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Final Showdown


Chapter 10

The team had remained in their BDUs, Janet unwilling to do anything that might have awakened them before their task was completed. Catheterizing them had been a bit of a challenge as a result, but she'd managed to do that with a minimum of fuss. Local anesthetics had worked wonders in keeping the intrusive procedure painless, and thus she'd had less concern about inadvertently waking them up.

Now that the five were awake, they were very loudly demanding that the tubes be removed, and they be allowed to shower and put on clean uniforms, wheedling and begging until she couldn't take it any longer.

Janet sent the team to the locker rooms, escorted by medics and nurses. There had been further complaints about the need for 'babysitters', until they had realized, when standing for the first time, that they weren't quite as steady on their feet as they had hoped to be.

Clean, wearing fresh uniforms, although they were all barefoot...Janet's way of making certain there weren't any escape attempts...the team was back in the infirmary. There was mumbled grumbling about the lack of 'real food' as they wolfed down soup, Jell-O and fruit juice. And complaining about the necessity of being forced to remain 'under doctor's supervision'. After all, their Immortality, while not broadcast throughout the SGC, wasn't exactly the secret they had all assumed it had been. To have the team leave the infirmary a matter of hours after waking up from 'comas', wouldn't have raised any eyebrows.

"I have something special for you," Janet announced, walking into the room thirty minutes later, carrying a tray with five tall paper cups on it.

"Shakes?" Jack asked hopefully, eyeing the tray.

Casey studied the smirk on her best friend's face. "Janet Fraiser, you are just mean!"

"What?" Janet asked innocently. "Four days. The five of you were, for all intents and purposes, in comas for four days. And you, young lady, are the least able to deal with the weight loss."

"What are those?" Sam asked suspiciously.

"Protein shakes."

Four pairs of eyes looked at Casey. Were well aware of her intense dislike of the drinks she was forced to consume daily. She was already pulling a face of utter disgust.

"Jill suggested using the powder in a fruit smoothie," Janet continued. "rather than mixed with milk." She handed the first one to Casey. Getting the seer to cooperate guaranteed that the others would drink the shake.


"Mmmhmm. This is the strawberry mix. We used strawberries, bananas and oranges. Tossed it all into a blender and this is what we came up with," Janet said, handing the first cup to Casey.

Wrinkling her brow in distaste, Casey sipped from the large straw. Was surprised to find that the rather disgusting taste of the protein mix wasn't pronounced. In fact, she couldn't taste it at all! "Not bad!"

Daniel gave a silent sigh of relief. If there was an easier way to get her to drink the stuff, he was all for it! He knew that she managed to blow off drinking the shakes at least four days a week. Maybe she'd be more faithful about drinking them now. He sipped on his own drink, thinking that it wasn't bad at all.


A  A  A  A  A  A


By midday, Janet had relented to the complaints of boredom; Sam and Daniel were working on projects that had been brought in to them. Teal'c, Jack, and Casey were playing a game of Monopoly. For the moment, the team was quiet. As in, not complaining. She knew that their Immortality would take care of their bodies; Daniel's wound, which he had compared to a staff blast wound when Jack had asked, was nothing more than a red spot on his skin. Her training, however, insisted that keeping an eye on them for at least twenty-four hours was in their best interest. Her training for the moment was trumping the real facts of the matter. A thought that had her frowning as she pushed aside the report she had been working on. Sometimes, it was damned difficult to be a doctor in the SGC!

She'd noted the looks that two of the team members had been tossing at one another. There was no way of knowing whether or not being comatose would delay the onset of withdrawal for Daniel. She could simply give him a shot of the serum..."You're all being cooperative," she said, walking into the room, her hands in the pockets of her white coat.

"The better to lull you into a sense of security while we plot our escape," Casey said, not looking up from the Monopoly board. "Jack, are you going to pay me the rent you owe me, or am I going to have to send Rocco over to break your legs?"

"I'm working on it. Whoever heard of putting four hotels on Baltic Avenue, anyway?" Jack retorted.

"It's the cheapest rent in town!" Casey exclaimed. "It is not my fault you went into debt to buy Pennsylvania Avenue!"

