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Dead Men Tell No Tales

Chapter 15

The cell he had been kept in was tiny and airless. He was filthy, hungry and thirsty. He heard voices, and was certain that one of the voices was not speaking Spanish with the usual fluency of the natives. Whoever it was, he was able to converse as quickly as the men who guarded him, fast enough that he could only catch a few words.

"I understand you are holding an American," the voice said, the Spanish slightly accented.

"Yes...He is...being held on...suspicion...murder."

"Really. And just who did he murder?"

"A local cab driver."

"I see. My…employer…wishes for you to release him to me."

"I do not...know...your employer."

"Perhaps yoursuperiorshould call this number. I suggest that you do what you wish now. Tomorrow at this time he will be in my custody."

The guard laughed. "You are very sure of yourself, my friend."

"I am very sure of my employer. Make the call."

Kinsey could only hear one side of that particular conversation. Mostly 'yes, sirs,' from what he could make out. He smiled. He was about to be set free! Perhaps one of the 'investors' had decided to help him. There was still a chance to take the alien girl and the seer. He just needed time to plan, and the money to hire more trustworthy employees. The smile became a grin. Yes, he was going to retire in style after all!

Thirty minutes later he was certain that he was going to die before he was released from the hellhole they called the city jail. Both nipples had been pierced…not before a young man with long black hair had sucked and nibbled them until they were so hard they hurt. Then he had been aroused, his cock stroked and sucked and kept hard for so long that he thought he would scream. And scream he did when his erection was rudely and suddenly pierced, and a large silver ring shoved through the opening.

"Prince Albert," the young man laughed, slapping the former Senator's ass, while the man wept from the pain.

Robert Kinsey was certain he had died and gone to hell. His balls ached with the need to come. His cock hurt from the new and unwanted piercing. His nipples were stinging where the small silver rings had been pushed through holes created by a long needle. Another man came in, carrying a syringe. Too weary and sore to fight, he watched the needle sink into his skin.


A   A   A   A   A   A


When he woke up, he was in a bed. A very clean bed. In a very clean room. He had been bathed. He tossed back the lightweight blanket and stood up. A full length mirror in the bathroom offered proof that what he had experienced hadn't been a dream. The three silver rings were exactly where he remembered them being.

"Good, you're awake. Mr. G is waiting to see you," a jovial older man said. Obviously a butler, if the way he was dressed was anything to go by.

"Mr. G?"

"Your new employer. Actually, sir, he is your owner," the man replied.

Kinsey turned back to the mirror. "Shouldn't this be…red? Bloody?"

The man smiled. "It most certainly would be, if we had to wait for you to heal. Mr. G is not a patient man. He has…procured …several very interesting devices. One of which can speed up the healing processes of the human body. What should have taken weeks, or even months, was very carefully done in a matter of hours."

Goa'uld healing devices allowed such healing to take place. Oh god! Mr. 'G'! As in Goa'uld? Kinsey began to tremble.

"My name is Bailey. I am in charge of your care. Now, if you would please step into the shower…"

Kinsey was carefully bathed, his hair washed, dried and combed. Every inch of his body covered with what Bailey informed him was a very carefully blended oil that prevented sunburn. And had a pleasant, almost perfume-like scent. He waited for the servant to bring clothes. Began to get nervous when none were forth coming. "If Mr. G is waiting, shouldn't I get dressed?"

Bailey smiled. "I'm afraid not. Right now you're a pet. And a new one. He is going to want to show you off. Perhaps someday you will become more than just a pet. Until then, I suggest that you do everything that is asked of you, and do it to the best of your ability."

That had an ominous ring to it!

"Remember this, of all the men you will meet today, only Mr. G has not first been a pet," Bailey said kindly. "When you stand before Mr. G, your hands should be behind your back. Stand tall."

Kinsey nodded his understanding. He hated being naked in front of strangers. He worked out as time allowed, which hadn't been often. He drank more than he probably should. His body definitely showed his age. In his younger days he had been whipcord lean, and just as tough. Now…the easy life had left him soft.

