated remaining silent...until the sensations he was evoking in her body had her crying out with need. "More...please...oh goddess...more!"

Her soft, breathless entreaty made his racing pulse quicken even further. He slid down, bathing her belly with his tongue, teasing that sensitive belly-button, tugging gently at the tiny platinum ring that decorated it. The firm muscles beneath her fragrant skin undulated, she gulped for air as he continued to plant kisses on her hips.

Nuzzling the soft, curly blonde hair at the apex of her thighs, Daniel took a deep breath, taking in the warm scent of her arousal. So damned sweet! His tongue moved from the top of her wet slit to the bottom, then back up, before dipping between the swollen nether lips, opening her to his most intimate of caresses. Droplets of her sweet nectar had spilled from her warm well. He savored them, holding the flavor on his tongue for as long as possible before diving into her honey-pot, seeking more of what she created just for him. His body shook as he took what he needed from her, giving back to her with each caress that moved her ever closer to the precipice.

Her fingers felt the trembling of his body, a peripheral awareness that she barely took time to note. Her attention was focused on the amazing sensations that were filling her, making her toes curl. She could feel the breeze blowing against her as she stepped closer to the edge of the cliff, poised to dive into the rolling waves of total bliss.

Searching his mind for an appropriate love poem, Daniel continued to tease her, his tongue examining every fold of her womanhood. An ancient Gaelic love song presented itself, and he began to write it out, his tongue the stylus against her soft skin. She wiggled and sighed, moaned and writhed beneath him.

Her entire body was quivering...he wrapped his hands around her slender thighs to keep her in place as he finished the poem. Ran the tip of his tongue around the swollen nub that peeked boldly at him from its protective hood.


Time to fly, Angel. He concentrated his efforts on that now protruding bundle of nerves, alternated flicking the tip of his tongue over it, and then lapping at it. Her fingers were beginning to tug at his hair.

"Yes...don't stop..."

Sliding two fingers into her wet well, stroking gently, Daniel pulled her clit into his mouth, suckled on it, listening as that beautiful whimper filled the air. He added a third finger, and began to push deeper into her well, thrilled when that whimper became her aria of love.

Lights flashed, colors whirled, cymbals crashed, and with a cry of ecstasy, she was hurled over the precipice, and began to twirl among the stars, her body shaking with pristine pleasure. "Daniel!"

His heart pounded with love...and not a little pride...when his name echoed around him. Making certain that not one single drop of her sweet nectar could be found, Daniel licked her clean, then began to kiss his way back to her breasts. Her body continued to tremble as he suckled for a moment, giving each pink nipple his undivided attention.

When his lips reached hers, she locked her arms around his shoulders, telegraphed her gratitude through her kiss, her tongue fluttering happily against his.

Supporting himself on his arms, he looked down at her, a smile on his face. "Better?"

"Out of this world," she sighed. She could feel his arousal poking her in the belly. Reached between them to stroke him for a moment. Waited until he'd positioned himself, then guided him to that part of her that waited eagerly for his presence.

His eyes fluttered closed as he sank into her warmth. "Oh, god...yes!"

"Oh, yes," she sighed, her voice echoing simultaneously with his. She wrapped her legs around his waist. "So good," she whispered.

"So good," he agreed softly.

Their dance of love began slowly. Gentle thrusts that barely moved their bodies. Lips met, tongues dueled from one mouth to the other. The brass headboard tapped a slow, gentle tempo against the wall in time with their movements.

Tight...warm...wet...her well surrounded him, welcomed him, held him. Once again he marveled at the fact that she'd been able to take him completely, from the very first time he'd held her in his arms. Their first dance of love had been spectacular, and this moment was just as special, just as beautiful. He struggled to maintain control of the fire that burned, determined to make this ride last as long as possible.

Her hips met his thrust for thrust, grinding against him to find the stimulation she needed. He'd begun to match the movement of his tongue with his hips, plunging into her mouth and well at the same time, taking her in two places at once. She moaned her approval, tightened her arms around his shoulders, her legs gripping more tightly around his waist.

He grinned inwardly when her hips began to push against his, as she did her best to speed up the rhythm. He stilled his hips, felt her reaching upward to take what she wanted. When he pulled away from her, almost completely, she gave a moan of protest. He broke off their kiss. "Easy, babe. Make it last."

"More," she begged softly.

"Easy," he repeated.

"Who's sadistic now?" she complained.

With a chuckle, he returned his lips to hers, re-establishing the dual thrusting that pleased them both. Without a doubt she'd lose control soon, and ride him to oblivion. Until then, he intended to take his time, to love her thoroughly.