Janet laughed. "Look, I know you're probably still tired-" She paused when five pairs of eyes focused intently on her. "I want you in there first thing in the morning for a check up. But if you all promise to go straight home, I'll let you leave."

The words were barely out of her mouth before the team was jumping to their bare feet. Sam and Daniel gathered their work, Jack had dumped everything from the game back into the box, and the five were on the way out the door in less than twenty seconds. That she hadn't been blown over by the wind created by their hasty departure was a small miracle, Janet thought dryly.

Casey poked her head back into the room. "I still say it's the decor. Nice prints, colorful quilts, beds that don't numb the ass within minutes-"

"Don't make me change my mind!" Janet warned, her brown eyes laughing at her friend.

"Bye, Janet!"

"Bye, Casey."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Just as it did every time she walked into her home, the peace that she always felt within the walls of the bungalow wrapped around her. And, just as she always did, she sighed contentedly. "Home at last," she said, heading for the sofa, flopping down and making herself comfortable.

"Feels good," Daniel agreed. Coming home was always like returning to sanctuary for him. At least, when Casey was there. If she wasn't, the rooms were cold and empty. As if they missed her as well. He dropped down next to her. Warmth. There was warmth here when she was beside him. He took her hand, examined her fingers. Straightened her engagement ring, which had twisted slightly. "You weren't...hurt, while we were...there, were you?"

She knew that he feared her being kept in the harem could be indicative of her being...used...like a harem slave. "Nope. I might have been wearing nothing more than a bit of linen when I woke up, but I found that shift and robe. Sure wish I could have paid for them somehow," she said, frowning slightly

A small smile tugged at his lips. That was his Casey. Even in the midst of an illusion, she worried about her actions. "No memories of anything else happening?"

"Nope. I wasn't even awake. Didn't wake up until the...hmm...I guess it was the third day for the four of you," she replied. "Daniel, they kept me unconscious because they knew I'd find you, and help you break free of their mental blocks. Guess they didn't think you'd be able to do that on your own."

"I knew that something was wrong from the very beginning. Which was really sort of weird...just, well, waking up, sitting there in that library, copying scrolls. That night...your beautiful green eyes kept haunting me," he admitted. "Your sweet face filled my dreams, even before I fully remembered."

She shifted to her knees, then climbed onto his lap, straddling his thighs. She locked her arms around his neck. "The only thing I could think about, as soon as I woke up, was finding you. I spent the better part of the afternoon searching that library, looking for you."

His eyes widened. He pushed his glasses up, having picked them up at the same time he had retrieved their wedding rings. "You did?"

"Yep. I know you, Stud Muffin. A library like that would have been like a siren song to your brilliant mind."

He grinned. "Think so, huh?"

"Know so," she replied easily. She took his glasses, laid them carefully on the end table beside the sofa. Ran her fingertips over his jaw. He, Jack, and Teal'c had all shaved when they had taken their showers. Pity, she thought absently. "Just before I saw Teal'c, I was feeling so scared, so alone. Seeing him helped. But when I saw you...then I was okay. I'm always okay when I'm with you."

Moving his hands up and down her back, feeling her arch into his caress, he let her words wrap around his heart. "What you do to me, woman," he said softly.

She leaned forward to kiss him. Melted into his embrace as his tongue moved against her lips, making her gasp with delight. Moaned softly in approval when he dove into her mouth, touching her, tasting her. When he had taken what he needed from her, he acquiesced, gave her the opportunity to touch him, taste him. His shiver as she did so made her heart sing. Her fingers worked open the buttons of his shirt, her hands moving against the firm, warm skin of his chest. The unexpected rumbling of his stomach sent her into a fit of giggles. "I suppose I'd better feed you, before you pass out from hunger."

"Probably not a bad idea."

She started to move away from him. Felt his arms tighten around her. "Daniel?"

"Thank you."

A slight frown creased her forehead. "For what?"

"Being there for me. Guiding me."

"Well, if I'd been more on the ball, I'd have realized a lot sooner the choices you had," she lamented, her guilt plain to see in the depths of her green eyes.

He pulled her close, pressed his lips to her forehead. "You gave me everything I needed to know. The decision was mine, remember?"

She smile. Kissed his chin. "And typical of you. Can I ask you a question?"


