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Colonel Marshall, Director of the NID, believes he's found the perfect way to control the SGC, and SG-1.  He didn't count on Casey's gift as a seer...or the interference of three gray-haired ladies, determined to help Casey at all costs.  As a result, SG-1, with help from Gary Franklin and his 'crew', shake the NID in a way that will change it forever.


Author's Notes…

        LES - Leave and Earnings Statement

        Dispersing -  the department that deals with military pay and benefits.

        OSI - Air Force Office of Special Investigations

        'redacted' - redact - early 15c., from L. redact-, pp. stem of redigere "to bring back, collect, reduce," from re-    "back, again" + agere "to drive" (see act). Reports that are 'redacted' are censored, and lines of information deemed classified are blacked out.

        ROTC - Recruit Officers' Training Corp. High school and college students who participate enter their chosen branch of the military as officers.

        'Jacket' - Military 'speak' for the record of each service member.  The 'jacket' usually refers to the actual cover of the file, and the summary of the virtual file.

        The Watergate Hotel - Made famous in 1972 when Republicans, under the direction of President Nixon, broke into the Democrat Party Headquarters, which were located in the office-space part of the building.  The scandal that followed, known as "Watergate" brought about the resignation of Nixon, and several of men in his administration went to prison.  For more information, check out:


Story Category:  Action/Adventure/Humor




Stargate SG-1…

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill
Lt. Col. Samantha Carter
Teal'c of Chulak
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Lt. Gen. George Hammond
Col. Reynolds
Agent Malcolm Barret
Johnny O'Neill



Casey Jackson
Emma Hanks
Janelle Franklin
Muriel Jackson
Gary Franklin
Lawrence "Lucky" Johnson
Robert Lee "Dancer" Radenburg
Jesse Hatcher
Colonel Marshall (NID Director)
Michelson (petty thug)
Keller (petty thug)
Brandy (teenage girl at the mall)
Kelsey (teenage girl at the mall)
Phil Hastings (Johnny O'Neill's foster father)
Clifton Peters (Johnny's friend...a young
Tully (Colorado Springs PD)
Tully's young partner




"Good Intentions"
Music by Glen Phillips and Toad
Lyrics by Glen Phillips
Performed by Toad the Wet Sprocket 







No copyright infringement intended.

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