Tingles of pleasure moved from that molten center of her body, outward to her fingers and toes. Even her nose was tingling with pleasure, it seemed. Each time she attempted to speed up their dance of love, to finally reach the peak that glimmered just out of reach, he would pull away from her. Her body was demanding more...more of the stimulation she craved...more of the heat that his presence ignited in her...more...just more.

There was no conscious thought when her hands slid to his ass, gripping the round globes firmly, her legs locking behind his thighs. She began to grind against him, her body bucking with each thrust as she attempted to take him deeper still. She whimpered with relief when he rose up on outstretched arms and began to pound into her, his hips moving back and forth against hers each time he buried himself. "Yes...don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop," she chanted breathlessly.

He rose up on his toes, driving his aching cock into her again and again and again, desperate for her to take flight, his own body shaking as he determinedly tried to maintain control before plummeting into the abyss of sweet pleasure.

The whimper she could never hold back filled her throat, built up until she was crying out, spinning among the stars, her body shuddering with sweet release.

"Casey!" His cry of completion rang out at the same moment, his hips jerking as he emptied into her; the pulsing of her well milking him for every drop.

Her arms and legs wrapped around him once again, held him tightly when he dropped onto her, both of them gasping for breath. For one fleeting moment, Casey wondered if her mother had found such happiness in the arms of her father. If part of the reason she'd allowed herself to be prostituted was the that she was searching for those feelings of love...of wonder. The thought was pushed aside as she continued to come down from her climax, her body still trembling with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

With a groan, Daniel rolled to his back, his arms pulling her body on top of his, remaining sheathed in her warmth. "That was incredible."

"Very. Absolutely incredible," she agreed.

"Have I ever mentioned how much I love it when you lose control?" he asked, a grin on his face.

She giggled, even as she blushed. "It's been mentioned, I believe."

"I love that you make love with me, to me," he said, reaching out with one hand to push a stray lock of golden silk from her face. His hands moved under her hair, and began to gently rub up and down her back. "You never just lie there."

"I couldn't be still if I tried," she replied. "Not with the things you do to drive me out of my mind!"

He chuckled. "Like you're not doing your best to drive me insane."

Her smile widened. "Do you think we're in danger of driving each other over the edge? I mean, if it happened, would we just lay here in bed, until someone came to find us? That would be embarrassing...naked and nuts. Would they still have to put those funny jackets on us?"

Daniel roared with laughter. "It would certainly be one for the psychology manuals, wouldn't it?"

"Well, as long as they lock us up together, I wouldn't care."

Memories of days spent in a padded room, hallucinations caused by the creations of a crazed genius making those around him believe he'd lost touch with reality, played through his mind. Couldn't help but wonder...if he'd known Casey, if she'd been with him, would he have cared about what was happening to him? Or would her presence, her gentle love, have helped him to figure out sooner what was going on? A slight frown tugged at his eyebrows.

Casey frowned as well. "Daniel?"


"Did I say something-" In a flash she recalled Janet and Sam telling her about Daniel's time in the mental ward of the hospital. "Oh, goddess, I'm sorry! I never should have joked about that! It was so inconsiderate-"

His finger halted her apology. "It's okay, Angel. Nothing to be sorry about. I was just thinking...if I'd known you then, if you'd been with me, I think I'd have been able to figure out what was going on much sooner."

She studied him for a moment. "Really?"

"Yep. Your love would have protected me, Casey. Would have helped me to know that whatever was happening was extraneous; that I wasn't losing my mind."

"I'll protect you anyway I can," she whispered.

"I know," he whispered in reply.

Casey glanced at the clock just before a yawn overtook her. "I suppose, since I have to get to the grocery store early in the morning, we should get to sleep."

"Right. 'Casserole day'," Daniel replied. She'd informed him on their way home that the freezer was nearly empty of casseroles, and that their day off would find her replenishing it. "Sleep, Angel."

Snuggling as close as she could get, Casey rested her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes, and within minutes was breathing steadily.

It had been one hell of a day, he thought. Half of it spent sleeping...well, their bodies had been sleeping. While their minds...their souls?...had been conversing with loved ones who had passed over into that place where departed souls resided. He wondered briefly how his parents would have reacted if he'd told them that he had a very satisfying love live. Grinned into the darkness. No doubt they'd have been happy for him. He steadfastly refused to entertain the thought their love life had been as...fulfilling. Nope, he was not going there! For the first time, Daniel wondered if his parents could hear him when he spoke to them. Decided that if nothing else, it was a pleasant thought. "Love you Mom and Dad. I'm glad I got to see you."

With a yawn that nearly split his face, Daniel closed his eyes. Just before slumber surrounded him in its warm embrace, the hope that Casey should sleep peacefully skittered through his brain. He began to snore softly. His Wife shifted slightly, his arms tightened automatically. They slept peacefully...comforted in their dreams by the knowledge that they'd been successful. SG-1 had once again made right what had been wrong.


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