"You had no problems killing Dartal. Who so needed to go," she added quickly. "What was different this time?"

He smiled. "I didn't feel like a puppet on a string when I was fighting Dartal. And..." his smile turned to a grin, "your life wasn't being threatened."

She studied him for a moment, the full import of his words warming her to the core. "So if those daemons had been threatening me-"

"They'd be dead."

She remained silent. She was fairly certain that the daemons were indeed dead...snuffed from existence by those who had been forced to finally take action against them. They had made their choices, and had finally paid the price for their actions. Something she would never tell Daniel. His gentle heart didn't need to bear the weight of that knowledge.

"Casey?" Had his admission, as teasing as it had been, caused her to see the darkness that could lurk in his soul? Did it bother her?

A soft sigh escaped her lips. "Just when I think I can't love you any more, that you can't do anything any more...romantic...than all the things you've done for me, you go and surprise me."

"Telling you I can kill to protect you is romantic?" he asked incredulously.

"It is in my books," she replied. "Because I know the gentleness that resides in you. I understand how much you value...how much you treasure...life. That you'd be willing to hurt yourself to protect me..." she shrugged.

"Hurt myself? How?"

"You mourn every life that's lost."

"Not every life," he snorted.

"Snakes don't count," she smiled.

"Didn't bother me to kill Dartal."

"Not a snake technically, but close enough," she countered. When his stomach growled a second time, she giggled, kissed his chin again, and maneuvered herself to her feet. "Just to remind you, I've killed a time or two myself."

And you suffered for it each and every time. He was well aware of the times she'd been sick right after returning from a mission, having been forced into battle. She'd spent time in the infirmary after she'd killed the first time, her gentle heart nearly undone by the action. "It's never easy," he said softly.

"If it was, we'd be no different than the bad guys," she replied. She opened the freezer. There wasn't any lasagna left. But there was a sausage and ziti pasta casserole, and she knew he liked it almost as much. She grabbed it, put it into the microwave to defrost.

Daniel was already searching through the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator, tossing what he found onto the island behind him.

"Brownies okay?"

"Fine," he replied.

They worked in harmony as they prepared their meal, discussing their time on the astral plane, wondering about those who had been innocent pawns used by the daemons. Doing what they'd done countless times before; analyzing what they had seen, experienced. Dealing with that which was part of their lives. Coming to terms with what had happened. In order to move on. So that they could do what they most wanted to do: simply...living.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey stretched out on the bed, watched as Daniel tossed his sweats to the floor. Snuggled up to him when he laid down beside her. "Did you notice our beds were together in the infirmary?"

He smiled. "Yep. I asked Janet about that...you and Sam hadn't come back from the locker room yet, I guess."


"It seems that you screamed out my name, and I was reaching for you. They shoved our beds together, and I was able to grab your hand."

Shivers moved her slender frame. "I thought I was going to fall," she whispered.

"I thought so, too," Daniel admitted. "I couldn't let you be hurt. Illusion or not, I figured the daemons would take advantage of being able to physically harm us."

"I never thanked you for saving me," she said softly.

"No thanks necessary, Casey. You're my Wife. What else would I have done?"

"What if that wall had broken? I would have pulled you down as well."

"It didn't. Everything worked out."

"Because you wouldn't let go."

"Never in a million years."

"I really should thank you," she said, smiling seductively at him, running her fingertip up and down his breast bone. Watched with building excitement as his nipples pebbled against his skin.

"I do so love the way you say thank you," he murmured, just before her lips settled against his. The soft touch of her kiss lit the fire in his body; the gentle touch of her fingers offered promises of caresses yet to come. He tightened his arms around her, felt her move closer, her slender body pressed against his. There was as much comfort from the sensation of her skin against his own as it was arousing.

When she had awakened in that room - alone...with no idea where her teammates were, no clue as to where her Husband was being held - Casey had fought back waves of panic. She had been frightened as she wandered the streets of that city by herself. That fear had dropped away, to become nothing more than unease, the minute she'd seen him, felt his arms around her. He was her Destiny. Her knight in shining armor. Every hero she had ever dreamed of...Daniel filled that role.