He was led into a large room. The floors were tile...and cold. The cream walls were covered with brightly colored modern abstracts, some of them more than ten feet high. The furniture was teak, the davenports and chairs piled high with pastel-colored silk cushions and pillows.

A man wearing white linen trousers and a white cotton shirt was sitting in one of the chairs. He was reading a newspaper, although Kinsey was unable to discern whether it was in English or another language.

"Mr. G, Kinsey is here, sir," Bailey said softly. He winked at the former Senator, and left the room, closing the very tall double doors behind him.

The man looked up, then lowered the newspaper. "Ah, yes. Robert Kinsey. Senator in the United State Congress. Now being tried posthumously for kidnap, murder, extortion, rape…I must say that the charges read like a laundry list of the most contemptible crimes."

The voice was accented…British perhaps. Kinsey remained silent.

"We have been watching you for some time. Have decided that you might be useful to us. It would have been much more useful if you had remained a respected senator, your crimes hidden from prying eyes. But no matter. We shall see if we can still make something of you, and what you know." Mr. G studied the man who stared nervously at him. "You must earn your place among us as an equal. To do this, you must obey every order you are given. You must never let your true feelings show, no matter how angry, or embarrassed, or repulsed you might be. You must behave as if every order given is actually your heart's desire. Failure to do so will result in very…unpleasant…punishment. If we deem you…untrainable …you will be returned to that place where we found you. Do I make myself clear?"


One eyebrow went up slightly.

"Perfectly, sir. Master," he added, taking into consideration his new…position.

The man nodded. "Very good. This afternoon you will entertain a few of my guests."

Bailey appeared suddenly.

"I want him thoroughly cleaned."

"Yes, sir."

Kinsey frowned slightly. He'd just taken a shower… Maybe it was better not to think about what was in store for him.

"I want him completely ready to greet my guests at one p.m. sharp."

"Yes, sir."

With a wave of his hand, the butler and the 'pet' were dismissed. Kinsey was fed, then told to rest until it was time for him to be prepared.

He lay on a chaise lounge beside the pool. The sun was warm, the breeze enough to keep him from being uncomfortable. He would be the best damned pet this mysterious group had ever seen. And then, when he was among their number, he would become the head of this very interesting…organization. He had been relieved to note that Mr. G. was not a Goa'uld. He had read enough reports to understand that they had an unusual duel quality to their voices, as well as having eyes that 'glowed'. Whoever this man was, he was human.

At eleven-thirty Bailey came for him. Took him through the mansion to what looked like a medical lab. Into a room with a drain in the middle of the floor, and a spigot and a faucet. A long, thin hose with an narrow cylindrical attachment was connected to the spigot. "The water is comfortably warm. Squat down over the drain."

Kinsey blushed, but obeyed. Flinched slightly when the attachment was carefully inserted into his anus. The water was turned on, and he felt his bowels begin to fill.

"Hold it in for as long as you can," Bailey instructed.

It was difficult, especially since the man hadn't turned off the water. But he managed to hold the invasive fluid to a count of thirty.

"Very good. Now, continue until I return."

He felt as if he had entered the twilight zone. A week ago he had been one of the most powerful men in Washington DC. Now he was…he was a prisoner. Even a gilded cage was still a prison. Better than any of the federal penitentiaries he would have been sent to had his crimes come to light before he had been able to flee the country. He lost track of time, holding the water in his body as long as possible, relaxing and letting it flow down the drain.


He jumped slightly. He hadn't heard the man come back into the room.

"You're clean as a whistle inside. Let's make certain that you are outside."

Bailey led him back to the room where he had awakened. He was given another shower, not allowed to bathe himself. He almost complained, wanting to inform the shorter man that he had been bathing himself for years and was quite capable of doing the job. Thought better of it, especially as he recalled Mr. G's words. So he closed his eyes and let Bailey do his job.

"Mr. G's guest are all very anxious to meet you."

"Do they know who I am?" Kinsey asked.

"They know who you were," Bailey replied.