The kiss was full of passion, full of love, full of need. She gave until she felt him withdraw, giving her the opportunity to surge forward to taste him, touch him. To fulfill her own needs. Her tongue stroked his, teased his lips, until he was demanding control once again. Slowly pulling away, she nibbled on his full bottom lip, letting him know that for the moment, she wasn't ready to relinquish control to him. Not until he'd cried out her name, had given her a taste of the love she so treasured.

He smiled when her lips moved from his, over his cheek to his jaw. The journey of discovery had begun, and would end in his flight to the stars. He filled his hands with long blonde silk when she began to lavish kisses on his throat. His body reacted to each caress...her lips against his skin, her fingers against his chest, toying with his nipples, trying to make them harder than they already were. His entire body throbbed with need when her lips trailed more kisses over his shoulders. He gasped when she began to suckle one nipple, her fingers teasing the other.

When his hips pushed up against her, pressing his throbbing erection against her belly, she moved back and forth against him, feeling his sharp intake of breath more than hearing it. She moved far enough away from him to study the tattoo that adorned his chest.

He watched her, couldn't help but smile again at the look of love that flared in her eyes just before she began to kiss the wings that were spread on his skin. The memory of the daemon touching the tattoo crashed into his mind; he firmly shoved it away, only taking time to note that he had known, at least subconsciously, that the woman was not the one who should be touching him. The memory of beautiful green eyes, and how they had filled his vision in that moment made his smile wider. She'd told him that his eyes had 'haunted' her when she had been held prisoner by Dartal. Her amazing green eyes had haunted him as well, preventing him from falling into the trap set by the daemons determined to defeat them.

His hips jerked when she wrapped her hand around his swollen, aching shaft. She smiled against his skin as she continued to brand him with her kisses. Her hand moved slowly over the length of him...up and down...up and down, as she moved ever closer to offering him what she knew he desperately wanted.

She looked up at him when she settled between his legs, her hands caressing his body gently. "Thank you for saving me, for not letting me fall."

"You're welcome," he replied softly.

She took as much of him into her mouth as she could, her tongue swirling over the sensitive tip before she completely engulfed him. His groan of approval filled the air around them, made her already rapidly beating heart speed up. One hand caressed that part of him that she could never fully take into her mouth, the other between his thighs, gently stroking the sensitive skin of his scrotum, then just as gently caressing the twin orbs contained therein, rolling them against the base of his beautiful anaconda.

"Oh yeah," he moaned breathlessly, his head dropping back, his eyes closed. "Just like that!"

She pulled away from him, just far enough to speak, the warmth of her breath brushing against the taut skin like a ghostly caress. "Look at me, watch me," she demanded softly.

Blue eyes locked with green. Watched as she once again took him as deeply as possible. The sensations were damned near overwhelming, the little moans she made as she moved up and down on him doing as much to arouse him...please him...as the actual physical movement of her mouth over his aching cock. Watched the love that filled her eyes as she offered him pleasure, the only woman to ever give him this particular gift of love.

Every movement she made was reflected in his eyes. She could see how much it pleased him, how good he was feeling, even how much he loved her for what she was doing. It was all there, for her to see. When he reached down, his hand caressing her jaw, she understood what he was saying...what he was asking. He'd expressed his concern multiple times. Granted, Daniel was far from being 'average'. But it never bothered her to make love to him as long as she could in this fashion. She supposed her own love of the activity, the taste of him, the feel of him against her tongue and lips, the sheer joy of doing for him what no other woman in his life had ever done for him went far in keeping her from suffering any discomfort. She was, she admitted silently, greedy for him. Totally, completely greedy for him, in any way that she could have him.

Sweet Jesus! The stimulation was almost more than he could take...he moaned in gratitude each time her mouth fully engulfed him. When she began to tease just the tip, sucking and licking him until his entire cock tingled, he began to fight against the eruption he could feel building. He loved it when she did this, loved every moment, every sensation, and he wasn't ready for this part of the ride to end, not yet.

Both hands were wrapped around him now; steady, firm strokes pushing him closer to the edge of the precipice. Once again she pulled away from him just enough to be able to speak. "Let go, Stud Muffin," she whispered.

His cock hit the back of her throat, she began to swallow, and it was over. His toes curled, his belly rolled, and with a shout of absolute pleasure, he obeyed and gave up the control he'd been struggling to maintain; each time he pulsed and sent his warm essence down her throat, she moaned in return.

She continued her gentle ministrations until the throbbing stopped completely, and his body had relaxed. Making certain that no trace of his orgasm remained on his skin, she kissed her way over his thighs, nuzzled the thick curls that surrounded his now happily spent member, then trailed kisses up his chest. The journey ended with a kiss, his arms locked around her once again.

He pressed a kiss to the side of her head. "That was amazing," he said quietly.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself," she teased.

"Did you?"

"Always." She crossed her arms over his chest, rested her chin on her wrist. "I love doing that for you."

"Probably not half as much as I love having you do it for me," he replied drolly.

"Maybe. But I do love it."

Had he ever asked her just why she loved giving him the most incredible blowjobs in the world? He couldn't remember ever doing so. "Why?"


"Yeah, why do you love it?"

She frowned, then sat up, running her fingers over his chest as she contemplated her answer. "Aside from how wonderful you taste, and the amazing feeling of having you in my hands and mouth," she said after several minutes, "there's this feeling of...control. I control when you'll climax. That's...that's just a rush."

He grinned. "And you call me a control freak."

"Tell me you don't feel the same way about going down on me," she challenged.

"I suppose there is some truth in that," he admitted. "I love how much pleasure it gives you."

She nodded. "Exactly. It makes you feel so good when I make love to you orally, and I love making you feel good."

"It seems that we're both very into giving one another pleasure," he drawled.

"Yeah, how about that. Makes for great sex," she grinned. Her eyes and expression grew serious. "Making love is just that, making love. It's not about taking. It's about giving."

"I agree. And you give me more love than I ever dreamed possible," Daniel replied.

"I could never feel with any other man what I feel with you...the desire, the joy, the need. Only you can create those feelings in me, only you can please me. You're the only one I want to please, that I can take so much pleasure in pleasing."

He sighed contentedly at her declaration. "What you do to me, woman," he whispered, just before he tugged her close enough for a kiss. He rolled over, putting her on her back. "My turn," he murmured, just before his lips claimed hers yet again.

She shivered with anticipation when his lips drifted away from hers, moving over her jaw, to begin an assault on her senses with each kiss and nip and bite he left on her throat. Did he have any idea what that did to her? And did he hear the odd jangle of bells that seemed to echo in the air around them? "Daniel?"

"Hmm?" His mouth never stopped moving, he continued to lick the fragrant, soft skin of her neck.

"Do you hear that?"

He looked up at her, saw the confused frown on her face. Paused, strained to hear anything out of the ordinary. "Hear what?"

"Bells. Well, sort of like bells. Cowbells. It sounds like cowbells!"

He began to frown. "No, I don't hear it."

Casey rolled her eyes. "No. I will not deal with whatever it is right now. There is no way in hell. As you were, Doctor!"

He grinned. Nuzzled her cheek. "You're sure?"

"I'm sure. Just means I'll probably have to deal with whatever it as soon as we're finished. And we will take our time!"

His grin widened. "Yes, ma'am."

She sighed when his mouth returned to her throat, shivered again when he began to suckle on that sensitive spot behind her ear. Just go away, she demanded of the bells. I'll deal with you later! Almost sighed out loud when the annoying sound faded to just a faint tinkle in the back of her mind.

For four days he had been without her. Granted, he'd been physically unconscious. But his body had known. He greeted his beauties enthusiastically, bestowing kiss after kiss to the pink tips, reveled in how those sweet nipples hardened against his tongue. Rejoiced when she moaned out loud when he began to suckle, his hands caressing and massaging the soft, tempting curves of her breasts.

Her fingers curled in his hair, her back arched off of the bed, offering more of her body to him as he composed his symphony of love, playing it on her body, the instrument with which he created each beautiful note. His body was warm and solid and his weight was such a sweet burden to bear.

When she shifted slightly, pulling one slender leg from beneath him, wrapping it around his hip, he had to reach down and adjust his swelling manhood. It never ceased to amaze him...she could suck him dry, and just smelling her, tasting her, had him rising again immediately. There was no doubt in his mind that only with her could it happen, only his Destiny could have such an effect on his body.