Once again his skin was oiled. Only this time the oil was different. Smelled of cinnamon. Bailey nodded with approval. Stepped in front of the 'pet', and began to suckle on dark, flat nipples, tugging slightly on the silver rings with his tongue. His hands began to fondle and caress Kinsey's dick and balls. Bailey looked down, tsk-tsked slightly, dropped to his knees.

The American politician moaned as the man began to give him the most incredible blow job he had ever experienced. Before he could come, however, Bailey stood up.

"You're as ready as I can make you," the servant sighed.

Fifteen minutes later he was standing in a room filled with chaise lounges and sofas. Nearly thirty men were sipping wine or brandy, smoking cigars and joints. Seven were sitting around the largest bong Kinsey had ever seen.

"Has he been…sedated?" Mr. G asked.

"Not yet, sir. I didn't know what type of sedation you wished to be used," Bailey replied.

"He likes the blow, give him a little coke," a voice called out.

Mr. G smiled. "Kinsey, you may do one line of coke. You may also smoke a joint if you wish."

Kinsey gladly did both. Accepted the drink that Bailey pushed into his hand.

"Drink it quickly," the servant whispered.

Within seconds he was feeling disoriented. The men who had been seated around the room were now gathering around him, touching him, stroking his aching cock.

When he woke up later, the sun was low in the sky. He was sprawled on the floor. His body was covered with dried semen. His ass ached, his jaws hurt, his mouth tasted like rancid butter. Images of being taken by those men, forced to perform fellatio, taking man after man after man up his ass. Having his dick stroked and teased until he thought he would die from the need to come. Finally being given permission to do just that. Watching Bailey suck him off while he shot load after load of hot come into the servant's mouth.

He stood up, his skin itching and sticky. He found a corner. Curled up. And realized that he had completed the journey into hell. Guatemala had been nothing more than Purgatory. Hell was beautiful. Hell had drugs. It was still hell. For the first time in sixty-two years, Robert Kinsey cried himself to sleep.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Jack frowned as he read the brief email. Shoved his hands into his pockets, wandered up to Daniel's office.

The young archaeologist looked up. "Hey, Jack."

"Do you remember Seth?"

"Yeah. Goa'uld stuck here on Earth after Ra was overthrown by the slaves," Daniel replied.

"How possible is it that another one got left behind?"

Oh, god. "I don't know. We didn't know about Seth until we caught wind of that cult of his," Daniel admitted.  Information that had come from research he had done, after being alerted by the Tok'ra that they suspected a Goa'uld had remained behind when Ra had left.

"I just got an interesting email from Harry. He suggests looking for a Goa'uld who's been living here for a very long time. Someone who has managed to amass quite a fortune. And someone damned eager to get control of the Stargate."


"My feelings exactly," Jack replied.

Daniel turned to his computer. "If he has a fortune, more than likely he has it well hidden."

"So how do we find it…and him?"

The younger man shrugged. "If we start by looking at Fortune 500 companies, we can find out who the investors are, what other companies are owned, how diversified they are-"

"Gonna a take awhile?"


"Better get started. Harry thinks whoever this Goa'uld is, he has Kinsey."

"Oh, hell," Daniel muttered.

"Yeah," Jack replied.

"Maybe Case can do a 'search' for this guy. Or maybe even get help from Miss Eloise."

"Let's hope so. If there's a Goa'uld hanging around, we need to take his sorry ass out," Jack said.

Daniel nodded. He had hoped to take a few days off, to let Casey recuperate from the ordeal of being kidnapped. It didn't look like that was going to happen. If there was a Goa'uld running loose, no one was safe. If the snake had taken it into his head that he wanted the Stargate, things were going to be...interesting...as Casey always said. He decided to go down to the gym and talk to her. The sooner they started looking for this snake, the sooner they would find him. And he wouldn't rest easy until the damned thing was dead.

"I'll talk to the general," Jack said quietly.

"I'll get Casey, Teal'c and Sam," Daniel replied. He pushed himself to his feet. This was what they did. They fought the bad guys. Wherever they happened to be. Even if it was on good ol' planet Earth. Because they were SG-1.


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