It was such an marvelous thing...it seemed to her that he took as much pleasure from her breasts as she did from the loving attention he bestowed upon them. Her breath caught in her throat when he left his mark between them, before kissing her nipples once again, and then sliding down to lavish his attention on her belly.

He wrapped his hands around her waist, pushed gently until she was lying flat on the bed once again, his heart hammering his happiness, his pride, at being able to so affect her. His tongue traced patterns over her flat belly while one hand began to move over the soft mound of her womanhood. His fingers teased the sensitive cleft, opened her tenderly, began to move the nectar already flowing from her sweet honeypot over those swollen folds.

She moaned softly at the gentle touch, waiting for the caresses that would offer more than just the teasing butterfly touches he was tormenting her with. Her hips moved upward, begging for more than he was giving her.

It wouldn't take much more and she'd be out of control, begging him, demanding from him, taking flight as a result of his actions. The sweet, hot scent of her arousal made his mouth water, his body shake with need. He slid down, nuzzled the soft blonde curls on her mons, then ran the tip of his tongue over those puffy nether lips.


Oh, yeah! That's what he wanted...what he loved. He repeated the intimate kisses until she was gasping for breath. Just one little poem, he thought, tossing about in his memory for an appropriate love poem. Grinned to himself when he decided he'd just make one up. Short, sweet, to the point, as it didn't seem she'd be patient enough to wait for a longer version. Roses are red, violets are blue...he paused, ran his tongue around that hard little nub at the top of her folds, listened to her moan yet again. I love you, love that you love me too. There. Not going to win any contests with it, but at the way she was wiggling, it had served its purpose. He locked his gaze with hers.

"Please," she begged.

Now how could he refuse that? He shoved his tongue into her, felt her sudden intake of breath, the way her body shivered. Drank his fill of her sweet honey. Moved his mouth up, his intention was to tease that little pearl until she bequeathed him with another flood of nectar. And was sent spinning among the stars as a result.

He concentrated his efforts, using the flat of his tongue to caress her, the tip to tease and torment her. When her curled fingers began to tug at his hair, something he realized she was totally unaware of doing, he knew she was close. He watched...waited...there! Tip of her tongue to her top lip. He pulled her swollen little clit into his mouth, began to flicker his tongue against it. Listened as she began to whimper. Slid his fingers inside her and began to stroke her, savoring the sound as she began to sing her love to him, her well contracting around his fingers. He didn't waste a single drop of that precious nectar when he licked her clean, before moving up to greet his beauties once again.

She was still breathing hard, the stars she had flown past and through still visible behind her closed eyes, colors beginning to fade away as his lips wrapped around her nipple. The first movement of the symphony had been completed, and she continued to shiver from the aftershocks that rocked her body as a result.

When he slid up, seeking entrance to paradise, she reached between them, caressed him gently, then guided him between her folds, into the welcoming warmth of her body. He sank into her slowly, taking his time. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him, tangible proof of the love that wrapped around his heart. Her hips were pointed upward, taking more of him, demanding more of him as she pressed against him.

The dance of love began. Slowly, gently. Kisses and caresses enhanced each step, soft murmurs of love augmented the emotions already washing through them, over them. Together, nothing could harm them. Together, they were undefeatable. Together, they could reach heights reserved for those who understood the value of such precious love.

Pleasure began to build, bodies began to clamor for more, the dance became more intense. The quiet thump of the headboard against the wall was the accompaniment to the sound of ragged breathing that filled the air.

He couldn't help but grin against her hair when her hips began to grind against his. She was on the verge of losing control. He wasn't far behind her. Determined to prolong their ride, to make the pleasure they shared last as long as possible, he pushed against her. Stayed still for a moment. Felt her begin to use those muscles deep inside to massage the length of his pulsing shaft.

"Please," she murmured, tightening her arms around him.

His lips sought hers. He began to take her in two places at once, the guttural groan she gave making his body shiver. She was moving up and down against him as he pushed into her; he pulled out of her, the stimulation damned near overwhelming. She was clinging to him, and without conscious thought he rose up on his hands and knees. Cried out when she began to slide back and forth, her body rocking against his.

More...she needed more...deeper, harder...More. She wasn't coherent of the fact that he had risen up, that she was no longer on the bed. She knew only him, was aware only of her need. Her arms and legs tightened as she used them to move up and down on his throbbing cock, her hips grinding against him as she sought the stimulation she needed.

He wrapped one arm around her slender waist, holding her close, his hips bucking and shoving him into her as deeply as possible. Time stood still as their dance entered the final act, each step primal and fraught with raw need.


"Let go," he panted, not certain he could wait another second. "Give it to me."

She let her head drop back, her whimper building into that familiar aria of love, ending with a cry of complete ecstasy.

He tossed his head back, roared out his pleasure as his body thrust one final time, sending him spiraling above the clouds beside her. Shaking, barely able to fall to his side to avoid crushing her, Daniel collapsed onto the bed.

Laying as they were, side by side, facing one another, trembling fingers caressed sweat dampened faces. Satiated smiles were exchanged. With a groan of effort, he tugged her close, still buried inside her, pulled her on top of him as he rolled to his back.

"That was wonderful," she sighed, eyes closed, her body arching slightly as his hands moved up and down her back.

"Incredible," he agreed.

The odd, jangling bells began to get louder once again. Casey heaved a sigh. "Guess I'd better find out who wants what."


"The bells. They're getting louder again."

"Oh." He subconsciously tightened his arms around her, one around her shoulders, the other around her hips, holding her as closely as was possible


Miss Eloise was grinning when Casey arrived in the small, dimly lit room where the two met for their 'conversations'. "Sorry to disturb you."

"No you aren't," Casey tossed back.

"Waited, didn't I?"


"Just thought you'd like to know that things are starting to get interesting around here."


"Yep. Daniel's refusal to destroy the daemons, in spite of what they had done, and in spite of the fact that it had been the hope of the Ascended that he would do so, has shaken the Committee."

"He had every right to refuse. The problems weren't his to deal with."

"I know that," Miss Eloise said gently. "There are those of us who have known for some time that the Ascended, the Committee, should have dealt with them eons ago."

Casey cocked her head sideways, listened to the soft whisper. "The Committee was forced into action, weren't they?" she asked.

The old seer nodded. "There were those from higher levels who were present for the...battle. Or what was assumed would be a battle. I hear that they were most impressed with Daniel's choice. Had the Committee not taken the rebels to task for their actions, chances are those Beings from the other levels would have destroyed the Committee."


"Yep, definitely a bit of incentive to do the job they neglected to do for far too long," Miss Eloise nodded.

"They're dead, aren't they? The four who thought they'd take Daniel on all at once."

"Well, not technically. I mean, technically they weren't alive, not the way you perceive being alive-"

"Old woman, don't piss me off!" Casey warned.

Miss Eloise broke off. Her face was solemn. "They no longer exist."

"I will not tell Daniel. If he figures it out, that's one thing, but I won't tell him."

The old seer smiled. Casey was as protective of Daniel as he was of her. "He'll never hear it from me," she vowed. She suspected, however, that The One was already well aware of the fate of the four daemons. A most deserved fate, and she knew that Daniel understood that as well.

"So now what? I know one of them got away. Has he been caught?" The frown that creased the old woman's head gave Casey cause to worry. "Miss Eloise, has that daemon, the leader of the others by the way, been caught?"

"No, he hasn't," Miss Eloise replied. "It seems he's...vanished."


The tiny woman shrugged. "I don't know. From what I'm hearing, no one knows."

"We'll have to face him again, won't we?"

"I don't know the answer to that question, either. If he still exists, then yes, you'll probably face him again. If the Committee is unable to deal with him."

"They wouldn't be, if they'd just acted when the trouble first started," Casey muttered.

"This is the first time since the Great Upheaval, when the Nine Levels were established, that Ascended Beings have been...destroyed," Miss Eloise said softly. "It hasn't been an easy thing for them to do, won't be easy for them to live with."

"I suppose not," Casey replied. "That's the way it goes sometimes. Doing the right thing, doing what has to be done to protect the Innocent, it's not always easy. Not always easy to live with. Doesn't change the fact that it has to be done."

"Something that you and Daniel have managed to remind many who needed to remember that important fact," Miss Eloise said.

Casey tried to stifle a yawn, was unsuccessful.

The old seer grinned. "Worn out, are you?"

"Making love with Daniel always wears me out," Casey retorted. "Which is why I fall asleep immediately after."

"Considering how physically...active...the two of you are during the process, I'm not surprised."

"Quit watching, you old voyeur!" Casey demanded. Wondered briefly why she wasn't more concerned, and repulsed, by the fact that the Ascended seer seemed to spy on them.

"Don't watch. Just peek in from time to time."

"Well, knock it off."

"I'll think about it."

"Don't make me, pissy, old woman."

Miss Eloise smiled at the love that filled the threat. "Me? Wouldn't think of it. Get some sleep, Casey. You've earned it."

"Thanks for letting me know."

"You're his Guide. You have to know."

She accepted the facts of the matter with a nod of understanding. "I just hope things will be a little less...intense, for awhile."

"I can only promise that you won't have daemons to contend with. At least, not unless Mibi shows up again."


"Yep. Arrogant bastard. Daniel has probably heard of him. The sixth and seventh books of Moses mention him. He was once considered a 'ministering angel'."

"Until he decided he'd rather be a god?"

"Seems so," Miss Eloise confirmed.

"So all of the stories and myths we have about angels, those were Ascended Beings who tried to help?"

"Not always Ascended Beings, and they weren't always benevolent, no matter how they might have appeared," Miss Eloise replied. "Go to sleep Casey."

It was clear that the old woman was hedging on the subject. For the moment, Casey was too tired to worry about the fact that other Beings, from other levels of existence, had deigned to become involved with mere mortals. Another yawn that nearly split her face made her blush, and bend over to hug the tiny seer. "I'll talk to you later."

"I'm sure you will. I'm here when you need me, Sunshine."

With a smile and a wiggle of her fingers, Casey moved back to the warmth of Daniel's arms.


"Well?" Daniel asked, as soon as her eyes had opened. Ignored the fact that they had closed again almost immediately.

"All's well that ends well," she mumbled.

"That's what the cowbells were about?"


"Nothing else?"

"You reminded the Ascended Beings, and their Committee, that doing the right thing is always the best thing to do, no matter how difficult it might be."

He thought about that for a moment. Certainly there could have been a better way for that particular lesson to be learned. Then again, often it took a difficult situation to teach a hard lesson. He sighed inwardly. As long as Casey was safe, the Ascended could do whatever they wanted with those daemons. Given what that Being - the Voice - had said, he was certain that the daemons no longer existed. As long as he wasn't treated like a tool, rather than the sentient being he was, he'd do what was asked of him. He'd protect her from anything, or anyone. Somehow, he figured that the Beings he'd dealt with fully understood that. Her soft, steady breathing alerted him to the fact that she was asleep. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, closed his eyes, and followed her into the land of Nod.


A  A  A  A  A  A


He drifted in the atmosphere of the planet which in so many realities had born the man who had become The One in his original universe. Ever so softly he searched the planet, seeking the Stargate, knowing that if the archaeologist existed in this universe, he would not be far from it. Sensing the naquadah, he refined his search, to search the minds of the mortals nearby. Eventually he found the one he sought, a single brush against his mind, so subtle the man didn't stir from his slumber, told him what he needed to know. This Daniel Jackson held none of the power of The One. He need not fear him. Movement against the sleeping man drew Mibi's attention. He focused his search on the woman snuggled in the man's arms. It didn't surprise him that in this reality a seer held his heart, it seemed to be a common occurrence in the numerous realities he had just fled from. Not willing to risk the seer's unpredictable ability alerting the Tau'ri to his presence, he was about to open the portal to take him to yet another reality, but a slight 'bump', for lack of a better word, drew his curiosity. This seer was vulnerable. Like the seer he had just dealt with, this vulnerability would make her easily manipulated. He could take great pleasure in 'playing' with her. In his reality, there was a rumor: destroy The Guide of The One, and The One would not survive. If he could destroy this seer, one who lacked the safety of the Protectors and The One, then Jackson would be easy to kill. He could get his revenge for The One foiling his plans, by destroying all the other Daniel Jacksons in the alternate universes. The mere idea fueled the burning hate in what was left of his soul. Again he brushed against the woman's mind. He would begin with this one....



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